– Urban Oasis Giveaway – Urban Oasis Giveaway. Home & Garden Television – – HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway this year is a luxuriously furnished apartment located in Atlanta, GA, plus an all-new car sweepstakes 2015 Acura TLX, and $50,000 cash prize provided by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans. The grand prize package is valued at more than $1.5 million dollar. Enter HGTV Urban Oasis giveaway as well as other contests from their sister sites and sponsors: or You can enter twice online per day to increase your chances – once on and once on An amazing giveaway where you have the chance to win a cash prize sweepstakes, a new apartment and a new car. This HGTV marketing promotion giveaway will end on October 10, 2014. You may visit one of their sponsor to enter. Once on their website simply follow the on-screen instructions to enter this fantastic Home Sweepstakes giveaway from Home & Garden Television.

Win Urban Oasis 2014 Urban Oasis 

The HGTV Show Urban Oasis will air on TV September. Don’t miss it! If you want to find out more about this amazing location. Atlanta, Georgia is a wonderful city with great attractions. Charming city to discover. You will be fascinated by this luxurious apartment. By visiting not only you can enter the sweepstakes but you have the right to sneak a little by browsing all ten stunning spaces of the luxurious apartment. So you can virtually step inside the luxury urban apartment that could be yours. Let me tell you that the outdoor lounge area has a breathtaking view. 2014 :



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  1. Brenda says:

    I would love to win member 5327.. Thanks

  2. David Burch says:

    Would love to win! To help my daughter and son in law! And son and wife. My son just came back from Iraq can’t find a job! Thanks PCH David Burch

  3. Jaime Carabajal says:

    So please send me my form cliam number that I need to enter this with my form that I recurve from you thanks Jaime

  4. Thomas says:

    I have so many people in my life that could use this, kids,grandkids,mother,mother-n- law, family…. But first and foremost, God will get the first fruits.. God is Good all the time, All the time God is good!!!! Aman and aman!!!

  5. Mable Manuel says:

    I am trying to open up homes for homeless veterans men $2,000,000.00 would really help PCH Gwy 4900

  6. marvel marks says:

    PCH I want win so bad,7,000.00, 10,000.00 1,000.00 25,000.00 & 3,000.00 bonus prizes. I pray im a winner #4950/4900 . I guess I just wait an see.

  7. john klecha says:

    i don’t what i can do4650 buttin NP79 and w71notice)activation Code:PC251

  8. Jenna Kolander says:

    The first thing I did every morning before I woke my daughter to get her ready for school was enter for this. What an amazing sweepstakes! This would be a blessing for me and my daughter. Talk about Merry Christmas! Thank you HGTV and all the other sponsors who make it possible for us to enter for something as wonderful as this!

  9. Linda Peterson says:

    If I were lucky enough to win on November 25th, it would be the answer to my prayers.

  10. Ione Ellis says:

    I want to win November 25th 2014 That would be one beautiful prayer you can make it through

  11. Ione Ellis says:

    I truly would love to win it all Almighty will bless me one day Let’s go get it and when

  12. Bruce Hoekstra says:

    I am trying, hard as I can, to find the right length, to get into the program where sales are! I do want to enter number 4900. As you have outlined, to do our part. Please accept this. October 9th at
    9:45 AM, 2014.



  14. Willie Lee says:

    I would love to win the Urban Oasis 2014 and I have been trying to play every night but sometime I forget to enter. But I would love to win this prize plus the $50.000 would be great. I enter these contests but I have never won yet but I win continue to play until I win by the grace of my God. This would be a dream of a lifetime. Thanks a lot.

  15. Susan Rivera says:

    I loving viewing the 37th floor Apt /condo/ car/cash/ HGTV is the Best !!! Win , I would love to win , I’m a Big Winner Yea !!!! go HgTV Giveaway sweepstakes 2014 , and PCH 10k weekly !!! :)

  16. Susan Rivera says:

    Yes I m giving a response to pch and hgtv to win this contest. I play everyday :) I’m sooo excited !!! Yes yes yes yes and yes , win win win winner pch 10,000 a week for life swwepstake is worth every entry , Ty HGTV & PCH

  17. Susan Rivera says:

    I want to Win HGTV Oasis Giveaway Sweepstake and 10,000.00 on PCH , Big Prize $$$ what a blessing it would be . Love the show and all the contest :) I’m a Winner !!! yea !!!

  18. Brenda Carlton says:

    Yes there is a Response to HGTV,com-Urban Oasis 2014 Giveaway. I gave a response and I want to win. HGTV I am here weighting on you to give me the prize.
    Brenda Carlton

  19. Brenda Carlton says:

    “ Oasis 3014 Giveaway” It is worth the time and effort to win HGTV I want to win the Urban Oasis 2014 Giveaway Please I want to win.
    Brenda Carlton

  20. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win the sweepstakes and yes it is Worth All Online Sweepstakes Worth All the Time and Effort, YES YES YES YES IT IS ,,,, And PCH 10,000 A Week For LIFE Sweepstakes is worth it as well . I want to win them all
    B rend Carlton

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