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pch.com/games – PCH Token Games. How to Play? People know that from the beginning of time games provided the opportunity for an individual to pass the time and do something joyful and pleasant to fight the boredom. Overtime the way we play games have changed quite a lot. From board games to Online games! But you’ll be surprise about certain games that been around for quite a while. Let’s dive into it! Chess game was created in 600 AD (more 1400 years ago) probably in China or maybe India. Expert are not sure exactly where It originated. The game GO draws its origins from ancient China 4000 years ago, a game that is still being played today around the world. The popular Backgammon game was invented by Persian 5000 years ago. Amazing! The last one but not the least; Checkers was first played 3500 BCE (that’s 5500 years ago) in Ancient Mesopotamia. Those boardgames are still being played around the world by millions of people.

How to Play PCH.com/Games?


Online gaming is the new era. All the Board games above are being enjoyed and played online by people like you. This is fun! But do you know what’s more fun than this? It is the opportunity that a website like pch.com/games from Publishers Clearing House is giving you and that Is: to be able to play, have fun and win money online. Many people are accustomed to Publishers Clearing House multi-million giveaways and Sweepstakes. Because they see those commercials on TV that are associated with sweepstakes promotions. Although, most people are unaware of the fact that there is a possibility to win numerous prizes by playing online games you liked and win cash prizes.

pch.com/games – PCH Token Games provides entertainment with different types of online games in which you can win big amount of money. One thing that most people have wrong about is that all the games are free to play. Why and How? Well thanks to advertisement and sponsoring partners, mainly internet websites that use spaces on their official PCH Games Portal to acquire new leads. These sponsors and advertiser allow you to play all your favorite games and have the chance of winning money online without investing a dime of your own. Interesting but how It works? Well simply create an account at www.pch.com/mypch and their you go! The games are usually very simply to play, but some of them might challenge you a little. You can follow the aforementioned factors to learn How to improve your winnings at PCH.com/Games. In the end, it all depends upon your luck and the enthusiasm you show in playing the game. Have fun! Here’s a sort list of online games you can play at pch.com/games:

Most popular games at PCH.com/Games:

1-Got 60 seconds? You can play Mahjongg Minute.

2-The PCH Games Mahjongg Dimensions

3-Tri-Peaks Rush

4-Klondike Games

5-Treasure Hunt Games


7-PCH Token Toss

and the list goes on…

pch.com/gamesPCH Token Games makes it possible to pass time by paying Sudoku games at any time online using your tablet, computer, or smartphone. And, unlike the game that’s in your local paper, playing Publishers ClearingHouse Sudoku can make you richer by winning big cash prizes if you’re good enough. And on the top of It, the game is completely free to play. All you need is a free PCH account, so why hesitate? Simply register at www.pch.com/games today and start winning money by having fun!

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