Mega Millions Jackpot – lottery will now be won sooner

The merging of two giant lotteries made it to be a big time for those who love participating in Mega Millions Jackpot Record lottery. The two lotteries which went into a merger are Mega Millions and Poweball but this did not make the two lotteries that they run to be turned into just one. This just means that those who are in the states that participate in the lttery will have an option of purchasing tickets in whichever game they choose among the two. And Now Record Breaking Jackpot $. 1.60. BILLION. Cash Option: $913 million

mega millions jackpot winner

Mega Millions Jackpot

Record Breaking Jackpot: $. 1.60. BILLION. Cash Option: $913 million. Prior to this lottery merger, there were some states which participated in the game of Megamillions ( ) and others participated in Powerball ( www powerball com ). No state offered opportunities to participate in both lotteries. However, after the merger, the two lotteries can sell tickets for both games at the same state. Most participants wonder what happens to the jackpot size of the mega millions jackpot after the merger of these games. There are a number of things which would happen after two games merge.

The first thing is the growth of the jackpots size at a rate that is faster than before. This is because the number of those who have an access to the games will increase and the higher sales in tickets make it possible to raise the money that is paid as jackpot. It also means that the jackpots could be won earlier. Due to the high number of participants, the chances of one of them winning the jackpot are increased.

Before the merger there were no winners for a long time that at times stretched to months. This made the mega millions jackpot to grow to astronomical figures. This made the jackpots to grow faster but it took a long time for anyone to win. What happens now that there are chances of people winning soon is that the jackpots are not likely to rise above $200 million, jackpots may be won sooner.

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