The secrets of lucky people

Some Americans have played lottery game for months, years or even decades and bought thousands or even millions of tickets with a dream of winning that mega million jack pot or any other lottery cash or reward but their dreams have never come true. Some have won after buying only one ticket or at least very few tickets or even playing once, others like Richard Lustig have won the mega millions lottery cash seven times. What are the secrets of those lucky people who win the lottery cash and or rewards?

Research and mathematics has shown that there is no formula for playing or winning lottery and luck may the only factor in winning. Lucky people have higher chances of winning those mega millions than the unlucky people. You do not need to be spiritual or believe in miracles to be lucky.

Lucky people do not suffer the frequent setbacks and uncertainties of life; instead, they easily come across good things which any one would wish to. In lottery however, the secrets of lucky people may lie in being patient and having a spirit of never to give up. It may take you decades of playing to win a lottery.

The Secret

The existing research conducted through interviewing lucky people absurdly shows that the luckiest people in life and business do not believe in luck but on hard work and struggle! It is through hard work and struggle and utilizing the slightest opportunity you may come across life that one may increase his or her chance of being lucky. This is the strategy applied by businessman and world billionaire Bill Gates.

Lucky people are not always lucky and sometimes get disappointed after their plans do not materialize and dreams do not come true. Luck may be a one time event in life. That is why buying more tickets or playing frequently does not automatically increase the chances of winning though it may in certain circumstances.




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