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Where to win online cash sweepstakes like ? Many sweepstakes exist presently and as a result many people are confused on where to win online cash sweepstakes. This question about where to win cash sweepstakes can very easily be resolved if the person wondering took the time to read some of the vast information that is currently available on online cash sweepstakes. A sweepstake is an activity in which people enroll to win some free prizes. A cash sweepstake is where the prize that is to be won is in the form of money.

In any sweepstake, the participants are not required to pay any money in the form of fees in order to be enrolled. Participation is supposed to be free and any sweepstakes that charge money are most probably just scams. All the people that participate in a cash sweepstake stand equal chance of being selected as the winner and the outcome depends on fate or good luck. In many of them, selection of the winner is done through a public draw in which the lucky winner is randomly chosen from the participants.

For some one seeking where to win cash sweepstakes, a good place to start would be the internet. There are very many legitimate and legal online sweepstakes in which people get to win amazing cash prizes. A good example of such sites or programmes is the publishers clearing house online network also known as PCH Sweepstakes at This is an online sweepstake that regularly offers cash rewards to the participants. It is very legitimate as is evidenced by the large amount of money that it has awarded winners since its foundation, reaching a total value of more than $220 million. Other websites also have their own online sweepstakes café, which are open to public participation. However, any such decisions should be based on accurate information to avoid being swindled. Here’s a list of other online sweepstakes with cash rewards: Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes at and The Lottery Universe have a descent list of online cash sweepstakes – Always beware of lottery scams and take time to make a double check before you enter any online cash sweepstakes lottery.

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96 Responses to “Online cash sweepstakes – Enter to win money”

  1. daniel orr says:

    If it’s all possible. It would be a very relief. I can start doing something I really love to do. I want to win

  2. Trisha Hartwell says:

    I want to win it sll

  3. sally G says:


  4. Antonia Wesley says:

    Yes I am ready to win it all. This would be the biggest most unreal dream for me. I could finally take care of my mom, support my sister, and get out this neighborhood that I am in. I’ve struggle day after day trying to find a job to support my family but if I win this I would literally be the happiest person on earth. My fingers are crossed for this one thank you so much for this awesome opportunity.

  5. mustaq hossain says:

    giveagwy 8800 id17s1864


  6. Virginia Moignard says:

    Ready to win it all. $2,000,000.00, $10,000.00 a month for life and Lincoln MOM please help us out of debt PCH.

  7. Dorothy Taylor says:

    Thanks to pch and all their patrol members who have open this gate of opportunity for me i hope i am a winner of 2million 10 thousands aweek for life and a new brandlincolnmkz i am in this sweepstakes to win it all and i am determine i am bless i claim entry 6900 and 8800 to win it all

  8. Dorothy Taylor says:

    Thanks to pch and all their patrol members who have given me such opportunity to have hope for a life time dream to come through in my life most of all glory be to god the highest i believe i am a winner by my faith i claim entry 6900 and entry 8800 to win it all 2million dollar ten thousands aweek for life and a new brandlincolnmkz i trust god to open that door for me and pure out blessing of prosperity on me

  9. Fred Haut says:

    VIP loyalty three entries to win $2000000 cash Plus more please grant me this prize wish or dream that I’m inquiring about thank you PCH and PCH Financial backers

  10. Debra Patterson says:

    Hello PCH, and Prize Patrol, I want to” WIN IT ALL” on JUNE 30th 2017, I Have posted so Many Numbers, So here are the ones I’m Posting now. Gwy 8800 $2,000.000.00 Special Early Look., Gwy 8186 $1,000,000.00 Gwy 8924 $25,000.00. Thank You. DP in Tx

  11. Kay Arai says:

    I also would like to mention $25,000.00 Golden Cash Prize from PCh Gwy #8184! This will be one of the most attractive cash prizes at this time. AWESOME!!

  12. Kay Arai says:

    Claim Entitlement to go for an incredible $1,000.00 Cash Prize from PCH Gwy #8188. Thank you!

  13. Lillian says:

    Just trust your self like i do , be positive like me , believe , but the more important have FAITH like i do.. Because you never know..!!!
    THE GOOD LUCK IS CRAZY AND ANYONE CAN GATTER $$$$$$$.. Good luck everyone. ..

  14. Gloria Snavely says:

    I would like to enter to win pch $2 million plus more. Pch gwy no.8800 please.

  15. Faye mottley says:

    God bless me I hope I am a winner

  16. Gloria Snavely says:

    I want to win and I mean I really want to win $2,000,000.00 plus more. I would like to enter to win it all. Would you please activate my 3 entries please.

  17. Angela Gomez says:

    PCH Officials,

    I Angela Gomez would like to claim the PCH Cash Payout imminent prize gwy no 6900 for $5000.00 week for life “FOREVER”. I pray that the Prize Patrol Come to my home. Pease enter me

  18. Debra Nusbaumer says:

    Hi I love to win the forever prize no. 6900 I not good at this but wish me luck Thanh u debranusbaumer@icloud .com

  19. Annette says:

    Yes I would like to win 2millon dollars plus 10,000 for life & the new car for my family friends & myself

  20. Steven A.Jennings says:

    FINAL STEP REQUIREMENT!! PCH 6900, $2 million up front, $10,000 a week for life and 5 searches for a brand new LINCOLN MKZ. I WANT TO WIN IT ALL FROM KNOXVILLE,TENNESSEE.SFC.Steven A.Jennings-Retired US ARMY DISABLED VETERAN.

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