Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams?

One of the interesting yet easiest ways to make a side income is to earn through sweepstakes. There are people that win huge amounts at times too. Meanwhile arises this question, Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams. Yes, there are so many people asking this same question. It is because of the extreme popularity of the PCH in the recent past. Still, how genuine it is and how reliable is the program, is what boggles the minds of millions. Let us put it point blank though without beating about the bush. Are Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Sweepstakes Scams? No, is the answer. They are genuine enough to be participated by one and all. The chances of win in the PCH are quite tough. They give out millions of dollars in the PCH. The odds are quite lengthier as well. It is why some of us ask the question, Are Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Sweepstakes Scams. When you do not win any continuously for a prolonged time period you naturally ought to disbelieve it. You would find the system to be not working in your favor and hence arises the wrong conclusion.

How To Recognize Scams that are not from PCH

                 How To Recognize Scams

In reality Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams? Really not. 10 million dollars cash prize which is the first prize in the year 2008 was awarded to the 1170. The odds are 1 in five hundred million. Imagine the remote chances of a top notch win. Still, some one or the other is so extremely lucky to grab the pinnacle prizes at times. It is happening though and that is what the important fact to be noted.

While PCH is not a scam there are so many other scams that use the name of the pch. PCH is one of the biggest renowned sweepstakes in the whole of the United States and the participants are in millions though. Hence, the number of scams that uses the name of the PCH has also increased eventually over a period of time especially in the internet. Be cautious about providing any information related to your bank or credit card details to any anonymous emails. If you are receiving a win notification Claim, then first ensure if you have sent an entry. There is no lottery that can be won without buying a ticket and it is as simple as that. Secondly, call up the toll free number of PCH, and verify if you have really won anything or not.



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  1. maggie bottoms says:


  2. Janet says:

    I trust and believe that one day I’ll win because I’ve prayed so hard to get my family out of hard times. My grandmom died two years ago and I had to move in to help my mother who isn’t doing to well. This is my only way out and I don’t see any other way I love playing pch games, it only take a minute or two, so I’m going to give it all I have. I can’t give up.

  3. betty says:

    My daughter has a $300,000,000 home. I love it. I would just use her plans and change the floor plans a bit, and bingo I would have the home of my dreams.

  4. pamela catoe says:

    I just hope it’s not a scam but I don’t know it just wont me keep playing game’s and scearch and it don’t let you now what to sreach to

  5. William E. Lewis says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I have been trying for over forty years with no luck. I probably do not have that much time left.

  6. milly says:

    What are the actual chances of winning..when it it time to play or say this is nevergoing to be a win for me personally..

  7. Andrea says:

    I would like to Claim and register my prize number associated with the winning Bulletin/promotion that matches the winning number for pch gwy 4900 $2,000,000.00 cash lump sum, $10,000.00 A Month For Life PLUS A Brand New Lincoln MKZ or equal cash option PCH $10,000.00 A Week For Life Sweepstakes GWY.4900. … PCH I am claiming prize number 4900 eligibility activation … Please register , activate and exciting the … ..pchsearch&win: use it and you … I want to claim my official unique superprize number from gwy .#4900,/ … About PCH; About PCHSearch&Win; More ways to … gwy no.4900 plus $3,000,000.00 lump sum and $3,000,000.00…

  8. Jerome Richardson says:

    OI sure hope PCH pays me a visit I miss the opportunity last year hope I don’t misst again,God bless to all.

  9. Gladys Johnson says:

    I quit playing this game

  10. Gladys Johnson says:

    I agree because I believe that pch is a scam I been playing for years, and years and have not winning anything I played the game, and have not yet win anything. I quit

  11. Terrie Thomas says:

    My name is terrie thomas I have been with pch for years and have not ever won, every day I enter all of them what I need to know why this barbara brown has my number 3080 is all my hard work going to her , please reply about this matter because I really need to win.

  12. Victoria Garza says:

    My mom passed away in 2006, so I wanted to continue her tradition. She would buy flower seeds and we would sell them all over the neighborhood to teach us how to sell. We also planted flowers all over the yard. I can still remember pulling out a flower to give to her before I walked in the house from school. What good little memories.
    She begin buying in the late 50’s. It’s just traditional.

  13. E. Wilson says:

    This a SCRAM and always will be? These are not real people you say won!! Nothing on the news,in the newspapers or on TV – PublisherClearingHouse

  14. janet pearson says:

    It would help me live better:'(

  15. Lasonya Elliott says:

    I have really been with PCH since 1999. It was in my maid name LaSonya Beeks. PCH have me down since 2000. I have faith that I will be a winners one day. I am going to help me and my family get out debt. You do not know what it like having a job and no gas to get there or get a paycheck, and it all gone in one day. I know god is going to bless me . I just want thank you for help other. I love seeing the smile on there face. You have been a blessing to so many people. I just want to thank you.

  16. Linda Koller says:

    I receive free gifts with an invoice enclosed. They immediately get returned because I don’t call that a free gift. Many times things are sent to me that I haven’t ordered.

  17. Barbara. Brown says:

    Dear Publishing Clearing House I would love to be a winner It will make some my dreams come true. My name is Barbara brown. My number 3080 Thank you. PCB What a good job you’re doing I give it a thumbs up. God bless all of you. PS hope to hear from you soon. Barbara brown. Good luck to all of us

  18. Sharon K says:

    Read! there reply on line PCH and SCAMS, read for yourself, I did and
    found it to be honest it what they said , But however read it and if you
    must judge for yourself.

  19. ab shearer says:

    If the 5000 Dollar Sweepstake is not a scam then why won’t it let me put in small letters to verify my ads, it will let me do it on any other sight but on that one it only does caps and then rejects my entry. I only have until the 25 may for 1830 and 1839

  20. Tracy beckett says:

    Beautiful! About – Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams?

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