Sweepstakes Scam Warning Signs – Do Not Become Prey

It can be so much fun entering online competitions on the Internet like PCH Sweepstakes and other popular online sweepstakes. There are so many different types of sweepstakes, and you can win some great prizes. However, there are also scams out there, which many times involve phishing for information and ultimately even identity theft. Hacking, phishing, malware, virus and fraud, everything could happen on the Internet. Everyone need to be informed about It and you should take measures to avoid It. Firewall, Antivirus and mail shield.

Be vigilant with online sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Scam Warning

People get these big eyes when they hear about other people winning all these free prizes just by signing up for online sweepstakes. Sure, it’s a great deal, but you can’t just search for anything and sign up for anything. You’re just asking for trouble if there is no discipline or method to the madness. If you’re going to sign up for competitions, you have to use common sense, and you have to do a little research. There are plenty of reputable companies. Sure, it will take a little extra time to find the right ones and weed out the bad ones. But, once you have a list of them, you’re set to go indefinitely as you continue to find new ones here and there.

Many of these online sweepstakes competitions allow you to continue to sign up on a regular basis. Now, here is some information about warning signs to look out for when signing up for these sweepstakes.

If something looks too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true. It’s not that you can’t sign up for grand prizes, but for instance, one big warning sign is when a site has you involved in an endless survey.

Do not get caught up in these surveys. They are just trying to sell you stuff and have no plans to pay out. Another warning sign is when you get funny sounding emails that lead you to unfamiliar sites. Pop-up messages and downloads are another warning sign. Do not download anything.

Overall, it just takes a little common sense so that you don’t get caught up in something that will end up causing you trouble. Search a site to make sure there are no “scam listings” in the search results. That is another helpful warning sign.



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