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www.olivegardensurvey.com – Olive Garden Survey $1,000 Grand Prize Sweepstakes. Every companies or businesses that offer products or services to customers must meet the needs of those buyers, by offering them products or services of great quality. To do so, they must take into consideration all the comments and all the recommendations they gather from their customers. A manner to harvest those precious comments from their clientele, companies will use incentive, that is to say, a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something. Incentives are something like; gift cards, money rewards, sweepstakes and contests entry or free prizes. By conducting online surveys and responding to them by making all the adjustments needed, they assure their business to be always on top of their respective industry.

Olive Garden is a well respected Italian Restaurant chain that offer the taste of Tuscany. By entering the Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey you will be helping them learn how they can treat you better by improving the meals they make and the service they give to their customer.

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To participate in this customer satisfaction survey, you must have in your possession your latest Olive Garden’s restaurant receipt where you will find the official address to enter the survey – olivegardensurvey.com. Once on the website, fill out Olive Garden Survey by simply follow the onscreen instructions to start answering the question related to your customer experiences at one of their restaurant.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, it’s a simple online task, once finished you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win $1,000 in cash!

New winners are announced weekly.

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  5. leticia arreola says:

    When I visit my daughter and grandkids in whittier ca. I would take them to eat at olive garden. They had baseball and football games. I started looking forward to stoping on my way home. I’d ask to sit where Joseph was working he was great at helping me work up an appetite with suggestions. I started looking foward to going alone to eat, oops I mean visiting my grandchildren. Hahaha. .. last night I went a little reluctantly. It was packed as usual on weekends even lines for take out. Long story short.. I sat at the cocktail area and I was lucky Joseph was there with a smile, but very busy. I ordered but like I said the lobby and outside were packed. Luck my way again George came up and said if I needed anything just call him. I ate my favorite Tuscany soup and herbed salmon. I was stuffed when Valerie came up and asked if she could help. I guess I wasn’t stuffed cuz Valerie ended up packing me two deserts and my leftovers to go plus I ate a lemon cake there. Yum! I’ve had very good experiences there. The atmosphere feels comfy even when it’s busy the people look relaxed not irritated. And I go home fulfilled with both the food and customer service. And both are a must for me at 63 yrs and eating alone. Thank you for reading. ♡♡ olive garden,Joseph and Valerie.

  6. Rich Hornfeck says:

    My wife and i recently had lunch at the olive garden in north myrtle beach, and it was an enjoyable and rewarding eating experience. No different from all of our other dining experiences at thos particular olive garden

  7. Patricia DeRobertis says:

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  9. Brenda liz martinez says:

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