How To Get Ready For The PCH Prize Patrol

Most people have heard of Publishers Clearing House, a company that markets consumers products such as magazine subscriptions, merchandises and in doing so, you can become part of a PCH sweepstakes Giveaway No. 8800 where you can win as much as a couple million dollars. This has actually been going on since the 1960s, and many people have become very wealthy as a result of working with this company. There have been some complaints filed against this company, primarily because people thought that the odds were going to be better for them, but in reality, this company has paid out millions of dollars showing that they are a legitimate business. If you are waiting to see if the highly coveted PCH Prize Patrol will be coming to your doorstep to film you winning millions of dollars, here is what you need to do.

How to get Ready for The Prize Patrol

PCH Prize Patrol 2017

How This Company Began

This company actually started in New York, led by Harold Mertz, an individual that did door-to-door magazine subscriptions and sales. To motivate people to purchase subscriptions, he decided to add a sweepstakes to his sales pitch, which has worked out very well for this company. Today, these advertisements can be seen on the television, and people receive mail every year, allowing them to subscribe to the different magazines for a chance to win. It is not going to help your odds of winning if you do subscribe, however most people do believing that it will increase their odds of becoming the next millionaire.

How To Prepare For The PCH Prize Patrol

If you want to prepare for the PCH prize patrol coming to your door, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, many people do receive letters in the mail stating that they are in the final part of the drawing, however this does not mean that you will be the next winner. Your mindset should simply be that you have made it this far and there is a possibility that you could be the winner. Therefore, it’s always good to not get your hopes up too high as you only have a 1 in 181,795,000 in winning.

If you do and up receiving letters that are actually confirming that you are in the final stages and that the probability of winning may actually be in your favor, you should consider purchasing new clothing, perhaps doing your hair, if you know the basic time. In which they might show up. You never know if luck is on your side, and by getting prepared in this way, the worst that can happen is that you will have new close, a great hairdo, and a very positive mental attitude that won’t be affected in the event that the PCH Prize Patrol does not come to your door. You should always participate with an attitude of having fun, and looking forward to the potential that you will be the big winner, absent any possibility of becoming depressed if you don’t. It is only with this attitude that you will absolutely look your best if they do show up at your door one day with that multi million dollar check.

18 Responses to “How To Get Ready For The PCH Prize Patrol”

  1. Diana Honore says:

    Waiting for you guys, hurry!

  2. melissa brooks says:

    I aM JuSt ThAnKfUl,
    ThAt I Am AbLe To
    Be in PCh EverYdaY
    aNd WoRkinG HaRd To
    Win CasH For A
    NeW pAiR of ChAklas (shoes) !

  3. Timaka Hunter says:

    I would love for the PCH to show up on my door step wit a big huge check wit my name on it saying iam the next big superprize winner for February 24,2017 it would make a big difference on my 3 kids n me tha r always my family.

  4. Barbara Padilla says:

    I want to win PCH VIP prize $5, OOO.OO #6900 plus $10,000.00 . The endless possibilities of winning. Thank you PCH
    Barbara Padilla

  5. I, Paula Wheeler says:

    I would be just as surprised looking good as bad.

  6. Emi Follestad says:

    Hi everyone at PCH…Great idea on what to do if you win…Thanks for the info…I will do that when you all come to my house in Oceanside, California…I will be at the Senior Center that day all dressed up waiting for you all… If you don’t show up, at least I would look pretty that day…

  7. Kim says:

    Been doing this since 1977. I will never give up.

  8. Sherrie Gross says:

    Im in it to win it, not giving up, Praying for a miracle

  9. Angela Gomez says:

    PCH Prize Patrol,

    I would love for you to come to my home and change my families lives there is so much that I would be to do an all our dreams can come true. I will be waiting for you :)

  10. Kirt j. Leblanc says:

    I just want to thank you,the publisher clearance house family, for such a good time ,I’m have here.and maybe, by me taking a chance,l’ll be the winner of February 24,2017 .game 6900 ,the 5,000 a week for life and change my world and another for life.l xoxo

  11. Tylis T Mathies says:

    Still waiting for your time with the following user says I have a great day ahead to get paid today

  12. Hugo cendejas says:

    Pch I wanna win $10 million superprize giveaway no 6900 $5000 a week for life and get rich to make my dream cam true prize forever sweepstakes #6900



  14. Rosie says:

    I would like to win . I been with y’all since 2006 I think it about time I won. It not right some people win have not been with y’all no time. Love to win $5,000 a week for life Gwy. No.6900 win it all.Feb.-24-2017

  15. Tylis Mathies says:


  16. Dwayne Dixon says:

    I would love to see the PCH Prize Patrol right now knocking on my door today Balloons flowers Champagne The big check what’s the name Dwayne Dixon

  17. Johnathan Criddle says:

    johnathan criddle lubbock tx ***** remember me gwy # 6900

  18. Dwayne Dixon says:

    I would love to see the Prize Patrol Side out my door from The Bronx New York flowers balloons and champagne and the big check with my name on it for February 24 it’s time to party and celebrate

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