Using Google Alert tool to find online sweepstakes

Use Google Alert tool to manage and find your online sweepstakes. One thing about sweepstakes is that the winners are announced on their websites and you can forfeit it if you do not speak up to claim it. There are others who would send you a notification email but if the claim date passes you forfeit it. However things have been made quite easier these days with a service provided by Google. With the use of the Google Alert tool you can be notified at any time that a search engine views your name on the internet. It is a very good tool that ensures you never miss any notification at all.

In order to start using it, one has to visit the alert website. After you get to the website, you can enter a search term. The best place to begin would be your full name. With this you have to do well to put your name in quotes so that your exact name appears. This is especially the case when your name is used by many people. When you use the quotes even when a website turns your name around it would still appear in the listings.

After this you have to choose the kind of reports to receive. You could select a notification when the search terms appear in unique types of webpage. For instance it is possible to make your name appear in the entertainment section in the Google groups. However it is best to use the setting for ‘comprehensive’ as this would send the results no matter where they are posted on the internet. Moreover one has to specify how often you would want to get the notifications. It is possible for one to get alerts as the engine discovers references once a week or once a day. For those who get a number of alerts it would be good to choose the weekly or daily option. Others would want to receive them as they occur in Google Alert Tool.

The last thing would be to enter your email address after which you press submit. This is because Google would send the notice any time it gets your search term to the email address specified. They would not use this address for advertising purposes so there is no need to worry. One can also reach the search tips by Google for more information on using negative keywords, wildcards and other tips to refine your search.

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