How to win more Online Sweepstakes and Contests

Online Sweepstakes and Contests offer people a way to win money and prizes by simply completing a small form. There are thousands of sweepstakes available both online and offline. The following tips will teach you how to increase your odds of winning.

Use An Auto Fill Progam:
It takes time to enter your information into each sweepstakes site. You can decrease your time by using your computer’s auto fill program. Simply enter your information once and it will enter your info into website’s sweepstake with a click of the mouse. Note: Be sure to read all sweepstakes rules you enter before using an auto fill program because some sponsor may disqualify you entry if you are using an auto fill program like Roboform or others.

Get A Sweepstakes Email:
Whenever you are entering sweepstakes online, you will be getting a lot of junk mail. By setting up a sweepstakes email account, you can keep your personal email account free of junk mail.

Read Each Sweepstake’s Rules:
Each sweepstake comes with its own set of rules and regulations. By taking the time to read the rules, you can ensure that you are able to receive the prizes from the sweepstakes you are entertering. Nothing is worse than learning you won a prize only to find out you cannot collect it.

If you win a prize from a Online Sweepstakes and Contests, you are responsible for the taxes. However, there are ways to save you money on taxes. For example, you do not have to pay taxes based on the average retail value. You have to pay taxes based on the fair market value. You can save money by searching for sales advertisements. Then, print the advertisement and use it to prove the value of the prize.

Online sweepstakes to enter

Online sweepstakes and contests

Enter Often:
When it comes to sweepstakes, most people only enter once or twice. By entering daily, you can increase your chances of winning. If you do not have the necessary time to devote to enter sweepstakes, consider hiring a someone to enter for you. For example, you can pay a teenager $20.00 to enter 500 sweepstakes. This will allow you to enter a lot of sweepstakes in a short amount of time.

Find The Best Odds:
Online Sweepstakes and Contests where only a few people will be entering will help increase your odds of winning. Also, if you enter a sweepstakes that offers a lot of prizes, your odds will be better. Local sweepstakes, such as those found in newspapers, local radio stations and television stations, generally have better odds. Shorter entry periods also result in better odds.

Enter Sweepstakes That Take Time To Enter:
Many people do not take the necessary time to enter sweepstakes that require writing. Find sweepstakes that ask for a recipe or a small article to increase your odds of winning.

Finally, sign up for sweepstake newsletters and forums. On these you will get the inside scoop to help you find sweepstakes that most people do not know about. You will also find other tips to increase your chances of winning by reading how others who have won enter sweepstakes.



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