Cash Sweepstakes – Contests to win money

Cash Sweepstakes – There are people who have been participating in the win cash sweepstakes or contests to win money but they have never been lucky enough to win anything. Here are some of the proven ways that are applicable in increasing your odds of winning in those money contests.

The surest way of winning is through playing as numerous times as you can. Look for something that will be reminding you to play again after some period of time. You can decide to set your watch alarm as your reminder to be helping you remember when time for playing again comes. There are chances that you are going to forget if you are not going to have a reminder. You should also have an alarm clock that is going to be waking you up at night to go and play then go back to bed.

Explore all the strategies that are available to win the cash sweepstakes. You can do this though by filling extra survey question books. These books are available for individuals who feel that they have additional information that they are capable of contributing. Ensure that the survey that you are going to present is well researched and informational. Surveys that are informational stand a chance of being published in the rotation. In this place, other readers are given a chance to read and vote for them. If your survey contests to win money emerges the best, you are rewarded a certain amount of cash that is mostly 100 dollars.

Look for a lot of people whom you can refer to join you. You are given a link that is identifiable to you only. You are going to be getting the same amount that the people whom you referred in this contest are getting. Therefore, the more people you are going to take into this site, the more you are going to be getting since you are awarded the same amount that the people you referred wins.

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49 Responses to “Cash Sweepstakes – Contests to win money”

  1. Lisa Atkins says:

    special early look claim 2231 for giveaway 4900 forever

    Well its Ben fun. And an experience… For the better… First time I ever played with yall, thank you for the invite Good luck to everyone

  2. Pamela McGraw says:

    I just wNts to get send me alots of the money like 150,000.000.00 so I hopefully God blessing to keep dream of PCH winner come on knee the God speak with me ! Ahem!,!!!

  3. Pamela McGraw says:

    Yes I want to be become $ 5,000 per a weeks also get surprise coming down please please thank you God bless I need so badly to getting biggggger money and plus brand new Truck Ford Wrangler 2015 to 2016

  4. Pamela McGraw says:

    Hello customerSir, my name is Pamela , I m deaf and I would like to getting SuperPrizes for me and I will have to help to bills with my fiancé and his mom soi need new Truck and plus cash millions triple gettin winner I will keep cross my fingers please God andi feel like sin my heart thinking about dream of house and brand new truck. 2016 and support with my fiancé s mom and little my sisters that all so myself to buy my new clothes and everything to do I will keep prayer for me to get ready to surprise PCH sweepstake . Thank you so much! God Bless

  5. Hugo Cendejas says:

    I want to be the nex winner pch seepstakes

  6. viola l bost says:

    Please help me pay a goodly amount of bills and repair my home. $5,000.00 and $100.00 should take care of it! Thank you

  7. Robert Jackson says:

    I am a young writter coming from college and struggling to survive while trying to prepare my many screen plays. This would be a blessing allowing me the opportunity to pay my bills and lau CH my career. In my field 5000.00 a week is a enormous game changer instead of in between stories. A million would be great but 5000.00 is the best miracle for me.

  8. Estella Coleman says:

    That would be a wonderful blessing for me to win OMG IT TRULY WOULD BE FOR ME WIN 10,000.00 a week for life

  9. DIANE E CONNELL says:

    I would love to win 5,000 a week or 1,000 a week for life for my family ! Have lost 2 children !ALSO MY daughter andHER husband HAS ( we )have a son with AUTISUM I WANT TO HELP WITH the cost and programs dealing with this and my grandkids and family have gone thought so much I want to give back to them and my friends and those who have helped me!! I want to give to all who I can !! AMEN

  10. Erica Levy says:

    Claiming 5,000 a week for life, GOD bless others on this journey to win BIG!!

  11. Landon Zunk says:

    If I would beable to win any money at all, that’d be great. Back in 2004, I was in a serious car wreck that should have killed me. I was sent to RIC in Chicago for my entire junior year of highschool. To win this money would mean I’d beable to buy a new car. I’m sorry if I sound desperate but, I sure am.
    Landon Zunk

  12. Maria Massaro says:

    I have been entering PCH for a long time, it would be nice to win . Tough out there for work .

  13. Jane gross says:

    I WOULD VERY much like to win

  14. Brenda Smith says:

    Winning PCH Sweepstakes would mean so much to Me and My family this have been one of our struggles wondering want bills to pay first and also not having enough money to pay for meds for our love ones !!So When I say this will be a dream to have come true for Me and My family it would most definitely be Our Dreams have came true!!! I also want to say A Very Loud Thank U To PCH for this opportunities to Make My Life And My Family life a chance to Improve. ..

  15. Sandra Armstrong says:

    I want to win $5000 a week forever so I can help students and men of color. I especially want to win 2million so I can fund a college program for men of color that would benefit 18-22 year old men. Some of these men have not completed high school. Some are in gangs or are on drugs. In talking to these men some want a way out and want an education and to be trained so they could find a good job. In the past six months I identified the best programs for students and men of color in the Kenosha Unified School District and those in our community. But there were non for the 18-22 age range and type of background that was my concern. These young men need help and I want to make sure that they get support and guidance to live a good life.

  16. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH cash sweepstakes I want to win. I want ago win the cash sweepstakes and 2 million dollars or more if it is to be had. I want to win bad.
    Brenda Carlton

  17. Brenda Carlton says:

    Cash seek stakes to win money I want to win money Wow I did not know it was all over tonight I sent in my letter today reregistered mail to get there before the 17 th I hope that was not too late if so I am sick. I wanted to win the 5,000.00 a week for ever.I am guessing I lost. WOW and I tried so hard. I want to win some money big money. I am still going to hope and have faith that some way I will l win 5,000.00 a week forever
    Brenda Carlton

  18. Carlos Rios says:

    I want to win on August 28th! I want to be the next $ 5,000,00 a week forever. I just want to make my family happy. But all I Can do is try by entering everyday and hope and pray and wish everyone a good luck and God bless to all be in it to win it enter everyday. Good luck. :) :) :)

  19. Landon Zunk says:

    I just do need a lot of money, soon!

  20. MaryPhillips says:


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