How Does PCH Makes Money?

Have you ever wondered how PCH makes money? If so, you are not alone! Many people have wondered the same. Not only that, but you may also be wondering how you can put that Big Check into your bank account and change your life for the better.

PCH Sweepstakes

How Does PCH Makes Money?

You get them in the mail and see them on TV and for the last decade they’re all over the Internet with email marketing, Social media campaign like Facebook Ads and their channel of websites:,,, and many others where you get the chance to win big with the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Some of their latest big promotions are Win It All, Win $5,000 A Week Forever or recently PCH $10,000 a Week for Life! Along with their television campaign, PCH has also been sending out information in the mail and email for quite some time. Maybe you have even received one of these in your mailbox and had hopes and dreams of winning millions of dollars. Several years ago, the PCH mailers contained ordering forms where you could purchase magazines and other items from PCH. Making an order wouldn’t increase your odds of winning the prize money. Maybe you’ve seen the PCH ads on television. There are happy winners who have PCH representatives show up at their door to celebrate, receiving their balloons, and the big check to represent the prize money. As stated every winners in their commercials are 100% REAL! PCH has been making dreams come true for many for several years.

Publishers Clearing House is a direct marketing company who initially were making their money mostly by selling magazines. Apart from magazine subscriptions they are selling also books, CDs, jewelry, vitamins, flower bulbs, and other merchandise, mostly online through Nowadays they are also heavily into social media games, including online video games, online casino games, online coupons, daily lottery, tokens, online bingo, instant lottery and ads marketing. As stated on their websites; The sweepstakes are real, and you don’t have to buy anything to enter.

How does Publishers Clearing House make money? PCH now has other campaigns to help you and your family change your life and win millions of dollars. While they still send out mailers from time to time, you can visit the website to learn more about how to put the money of your dreams into your bank account.

How does PCH get money? PCH gets their money in many different ways. Not only that, but they also have many different ways for you to join the contest in hopes of winning the millions of dollars that you know will help to improve your life. Don’t forget to sign up and enter the PCH contest. You never know when you will receive the knock, balloons, and check at your door that will forever change your life and allow you to help yourself and others. Good Luck!



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  1. Virginia Thurber says:

    This is Virginia Thurber entering &claiming to win a lump sum of $7,000. I love pch games truly

  2. Han Nguyen says:

    Hi I want to win all the prizes I had been play before thanks

  3. Jacqueline Aramayo says:


  4. Leonard Offord says:

    I would love to become the two million plus winner so I can pay off my debt and help other buy me a home and a new car

  5. Leonard Offord says:

    I would love to become the two million plus winner so I can pay off my debt and help other

  6. Diane Bowman says:

    Winning PCH 8800 WIN IT ALL is/would be a mind blowing journey which would be enjoyed/experienced by family/friends a like

    thank you

  7. Sally G says:

    I would love to win a $5,00.00 cash prize by searching

  8. Tylis Mathies says:

    Bless you and your family is I have a great deal to all of the above resolutions to all of the above resolutions

  9. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH is truly the MoneyMaker Yes PCH. I am privileged to know PCH do we people realize how much we should be thankful for PCH and the People behind the sins who make it all possible for you and I to partake in the games hoping to win a prize and sometimes many prizes. there have been many winners . For me only I often wonder how many sit down are write a special thank you letter to them. If I win I am Hoping I will write and let them know how much i appreciate them. My memory is not as good as it use to be but I hope I never forget to thank anyone that is so generous and with sweepstakes as well I hope they all sent me addresses. PCH DON’t Forget to give me your address in case I win I will need the address to send a thank you IF I am a winner
    Brenda Carlton

  10. Gary Dixon says:

    Hello PCH & Prize Patrol !!! I’m wanting to claim a VIP early entry with 10000 a week for life and a 25000 dollar cash golden ticket and keep searching for that cashed win !!! I’m a superfan and I’m still in for that win

  11. howard conley says:

    live life to full potental &pay off deats restore drivers license

  12. Santa C. Martinez says:


  13. Santa C. Martinez says:


  14. Santa C. Martinez says:


  15. Santa C. Martinez says:


  16. Teresa Johnson says:

    Pch sweepstake giveaway contest has many sponsor who helps with the advertisement published promotion prizes so you never know who could be helping you see your dream come true.

  17. Johnny Bob Davis says:

    Johnny DavisApril 22nd archive I seen my ad on the internet right here and elsewhereUnder 6900My phone keeps acting up now

  18. Elaina Bishop says:

    What I’d do with win it All the Youngstown Ohio area has fallen on hard times and I will help so many People with this $10,000.00 a month for life plus the $2Million up front, which is something well needed in this area. If I’m hungry I know so many other people are too. Thank You, Prize Patrol, Elaina

  19. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    PCH has many contributers and partners. All these
    partners sell their products to the contestants. The PCH takes commission from the sales. I think it is how PCH makes money.

  20. Jose Juan Cervantes says:

    Publishers clearing house make the money promotion keep the jackpots that no give to the winners from casinos Vegas Nevada surveys them so post pay and never pay and more I prefer not mentioned is what I think what PCH make that money I like to be honest left me no if I like I win 2014 pclotto them keep I I have Ben do some surveys lottery only if you have ? And want to no if people no the true I do you can’t not block the sun whit one finger I warranty you when PCH give one dollar is them keep five thousand

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