How to win prizes with Publishers Clearing House

How to win? Have you ever heard about PCH Channels? Indeed, Publishers Clearing house operates eight websites, including PCH Search and Win, pchgames,, pchlotto, win big with PCH-SLOTS, PCH Save and Win, PCHBingo and PCH Keno. There are many people who are aware of the millions of dollars that Publishers Clearing House gives away simply by register online at or through mail. However, are you aware that there are many other methods of winning through Publishers Clearing House? If you would like to learn about additional methods of winning, continue reading this article. Superprize: Win $5000.00 a Week FOREVER Sweepstakes)

Ways to Enter PCH Sweepstakes

How to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?

First, visit the Publishers Clearing House’s main website at Here, you can sign up for entry forms for their multi-million sweepstakes. In addition, this site allows you to learn more information about their customer service, magazine subscriptions, and scams that are circulating so that you can avoid them.

PCH Sweepstakes

Win Sweepstakes and Contests

Consider playing PCHGames ( These games allow you to relax and have fun playing free online games; however, the best news is that these games allow you opportunities to win prizes. Whenever you play games like Video Poker and Spider Solitaire, you earn tokens, which can be traded for entering into sweepstakes to earn prizes.

You can further increase your odds of winning prizes by searching the Internet through, which is owned by Publishers Clearing House. Simply make a search through the search bar on (PCH Search&Win), and you have the opportunity to win prizes.

Try PCHLotto (, which is similar to playing the actual lottery but you do not have to pay! All you have to do is simply pick numbers, and in between, you will see ads. This is how PCH Lotto makes money. Once you have picked numbers for five different cards, you will have the chance to win instantly with a scratch-off game.

PCH App Is also a great way to increase your chance of winnings. (PCH mobile phone app)

You may consider also to try your chance at pchslots ( or even try a survey for monkey at pchonlinesurveys (

Finally, if you have Facebook, became a fan of Publishers Clearing House Facebook page and you can earn additional opportunities to win. If you decide to install the PCH widget on your Facebook page, you can further increase your odds of winning.

You now know of several great ways to increase your chances of winning through Publishers Clearing House. PCH has given away over $220 million in prizes since it opened in 1967. You could be the next winner! How to win prizes with Publishers Clearing House. Good luck!

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