PCH $15 Million Summer Prize Event Gwy. No. 8800

PCH.com Get Rich Fast – You could win this PCH $15 Million Superprize! No purchase necessary! Be aware of Scams – Protect Yourself (Antivirus, Firewall, email shield, etc..) Learn more about it here: Protect Yourself From Scammers! And remember you don’t have to buy anything to be eligible for the drawing! Register as a member FREE! As a lucky winner of this PCH Gwy. No. 8800, you will receive $225,000.00 for 29 years and a final lump sum payout payment of $8,475,000.00 in the 30th year. Drawing Winner Announcement on August 31, 2017 on NBC Television Channel. $15,000,000.00 Prize of a Lifetime! Could you imagine all the things you will be able to buy? This amount of money ($15,000,000.00 SuperPrize) in your bank account could give you the life of your dream! Imagine dear blog readers how you would feel if the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on your door and places a “Big Check” in your hands! This can happen to YOU!

PCH $15 Million Summer Prize Event

PCH $15 Million Superprize

Now! Take a moment and a deep breath to visualize your lifestyle for the next 30 years! Awesome, just thinking about it! As a PCH Account Holder you could become the winner that Publishers Clearing House Company is looking for. PCH Act Now for a chance to win. $15,000,000.00 Superprize from Giveaway No. 8800 on August 31st, 2017. What most people would achieve with this king of money is amazing, some would buy a new car or buy a new house, invest to grow their assets, other will pay their debts like mortgage, student loan, credit cards or medical bills. American People who have a heart which is larger than life will take this opportunity to give some of their money to charitable causes that are dedicated to either, religion faith, education, health or the saving of lives. Whatever the winner will do with this amount of cash, one thing we know for sure is that, this will change is life forever.

PCH $15 Million – Be on the lookout for daily special PCH Email Alert send by Deborah Holland, Vice-President Executive for Publishers Clearing House And say YES, I want to Win to that PCH Winner Selection List Email. Take action Now by visiting PCH Search and Win where you will get the info you need and the prize you want. Stay Alert for Special Certificate and Winning Number Notification. Remember as PCH states in their emails; Your chance could become forfeited if you neglect and don’t respond to those winning number notifications. So, claim now for a chance to win $15 Million SuperPrize – Giveaway No. 8800, or $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize – Giveaway No. 8035, or $100,000.00 prize – Giveaway No. 8186, or $25,000.00 prize – Giveaway No. 8184 or $10,000.00 from Giveaway No. 8187.

$15,000,000.00 Superprize  As stated on PCH Sweepstakes Official Rules: “All entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, 8/28/17 from this Bulletin will be eligible for our up to $15 Million SuperPrize® (Giveaway No. 8800), our $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize® (Giveaway No. 8035), a $100,000.00 prize (Giveaway No. 8186), a $25,000.00 prize (Giveaway No. 8184) and $10,000.00 from Giveaway No. 8187. To enter these Sweepstakes, complete the entry process. Upon timely entry, your assigned Prize Number(s) will be fully eligible to win. On days when you are eligible for multiple entries, multiple Prize Numbers will be assigned to you. Entries submitted from this Bulletin/Promotion after the deadline will be deemed invalid.” PCH.com – As Stated on PCH Official Sweepstakes Rules: “All Special Early Look online Bulletins/promotions during the timeframe of 6/27/17 through 8/28/17 will be issued valid SuperPrize Numbers for Giveaway No. 8800, fully eligible to win our SuperPrize Event, on August 31, 2017 if timely registered. SuperPrize Numbers issued from 6/27/17 through 8/28/17 will also be fully eligible to win a guaranteed $1 Million SuperPrize on August 31, 2017 in a Second Chance Drawing if the matching winning number for this Special Early Look SuperPrize is not returned or is ineligible. Numbers previously assigned for Giveaway No. 8800 will not be eligible for this June 30th SuperPrize Event.”

Accept Prize Number Ownership Action Required Claim Now at PCH.com and You could Win Win $15 Million Summer Prize Event. PCH Sweepstakes Entry: http://www.pch.com/



1,148 Responses to “PCH $15 Million Summer Prize Event Gwy. No. 8800”

  1. Kathleen D. Lyman says:

    Hi it is me again this the third time today I really need to win you don,t know how much so please be at my door real soon. Kathy

  2. cynthia tillery says:

    I claim ownership to superprize #8800 $15 million to win in August plus other prizes, release funds to me

  3. Kathleen D. Lyman says:

    Hi this the second time today that I am here and hope to win a large prize 8800 or something close to it I wish it was before the last week of July.Thank you Kathy

  4. Kathleen D. Lyman says:

    I don<t know what you want to me to do to moderate my comments .but here we go again I want to win if it is ever to happen My Aunt and I have been Playing a long time 25 years when I joined her before her death.Neither has won a thin dimeI hope and Need to win at this Point I pray to God to Bless me thank you Kathy

  5. Debra says:

    I’ve searched GWY# 8800 for the $15,000,000.00 lifetime summer prize to win, and I want to win.

  6. Gail Timm says:

    Well folks! I think that I should win. I have been with Publishers Clearing House for twelve years now and still not picked by the computer. I do a lot of praying that just one day I will be picked and win. It would be really nice. Also would be nice to see the Prize Patrol at my door here in this HOT Desert of California. My neighbors are trying and wouldn’t they be shocked if and when I win? Hope to win the $15,OOO,OOO.OO Prize of A Lifetime on August 31st from PCH GWY. #8800. Well, that is my story. God Bless us All!

  7. Edward Fitzgerald says:

    PCHSearch&Win, $15,000,000.00 GWY,PLUS $1,000.00 GWY, 9030

  8. Edward Fitzgerald says:

    PCHSearch&Win, $15,000,000.00 GWY,9030,OR 8800 15,MILLION PLUS $1,000.00 GWY, 9030

  9. Edward Fitzgerald says:


  10. Edward Fitzgerald says:


  11. Edward Fitzgerald says:


  12. Marie Fowler says:

    This could be the long standing wish of my life come true for me and my family.

  13. Donna Vorhies says:

    Winner selection list to be updated # WSL – 0831 issued for $15 million summer prize event gwy 8800? If I win. Donna Vorhies

  14. Randy says:

    I have been shot 3times I’m out of got 3 kids I need too win

  15. Frances says:

    I would like to WIN $15 MILLION on AUGUST 30. MY FAMILY COULD REALLY USE IT,SO I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will see PCH at front door.

  16. Kay says:

    I really need to win because I don’t have retirement and did not receive any​thing in my divorce. I do have Investments.from money I received when .my son passed away from a college track event

  17. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    í want to win a big prize $ Superprize of a Lifetime during this Special Early Look Prize Event, from GWY NO.8800 I claim this prize and Hello!! $ I could to be a winner from Miami FT Lauderdale TV Local Area GWY 9030 plus I could to win bonus $500.000.00 on August 31st Thanks PCH for this big opportunity to be a winner.

  18. Kay says:

    Would like to help my daughter and her family

  19. Walter Gladden says:

    This prize will be great for me and my family I will not be homeless no more like IAM now $15million prize for lifetime GWY#8800and WSL-0831 and ACTIVATION CODE PC551 Get my family back together.Thank you PCH.

  20. Virginia Moignard says:

    I would do sp much good with this prize. I would donate to charoties whicch I have not been able to afford because of our debts. I claim my entry into this sweepstakes.

  21. Kuljinder Singh says:

    Pch, I would like to win pch gwy 8800, $15000000

  22. Karon Thoren says:

    Hello PCH:

    YES! I would like to claim and win the $15,000.00 Millions Prize on August 31st PCH Giveaway No.: 8800

    I would love to have the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Tam come to my front door with the BIG Check in hand.

    Thank You

  23. Janie Gonzales says:

    I want to win PCH 15 million Gwy #8800 on August 31st please enter me and please pick me.

    Thank you
    Janie Gonzales

  24. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim my Prize Numbers today. PCHFrontPage New $15 Million Prize Of A Lifetime!
    PCH Gwy No.8800. For my Family and me 08 July2017 RG.

  25. Kay says:

    Wow please consider me for the 15 million. I could give to charity and go on . mission trips with my church.

  26. Rebecca Reynolds says:

    My name is Rebecca and I could really use the 15,000,000.00 prize of a life time from PCH.. I am in a really tough spot in my life right now. Just getting out of a 12 yr relationship and we started to build a house together…well that quickly became his so now myself and my 2 small girls are left with living inna camper, during summer it is fine but living in Maine we have more cold weather then warm. I currently have no job because of my car situation of one day wanting to start an others it don’t. This money could really help me an my girls get back on our feet and start over.

  27. louise lampley says:

    pch i,m hoping the GOD that i win this time.

  28. Debra says:

    I’very searched GWY# 8800 to win a prize of a lifetime, and I want to win, a blessing to bless.

  29. Debra says:

    I’ve searched GWY# 8800 for the $15,000,000.00 prize of a lifetime and I want to win, on 8/31/17

  30. Janie Gonzales says:

    PCH please pick me for PCH 15 MILLION # 8800. I really need to have the stress free that 15 million can make happen. I want to be able to help my parents and my Sister and her family to have a better life. I really want to have a home that I can do what I want to do no rules except my own. Please help me make this happen.

    Thank you
    Janie Gonzales

  31. Eunice Martin Fish says:

    Hopefully my PCH prize number is the one to win the $15,000,000.00 Lifetime Prize 31st August. There are so many people that I would love to help and things I would like to do at this stage of my life. Thanks PCH Team for the opportunity and have a very good day.

  32. JANET HONEY says:

    I have never won anything in my life.. My luck is not that good so I don’t think I am that lucky to win but it would be nice to WIN.. Hope you have a great day and God Bless..

  33. Johnny ALtman says:

    HEY JULLIETTE , I was just wondering who won the $2 millllllllllion dallars and $10,ooo a month prize!i lookedd in the widios haven’t seen it/ not tryin to be a ppppppain just wondering !

  34. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Win $15,000,000.00 Prize Event On August 31st! (PCH Gwy.No.8800). Today 07July2017 RG.

  35. Robert Gonzalez says:

    Yes, I want to Win $15,000,000.00 dollars! Summer Prize Event Of A Lifetime! PCH Gwy.No.8800. For my Family and me. Today 07July2017 RG.

  36. ESTHER R HOOD says:


  37. Shelly Stubblefield says:

    I accept #8800#8060 win it all superprize for July and August .I’ll be waiting for prize patrol in Wichita falls TX please activate and put me on i.inent winners SEL and final selection

  38. Braulio Bernal says:

    I accept prize number ownership for $ 15 million giveaway # 8800.

  39. Mario Echeverria says:

    Thanks PCH for this great opportunity and thanks for the wanderful expectation. Please dear friends; it’s to much important for me please help me for continue excitation and activation in the sequence of my PCHGWY No.8800 lifetime prize $.15 millions superprize. To much appreciate your help and support. ME

  40. Victorino Hernández says:

    Yes PCH $15 Million for Lifetime

  41. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    I claim for a chance to win $ SUPERPRIZE Summer event Special Early Look Event from PCH gwy 8800 ON AUGUST 31st plus a LINCOLN MKZ 2017 from gwy 8186.

  42. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    Thanks PCH for chance to win $15 million prize of lifetime on August 31st from PCH gwy 8800.

  43. Kathleen D. Lyman says:

    I am here again to claim $15,000,000.00.I try not to take to much time because my computer may die at any minute so far so good thanks again hope to see you.Kathy

  44. Geraldine Simpson says:

    After all of the health issues Ive been going through lately, I would love to win this.

    I’m still tryinhg yo locste the online for……. There are many things I could with that kind of mone.

  45. Kathryn says:

    Please enter my entry for 15 million dollars. Thank you!

  46. Caroline Himes says:

    Dear PCHfrontpage im so excited. Im shaking! I cant believe i can even get to write to PCH and i pray i get to see you guys please !!! That is my dream come true . i have seen the amazing things you have done for families and my heart has melted each tims from PCH . You three are miracle makers!! God bless you.Caroline Himes. Springhill Florida

  47. Dena Cooper says:

    I want too win 15 million dollars and happy for the rest of my life

  48. Dena Cooper says:

    I want too win

  49. Theresa says:

    Please enter me into the $15,000,000.00 Publisher’s Clearing House Giveaway No. 8800. Thank you.

  50. Rajinder Kaur says:

    Pch i would like to claim pch gwy #8800 $ 15000000.00 thank you so much pch.

  51. Dunnessa says:

    Pchfrontpage win claiming $15Million prize event GwyNo8800 pch

  52. Elizabeth Boney says:

    Yes I would love to be the winner of the $15 Million Prize of a life time.

  53. Janice Wood says:

    I would love to be your next winner for Prize 8800 $15,000,000.00 with 2 entries

  54. Debra says:

    I”very searched GWY# 8800, and I want to win the $15,000,000.00

  55. Debra says:

    I”very searched GWY# 8800, and I want PCH to tell me, I”m the winner of the $15,000,000.00 prize of a LIFETIME.

  56. Kimberly Manns says:

    Dear folks at Publishers Clearing House, I would like to continue getting my Sweepstakes entries coming in the mail.

  57. Delores Brewer says:

    Yes I want to enter to win $15 Million For A Lifetime from PCH Gwy No.8800

  58. Janie Gonzales says:

    I want to win PCH 15 million so that I can live a better in my old age .I want to be able to help my parents and my sister. I have played a lot and have ordered more than I can afford praying I’m going to be picked the winner. Please PCH pick me.

    Thank you
    Janie Gonzales

  59. Raymond says:

    Spend it wisely

  60. Raymond says:

    Spend it wisely and invest

  61. Raymond says:

    First of all find me a bank that can have good interest in and INVEST then start to look and buy a place so all my kids and gran kids can be together then planing trips,clotbes,another car shopping give to cancer buy a card thanking pch for everything they have done taking care my mom who has cancer my dad who has swollen joints as I have too but $15,000,000.00 can really change people, family friends and others life in appreciate love we have.

  62. Janice Wood says:

    want to win the prize of $15,000,000.00

  63. Kathleen D. Lyman says:

    My cumputter is not working thay good so I have problems getting a hold of you everyday it may go out at any time.But I hope to win something from you thank you Kathy

  64. Doug Blumenschein says:

    I would like the win except the winning with this group is me0 andPCH holding all the cards so it’s impossible

  65. John Milton says:

    Winning would be great and could start and early retirement

  66. Jannette nieves says:

    My last day in this address is july 31. I very happy win . Thanks and God Blessing for everything bring to me $$$$$.

  67. Frances says:

    Winning $15,000,000.00 Grand Prize would be wonderful. I’m not counting on anything until I’m holding the CHECK in my hand,so now it’s up to PCH to come to my home.

  68. ureal irving says:

    this would be a blessing to win PCH GWY #8800 15,000,000,00 to be a blessing to my family and to bless others.. I would be able to purchase a house for me and my grandsons .. thank you

  69. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Yes I want to win Gwy 8800 thank you pch

  70. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I want to win Gwy 8800 thank pch

  71. Pedro Hernandez Rosales says:

    Tk.god for this wen

  72. Linda Brady says:

    Please enter me in PCH #8800 for $15,000,000.00

  73. Donna Vorhies says:

    I want to pay off my bills first thing before buying a new car then I plan to looking for a nice house to be with my family and nice classy warerobe and travel the world to be with my family and also renovate my home if need to fix. I hope to have them on August 31st gwy # 8800 if I win. Donna Vorhies

  74. Donna Vorhies says:

    Yes Deborah, I want to claim $15 million summer prize event gwy # 8800 on August 31st if I win. Donna Vorhies

  75. Clint Henderson says:

    Clint Henderson July 5 2017 I was dreaming that i won 15 million prize of lifetime but. I hope it comes true.

  76. Bobbi Guilford says:

    Pch.claim prize number gwy.no 8800 activate 15,000,000.00prize

  77. Robert Gonzalez says:

    Yes, Would like to Win $15 Million Prize Of A Lifetime!
    This Summer Prize Event On August 31st! PCH Gwy.
    No.8800. Me and my Family would have Fun on a Vacation etc… RG

  78. Michael Mayns says:

    PCH Michael Mayns I love to win super prize Giveaway number 8800 15 million made my dream come true your friend Big Mike Arvada Colorado

  79. Michael Mayns says:

    PCH activate my entry Giveaway number 8800 I love to win show me some love

  80. JOAN PAYNE says:


  81. Michael Mayns says:

    DJ should I love to win please activate prize Giveaway number 8800 15 million show me some love I try and I try help me up before I die your friend Being Mike Arvada Colorado

  82. Rajinder Kaur says:

    Pch, i would like to claim pch gwy #8800 $ 15000000.00 thank you so much pch.

  83. Richard. Terry says:

    Thanks. PCH. For. Every. Thing. And. Chance. To. Win

  84. Clint Henderson says:

    Clint henderson july 5 2017 i claim my entry for to win 15 million dollars prize of a lifetime on August 31.

  85. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim to Win $15,000,000.00 SuperPrize On
    August 31st 217 For my Family! PCH Gwy#8800.I Want to win the Summer Prize Event today 05July2017. RG

  86. Kay says:

    I really need to win to repair my foundation problems . Would like to help my daughter and granddaughter and her husband with student loans

  87. Mattie Brooks says:

    July 5, 2017

    Hi PCH! Thanks, for the chance to Win $15 Million Prize from PCHGWY 8800. I have been trying for many years to win.
    I would do the following should I win, pay off my mortgage help family,church and give to charities.

    So Thanks Again!

  88. Tamara Norton says:

    I Tamara Norton claim prize #8800 for 15 million prize of a life time.

  89. REBECCA DeBRAAK says:

    i want to win $15 million summer prize event gwy.#8800 for my family help others in august thank you prize patrol team hope to see you all

  90. Vickie Dotey says:

    I want to claim my $15,000,000.00 entry into the PCH sweepstakes #8800 ! I have been told time and time again that I would be one of the chosen to receive my money !!! Where is it ??? I’m definitely ready to win and make my life and several others lives better than what they are now !!!

  91. Mary Odai says:

    I Love to win $15,000 000.00 pch thanks

  92. Debra says:

    I’ve searched GWY# 8800, FOR THE $15,000,000,00 Summer Prize of a LIFETIME, and YES,I WANT TO WIN

  93. Donna Vorhies says:

    I want to claim $15 million summer prize event of a lifetime for my family’ s needs if I win. Donna Vorhies

  94. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I would love to Win 15,000,000.00 SuperPrize! PCH
    Gwy.No.8800. PCH Summer Prize Event on August
    31st For my Family and me today 05July2017 RG.

  95. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I would like to Claim to Win $15 Million SummerTime
    Prize Event for my Family. PCH Gwy.No.8800. Today
    04July2017 RG.

  96. Donna Vorhies says:

    I accept the paid over time option of $15 million to be paid out if I win. Donna Vorhies

  97. Virginia Moignard says:

    PCH I would do so much good with the prize of $15,000,000.00. I would help my family and then help others. This would truly be fantastic.

  98. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim to Win $15 Million SuperPrize! PCH Gwy.No.6900 or 8800. Today to win for my Family and me Summer Prize Event! 04July2017 RG.

  99. Donna Vorhies says:

    I take double up 2 entries for $10,000 and $ 15 million superprize summer prize event if I win. Donna Vorhies

  100. Mario Echeverria says:

    Dear friends PCH greetings; please, continue excitation and activation in the sequence of my PCHGWY No. 8800 lifetime prize $.15 millions super prize . Thanks again for help and support. ME

  101. Jo Preston says:

    I claim my 2 Entries to win the $10,000 cash prize from PCH GWY 9213 AND the $15 Million prize of a lifetime from PCH GWY 8800 on August 31. I am sooo excited! Thank you Prize Patrol – you rock!! Thank you God!

  102. Rose says:

    Oh yes, I would love to win the $15,000,000 on August 31st from Giveaway no. 8800. I continue to be “In It To Win It”.

  103. Victorino Hernández says:

    Yes $15 million

  104. Fontayne Payton Sr. says:


  105. Fontayne Payton Sr. says:


  106. Fontayne Payton Sr. says:


  107. Tamara Norton says:

    I Tamara Norton claim the 15 million prize of a lifetime. I have been entering to win this prize since 6/27/2017. This prize would mean that 3 generations of my family would no longer be below poverty level income. I have been a P.C.H player for big prizes for a while now and will keep playing intel I WIN.

  108. Ken Merrell says:

    Pch winner of Provo Utah Ken Merrell with matching winning number 02396077006 Timely returned winner of super on August 31. of.5000.00 a week for a lifetime submitted confirmed claimed completed entry 8800

  109. Monteen Williford says:

    for all the years I have been playing, by another last name for many years now this time, I would love to win so I could life my last few years, debt free and peaceful doing some of the things I really want to do, like help family, church and the homeless.
    God Bless PCH emplyees

  110. Virginia Moignard says:

    I would be so excited to win this prize. I would pay my debts and help my family, then donate to charities which I haven’t been able to afford. I claim my entry into this sweepstakes for $15,000,000.00.

  111. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Win $15 Million Prize At Stake! (PCH Gwy 8800). PCH Summer Prize Event For my Family and me today 03July2017 RG

  112. Naomi Desty says:

    Search to enter $15,000,000.00 PRIZE AT STAKE @ PCHSearch&Win and I could win (Gvwy. No.8800)the Prize of Lifetime on 8/31st/17!

  113. Frances says:

    AGAIN,here I go again searching to WIN $15,000,000.00 on August 31st.So I hope Pch WILL COME TO MY HOME.

  114. Frances says:

    Come August 31st I hope to WIN $15,000,000. I’ve been searching now for over 24 years and not a thing but still I keep trying. I hope PCH will come to my home on the 8/31 so they won’t have to keep reading my replies. Keeping fingers crossed that this search won’t be in vain.

  115. Janet Leon says:

    I like the idea of win $15,000,000.00! It will help mi and my family a lot!

  116. Virginia Moignard says:

    PSH I would be honored to win this money. It would do so much good in our lives. We are about to lose our house and our bills are enormous. We could get out of debt and help others with this money. I hope my number is the winning number.

  117. Barbara Mullis says:

    I would love to win 15 million dollars Prize of a Lifetime.

  118. M A Jalil says:

    I wish every body best of luck!

  119. Bryant O. Smith says:

    Pch, I’d like for my entry to be sudmitted for the $15 million dollar summer prize event gwy#8800.

  120. Virginia Moignard says:

    I would put this money to good use paying off my families bills and giving to charities I would be able to afford.

  121. Tina Marie Hoffmeyer says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this $15 million prize from PRIZE PATROL… I have no car and live with my son in a small space of his and his partners one berm Apts. I have plans of paying off my medical debt and fixing myself as I’m disabled. When I win I am also helping my family and would like to help charities
    Thank you for GWY #8800 $15,000,000.00 superprize

  122. Akiro says:

    PCH FRONTPAGE:Special Announcement:I DID
    EVERYTHING I CAN,and I would love to win this
    Lifetime PRIZE.”PLEASE”!
    Thank you,

  123. cynthia tillery says:

    Yes I’m ready to win prize #8800 $15,000,000,000 I’m staying in it to win it..

  124. Grace McInnis says:

    My name is Grace McInnis I am enetering my name for a chance to win $15,000,000.00 from PCH. I really really would like to win.I have never won anything in my life, I would buy alot of new hings with the money and put some away for my granchild. Get things for a new house and all new appliances, furniture than take a trip arounnd the United States to see the sites. Thank you PCH for giving me the chance to enter

  125. MAUREEN MOONEY says:

    What can I post to win the $15 MILLION, all I cam say is that i want to win and leave all MY worries behind. THANK YOU . MAUREEN.

  126. Clint Henderson says:

    Clint henderson july 1 2017 I claim my entry for to win 15 million prize of lifetime prize

  127. Maria Grady says:

    Wow, money helps to live

  128. James Boutselis says:

    It’s there for someone to win it ,good luck to every one entering!☎

  129. Herbert Feinstein says:

    Winning pch Gwy 8800 would be a great surprise.

  130. Walter Bucia says:

    Yes Enter Me in pchsearchandwin. $15 Million
    Prize of a life time Thank You

  131. Kay says:

    I really need to win this money to help my daughter and her family and​ my granddaughter and her husband with student loans

  132. Helen Carroll says:

    I have been an active PCH Member since 1983 and always was reported as near winning, so this time I am so READY TO WIN, which will change my life DRAMATICALLY.
    I had been informed that I would be the June 30th winner and PCH will be at my Door, I waited patiently but they did not arrive. SO I AM READY TO WIN THIS SWEEPSTAKE on July 31st!

  133. Helena Scott says:

    $15,000 Would be a lot of money for my family and I to just injoy

  134. Helena Scott says:

    I wish that I can WIN $15,000.00 from 8800 Accept Prize Number Ownership Action Required Please

  135. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Yes I want to win Gwy 8800 pch thank

  136. George Bailey says:

    I am very excited to be considered for the PCH $15 Million Dollar Prize give away.
    There are so many good things I will be to do to touch the lives of so many deserving people who are disadvantaged.


    George Bailey

  137. RUTH SUMMERS. says:

    I would like to win the $15 million dollar Gwy 8800 August 2017. Thank You.

  138. John biebel says:

    I’m searching for my chance to win the super prize of a lifetime 15,000,000 dollars contest number 8800 this is a great contest thanks for letting me know about it, thanks again have a great day.

  139. Mario Echeverria says:

    Mrs. Deborah , its a great opportunity for me and my family. Although i would have preferir ed the previos promotion be cause of my económica need sanitario and my HealthKit. But, it does not mater, i will str i’ve to achieve this goal. Thanks my Dear friends for all support and help. ME

  140. CHARLES KNIGHT says:


  141. Ernest Tracey says:

    I would like to win the $15,000,000.00 prize of a life time.

  142. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    Í would like to win $ summer prize event from PCH gwy 8800.

  143. Janice Blackmer says:

    It is the biggest amount of money I have seen, Please consider me to win,,,,What a fortune that would be to paid my bills and share some with my kids and give to charities that I could never do before,,Thanks

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