PCH.com – Cash Extravaganza Event

PCH.com – Cash Extravaganza Event. New promotion cash sweepstakes from PCH/Extravaganza. – This is almost instant cash in your pocket if you win. This is the first event of this kind ever from PCH Sweepstakes. Guaranteed daily cash prize of a $1,000 and a $15,000.00 Grand Prize at the end of next the week. How about winning some extra money this month? Who wouldn’t? What would you do with an extra $1,000  if you win tomorrow? For me, probably some shopping and a nice diner at a top restaurant in New York city. Now, imagine what you could do if win the grand prize of $15,000.00 Dollar from PCH/Extravaganza! Maybe some home improvement project you want to fulfill, a nice luxury vacation, a cruise on the Mediterranean sea or in the Caribbean or maybe you will want to play save and put it in the bank for a future project or retirement planning.

PCH Cash Extravaganza


Danielle Lam you know the Prize Patrol girl who travels the states to surprise lucky winners of PCH sweepstakes, well she will be announcing on February 8,  all the winners of the daily $1000 cash prize and also she will reveal who won the $15,000.00 cash grand prize. It is possible to access the list of the daily winner at www.pch.com.

Don’t miss this chance of winning some extra cash with Publishers Clearing House Cash Extravaganza Event visit http pch.com and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the promotional event. Notice that this event take place only for a week and ends on

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267 Responses to “PCH.com – Cash Extravaganza Event”

  1. Rickey McBride says:

    Yes I am entering again to win (1) of (42) prizes! Thanks again PCH and Prize Partrol. God Bless.

  2. Roy Appel says:


    PCH.com – Cash Extravaganza Event
    Yes Prize Partrol it’s me Rickey entering to win (1) day prize event;totaling $3,750.00 in prizes to be awarded.And yes I want to win Giveaway No.11000; $7,000.00 a week for life on April…


  3. AG RHONE JR says:

    PCH /EXTRAVAGAZA, I am claiming ownership and active 4/5 5PM – 7:59PM, entries to win $2,500.00 a week forever, GWY #11000 and 42 instant cash or gift cards $1,000.00 and a $15,000.00 grand prize. I want to win this prize.

  4. Rickey McBride says:

    Yes I want to win (1) of(42) prizes totaling$3,750.00.Yes I will keep entering and letting you know I want to win today! Thanks again PCH and Prize Partrol. God Bless.

  5. Akiro says:

    PCHSearch&Win:Prize Releases Expire Soon:
    Prize Release #3/5:Still claiming my Entry to Win one of the 42. Instant Win Prizes are Guaranteed to be Awarded Today.
    Thank you,

  6. Rickey McBride says:

    Yes I said this before and repeating myself,I want to win (1) of (42) prizes Guaranteed to be awarded today. Thanks again PCH and Prize Partrol. God Bless.

  7. Rickey McBride says:

    Yes I want to win (1) of (42) prizes Totaling $3,750.00. Thanks again PCH and Prize Partrol. God Bless.

  8. Roy Appel says:

    ROY APPEL TO WIN 5 $50.00 ……

    8 PM — 11:59 PM Search Now
    Roy, 5 of 5 Instant-Win Prize Opportunities have been activated for release by 11:59 PM, ET. Want to win? Searching at PCHSearch&Win today is the key to claiming new chances to win as the day continues. Hurry, All $3,75O.OO in instant prizes are guaranteed for award before midnight.

    Plus, with your first search today, you’ll get a shot to win $2,5OO.OO A Week “Forever”, GUARANTEED for award on October 26th (PCH Gwy. 11OOO). Win from today’s action and you’ll ALSO receive a $15,OOO.OO CASH BONUS (PCH Gwy. 11OO2)!

    *PCH is GUARANTEED to award $2,5OO.OO A Week “Forever” on 1O/26. Win the “Forever” prize, and not only will you receive $2,5OO.OO a week for life, but after that, a beneficiary of your choosing will continue to receive a lifetime of weekly payments in the same amount.


  9. AG RHONE JR says:

    PCH Instant – Win Activation Alert, I am claiming ownership and active Prize Release #4/5 5PM – 7:59PM entries to win $3,750.00, plus $2,500.00 a week forever, then after that someone of the winner chooses would receive the same amount, GWY #11000 plus $15,000.00 cash bonus GWY #11002, 10/26/18. I want to win this prize.

  10. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    PCH Search & Win 20 winners are guaranteed 5 hours only cash prizes, I claim one or more. Any prize, Thanks#!

  11. cora taylor says:

    pch I would like to win $15,000.00 cash prize

  12. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    PCH Frontpage , We have our winner tomorrow we’ll delivering. The Big Check, I claim for extra cash 100 more winners are guaranteed, Yes I want to win Why not me? I hope to be the winner one of them cash prizes when delivered tomorrow is the Big Day prize event.thanks for a chance to win!

  13. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    PCH Search & Wn Prize Releae 5._ I claim my entry to win $3.750.00 Cash in prize event, ready to be awarded only all day . thanks for the great opportunity to win instant prizes cash.

  14. Lisa myers says:

    Pchgwy#11000 yes want to win$7,000.00 a week for life on April 27,2018 & $1 million dollars plus win $50,000.00 it would be a great thing to win on that day. If we won would like to build a home in Humboldt,Iowa it would be cool. Thanks for the opportunity to play and win.

  15. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    PCH search & Win Prize Release 4._ in this only day prize event I claim $3.750.00 instant Cash prizes ready to awarded. Thanks for the wonderful chance to win!!

  16. Reema Ghuntos-Salloum says:

    The last entry for the “Day Prize Event” of $3,750 to be awarded today.

    Hope to win!

  17. Reema Ghuntos-Salloum says:

    My 5:00 PM – 7:59 PM entry to win a prize from the $3,750 prizes to be awarded today.

  18. Kenneth Heath says:

    Entry requested for the prize of $3,750.00



  19. Steven says:

    need to get the prize event from PCH for 3,750

  20. Daniel Osborne says:

    Jesus Christ in name Amen D7 god’s grace followers to be with my fathers of gods of Heavenly Father

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