PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons

Publishers Clearing House (PCH.com) are a multi-channel straightforward dealer of value-based produce, magazines and promotional offers and a foremost earner of digital “play and win” performances. PCH has come to be recognized as the sweeps corporation whose renowned Prize Patrol wonders earsplitting champions on their entrances with king-size checks in quantities anywhere from $1,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 while TV cameras are progressing. These memorable, real-life reactions of shocked lottery prize victors have amused spectators all across the U.S.A and led a number of lovely imitations on such TV shows as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show. Discover new winning opportunities every day by making PCH search a Daily routine. You can make PCHsearch as homepage of your PC. you can follow Facebook page of PCHsearch. You can follow the twitter tweeted by PCH search, etc… These strategies can increase your chance of winning pch sweepstakes. Good luck!

PCH Prize Patrol PCH Winners

PCH Prize Patrol

The company has awarded over hundred million in awards and has grown to enlarge significantly its gifts to comprise many ways to win connected and finished social media and movable access. The online game system provided by PCH has more than 10 million exclusive regular guests, and someone wins an award about every 10 minutes. Online winning chances are reachable from smart devices as well as personal computers and are obtained through the following PCH.

The winner is surprised by their sudden entrée at this doorstep, and he is gifted by about PCH big check, champagne and balloons. Accepting this gifts, rewards and warm congratulation the winner must be amazed and emotional. Also, the audience has mixed, happy feelings seeing the about PCH big check, balloons and champagne. The surrounding people have a great experience with the gifts and other things.

So if one wants to get the prize he needs to connect with PCH. He should have every update of PCH family. He should discover new winning opportunities every day by making PCH search. He can make PCHsearch as homepage of his PC. He can follow Facebook page of PCHsearch. He can follow the twitter tweeted by PCH search.

New PCH Sweepstakes: PCH $10,000 a Week for Life – PCH Entry $5000 Week Forever

When he gets the opportunity, in any page of a PCH family of sites, he should apply this. He can play games; he can win the lottery. He can also get involved into PCH online survey. Maybe one day the staffs from PCH will wait to give him about PCH big check, balloons and champagne with roses, and various flowers with chocolate. And with this gift the winner would be imbibed by deep emotions with laughter and tears and scream, with the sound of clapping of the surrounding audiences, which gives the pure joy to the audience as well as PCH prize patrol. The way by PCH works cannot resist the emotion of the winners. The winners win the prizes, but loss with his emotion to be frank in front of the audience.

1,067 Responses to “PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons”

  1. Eddie Witzig says:

    Bring me a big check

  2. Lottie Sampson says:

    Hey pch I like to claim all my entries gwy number 6900 and 8800 and 4900 plus 25,000 golden ticket and 50,000.00 pay off bills

  3. Debra Patterson says:

    Hello PrizePatrol, and. PCH. I wish to Claim My Numbers for the SuperPrize gwy 8800, Local TV Area $1,000.00 gwy 9030, PCH NationWide Search $7,000.00 “A Week For Life” Gwy 8800. $50,000.00 gwy6085. $10,000.00 gwy 6086 VIP $15,000.00 gwy 7233 also VIP Exclusive Prize $10,000.00 gwy 8924, SuperPrize Gwy 1830. also Gwy8035, Gwy 9208 , Final Destination $1,MILLION. Gwy 8035 PCH LOTTO Gwy 7600 and 7667 ,also “Life Changing Prize” Gwy 7600 FORD MUSTANG$31,000.00 Gwy 6085 Golden Ticket Gwy8184, $10,000.00 Gwy 9207 Luxury Vacation $100,000.00 Gwy8186 ,

  4. Jesus Macias says:

    Yes I want to win Gwy 8800 $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE ! I JESUS MACIAS ACCEPT
    pch prize patrol surprise me at my Fresno Area with balloons and Red Roses. It’ll be my dream come true. God Bless the World Amen!

  5. william matthew blackburn jr says:

    pch prize patrol with a big check.

  6. Gabriel Zarrahy says:

    I want to win please pch have the prize patrol come knock on my door

  7. Gabriel Zarrahy says:

    I want to win please pch have the prize patrol come knock on my door

  8. Diana Hitomi Young says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to win!
    I Diana Hitomi Young would like to Activate my 1 Final Step to win and claim PCHGWY.6900
    $5,000 A Week “Forever” on 02/24/2017.
    Thank you Publishers Clearing House for giving me the opportunity for a chance to have this Life change
    for my family and I also to make a difference in life if I win for not only my family but for others on the Hawaiian Islands. I am still unemployed but my 37years experience skills can help others in 2016 I learn the hard way that their is a lot of employment fraud that can hurt a lot of families out their in the United States, and cannot help the world , but I know I can make a difference in Hawaii.
    So come knocking on my door on the Beautiful Island of Hawaii, and bring your Local TV.
    Diana Hitomi Young

  9. Jesus Monroig says:

    Me am in it to win it on pch for life

  10. Teresa Johnson says:

    Hope to see you soon as seen on TV.

  11. Fred Haut says:

    PCH prize Patrol I’m asking you to please grant me a life-changing prize give me that big check 10 million dollar check is next one to be delivered I think please give me this price

  12. Penny Heard says:

    Love to win the Sweepstakes No. (6900) andDream Home .

  13. Penny Heard says:

    Would be extremely happy and greaful if I won the Big check and had Prize Patrol visit my house what a privilege it would be. Be sure and bring Edwin. He is my fav. This little old town would go crazy knowing we were so fortunate to have real VIP’s visit. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  14. Jesus Macias says:

    Yea pch I want to win # gwy
    6900 $5,000.00 A Week Forever superprize Prize Patrol come to Fresno with balloons and Rose’s

  15. Jesusmonroig says:

    I want to activate the supersize 5000 a week plus 10.000.000 and tv pch news or win it all for life

  16. E Ann Piepenbrink says:

    $2M cash, $10K a month for life and a new car, GWY 6900
    we will put this prize to the best use possible … for current and future family members and our educational needs and our communities.

  17. Asela Gonzalez says:

    yes I want to win on December 23rd 2016 please PCH help to me. I need to win because I dreaming to help more people and bless to the other to permit that I waiting a lot off time for the win I won the Prize Patrol in Jesus Cristo Bless you PCH and Gad bless you Asela Gonzalez

  18. Sharon Maillet says:

    Sorry, I’ve been sick all week so not able to do as much as I wanted. Getting better for sure so will still hope & pray for you to come visit with a very “nice” gift of money. I do also hope that I can be with you more as usual not as lately. Thank you so much, Sharon Maillet

  19. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Kimberly M Weeks ago and I have the first place, W17

  20. concepcion says:

    Oh please come to me I’ve prayed for years gone threw tough times who hasn’t but I’ve never given up on y’all heaven help me Lord knows my kids and I need it.ill never give up trying thank you for reading this.

  21. Gabriel Zarrahy says:

    I want to win big from pch and thats why im in it to win it.

    Please vome my way and knock on my door in Oak Hills, Ca, im Gabriel Zarrahy

  22. Richard Davis says:


  23. Hoffman Ramos says:

    I see myself as the big winner, is that wrong??? also, do i get to keep the money too???

  24. AzraShaikh says:

    Yes Yes Yes I am waiting ! waiting & waiting for the last 3 years !!!!!!

    Please come !

  25. Cynthia Tillery says:

    If I win the forever prize and the bonus prize I’ll never ask for anything else I would help my boys and live happily within my fiance for the rest of our lives, thank you pch.. for all the fun and games I’ve enjoyed all of them

  26. Brenda Carlton says:

    I have lost agin too bad I can’t do this and more to hurtful even when it is my fault I am not a quitter but my health is going down and I have loved every minute with PCH and playing I love you all Brenda Carlton

  27. Cully Gregory says:

    WIN IT ALL! My Initials are CG.

  28. DarinWilkey says:

    I hope I win I hop

  29. vikki says:

    this I pray to win. God know I been trying for years nothing. Hope Am Winner.

  30. AzraShaikh says:

    Do call me ,I am waiting for 3 years !!!! just let me be a winner from any of your Gwys !!!

  31. Theresa Smith says:

    Pchsearch&win for 1,000,000.00 number 8085 and 5,000.00 a week for life aug.31st number 6900

  32. AzraShaikh says:

    Please call me & tell me that I am the winner !!!
    any win !! just call me !!

  33. clyde cook says:

    SAYS I NEED A CODE NUMBER . i do find a code number.
    good luck to the winner.
    i hate myself
    thank you very much.
    clyde cook

  34. Wilma brown says:

    Hello pch I am so happy just thinking about I could win it all on August 31 16.I feel like crying tears of joy .I have not told the grandchildren. OR my daughter, nothing about this. Ohyes. I want to win it all amen

  35. Karon Thoren says:

    Hello PCH Prize Patrol:

    Yes, I hope your final destination is my address of 201 North 6Th. I sure want to see you come up to my front door and knock with the “BIG CHECK” in hand.

    See you on August 31st!

    Thank You,
    Karon Thoren

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