PCH Win $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes


PCH Win $1,000.00 a Day for Life Sweepstakes – Giveaway No. 8800. No Purchase or Payment necessary to enter $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes. Did you receive that email newsletter from PCH email marketing team, informing you about their new giveaway 8800?

PCH Sweepstakes $1000 a Day for Life

PCH Win $1.000.00 a Day for Life

We’re so exited to here about that one. Indeed, could you imagine of being the lucky person to have the PCH Prize Patrol on October 13th show up in front of your house’s door with an BIG check, balloons, Flowers and a bottle of champagne? Publishers Clearing House have raise the joy of entering

sweepstakes Gwy #8800 with this $1,000 Dollar a Day for Life Sweepstakes. Amazing prize! $1,000 x 365 Days that’s $365,000.00 Dollar a Year. I’ve asked of few of my readers what they would do with $1,000.00 A Day For Life and here is what they said: Vast majority said they would pay off their mortgage early, many said also that they would buy a new car and some of them told us they would probably invest their money into stocks, bonds, real estate or even starting a new business.Can wait to here what you think about that new one, please comment below or visit my PCH Fan Facebook page.

The winner will receive $1,000.00 A-Day-for-Life with a guaranteed minimum of $1,000,000.00. You will get chance to Win a $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House by taking all the opportunities that PCH offers you on a daily basis. If you are a registered member of a PCH account, you are automatically subscribed to their Daily email marketing newsletter, where you are informed to ACT NOW or RESPOND NOW by taking action as a PCH Privileged member. You must act by visiting PCHSEARCH or PCHFRONTPAGE and use their META Search Engine for any Searches need.

Winner selection for their upcoming prize event, and they’ve already started planning for delivery day on October 13th. You know that all these people at PCH are working hard everyday to make the winners life magical with those great prizes. People like Deborah Holland, Danielle Lam(Prize Patrol spokesperson seen on TV) and many others.

PCH Prize Patrol Gold Bonus

Certified Gold Bonus in PCH Email Notice

know when I write about opportunities to win, It’s not only about that specific prize in this article but also about all the great prizes that Publishers Clearing House are offering you on their multiple platforms like, PCHLotto, PCH Sweepstakes, PCH Games Tokens, PCHKeno, PCHSlots, PCHBlackjack, Game Tokens etc.. As you can see there are so many opportunities as a PCH Official member.

PCH.com Win $1,000.00 a Day for Life! by the entry deadline! ACT NOW to initiate with PCH Search and Win Search Engine for a chance to win with this new Publishers Clearing House 2017 Sweepstakes. www.pch.com $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes and follow the on-screen instructions to enter that sweepstakes. You could Win $1,000.00 a DAY for LIFE. That’s a $1,000.00 Cash Check Day after day after day! One Thousand a Day for Life! Win It All.

As stated on PCH.com Official Sweepstakes Rules here are the details:”All entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, 10/10/17 from this Bulletin will be eligible for our up to $1,000.00 A-Day-For-Life SuperPrize® (Giveaway No. 8800), our $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize® (Giveaway No. 8035), a $25,000.00 prize (Giveaway No. 8184) and $10,000.00 from Giveaway No. 8187. To enter these Sweepstakes, complete the entry process. Upon timely entry, your assigned Prize Number(s) will be fully eligible to win. On days when you are eligible for multiple entries, multiple Prize Numbers will be assigned to you. Entries submitted from this Bulletin/Promotion after the deadline will be deemed invalid.”

PCH $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes: http://www.pch.com/
PCH $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes Rules: http://rules.pch.com/

649 Responses to “PCH Win $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes”

  1. Debra. says:

    I want and need to claim the 10entries for $1,000cash dollars from pch prize patrol thank you Debra jammiedaisy @yahoo.com

  2. Ronald Rice says:

    My name is Ronald Rice and I am here marketing a requieit,I am searching for 2x 2.6 million plus 5,000.00 turn back time supper prize,#(8800)and and a 5mooo.00 #(8035)witch make the
    Supper prize, so may I get 2x for each for this search, because,I want to win,playing this is so mind stimulating, and were could you get this information, and use it for, free, thank you PCH
    Ronald Rice. May I HAVE CONFORMATION. Not for x2 entry’s (am i wrong)

  3. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please answer me in I want to claim myself winner of $1,000 a day for life thank you very much Fred haut

  4. Donna Stanczyk says:

    PCH & PCH Patrol YES I Want To Win on October 13th.

  5. Cathy young says:

    I wish to claim my number 8800 pch to win 2.6 million plus 5.000 a week for life on Dec 22 thank u

  6. Carolyn Williamson says:

    OCTOBER 24,2017
    Win a $1,000,000.00 Prize in aSecond chance
    Drawing From GIEAWAY NO.8800
    PCH Giveaway 8800 Win $1,000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE
    WIN $1,000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE Sweepstakes 8800

  7. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello dear PCH l’m entering for a chance to complete and claim fully eligibility prize number to win this $2.6 Million plus PCH Gwy no 8800 . Thanks PCH

  8. Erika Reico says:

    I really, really, really want to win giveaway 8800. My family needs help!!! Winning would be a miracle and a dream come through for my family and for so many others right now. Hope to see you all at our home!!!

  9. shirley baley says:

    Why doesn’t your sweepstakes site let me submit my entry?


    I WANT TO WIN THE 1.000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE 8800 YES ME NICK7.06 PM 10 10 2017 DAYE

  11. Donna Vorhies says:

    For Deborah Holland – about win $1,000.00 a day for life I think my prize number is 46-04 and 008045160042. Donna Vorhies

  12. bogdan szary says:

    How nice is to win $ 1000.00 A Day for life Giveaway no8800 and I want to win on October 13

  13. Brenda Carter says:

    O’No! They have me searching again, and I guess I’m to late for the Oct 13th prize. I did enter today, but just checked my email and it said enter again. I lost. Good Luck PCH Fans! Guess we’ll see someone on Friday!!!

  14. VIP Mary Rose Patruski says:

    I need to enter the $1,000.00 a day for life x2 entries and $5,000.00 a week for life and $10,000.00 a week for life this is very important please,put it through

  15. Irina guseynova says:

    Yes I want win $1.000.00 A day for life 10.13.17

  16. Lisa Graham says:

    Claiming givingaway 8800

  17. Blake Jones says:

    I want to win the 1000 dollars a day for life thanks life change.

  18. Nieves Cardenas says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? ( It happens most of the times).

  19. Richard. Terry says:

    I. Want. It. All

  20. Nieves Cardenas says:

    Yes! I want to win $1,000 a day for life…or any other PCH big prize.
    Have a happy and blessed weekend, PCH & Pchers!
    Counting the days…

  21. Cathy says:

    Claim 8800 my number to win 1.000 a day for life on October 13 thank u

  22. Gladys Okpalekes says:

    Hello dear Friends PCH , l’m searching to claim to be the winner for this $1,000.00 a day for life PCH Gwy no 8800 on October 13th. Please PCH l’m searching to claim to win this $7,000.00 Down payment for PCH Gwy no 8186, and l also want to claim all this unclaimed $5,000.00 a week for life Gwy no 3080. Also giveaway no 10188. Thanks PCH for the opportunity . God continues to bless you guys for me. I really appreciate that.

  23. Thomas Cole says:

    I would like to have pch to come to me for the 1,000 a day for life with the balloons and carnasions for my wife is alergect to roses

  24. Thomas Cole says:

    I would like to win the 1,000 a day for life please

  25. Roy Appel says:

    PCH Win $1,000.00 a Day for Life Sweepstakes – Giveaway No. 8800. No Purchase or Payment necessary to enter $1,000 a Day for Life Sweepstakes. Did you receive CONFIRM ENTRIES ACTIVATE OWNERSHIP>>> THANKS PRIZE PATROL ROY WANTS TO WIN

  26. Madasari Sampouw says:

    How dreamery it can be when I win this $1.000.00 a day for life but I want yo win for real. Wow, the dreams I have will turn into realities, thank u GOD n thank u PCH.

  27. Carolyn Williamson says:

    WIN $1,000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE OCTOBER 13th
    GWY. NO.8800
    CLAIM Eligibility For the PRIZE GWY.NO.8800
    $1,000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE
    PCH GWY. #8800
    WIN $1,000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE Sweepstakes
    GWY. 8800
    $1,000.00 SUPERPRIZE GWY.NO.8035

  28. Braulio Bernal says:

    I have completed the entry process for $ 1000 a day for life so I’m keeping my fingers crossed .

  29. Joyce Mcgowin says:

    Yes i want win 1,000.00 a day for life. on oct 13

  30. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello PCH l’m searching to win this prize $1,000.00 a day for life PCH Gwy no 8800 on October 13th. Thanks PCH

  31. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello PCH I would love to be the winner for this $1,000.00 a day for life PCH Gwy no 8800. On October 13th. Thanks PCH

  32. Terry Eberl Dupeire says:

    Well the time is close. I hope and pray that I will win gwy 8800. I hope to win 1,000 a day for life. I want to claim my prize numbers.

  33. Elmerson ramos says:

    Elmerson claims to enter win prize pch gwy 8800

  34. Bea Sherrard says:

    I personal feel that I have worked very hard and fulfilled above and beyond all that I could possibly do to win and still going strong. I need to win and I would like to win, and always was told I have been so close but never win, I believe I could win this time, but nothing never ever happens, hoping to win soon.

  35. Eloise Gonzalez says:

    I want my entries and $1,000.00 a day on Pctober 13 2017

  36. Gail Wenzel says:

    I would be a happy man in Colorado if I Win PCH $1,000.00 A Day for Life Sweepstakes Gail Wenzel

  37. Debra says:

    I want to claim the 2 entry for the October 13,2017 pch #8800,$1,000.00 a day for life thank you so much Debra

  38. Elaine Anderson says:




  39. Ambrocio espinoza says:

    I love to win $1,OOO.OO A Day For Life on October 13th PCH Gwy. No. 88OO!
    $5,OOO.OO Cash Prize from PCH Gwy. No. 8187.

  40. ESTHER R HOOD says:


  41. bruce Stephens says:

    Thank you pch.for giving me the opportunity to win this super prize money onAUGUST.31. and on October 13. If I win the prize money I would like to buy a house for me and my family .I would help my aren’t hallen pay off all of bill,s she. 75 yearold and she done a lot for me and I would love to be able to help her. I would buy me a brand new firdlariat platinum puck up Iwoud also DONATE.to CANCER SURVIVORS .my sister.in low. Who currently has cancer has it in her chist aend it is spreading to her back her caner is inoperative and she is only 50 years old she currently received chemothearpy to keep her also as long as passive.. and i would also DONATE to saint judis hospital to help the children find a curn for .the little .baby. that wat I wood do ….thank. You. Pch..family. Love. You all.

  42. Yolanda Hernandez says:

    Entering 2X ENTRIES to Win $1,000.00 A Day For Life PCH Gwy No.8800
    on October 13th.

  43. Yolanda Hernandez says:

    Entering 2X to Win $1,000.00 A Day For Life PCH Gwy No.8800 on October

  44. Steven says:

    I need to win the 1 Thousand a day for life # 8800 to do what has to be done. Like help my kids and to get a home and other sthuff

  45. Rita Jackson says:

    Thanks PCH! I won a $5 gift card yesterday, next $1,000.00 a day for life, again, I say thanks.

  46. Patricia Curran says:

    I just did leave a reply above at beginning and they are awaiting moderation. Sept 29, 2017 I t is under 1,000 a day forever and I am claiming now my second sweepstake entry for 1,000 a day double amount. 8800 is the number for a single 1,000 a day forever and the other two are for double 1,000 a day forever. My name is Pat Curran and I am claiming to win the 1,000 a day forever and also claiming double 1,000 a day forever. I want to win and am claiming all and entering all three entries for 1,000 a day forever and activating and entering and claiming my entries. Pat Curran

    Why do they always have comment on my noes awaiting moderation?

  47. Patricia Curran says:

    Please activate number, claim number and want to wn the 1,000 a day for life. This is my second entry. Now I am entering for double 1,000 a day 8800 and am claiming my number and would like to win 1,000 a day for life. My name is Pat Curran

    Thanks pch and good luck to everyone

  48. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello PCH l’m searching to claim this certification of prize funds award to be transfer during this selection of prize imminent, for me to be the winner for this $1,000.00 a day for life PCH Gwy no 8800 on October 13th. Thanks PCH.

  49. Diana Mitchell Lucas says:

    Hi. Had trouble. Include me in. PCH.com. A life changing opportunity.

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