The First 5 Things You Should Do If You Win The PCH Sweepstakes

A lot of people enter the PCH sweepstakes. If you do you have a chance to win. It is best to have a plan ahead of time. Then you will know what you should do and won’t be as overwhelmed especially if you have a lot of people asking for your money.

1. Figure out taxes. When you win a cash price you need to be aware of taxes and where your money is going to go. You won’t be able to take home everything that you won. Knowing this ahead of time will help.

2. Decide where your money is going to go after you win. Figure out what you want to buy and who you want to give money to. Don’t respond to people who come to see you that you have not heard from for a while. They probably just want money.

PCH Sweepstakes Winners

What Would You Pay First?

3. Invest. Make sure you are investing some of your money. You don’t want to win this price only to become broke down the road. You need a backup plan and you want to invest in your future. This is the best time to work on building up your wealth.

4. Buy something nice. Make sure to buy something nice for yourself that you couldn’t otherwise afford. You don’t want to spend all of your money on it but it would be nice to reward yourself. Enjoy your new toy and have fun with it.

5. Remember to stay humble. You don’t want to change who you are just because you won some money. Try to remember what it was like before you won and let your family know you want to stay who you are. If you find yourself feeling selfish, try to take a step back so you can get back to being the person you once were.

pch $10,000,000.00 sweepstakes

PCH $10,000,000.00

It can be difficult to know how to act when your financial situation changes. A lot of people have trouble with it. Having a plan ahead of time will help you know how to act if you do win the prize. You will have an idea of what you want to do with your money and what you can expect after that happens. It is always good to be prepared for any situation that might come your way.

New Car, New House, a Vacation

What Would You Buy?

Publishers Clearing House – But one thing I think We all want to get done right away are those build up Bills! Those that we have to pay every month, those with high rate interest like rent bills, mortgage bills, loan payment bills, student loan bills, credit cards with high interest and the list goes on and on! STOP! Working to pay to pay to pay are bills…

When it comes to make the right decisions or choices on financial situation, we’re sometime lost in what we should do or pay first. Is it the right thing to do? What should I do with my money? This is the time when you need the advice of a professional. Despite what you might read elsewhere about managing your own finances, it is often a good idea to get some help. While some may call themselves a “financial advisor”, others may be a “financial planner”, “investment advisor” or “financial consultant”, to name just a few. The Financial Planner will help you understand your financial goals and needs, so you can take the right decisions. Good Luck!

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67 Responses to “The First 5 Things You Should Do If You Win The PCH Sweepstakes”

  1. Darren farrell says:

    I would love to win to be honest it would be a start over for me . I would like to claim prize 1300.1600.1100.880. Life changing prize . I would also like to be able to give back to the people who have helped me when I needed it salvation army. Animals shelter. Just a couple . Thanks for everything you do pch

  2. Tammy Sisemore says:

    1,First wi it
    2,give 1 million to the children’s hospital in Birmingham.
    3,buy some land,build a house
    5,live very comfortably

  3. DeAnna G Ward says:

    1. Pay off loans 2. Roof my house 3. Buy new windows 4. Go on a much needed vacation 5. Give some to the kids.

  4. Mrs Angelina Grimes says:


  5. Mrs Angelina Grimes says:

    Yes the First thing I Paid is Rent, and all the Bills I Owe and Buys Land and Have my Brand New Beautiful Lodge Cabin Home and Brand New His & Her Black & Silver Dodge Durango and a Big Beautiful Luxury Motorhome the color Black ,& Silver that Sleep 10-People. Thank You

  6. Mario Echeverria says:

    It’s impportant for my to have my reward available on me AND make some one step befor . Thanks PCH if i have any right to any reward. ME

  7. Robert maybin says:

    Robert maybin the woner of super prize

  8. Roberto B. Aguilar says:

    Prize patrol goddesses stop bidding I’m at my mom’s house,duhh

  9. Roberto B. Aguilar says:

    I really hope I win on the sweepstakes coming up april 26 besides all the mastermind crap that people really went out of there way to me!! But that was last time.So National Exchange Magazine where you at??I’m still – $2100 on Google play cards scams

  10. Charles says:

    I would get the info trun it into. P c h and advise them I was contacted be scam as we as post it on face 00k

  11. Charles says:

    I would get the info trun it into. P c h and advise them I was contacted be scam

  12. Ulises Zacarias says:

    I Ulises Zacarias want to claim sole rightful ownership of said prize number and all prize monies it may win for its owner from this notice and claim my final step win the exclusive prize from Pch giveaway no. 11000 win $2,500.00 a week “FOREVER” ON OCTOBER 26THAND PLUS MORE THAT IT MY BRING TO IT’S OWNER AND CLAIMING MY NUMBERS AND CONTINUEING ON TO SUBMITING MY ENTRY’S

  13. Kurt Habrock says:

    I would pay the taxes first. Than sit down with my wife and financel expert and cume up with a plan for are family and the best way to help are community’s kids

  14. Emmy E. says:

    I Emmy Eddins a P.C.H. Fan responding, I want to win Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes activating 5423029244 pch :I id numbers

  15. Emily gee says:

    Pch Emily gee claim final winner for publishers clearing house sweepstakes prize eventi claim official ownership of 2.6million 5.000 a week forever life. Super prize. Event I claim owner of this. Dream life prize event I’m claiming My funds transfer I claim entry Forever Life winner I’m claiming Pressing for pch prize number for super win

  16. James walker says:

    Would be the coolest thing ever a lot of people and help them occupied do things for will take me a minute believing and hoping

  17. Becky Murray says:

    Hello PCH I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to play. I just wish I could win so I could give my new born twins when they decided to come. a better home to come home to

  18. Rickie Cole says:

    Pay them if you can

  19. jimmy walker says:

    I win it all

  20. Russell Alltop says:

    First thing I would do is buy a couple of houses one for us and one for my mother then go on vacation for a week,when i vdt back invest an donate to a few Charities, And the city I live in….come c us prize team…in it to win it.

  21. Akiro says:

    PCHsearch&win:12 Days of Winning Prize Event!
    Search #2:Relax in Paradise:I want to claim my entry to Win $25,000,00 to relax in Paradise.
    Thank you,

  22. Maravic De Jesus says:

    I have read the first 5 things you should if you win, and almost the same what I was thinking if I’m dreaming that I won. For real I wish I would be given a chance to be the next lucky winnner, I really need it not just for me but for someone that really dearest to my heart and gave me a chance to live in this world and that’s my 85 years old mom and never see her for 10 long years. I’ve been praying that one day I will get to see her if I won a big money just enough for our daily life and for my plane ticket to see my mom in El Paso, Tx. If I win I will follow the first 5 things to do as my guidelines at least I have al the idea what to do and where to start and use the money properly and not going back broke again. Thanks a lot….

  23. Mitchell Barrow says:

    MY thing would be help my mother she has big things going on with her house.It will take a large amount to repair.MY mother is 85 yrs old .I love my mother so much I just would love do this for her.What a surprise it would be to Help her.

  24. John Barcikowski says:

    I would pay off my house so I could RETIRE

  25. Vanessa Smith says:

    Hello PCH if I won these prize an cash of million I would love to show my two granddaughters it also education one loves tomorrow I will give her all the advertising she needed to get there the other one like photographer and I will give her the best education you can talk for it I will support them dearly have a blessed day thank you PCH Vanessa Smith

  26. Vanessa Smith says:

    Hello pch well today my code #9030 I am excited the first bill will be paying my ten percent to the church giving God the glory II like I said open up a shelter for the home in needy help find jobs for the ones that have the ability to work trying to get them back on the right track trying to redeem them from alcohol drugs pills meth trying to be like a salt to the Earth trying to heal our land from crime so this would be a start I have my compassion for broken people to all have a blessed day thank you PCH Vanessa Smith

  27. Lee Caldwell says:

    Pay off home loan, update inside of home, remodel out side of home, pay off outstanding loans, lay back and relax.

  28. Diana Hitomi Young says:

    If I was win PCHGWY.6900 thank Publishers Clearing House for this opportunity for my Family and me. Then I will talk to my Financial Advisor about investing and start a new business for future in which it creates more jobs, then I would fix my parents house so they could live comfortable, Give my sister money to take care of my parents needs, and my sister Cancer. Pay off my bills, repair my credit due employment fraud and buy a car for Oahu so I could see my family and help my parents, also teach my daughter how to drive so she could take my grandson to kindergarten school and help care for my parents.
    I would also do repairs on my home and build 2 more rooms so when my family visits. I will be humble due to this gift will be God will for me to win.
    Diana Hitomi Young

  29. Brenda Carlton says:

    I have not yet learned to validate a prize PCH can you help me I want to win but need to know how to do it Brenda Carlton

  30. Josephine Johnson Calhoun says:


  31. Joana Carrillo says:

    And id pay off all my loans and pay all what i owe id help my daughter’s and all my family and anyone else i take my family on vacation cause ive never been on cruze nor to Dinesy land…….

  32. Joana Carrillo says:

    Iwould buy myself a car and a house i put some in the bank for my grandkids a trustfund for collage and ill give to my Heavily Father who aloud for me to win. Id give children hospital. And the Ronald McDonald house help the homeless and animal shelters and i would open up my own little store and i would invest………


  33. Ronald Meek says:

    I will pay all my bills and taxes from sweepstakes first, set up my family with some investments , then i would like to get with the city and all churches and see how we can help our brothers and sisters who are homeless , and find out what we can do to help those who want help getting back mind ,body and spirit to have the life and be alive . To give them some of the blessings all has given to me

  34. susan greenaway says:

    Ive already talked to GOD about what i would do if he blessed me in this sweepstakes. He knows everything and what i will do, im praying that God would bless us just 1 time and he knows all the rest, Good Luck to everybody!

  35. susan greenaway says:

    Ive already talked to GOD about what i would do if he blessed me in this sweepstakes. He knows everything and what i will do, im praying that God would bless us just 1 time and he knows all the rest



  37. Diana Young says:

    I would Thank PUBLISHING CLEARING House from the bottom of my heart for Winning PCHGwy.6900 $10,000.00 A Week for Life, PCH6902 for $10,000.00 cash & Lincoln MKZ on December 23rd,2016.
    I have been unemployed for the first time in my life, and I have been Cheaten from Employment Fraud so for me this is a very Greatful Blessing in my life.
    It’s Great Birthday and Christmas Present.
    I would like to first start searching and planing a excellent location to open up a Business in Hawaii, also search for the Best Doctor for my sister in her fight against Cancer, My Parents helping them with their important needs for their Retirement lives.
    Diana Hitomi Young

  38. Michael Menjares says:

    This is what I would do if I would get blessed. After taxes I would give lots of money to hospitals that take care of kids that have cancer build a small hospital like in Honduras to help kids and adults that need help buy them lots of medical supplies hire acouple of doctors and nurses. Also help veterans because I’m a vet. Also help families here that really really need help. All I would want for myself is I’d buy me a ranch and some horse s and last but not lease a 67 chevelle restored that’s what I would do if god would ever bless me.

  39. Miranda Jordan says:

    I would pay you off of coarse, buy Medical Insurance. Pay everyone that I owe off, (family members, friends, and church’s) for all the help they have given me during this trying time. Then buy a home! That’s after paying taxes #1…can’t forget about Uncle Sam.

  40. michael mallon says:

    Prayers your way my sister”

  41. michael mallon says:

    If I won the 10 million I’d like to buy y’all a small jet fly back with y’all to your head quarters and have a tour,than I’d buy a small trailer and head to some of my friends houses and Bless them of those that truly need some help…spoil my FaceBook Brother’s and sisters…than I’d invest my money in a scrap yard…buy and fix up say old apartments for low income people”

  42. Michael Lukenbill says:

    I’d pay my outstanding debts off. Since I’m in a bankruptcy plan. An then get a new furnace because mine is uncle repairable (carbon dioxide emissions). According upgrade more efficient too lower my monthly bills. And take my family on a vacation. To see and explore new places. And to be happy

  43. Hovsep Kamalmazyan says:

    Open a kids castle limitless gun for our future

  44. Sandra McIntyre says:

    I need my number for $7,000.00 #6900. Tonight by 11:59 tonight. Please Help. This is Sandra McIntyre. I need the money for my kids and myself.

  45. Anna Crawford says:

    Why not? Very disturbing!

  46. Anna Crawford says:

    OK, here goes! I enter often, and dream a lot! I really enjoy shopping with you! Winning big would mean could shop with you without the limits I now have!
    I would not want a huge house. There are several improvements we would have added to this one! We are in a perfect, peaceful area that is very convenient. We would have someone to keep the yard beautiful with loads of flowers. I have advanced glaucoma, and the prognosis is blindness, thus, the wishes for lots of beautiful flowers! I am thankful they will probably keep making advances, and hopefully I will have some vision as ling as I live!
    We have been blessed with three children and 2 wonderful Grandkids! We would be able to do so much to make life easier for them. They are all Christians, working, and would be very grateful and sensible.
    When we were younger, we were foster parents to newborns, and also some young children when needed. Through one of the Churches, we would want to establish a home again for babies and young children so they could have the love and safety they all deserve. Oh, that would be so wonderful to be able to go anytime we wished, to rock, cuddle, and make sure they sure all were safe, and well cared for! As you can tell, we do dream BIG! Thank you for the wonderful dreams!

  47. Beverly Tweedy says:

    First thing is paid all bills, donated to cancer charity , and make sure all my grand children was taking care of in their college funds . It would be my turn to take a vacation with no worries

  48. Michael bliss says:

    I would pay off our debts and buy my wife a new car then buy a house with plenty of room for my family of five plan my retirement from united airlines and spend time with my family I dream of wining this money if God wants me to I would all ways give him the glory first

  49. Dominic Watson says:

    I would pay all my dedts and take more time with my kids show them I love them so much.

  50. Dominic Watson says:

    I would pay all my debts and buy my mom and kids a house with a big yard and rejoice.

  51. Deyvi says:

    I think i want to help pepol with problems with drugs buy my house back to school talk with some pepol help me an my finanse and same life with money or not

  52. David m ferguson says:

    I think I would just try to enjoy a early retirement not go crazy but maybe take a few trips to see more of this place! After all God built it all!
    May God bless! Amen!

  53. Miranda Jordan says:

    I would buy myself a home big enough that my mom could live with me, since I can’t work and have lived with her for over two years! Help my mother and my children out. Pay bills! And spoil my five grandsons a little or a lot. Give to my church, and help as much as I can for others…without being taken advantage of.

  54. Becke Rusie says:

    High PCH first thing I’m going to do is pay off all these little girls I got on grounding and then I’m going to buy myself a house and I’m going to buy my sister a house I’m going to Give All My Children 90 I’m going to open up all of my grandkids savings account I’m going to donate to Veterans to the homeless in to the Cancer Society because my sister has cancer and I don’t know how long she’ll be around and then I’m going to I guess just sit back and try to take it easy and write on whatever is going to happen with her when she’s up terrible thing to have to do cuz I’ve already lost two husbands to cancer so I’m not looking forward to the future with that but if I can make her life more comfortable before she passes that’s what I want to do she has grandkids that live with her and a great grand baby so she needs to place to call her own and a place to leave them so she don’t have to worry about them in her bad times but anyway I hope I win if I don’t that’s alright I’ll just keep on trying but thank you for letting me enter your contest and God bless

  55. Angie says:

    Your grate people pch

  56. Angie says:

    I want and need this more then ever my family failing and we can’t get up u pch are my ,, are life alart sistrum Claiming it all 6900. 4900 +++

  57. Angie Thomas says:

    kEEPIN IT ,,100,100,100!!!

  58. Angie Thomas says:


  59. Anjum Khan says:

    I will pay off my all debts. Help poor people and give cherries …and thank for god. .

  60. Anjum Khan says:

    Hi .If I win first I will thankfull to the God. Then pay of my credit cards debts which is very hard right right now ..then give some poor people who need food and clothing . Then help my siblings too they r having rough time …and spend my money some good couse. .thank you PCH If you make my dream come true ..I have been waiting since 8 years everytime it’s come to PCH petrol comes I just wish it’s my time they are coming on my door but every time I felt sad and think they are not going to happen to me ..I am not that lucky to happen to me but anyway . I don’t know when r never. . So god bless all of your teams and everyone …..thanks. …

  61. Aida Laniyo says:

    I would like to buy me the more upgraded hearing aids, rebuild our family home that was damaged by the super typhoon last year-back home-(Saipan), to go attend my youngest twin son’s wedding, pay off my loan, visit my grandkids and to put in saving/invest, hoping for a miracle can happen and god bless us all !!❤

  62. Kelly Key says:

    Have to pay bills that need to pay with pch.

  63. Kelly Key says:

    Have to pay texes

  64. wilfred iriarte says:

    deposit 75% at wells fargo and let it rise,buy a house

  65. willie says:

    Hi PCH thanks for an opportunity to WIN IT ALL. Believe it or not the first thing I’d do is write a check for the 10%per I already owe to my church (2) PAY OFF HOUSE (3)get my wife what ever she wants (4) give some to kids and grand kids and brothers and sister (5) Give some to a chirty

  66. Kimberly Weeks says:


  67. Ivelisse Maldonado says:

    What i have to do if a person use toddsloan pch photo and tell me i have to pay a taxes to receive a winner prize?

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