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Win Free Movie Ticket – ( With the years I often wonder why movie tickets are so expensive. I got my answer on a site dedicated to Hollywood movies. Indeed, now the places in theater are more expensive per ticket, you can compare to England who is more expensive then in the US about 15 euros (19.54 US Dollar)! But it is more to encourage the customer to take a subscription program and increase their loyalty. The unlimited card for those who are tremendous theater movie fan has a great advantage. Just go three times a month to see a movie to make it profitable. With home theater and  Home Pay Per View Movies there was over time a significant reduction of clientele that frequented the theaters. But the winds of change seem to meet with the new technologies Experience breathtaking 3D, where technology seems to attract more and more followers. So if you could win free movie tickets, would it be an interesting sweepstakes for you. If so, visit today and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the sweepstakes. This marketing promotion is sponsored by Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust Ltd. You can find more details about this sweepstakes at or follow the link to the contest rules and prize details. Good luck!  Promotion – Monsters University – in Theaters Now!

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18 Responses to “Subway Kids TicketToFresh – Win Free Movie Ticket”

  1. Ron Dodson says:

    Update: after surgery I understand I may just have another 9 months in bed waiting for my back to heal. This is not a complaint it rather another thank you for all the great games to enable me from going nuts. Thanks one more time….

  2. Ron Dodson says:

    This a great game I’m Bedfast about 50% of the time it helps me from going nuts. Thanks PCH

  3. Maurice Simpson says:

    Thanks onece again I pray you pick me cause it would help me and my family a lot

  4. Maurice Simpson says:

    Thank you I really wants to win cause it would help me with my financial problems as well as help me and my family especially after the lost of my mother and her not having insurance put my family in a financial hole but being truthful I would do even if it cost me all possession I can say even though im In a financial and a little behind I have faith god will see us through have a blessed day and god bless you all at publishing clearing house and thank you for everything

  5. Melissa Cole says:

    I am having trouble finding the Monsters University I have two of the hollywood movie money cards and I can not seem to find where to enter the codes at for this movie. Thanks Melissa – TicketToFresh

  6. kristina says:

    I’m so excited! please pick me cuz I want to take my brother who is in the marines to watch the movie with me. We both love Subway!

  7. Dori Sullas says:

    Would love to win we love Pixar monster inc a family fav

  8. Dori Sullas says:

    We love monsters inc :)

  9. shiann says:

    what do i do – Subway Kids TicketToFresh – Win Free Movie Ticket

  10. Shelly Hartz says:

    My son really wont’s to win!

  11. Linda Millholen says:

    How do I get free ticket – Subway Kids TicketToFresh – Win Free Movie Ticket

  12. Aira says:

    **** Subway Kids TicketToFresh – Win Free Movie Ticket

  13. Whitney White says:

    Please Pick Whitney White For Monsters University Tickets- Thanks!

  14. Dylan Delrosario says:

    I would like to win the Monsters University tickets please

  15. Jen McCarthy says:

    Please pick me

  16. Archie says:

    Free tickets – Subway Free Movie Tickets

  17. david harris says:

    i would like to win a free iron man 3 ticket.

  18. Jacob staton says:

    The guy at the counter wants meto win this

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