What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?

Last Day to enter PCH Win It All Sweepstakes. Get your Sweepstakes Entry for a Chance to WIN $1Million Lump Sum Payment and More. Actual PCH Sweepstakes June 2019: PCH $25000 a Month for Life – And if you win the Dream Life Prize from PCH, Winning PCH Win It All Sweepstakes 2018, what would you do? Money Investments? Quit your job? Take a vacation? As you already know Publishers Clearing House new sweepstakes “Win It All” is quite popular right now. In fact, there is an immeasurable passion for this promotion where the lucky winner gets $1 Million Lump Sum Payout Cash plus $1,000 a Week for Life and a brand new car – Ford Explorer Platinum 2018.

Win It All Sweepstakes

PCH Win It All

  The lucky winner will be known on June 29th. As many of you have already stated in the comment section of this blog, you are ready for that prize! Many of you know what they will do with that huge amount of cash. But let’s take a few minutes to dream a little. On June 29th you are the new multimillionaire! Will you quit your job first?

At first, it is better to think about it. And what better than a short vacation to think. For me it would be a short vacation for sure. Take the time to make thoughtful decisions about all this money. You are multimillionaire now and your choice must be wise.

Often the first question that comes to mind is: What would I do with my job? Bye Bye Boss! I quit! or you will be more like, I will take time to think about it! You know, being realistic, $1Million dollar cash and a guaranteed $1,000.00 a week for life, you don’t need to work anymore. But on the other hand some people are quite passionate by what they do for living and some will probably push it further and invest their money in a new company, in a sector they are passionate about. Some will even create jobs in this hard economy.

What to Buy?

What Would You Buy?

PCH Sweepstakes 2018 – PCH $1 Million Plus $ 1,000 a Week For Life

Investments? Well, I think at first, it must be a simple investment until you have a clearer idea on how your going to invest that $1 Million dollar Cash. Many new millionaires have made quick and really bad investments. So, take you time and seek for a reliable consultant on financial investment and also a good accountant for the IRS.

Now when everything is in place, your money is safe and you’ve team up with professionals. How will you spend this money? Will you realize your wildest dreams? Tell me about it.

Good luck!

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1,358 Responses to “What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?”

  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH the first thing i would do if it “Won It All” i would pay-off All my bills, my moms,my daughter and her family, my (2) neices and their families, my (2) nephews and their families bills as well… We all going on a 1mo. paid vacation together, me finally having ny Dream Home built and buying me my Dream Car, and putting the rest in the bank, this would make my Dreams Come True, thnx Pauline….

  2. Kay Dawson says:

    I was reading the responses from others and thought how lucky I am. At almost 74 I have health issues, need a car and winning would help in so many ways, but the main thing above all is to give back to help others, my 3 daughters who have been there to help me in tough times, St. Jude. Wounded Warriors and tithing. I am on a fixed income and somehow with God’s help, I GET by. It would be nice to have a little extra like all of the above to really do something special and I wish everyone luck and keep on trying.

  3. Nora Astorga says:

    If I win I will take family out dinner! pay of all my family debt! Go buy a car! Call my other family and take them out for shopping spree! Take my family on a vacation to Hawaii! :)
    Then I buy house for my mom and give her and family surprise! Take a nice pic put it in the living home! Plus get a small businesses! And do more!!!!!! :)

  4. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Pay off All my bills my moms, my daughter and her family, my g.daughter college fees, have me my Dream Home builted, and buy me my Dream Car…

  5. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win it big. We all need a break. Good luck to everyone. I mean it. I really need a win. I lost my sweetheart wife in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. 31 years married. I need medical help asap. My right leg is fused 3 ” shorter with blood clots. I use a shoe lift and L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back are 80 % crushed. I use Forearm Crutches for life. Then a friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money from me after losing my dear wife. Once again Good luck to all. Blessings. Steve :-)

  6. Judith Haynes says:

    I just notice many of my former replies. Several of them were them were back in August!! It would mean
    so much to me and my family if I were to win the Forever Prize on Feb. 28th!! Again I would help my
    99 year old Mother in Woodstock, Vt. Also I would be
    able to help my Sister who has my Power Of Attorney who
    helps me so much all the time!! Then of course I would be able to help my wonderful PHD Daughter who helps me so much all the time!!!

  7. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House Faith Is Seeing The Invisible And Knowing That God Will Do The Impossible .Amen

  8. wyvonne mc;lelland says:


  9. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House I’m Ready For My New Life New Beginning New Business New Community..Amen

  10. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House I Must Keep Pressing Toward The Mark. Amen.

  11. Dante Wright says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Publishers Clearing House.. Amen.

  12. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House I’m Waiting Patiently On My Turn. Amen.

  13. Dante Wright says:

    God PLEASE Send Me A Miraculous Miracle My Way On November 25th.. Amen

  14. John Pelegrino says:

    TO WIN IT ALL First I would do what I have said earlier. Wit all? I would start out by paying off any of my relations bulls they owe, Next I would have a Family gathering if all of the PELEGRINO’S And have a great PARTY for all in California. You see they all live in Chicago,Il. You can see that the computer is telling me that I misspelled my NAME. It is looking for the second L in my name we only have on L in our name. I think my grandfather was mistaken when or someone missed the ball when he came to AMERICA I WOULD HAVE THE PARTY OF THE YEAR. WE WOULD ALL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS PARTY. IT WOULD GIVE ME MUCH JOY TO SEE ALL OF ALL OF THE FAMILY FEEL LIKE THEY ALL WON SOMETHING.

  15. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    First and for most paying off All my Bills, help family, close and dear friends, my Church and the Homeless Shelters, having my Dream House Built, buying the car of my dreams, thnx Pauline……

  16. Dante Wright says:

    Ready For My Increase #4900 Publishers Clearing House..Amen

  17. Margie Valentino says:

    If I were to win it all !! First of all I would thank God and PCH for giving me this chance of a lifetime. I would be the most grateful person in the world!, for they have givin me the most beautiful prize
    I could ever ask for!! A prize that I could do miracles with !! I could
    Give to the animals that I adore, I could give to cancer funds, I could give to shelters, so many . I would do do much GOOD with this opportunity it would be THE BEST . I never had everything and I don’t care to have everything , I care more to have a home of my own and yes , some nice things . But this to me is a GIFT. And
    I believe that this amount of a gift should be used very carefully and
    To make more than a few GREAT CHANGES in the lives of our most caring and giving people in this world that have orginizations that need help doing GREAT
    things for people or animals. I believe The Lord knows my heart well and knows I am not a person that is greedy or selfish but a person that has a lot of feelings and love to share. I only hope that
    The others see me the same and let the GOOD THINGS that should come from a GIFT LIKE THIS happen . From a person that
    Will do just that !! God Bless Everyone and every living thing . ❤️❤️

  18. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH what would I do first if I won it all first of all scream yell Cry and HUG Dave ,Todd and Danielle neck,Thin k PCH and everyone that has anything to do with PCH. I would be so excited and would love winning PCH Prize Win IT All. I am still weighting Hoping Praying and Trusting That God will see fit to allow me to win because it would truly be a Miracle.
    Brenda Carlton

  19. Judith Haynes says:

    If I were to win this wonderful “Forever Prize” I would do all the things that I have said previously several times. Winning this prize would mean so much to me and my family. First I would go down to Woodstock, VT and stay with my 99 year old Mother and help her around her home. I would also help my Sister who has also helped me so much. Of course I would also help my PHD Daughter
    who takes such good care of me. I would also me able to pay off some outstanding bills!!

  20. Dante Wright says:

    Ready To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone…If I Had To Write A Book The Title Would Be “Standing In The ForeFront” Publishers Clearing House.. ..Amen

  21. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow.If I won The Big Win with PCH. I would make it work to help me first get a new right leg. My leg for 15 years is Fused 3 ” shorter with blood clots fused bent with 3″ shoe lift living in Cronic Pain. The hardest thing is losing my dear wife after 31 years married in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. Then a friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money. No fun at all. I’m alone needing family. I really need a special handicap van. I’m driving a 2009 Nissan Versa that my dear wife was killed in. Thank you for allowing me to dream. I would enjoy just making life easier. Church has been helping me. I would give back to needs of the Church. Thanks for caring. Blessings. Steve :-)

  22. Judith Haynes says:

    I was just looking at some of the other times I
    have commented: Sept. 7th, Sept. 27th, Oct. 7th and Oct.9th. I would say the same thing now. That is
    of course if you have a chance to look up my comments. I hope you do. Of course I would also love to see you
    on Nov. 25th!!!

  23. Susan Coakley says:

    11/6/2014 If I were to win PCH it would make me the happiest person in the entire world, I would be jumping while crying and dancing at the same time , I would be thanking God being my prayers would be answered. Both my husband and I are disabled then I would sell our home and move to where my youngest son is living being his older brother was just murdered in July of 2014, as a Mom my youngest needs me close to where he lives. Both my husband and I would be able to pay off some of our bills and fill some of our prescriptions that are so exspensive that sometimes do not get filled. Then I would donate some of the money to a few food banks for people who I know have it worse then I do,,, My son’s death really changed our life for the worst and eventually we will move forward but I know it will take some time, we just thank the lord for giving us the years we had with him……..

  24. Margie says:

    If I were to ..Win it All !! , Dear Lord wow , I would.be the happiest person in the World !!!!! My SECOND Chance would begin !! Praise
    God !! And I would make sure EVERYTHING WAS DONE CORRECT. No fast decisions , I would want to be very careful .
    I would want to pick out my home !!! ( oh my Dear God !! Just to
    Imagine I would get to do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED EXCITED I WOULD BE !! I could cry now!!
    But ” Happy tears !!!! ” . Then I would be a blessing to quite a few ,
    And I mean ” quite a few.!!! I love people that are GOOD and care
    About things in life ., ex . How the elderly are doing, I have always
    Had a HUGE HEART FOR THE ELDERLY, I wish sometimes
    When I’m alone , I think about how I wish I had better health so I
    Could work and help them again. But there are still times I give a hand to them at the store when I see an elderly person struggling with there bags I’ll say “can I help you with those ? Sometimes they’ll say ok. Thank you !! Other times they say ;” I’m not going to stop doing things alone , or I’ll
    Maybe forget !! I also love people that TRUELY care about our animals . , they are BRAVE ENOUGH to open Catch and Release
    Orginizations , and other places to help them . These places I would
    Definetly help. And of course St Jude. I can only say it would be a
    TREASURED MIRACLE to me to have this blessing, and I would want to do the very most I could do with it. , to make the world a better place. I Dream of a better day and I dream for a better day for
    Others . <3 Good luck all . My Faith Endures.

  25. Maurice. Lewis says:

    I have 10 boys 1 girl and 1 national society winner 3 in college help them and 11grands buy a family home again married my high school sweetheart we do not have rings never had a honeymoon these things could be possible.

  26. Judith Haynes says:

    I believe I have posted this before. Winning this wonderful Forever Prize would mean so much to me and my family. I would go down to Woodstock, VT and stay with
    my 99 year old Mother and help her abound her house!
    I would also help my PHD Daughter and then my Sister
    who has became my Power Of Attorney over seven years ago
    when I became so ill. I would also like to volunteer at my local hospital where they have made me so much better. I’m always happy to wake up every morning!!

  27. Meredlth says:


  28. Margie V says:

    I would very first , Thank The Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this GREAT BLESSING !! Then I would give to my church where I grew up and attended on Sundays . After this , I have to say .. I would go look at some Houses :):):) . Honestly I would be so filled with excitement that I would have to speak with a financial advisor first !!
    But I would remember what I said and who I mentioned I would want to see Blessed to !! Because WE ALL NEED A BLESSING !!! <3<3<3 love to ALL … God bless !!!

  29. STEVE MILO says:

    Wow. A win would be so exciting. I lost my dear wife in a hit and run Christmas few years ago. I really need a new car that she was killed in. I also need a new leg after a fall off roof Thanksgiving 2000. A win for me would be a blessing and appreciated. Good luck to all. I mean it. Blessings. Steve :-)

  30. Dante Wright says:

    On November 25th Publishers Clearing House Please Don’t Count Me Out.Amen

  31. C. Michelle says:

    1st Thank God before and after. 2nd plan a vacation, 3rd start handling all debts, 4th go on vacation,just to ease my mind andstartplanning, 5th go inover all business plans that I’ve ever had but didn’t have the funds to start. I want to bringNotre jobs to my community. 6th invest wisely, 7th plan a family meeting and offer easy positions to f family that are skilled. There are some very talented people in my family with No open doors for them, No matter how hard They try. The list goes on. I know that I will make the wises decisions with a righteous state of mind, through prayer because the Lord giveth and he can take away

  32. Judith Haynes says:

    First I would drive down to Woodstock, VT and stay with
    my 99 year old Mother and help her around her house!!
    As I have said before I would also help my Sister who
    became my Power Of Attorney. I would also help my PHD
    Daughter who also helps me so much every day!!!

  33. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    I would pay off All my bills, my moms, my daughter and her Family, my (2) nieces and their Family, my (2) nephews and their Families, donate monies to my Church, and buy the car of my Dreams, and having my Dream House Build,and finally taking All of my Family on a 1 month vacation…..

  34. Judith Haynes says:

    As I have said many times before, winning the wonderful
    forever prize on Nov. 25th would mean so much to me and my family. I would be able to help my 99 year old Mother, my Sister who has my Power Of Attorney and of course my PHD Daughter who helps me so much now!!

  35. Lynda Richmond says:

    PRAISE GOD I WOULD DROP TO MY KNEES AND THANK MY HEAVENLY FATHER!!! THEN PRAISE PCH AND THEIR ANGELS!!!! the next steps would take a little longer. That would get help to put the money where it can grow then to help ALL the people I have been talking about helping! All I want is to take care of the little ones at St Jude’s and Make a Wish and of course my Family…


  36. Dante Wright says:

    Wow Winning A MILLION For Me Is Giving Back To Chairty Helping My Church With The Mortgage Opening Up A Saving Account For My Son College Future Help My Parents Opening Up My New Enrichment Program For My Community & Last But Not Least President &CEO Of My Business….I’m Yes I’m Ready To Be A Millionaire Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  37. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I would set down an d just Ball. I would be so happy >I would just Cry and Cry. That is how happy I would be to win. I have tired so hard and I think I would just break down in tears
    Brenda Carlton

  38. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    The 1st thing i would do is gether up ALL nt Bills and pay them All off, then my moms, my daughter and her Family, my (2) nieces and their Famlies, my (2) nephews and their Families.. Then a donation to my Church…. When im Blessed with this Blessing of Winning, thnx Pauline…..

  39. June says:

    The first thing I would do is take care of the essentials of my life I have not had a home since my children were small because of a disability and lost a home that I finally worked for to a professional con person. But life goes on, I would purchase a home that is humble and I would love to be in for the rest of my life. Who take care of any needs that my children might have and make sure my mother and father are taking care of if need be. And I vowed to the Lord I would start a company or foundation for people Who need desperate help and their Application(s) does not fit the funding criteria. and are turned down because they’re the wrong age or don’t have a child or didn’t work… …. People seriously deserve this and work for it even if it’s only a few people I will do my best to help as many as I can!

  40. wyvonne mclelland says:

    I have begged almost for this promotion. sounds so good and I would like to receive it and win it all personally.

    we could really have a party. I could meet everyone.

    please let me hear something good from this. sincerely


  41. Ameral.Bucky Mayo el says:

    I asthe mooring of America would bring back America and its rules and regulations back to you morrolls and dignity and bring the Americas back to withstanding which is above all

  42. Judith Haynes says:

    If I were to win this wonderful prize on Nov. 25th I would go to Woodstock.Vt and live with my 99 year old Mother at her home and help her. I would also help my
    Sister who became my Power of Attorney over seven years ago. Then of course help my PHD Daughter who helps me so much. I would also volunteer at my local hospital where I have been helped so much with my cancer. I am now so happy to wake up every morning!!

  43. Judith Haynes says:

    Winning this wonderful prize would mean so much to me and my family. I would help my 99 year old Mother at her home in Woodstock, VT. I would also help my Sister
    who became my Power Of Attorney more than seven years ago. I would also help my PHD daughter who helps me so much. I would also volunteer at my local hospital. They have made my life so much better over the last several years. Now I am happy to wake up every morning!!

  44. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House I’m Ready To Be President & CEO Of My Business So My Life & Lifestyle Will Never Be The Same Again Amen

  45. Dante Wright says:

    Yes I’m A Winner & Yes Publishers Clearing Is Real My Future Is Bright I’m Ready To Walk In My New Prosperity. Amen

  46. Aileen hughes says:

    I would pay off one of my many billd.

  47. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH if I won it all, the first thing I would do is make sure I was not dreaming. I have thought I would win several times and was so disapointed I would have to make sure I was awake, That is the first thing I would have to do
    Brenda Carlton

  48. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH is I won I would be beside myself. Shaking DIsbelief shaking my head in disbelief and I would be a experience I am suer of one like no other.
    Brenda Carlton

  49. Dante Wright says:

    Faith Will Open Up New Door’s If You Believe Publishers Clearing House I Believe AMEN

  50. Tammy Tate says:

    If I win the superprize i’ll be able to Payoff my house and buy me a new car. And not only that I can also help my family out to and also give so money to our No Kill Animal Shelter here in Rutherford County North Carolina that’s what i’m gonna do with it if I win the superprize.

  51. Brenda Carlton says:

    IF I won it all PCH and you show up at my door I would be so excited I done know what I would do first scream yell or just stand there win a disbelief look on my face..I just wish I had the chance to find out.. SHow up and we will see.
    Brenda Carlton

  52. Ruth Jahnke says:

    I would like to share with family and and
    with our mission group,helping others which I care about.

  53. Ruth Jahnke says:


  54. Lynwood H Ray Sr. says:

    $2,000,000.00 cash and $10,000.00 a month for life and a brand new car, what more can you ask for, please and thank you.

  55. KC says:

    Help other people

  56. Gloria Reeves says:

    Hi.This is Gloria of Headland,Al.I won’t to win.

  57. Lee G. says:

    I think the first thing I would do is grab the dog and fishing gear and head to a place where I could be alone to gather my thoughts on how I could help each one in my family..it’s quite large. Family and friends always come first to me and I believe thats where I would start.

  58. Jesus Macias says:

    I Jesus Macias want to win it all. I would love to be set for life,

  59. Judith Haynes says:

    I have always been entering these wonderful “Forever Prizes”. Now if I were to win the Nov. 25th prize it would mean so much to me and my family. First I would go and stay with my 99 year old Mother in Woodstock, and help her around her home. I would also help my Sister who became my Power of Attorney when I became so
    ill over seven years ago! I would also help my PHD Daughter who helps me so much!! I would also volunteer at my local hospital which has taken such good care of me over the last several years. I am now so happy to wake up every morning!!!

  60. Wanda Conway says:

    I have been waiting since 1987. Hope to have my check in my hand to start with everything what I need better household new and better place to live with no air dust from factory near me. Also for my children better futures plus help cancer support for my sister.

  61. Jesus Macias says:

    I would help people all around WORLD. If I won friends family strangers . Charities and so on. god bless you and God bless the whole world. Go PRIZE PATROL ROCKS.

  62. margaret waller says:


  63. Nora Astorga says:

    I will pay of all my debt and my family! I trying my best crossing my finger! Yeah! :)

  64. august says:

    I would love to win it all my dreams would be real.

  65. august says:

    get family things that they need start making planes for going north and see family

  66. Susan Coakley says:

    9/23/14 If I were to win the PCH I would donate money towards the hungry and poor. I would also let the world know how lucky I was, I would help my youngest son move towards what he wants to be in life, my oldest son had just passed away. My husband and I would would have enough to pay off our home and car being we both live on a fixed income and are both disabled. I would also help all of my nieces and nephews along with the best neighbor we’ve ever had in a real long time, we wouldn’t need to worry anymmore about having enough money to fill our prescriptions. My entire town would here me crying with joy while dancing at the same time…..Thanks to PCH for giving everyone the oppurtunity for a chance to win <3

  67. icemancometh says:

    I will wait until pch win forever come into my hand. I hope this at the will of God. Amen.

  68. icemancometh says:

    I will wait until the pch win forever come into my hand.

  69. Tammy Tate says:

    I’ve been entering scenes 2009 and i’m still waiting for the superprize of 500,000.00 or 10,000.00 because I could and can use the money so I can Payoff some bills.

  70. maggalena castillo says:


  71. Dante Wright says:


  72. Michael says:

    Buy a new truck fix my old one save all I can

  73. Michael says:

    Buy a new truck

  74. Nancy Conway says:

    If I won the first thing I’d do would be to pay off all my bills and my kids also. Get us all a better home to live in. Set up trust funds for my grandkids. Then I’d have to sit back and be just marvel at this blessing.ref

  75. august says:

    Take a good long vacation and pay bills off and sit back in joy life see things that I miss I work all my life drove tractor trailer 46 years went over 15,000,000 miles I will in joy my life THANK YOU FOR ASKING on what I would Frist.

  76. Janie Salas says:

    Hi. Pch I enjoy all ur games and greatly appreciate everything y’all do. I would really love for y’all to make my dreams come true. I would like to share a story with you hoping you would read it. I grew up in a violent domestic home. At time nothing to eat. No electricity or water, ee lived in a poor house a very ugly environment. We would get hand me downs frm salvation army. My Dad Alcoholic drinking every day, in DWIs all the time. Always pay his lawyers and getting another car. When I was in high School, I would go Down town to the main Library rather than go home nothing to eat just bread and Mayo that was our dinner. I do appreciate everything I have cause I did not hav it as a child it was a very hard struggle for me. I tell my Granddaughter to eat all her food cause there are kids not so fortunate. Janie

  77. Kristen Staton says:

    First I would pay for my oldest sons High School Graduation then pay for his college debt intuition & fees. Then pay my bills that are behind & a little more towards them. Then I would put money into a Acct for my other 2’s High School Graduation & College fee’s. The rest I would put into an interest account & let it sit & accurate interest & not touch it. So that way I know my children will have it if they need it.

  78. Dorothy Krugle says:

    Me and my children could finally live the life we always wanted to live and I could help some people less fortunate then myself it would be an honor to help them.

  79. Ivy Holmes says:

    I was just wanting to comment on what would I do if I became a millionaire? Well, the first thing is I would think my Lord God for my prayer that was answer! I would then leave a legacy for my childrenthat I am unable to do at this point in time. I do not work and I am disabled, but do not collect money from disability. I would buy my children a home fully furnished and a vehicle brand new so that I would know they would make wherever they decided to travel. I would give to a select few churches, certain children’s foundations and set up savings accounts for my grandchildren so that if they decided to go to college or just needed a start in life they would have the money. I would then concentrate on my family here! That being my husband my granddaughter and myself. I would hope I have enough at that point in time to build a house large enoughto have a live in nanny or governness so that my granddaughter can have homeschool and we would be able to travel anytime anywhere, a cook because I don’t cook as much anymore because of my disabilities, but my husband grills just about every night while I make the sides.either way we do it every night because I will not let my family go without eating, but that is not to say I do! I would hire a cook and a live in house cleaner so that it would not be painful for me!my husband, my granddaughter, and myself along with the stand would travel and not worry about when or where or how much we have to spend. I am NOT talking extravagant, but I am talking luxury. This is my blessing from because I know I am going to win! I am in it to win it and I will. I want tothank you publishers clearing house for all the dreams that they have made come true to those in the past and those in the future. May God bless them and keep them safe and always comfort them. May God bless you all and keep you safe and comfort you.

  80. Jesus Macias says:

    I Jesus Macias hereby give my full consent.to use my portfolio for promotion.pictures names whatever Pch needs.and acknowledge the terms and conditions I fully accept and give authorization verification verified. born May 1st 1980 Orange County. live in Fresno California 3903 ******** my email is *******gmail.com im 34 years old. PRIZE eligibility for giveaway number 4*** ID # 4857-** barcode 30**

  81. Stephen Milo says:

    I would really appreciate a win. First of all I would get a new leg. I’ve been struggling for 15 years with a leg 3″ shorter with chronic pain and blood clots. Then I would give to churches to people who helped me. I would also buy a new car to replace the Nissan car my dear wife Sue of 31 years was killed in. My sweetheart. Blessings to all. We all deserve to win. Good luck. :-) Steve

  82. Michael says:

    I would start a new life and help other’s

  83. maureen Mooney says:

    I already sent a comment.

  84. maureen Mooney says:

    I<ve never won in MY life so if it should happen I really don,t know maybe travel and help My children and say thank You kindly. SMILE its very healthy God speed.

  85. gary wishart says:

    my wife needs I liver transplant will help her gary

  86. Judith Haynes says:

    If I were to win the “Forever Prize” on Nov. 25th it
    would mean so much to me and my family. I would be able to help my 99 year old Mother and help her around her house! I would also be able to help my Sister who
    became my Power Of Attorney when I became so seriously ill over seven years ago. I would be able to help my Daughter who has help me so much over these last few years. She now has her PHD in Bio Chemistry and knows so much about all that I have been through. I am now so happy to wake up every morning!!

  87. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won it all. Until it happens to you I don’t think you rally know what you would really do the very first thing. I just hope I will have enough sense at that moment when I will be so excited that I will Thank Dave Todd and Danielle and be very gracious. I would be so grateful and sometimes when your suppressed you forget some of the most important things. I hope I will remember what if the most important things like Thank Dave, Todd, Danielle , PCH and thanks them for the flowers and Champaign and give them a hug. All in all I pray I will do the things that are most important .
    Brenda Carlton

  88. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won it all I would be so grateful, happy , Esthetic , and Over whelmed.
    But most of all Thankful to God and PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  89. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH What would I do If I won to all.
    1. Thanks to God
    2.Thanks to Dave , Todd and Danielle, and Hug there necks
    3.Thanks to PCH
    4.I would have disbelief even thought Dave, Todd and Danielle would be standing in front of me.
    5. Shock
    6. Ecstatic
    7 Extremely Happy
    8 Call my Financial Planner
    9 Invite Dave, Todd and Danielle into my home.
    10. Try to let it all sink in and just be grateful
    100 Make plans on who I can help that need it most.
    Brenda Carlton

  90. phillip bell says:

    I’ll send my kids to college make sure they have a place to live help anyone that needs help on my family and close family members my friends givesfor homeless people have somewhere to stayout of the weather

  91. Lisa Marsalona says:

    First I would make sure Im not dreaming. I would help my pregnant daughter that needs it. I would definitely get a bigger place now I could afford it and have my son with me. Donate money to Cancer research. As I loss my mom to Cancer and my sister last year within 14 weeks apart. Much needed vacation since I don’t have money to go away. I would help out people who need it and finally go to the dentist.

  92. Ana Enriquez says:

    If i win i fix my Mom house in pr,paid off my house and help some kids in my community i hope i can see my dream come true

  93. maureen Mooney says:

    It would be a blessing if I should win but I havn,t heard anyone wining from Colorado especially a town in Broomfield but I,d like to win but I donn,t see this happening. I do thank You and smile its a good thing. PCH

  94. tashena Brizendine says:

    If I won it all. I would donate a large chunk to a Orphanage in Texas. Then donate a chunk to St. Francis Children Hospital. With whatever is left I would put back for my boys.

  95. C WILLIAMS says:

    There is so many people I would love to help. This would give me that opportunity. Hope who ever wins will do good with it.

  96. Lou Husted says:

    I think it would sure be nice, but there are so many out there hurting God only knows their pain. My own family have a time to pay their bills as they are all in bad health, That’s where my help starts I at 86 years old really have been bless 10 times fold. My need is small I’m a widow on s/s. As long as i meet my bills praise GOD. MY WONDER CHILDREN WORRY about my care living with my little dog is more joy than i can have. As long as the Lord is on my side I need not to worry. If this wonderful thing happen i would praise God and help those as many as i can. Lou

  97. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I wont it all. A 2 Million dollars a new Car and 10,000.00 I would be in shock for days. My first reaction would be unable to grasp the thought that I won. I am guessing that I would scream cry and just hug Dave, Todd and Danielle for showing up at my door. and buy all means Thank Dave, Toff , Danielle and PCH for giving me the prize.
    Brenda Carlton

  98. James Greer says:

    sometimes I feel like this is a scam I’ve been getting these for the past year and a half and I haven’t won nothing yet but I pray that I do just to pay my bills off. and about to lose our home and I just want to pay our house off!!!! thanks and have a nice week & MAY GOD BLESS!!!!

  99. Kelly Largent says:

    I would thank God. Pay tithes. Give my daughters enough money

  100. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won it all I would be ecstatic in disbelief and more emotion’s that I ever know of. P owls love to have the chance to just see how I would act and all the emotions I really would have .
    Brenda Carlton

  101. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Pay off ALL of my bills, my moms, my daughter and her Family, my (2) nieces and thier Families, and my (2) nephews and their Families bills as well.. Then us ALL going on a 1mo.vacation…..

  102. Gail Wilbanks says:

    I would love to win 2million dollars and 10,000,000.00 a year for life Gail Wilbanks

  103. Michael says:

    Pay my Bill’s then take my brother,sister and dad out to dinner

  104. hn bernard says:

    it wold be a blessing I I had some help living on a fix budget my wife in need of a back operation

  105. Amy S. says:

    Praise God the Father.. and thank you for delivery.

  106. Angela says:

    Help with our bills, family and friends in need, help my children so they don’t have to struggle like my husband and me, living payck to payck just surviving!! I pray every night that this dream come true& things like surgeries and help my mom who is on tight budget and lives alone

  107. Jesus Macias says:

    I JESUS MACIAS, email address *******I hereby give my consent to accept BULLETIN number ***** matching Gwy. NO. 4900 sweepstakes prize.and that I understand and acknowledge the official terms and rules. I JESUS MACIAS HEREBY GIVEN my AUTHORIZATION and consent to publisher’s clearing house to broadcast my name my photo and whatever they need for promotion o for broadcasting and so on. I JESUS M. Has given verification and has confirmed acceptance and given access to the terms and conditions of obtaining prize

  108. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win it all and it is all up to PCH. I can’t make me win. but you know how it is done help me find out how so I can win please
    Brenda Carlton I want to win it all

  109. Donna Render says:

    I really can relate to what Judith Haynes said about winning and how she will make sure that others are blessed that was there during the most needed times of her life. I can relate and even though dreams are awesome and should never sit dormat because of the special things that we want for ourselves or someone else that has made a difference on our journey. What a dream it would be for me! Put God first, ask Him to bring the most honest, brilliant, and helpful team of Attorneys, Financial Consultants, and CPA’s together to help make my money stretch and outlive me to the tenth generation. That every need I have will be met and the needs of my designations will follow. And the legacy of knowing I met the needs of people who cared for me when I didn’t have the answers in life. From church leaders to health care professionals. Everyday people that may have said a kind an encouraging word. If God says bless them I will, so as I pray for your win, please pray for mine!

  110. Brenda says:

    When I win , first I would thank God for my Blesses and my miracles. Than I give to disability children and charity and than I will do with the ones that helped me when I needed someone. My family and my best friends .

  111. maureen Mooney says:

    The first things I would do is help My 4 children and put money aside for My only Grand daughter and travel where everi like to go. With the time I have left I would enjoy every day. thank You and keep smiling its good health.

  112. mary says:

    I would retire my husband from working and driving 50 miles everyday on freeway, pay off all our debt, an never be bound to the lender, help my children and grand children, visit my mom more and start my bridal business…..

  113. Paul McDonald Sr says:

    I’m blessed and highly favored I would put God first pay off all I owe and I would do what my sprit leads me to do

  114. Doris says:

    if i was to win this forever blessing i would help my mom with a home and my children with a car.fix my home and help some of my church family!

  115. Salvador Pena says:

    I’d help the less fortunate I’m order to bring God glory

  116. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH what would I do If I wont it all??????
    I would be so thankful. and with a lot of unbelief. I would be so ecstatic .I would be like a litter girl wondering what just happened to me. Did I win the prize or am I dreaming. Am I having a out of the body experience. Or would I say Is this for real. I would take me a long time for it to sink in. I am sure of that. But all in all I would be so grateful and thankful that it finely happened to me.
    Brenda Carlton

  117. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH to win it al would be amazing and something I would be very thankful for. It would be hard for me to realize I had won. If I wont it all.
    PCH I would love to win ti all and If I do win it will be a miracle.
    Brenda Carlton

  118. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH What would I do First iF I won it all. PCH The very first thing I would would not believe I ever won I would be so in shock that it would take some time to even believe that I could win. Second thing I would do is Give you Thanks for showing up at my door with the big check. Third thing I would do i s hug your necks. forth thing I would do is call my financial planner . Scream yell when I rally started to believe you was here.
    Brenda Carlton

  119. Judith Haynes says:

    The first thing I would do if I were to win the wonderful “Forever Prize” on Nov. 25th would be to go to Woodstock, Vt. and stay with my 99 year old Mother and help her around her house. I would also help my Sister who became my Power Of Attorney when I became so seriously ill over seven years ago. I would also like to help my PHD Daughter who knows so much about all I have been through and helps me in many ways! I would also like to volunteer at my local hospital that has done so much for me to make me feel as I do today!!

  120. Sweeney, Dina says:

    I read too many sad stories, my life is sad enough! Money will allow me to be a woman who decided to be a mom and give up every piece of herself to her children and two husbands a voice and spend the last half of my life with a sense of empowerment … To make my own choices… To be on the list of people who need, desire, and matter. I will play this game until Jesus & PCH reward me. Thank you for listening. DS

  121. Kathy Johnson says:

    If i win it all i by big house with good roofing so that i dont have to get up in the middle of the night when it rains to fetch buckets and pots to catch the rain from ruining my room.then ill by a car and give back to my community.and thankyou pch.

  122. susan coakley says:

    My real address is ****** Fl but the US postal does deliver to private roads. If I won being I just had my 30 year old pass away , I would make sure my youngest gets into a college and pay off my home mortgage I live on a fixed income

  123. Walter Brooken says:

    First u got to make me a believer then I can say what I would do breathe fresh air and pray for it to happen and help family and pay tieth.



  125. Luana says:

    If I win I will spend more time with my kids with disability and charity with kids with disability and cancer

  126. Carla M Antee says:

    Screem Amen. Thank you!

  127. NANCY SALINAS says:


  128. Nora Astorga says:

    I would of pay off my debt! Help my brother because when i was little my dad passway he help us out pay rent buy me cloths ,food .so it my turn to help him because he got injured at work now he can’t work no more .so I want help him pay off is debt too! and help my to friend plus get my mom houses!

  129. Rhyannon bullard says:

    I’m doing this for my 3 beautiful girls and my 2 handsome boys they would get every bit of the happiness of the money I have never done anything special for my children cause I don’t have the money I know you don’t need money to make your family happy but it hurts me when they say hey mom can I get this can I get that and what do I say I wish I could but I have no money the look on their face it breaks me because cause I have never made them so happy that I can just see in their eyes without them saying I am the best mom ever so this is why I have entered for my kids and if I win every cent will be split up between 5 amazing children thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Rhyannon

  130. Michael says:

    I would buy a new truck

  131. august says:

    My heart is so full I can not tell you all, I really do not have time I am so happy I am so very tired

  132. Judith Haynes says:

    If I were to win this wonderful “Forever Prize” on November 25th I would visit my 99 year old Mother in Woodstock, VT and help her around her home. Then I would help my Sister who became my Power of Attorney over seven years ago when I was so ill. I would also help my PHD Daughter who helps me so much now. I would
    also like to volunteer at my local hospital that has helped me so much in my recovery!! As I have said before I am always happy to wake up every morning!!

  133. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If and when I win I will scream yell and be in such disbelief that I will take me days for it to sink in that I won . PCH just try me and see what I will do.
    Brenda Carlton

  134. august says:

    what I would go north to my family, I have not seen for 10 years. then take my wife on a great honey moon island we have been married 50 years this April and we both have to get away. when we come back start helping people.

  135. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH It is hared to really know what you would do If if you won. I hope I would scream yell but I am sure I would be excited. I would be more excited to just meed the prize patrol and get the big check LUCKY.
    Brenda Carlton

  136. Charlene Brantley says:

    If I won the first thing I would do is to move my son out of the projects cause where I stay aint no place to raise a family exspecially if you are a single parent. The next thingI will do is buy my mom a new house and to help my brothers wit their familys

  137. Brian Ward Sr says:

    I hope I win so I can take care of my family

  138. Brian Ward Sr says:

    I would take care of my family like i told my dad before he died 6year’s ago.my mom really needs me

  139. Lily says:

    If i won, the first thing i would do is pay off my house,car n credit cards. Then i would rebuild my house to acomadate my 3 grandchildren that live with me. Then i would help my family. Then i would buy a building where homeless can eat, shower,n get necessities.

  140. Michael says:

    I would fix my home up and pay my bills off save some for my little sister to go to a college

  141. Judith Haynes says:

    If I were win this wonderful “Forever Prize”, one of the first things I would do would be to go down to Woodstock, Vt. and stay with my 99 year old Mother at
    her home. I plan to help her with working at her home. I would clean, prepare meals and if I won the car too
    I would take her shopping and to other appointments too!

  142. Brenda Carlton says:

    I don’t know what I won do If I wont ti all , I hope I would be so excited and jubilees all roles into one.IT would have to happen to me to see just how I would act. Brenda Caralton

  143. Brenda Carlton says:

    what would I do If I wont it all. I would call a financial planner thanks everyone hug necks and I would be grateful and from there one I don’t know w hat I would do . I would thanks PCH for the coming and showing up and bringing me the sweepstake. I still love PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  144. Samuel says:

    Make a lot of people happy for one thing…..from there, i’m not sure yet……

  145. Patricia Wilson says:

    I would take care of my family first then I can help people that need help and can’t get it like Cancer patients and I would help my pastor with our new church God would tell me what to do

  146. Beverly Abbott says:

    If I win I want to buy a duplex. Then I know that know one can tell me to move or get out. I’ve been homeless for sometime it would so awesome to have a place of my own. I hope pray all my dreams come true.

  147. august says:

    if I win for all I am going around the world

  148. Brenda Carlton says:

    I don’t know what I would do . I don’t trust anyone anymore about winning anything. Brenda Carlton

  149. Margarett Martin says:

    I would give a tithe each wee divided between and the charities which I used to assist before I retired.

  150. Kay Dawson says:

    Ihave have ordered and entered contests for more than 20 years, but the past year have ordered more and entered a lot more contests. When I was working did not have as much time to enter. I would put this money to good use, tithing, St. Jude, Wounded Warriors and then I would replace my 21 year old car with a good used one, purchase some land to build a smaller home and hopefully have some to leave my three daughters. I have had heart surgery eye surgery and will have to have my hands and feet operated soon. The money would solve a lot of worries. Kay Dawson

  151. William Roberts Jr. says:

    Pch, right now my relationship with my wife is major, I need to secure our relationship by showing up, to Lexington North Carolina.

  152. Nora Astorga says:

    If i win I will take my family out and celebrate!.Then go on a vacation too…..Hawaii! Yeah! Mom will love that!
    I will take my niece, nephew brother sister and friends to six flags Magic mountain! :
    Hearing my family scream! for joy! that is a good feeling! :-) :O :'(
    I can not forget I have to pay off my debt! : /

  153. Thomas cooper says:

    Go on vacation try to forgive. The things i. dont like in this .

  154. Ronald says:

    I would get out if debt and enjoy more time with my family

  155. Howard says:

    what would I do if I win the moneytake care of my sisters

  156. mike Davidson says:

    I wood finsh my house in west Virginia pay all bills

  157. Ebony L. Dew says:

    Lives would change forever!

    My family would be able travel and have a real vacation. Attend college and start new beginnings.
    I would get many projects going to improve and start new things. Debt would be a thing of the past! New potentials and ever increasing possibilities will begin.


  158. Mattie Roberson says:

    I need to win, my only daughter died, and i need the money to help my disable grand-daughter.

  159. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win it all,=============PCH I want to win it all

    PCH I want to win it all,=============PCH I want to win it all

    and why not=========no good reason why not=====and why not

    I want to win and I will share=========I want to win and I will share



  160. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won it all I would be so grateful to you . You would never know what my heart would say if I won it all ,it would be so over whelmed and go grateful that words could not express it enough. Words are wonderful but sometimes words are not enough ,my actions would try to show you how much I would appreciate it and then actions are not enough. The Love in my heart would just keep on growing and growing and growing for PCH See love is a action word and I would just have to show you how much it would me to me. Buy doing what ever I could to show you and others. See I already Love PCH and always have for years but that love just keeps on growing. I feel like I am apart of PCH anyway even though I am not. I feel like I belong. I also act like I belong just ask your men . I want win it all
    Brenda Carlton

  161. julian jackson says:

    I would go to the philipean Islands to get my future wife Marcella Gabor, who has waited for me over one year.We would get married, and then we would start a ministry to help others in any capasity the lord required.THATS OUR DREAM.PCH LET OUR DREAMS COME TRUE. I WAS HURT IN AN ACCIDENT AUGUST 2:2013 AND HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO WORK.

  162. urie caster jr says:

    If I win I’m going to take my family on a big trip and have after school program for kids so they can have thing to do.

  163. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won all the money I would want to buy a lot of stock in PCH Facebook Google Twitter and Youtube. I think those are some of the wisest investments right now and I would get even richer .If I won it all that is one of the things I would do and sense I am getting older I would get my investment manager and make a lot of investments for my family future.( BUT one thing first God comes first . Tides and offerings first then I want to take care of some charities and help a lot of people down on there luck.These things are closes to my heart and the thing I truly want to do.)
    Brenda Carlton

  164. Annette martinez says:

    I would pay off my bills get me a car been with out help my son and find a good doctor to help me with my health issues lost my husband so I been by my self almost a year now he was to young to go he was only 53 but very ill we both have our issues of health thank you Annette

  165. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH To truly be honest I don’t really know what I would do . But I hope the first thing I would do I thank you hug your necks and call my financial planner.. go to the bank and put the check in the bank .take all my family and friend out to dinner and celebrate I ant to go to PCH where they do all of this to thank each and everyone of them . and I they allow give each some money . If they allow it to be done.
    Brenda Carlton

  166. Michael says:

    I would make a new beginning for myself and set my sister up to live very well

  167. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH If I won it all I would be so ecstatic that I would hardly contain my self from screaming yelling and acting like a nut. I want to win to just see how I will act. I hope I will hug your necks thanks you and take everyone out to dinner. And If I win your invited out to dinner. I want to win the 5,000,00 a week forever prize and the 5,000.00 a week for life and 1,000,000.00 a month for a year. now If I won all of these I would be set for life and I could help a lot of people . I hope I win it all PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  168. Brenda Carlton says:

    Dave , Todd and Danielle . I want to win…….. and I want to win Big…and the day is up on us. I am Praying, Trusting,Hoping and leaving it in Gods hands That I will Win.
    Brenda Carlton

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