What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?

And if you won the Dream Life Prize from PCH, Winning PCH Win It All Sweepstakes 2017, what would you do? Money Investments? Quit your job? Take a vacation? As you already know Publishers Clearing House new sweepstakes “Win It All” is quite popular right now. In fact, there is an immeasurable passion for this promotion where the lucky winner gets $2 Million Lump Sum Payout plus $10,000 a Month for Life and a brand new car.  The lucky winner will be known on June 30th. As many of you have already stated in the comment section of this blog, you are ready for that prize! Many of you know what they will do with that huge amount of cash. But let’s take a few minutes to dream a little. On June 30th you are the new multimillionaire! Will you quit your job first?

At first, it is better to think about it. And what better than a short vacation to think. For me it would be a short vacation for sure. Take the time to make thoughtful decisions about all this money. You are multimillionaire now and your choice must be wise.

PCH Dream Life Prize 2014

PCH Win It All

Often the first question that comes to mind is: What would I do with my job? Bye Bye Boss! I quit! or you will be more like, I will take time to think about it! You know, being realistic, $2Million dollar cash and a guaranteed $10,000.00 a month for life, you don’t need to work anymore. But on the other hand some people are quite passionate by what they do for living and some will probably push it further and invest their money in a new company, in a sector they are passionate about. Some will even create jobs in this hard economy.

PCH Sweepstakes 2016 – PCH $2 Million Plus $ 10,000 a Month For Life

Investments? Well, I think at first, it must be a simple investment until you have a clearer idea on how your going to invest that $2 Million dollar. Many new millionaires have made quick and really bad investments. So, take you time and seek for a reliable consultant on financial investment and also a good accountant for the IRS.

Now when everything is in place, your money is safe and you’ve team up with professionals. How will you spend this money? Will you realize your wildest dreams? Tell me about it.

Good luck!

1,103 Responses to “What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?”

  1. Brenda Carltol says:

    IfI won it all I would thank God I would thank Publisher Clearing House Thank the Prize Patrol Dave Todd Howe and Dannielle Scream yell hug every one and most likely think I am dreemingCall my sons and tell themInvite them in my home I will thank God And mPCHforever if I won it All
    Brenda Carlton

  2. Luann Reniska says:

    The first things i would do is to publish, print out plenty of copies for everyone of my Free book that list Everything except for Hearing Aides For Free. Mail them out to everyone, including a lot of Native American Herbal Remedies that do work. I’m 1 of over a dozen medical professionals in our family. I would also thank god & let everyone know what they are fixing to get.

  3. Helen Peters says:




  4. Karon Thoren says:

    Hello PCH:

    Yes, I would love to “WIN I ALL” on June 30th! Gwy No.: 6900 the $2 Millions cash up front Plus the $10,000.00 once a month for life Plus the New Lincoln MKZ. First thing I would do is buy my mother a bench for here grave, she was also wanted one and I would buy a Dear Friend a memory stone that she have never had, she was a very very nice person. And I would give some to the church. There is so many thing I could do, I would buy me a house and some farm ground again.

    So please come to my front door this June 30th with the “BIG CHECK IN hand.

    Thank You
    Karon Thoren

  5. Patricia Lynn Chandler says:

    Its me again Pch! If I won I would give to my mom & make sure my sister has a beautiful Head stone! Pink…Breast Cancer. She passed on in 2011…I’d open an homeless shelter. But first & foremost. I give to my Lord Jesus! & listen to what He say’s to do.

  6. June Hays says:

    I have been entering your contests for many years. If I won this or any of your contests it would save me. I am about to loose my home, my daughter might have to quit nursing school, I need more surgeries in the next year and may be living in an Old RV. I’m not even sure I could afford that. I have been battling cancer alone for the last four years. I have bars in my back and my neck and jaw are wired. I can not work … This money would save my little family. It would provide a home for me and my daughter could go on to be a nurse. Wish me luck!

  7. Dennis Huff says:

    I will pay my tithe to the church. God gets His first.

  8. RON HUBBARD says:


  9. RON HUBBARD says:


  10. Lloyd cornell says:

    I wood probably die of heart failure

  11. Barbara Hill says:

    If I win I will pay all my bills and give to my church and buy me a house because I’m homeless & I just wanted everyone to know. Thanks pch

  12. Barbara Hill says:

    Pay all my bills & give to my church & buy me a house, because I’m homeless.

  13. Margaret Arnold says:

    I would really love to win it all in a couple of weeks .I really could use a vacation and help alot of family and friends that are in need .Thank you PCH .

  14. linda allman says:

    I would buy a brand new home to park that brand new Lincoln in the drive way then I would go on a trip

  15. John Stanfill says:

    The first thing I will do is go to a bank square away some money bills and then grab my family and leave . and not come back till things are calm and I have time to think about my new painless mentally life

  16. Charles lowe says:

    Hello pch if i won the 2million dollar and 10thousand a week for life i would give my church 5 thousand a week for the rest of my life help everone in my family overcome their struggles and make sure my aunt and brother overcome their kidney surgery and pay all their bills and take care everything they need and pray and serve god and live a good christian life like god intented.

  17. Brenda Scott says:

    If I won pch the first thing I would do is think God and I would pay my tithes to the church and I would buy me a home and get out of the project’s then I would help the needy people in my family after that I would pay for deliverance temper Church so that I could put a help center in it and then I would build a homeless shelter and I would work in both places to help people’s get on their feet and pray that God bless me.because I really want to be a blessing to others

  18. Naomi Desty says:

    Enter/Activate please Giveaway No. 6900 / Special Early Look for a SuperPrize winner from Giveaway No. 4900. SuperPrize Nos. fully eligible to win a lump-sum payment of $2,000,000.00, a Brand New Lincoln MKZ = at valued $37,315.00 Cash plus $10,000.00 A-Month-For-Life SuperPrize from GVWY. No. 4900 on June 30th, 2016. SuperPrize Nos. will also be fully eligible to win a guaranteed $1 Million SuperPrize on June 30th, 2016 in a Second Chance Drawing. Thanks PCH.

  19. Naomi Desty says:

    If I won the Dream Life Prize from PCH, Winning PCH “Win It All” Sweepstakes 2016, I would pay off “FED LOAN servicing” “Money Investments” ‘Quit job” “Take a vacation” ” Buy my Dream House” ” Help my family & others”…PCH sweepstakes “Win It All” I want the next winner gets: $2 Million Lump Sum Payout plus $10,000 a Month for Life and a brand new car-Lincoln, MKZ on June 30th, 2016.

  20. Todd young says:

    I want win it all $2,000,000.00 life month $10,000.00 new brand Lincoln mkz 36,000.00 june 30. I get truck new brand 2016 ford f150 and new house. I dream yes. You come my house live Carrollton, I’ll win big check. Thank pch angel

  21. Dora Pennington says:

    I would help my grandchildren with their student debt. Then I would give to the church. Then I would buy me a home.

  22. Cassie Leak says:

    I will thank my heavenly father. I won’t have to quite my job, because I’m job less. Walmart fired me while I was in the hospital. I was one of their best workers a d that’s no lie. It’s all good because GOD knows what’s best. I would buy house because I’m homeless. Been this way since 2012 living with familt in shelter and with family. Due to a unsuccessful marriage that shouldn’t happened in the first place. Married 16 wasted long years. My FIRST LOVE AND I WOULD GO ON A VACATION. Yes First Love, my GOD. I GOT TO GET WITH MY GOD, SO WE CAN BE ON ONE ACCORD TOO CARRY OUT HIS PLAN. BUILD, INVEST, CREATE AND JOBS . What I’m trying to say is make more money

  23. Doris Long says:

    I would give a donation to Als association for more research on this crippling and deadly disease

  24. Alejandro Flores says:

    If I win, The first thing I would do,,
    I will make a donation to Wish the kids with Cancer Foundation. And then like you guys recommend, I’ll take a trip, and think things about what I’m going to be doing with the rest of the winnings.
    Thank you Guy’s, your awesome.
    I want to win.

  25. Pablo De Leon says:

    I will help me family mother who is the only one I have pay the house in full and fix it for her and help my sister who drives my mother to her doctor appointments get her a good car to get around thin think about me getting out of death live life better then check by check if not good luck to the one who win it all thank you for letting me play

  26. Helen says:

    If I win
    it really help me out a whole bunch I am really struggling here my husband passed away two years ago been very hard every sense I would be so happy if I could win it all. I would help out my girls and my husbands girls they really need money also it would be a blessing. To win it all

  27. Margaret Arnold says:

    If I was to win the first thing I would do is pay off my debts and take a vacation that’s way over due then I’ll start planning from there ..Thank you PCH for giving me a chance to play I want to win it all.God bless PS HOPE AND PRAY THAT I SEE USE ON JUNE 30,2016

  28. Steven Gale says:

    First, I would pay off my cancer medical bills, then find a way to help others.


    I want to humbly accept the Win It All contest on June 30th. I want to give to my church building fund to build their new sanctuary and parts and to pay my bills and to buy my father’s mobile home (who died in 1994), and pay off the new car I bought. I want to build my business of painting Scriptures on greeting cards.

  30. Barbara Hill says:

    I already enter what I would do if I win

  31. guadalupe says:

    i would make the most of i won l’ld pay bills and of corse my kids and family please pch but i wouldbe nice uf i win

  32. April G. says:

    I would love to win I would help out my mom,sister and brother. Put up a college fund for my baby and my nephews. Give back to people who need help like the Salvation Army.

  33. Daisey says:

    I would be happy if I win .And give back to those who have helped me in long journey of life..

  34. Gail Tremblay says:

    If I won I would help fund Indian Youth of America Summer Camp Programs, support the Indigenous Art Campus and MFA Program at the Evergreen State College,and fund scholarships for Native Students to do graduate work.

  35. Mrs. Earnestine Hammons says:

    I would pay my behind bills so I don’t lose my home and car then I would fix my mobile home which is falling apart or replace it with a log home

  36. Barbara Hill says:

    I would give to Peterpopoff ministries because to help his broadcast stay on tv & help my family to , but I’m in need because I’m am very homeless right now & I am in so much debt, I need help & from Publishing Clearinghouse please

  37. Barbara Hill says:

    I be debt free. I need to win publishing clearinghouse thank you

  38. Barbara Hill says:

    I’m entering to win $2,000,000.00 & $10,000.00 & the brand new Lincoln MKZ valued of $36,115.00 early entry before June 30th, Thank you Publishing Clearinghouse

  39. Jessie Reed says:

    Pay off all my debts, buy a car and buy a home

  40. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH if I win I will be the happiest person ,I would probably scream laugh shake my head in disbelief and it will take time for it to compute I am sure but I will be so grateful and thank full I will scream yell and thank PCH for the monehy I win and I will thank God for his blessing to me.
    Brenda Carlton

  41. Theodore Holmes says:

    It will be a Great Day.

  42. vince eckert says:

    We could use the money! Please help us! Thank you

  43. vince eckert says:

    We could use it. help us all

  44. Joy Vanhecke says:

    I won’t to win no 4900so I can help my dad he is81 years old and my beautiful mom passed away it going to be2years in August.
    Thanks Pch

  45. Saundramal Onabajo says:

    First I would fall down on my Knees and Thank the Almighty Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ for my Blessings for PCH choosing me as one of there Winner’s. I would give to my Father’s Church in Vacaville, CA; Build a Cancer Treatment Center of America in Antioch or Stockton, CA lots of Land to develop, all back East or South; Remodel the Antioch Senior Center Kitchen; Buy a Family House; Help my Children and Grandchildren for College; and get back on my Knees Praise the Almighty for this wonderful Blessings. Amen.

  46. Barbara Hill says:

    I would give a donation to a community church& the homeless shelter & my children organization these organizations is in need. I do want to win and 1/2 of my winning will go to all of these that I have mentioned I honest and my word is Bond. Thank you pch

  47. janicebuckley says:

    I love to win

  48. Arthur sutton says:

    How to get my roof repaired inwhich it needs badly

    matter of fact i would remodel my entire house & save. for my 4 grand children’s

  49. Helania Jones says:

    I am disable with a 12 year old daughter . I have all ways work but with my disorder with my body it makes it hard for me to work but I have not giving up hope. I would put my family in a nice home and help others . I will bless people with this blessing.

  50. Marilyn says:

    I would praise the Lord. Pay my bills and have enough money to buy the good food I should be eating for my health. Assist my 4 children, seven grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, along with a wonderful sister and brother, that are in poor health and have financial woes. I would be able to help the poor again. PCH you have helped make so many lives rich, I do pray it is my turn.

  51. Gussie Marie Mister says:

    Gussie Marie Mister
    Hi PCHSearch&Win, I would thank God, PCH and the PRIZE PATROL. I would give to the Church, the unfortunate namely; the children’s fund, hospitals and the Many organizations who need assistance.
    O, there are so many that need our help and assistance. THANKS SO VERY MUCH.

  52. Luann Reniska says:

    If i were to win which i doubt it, i would thank god and swear to god that everyone will be getting a book in the mail that has a ton of medical information in it ( over 200 ). I not only post the websites, companies, phone numbers, but also who to contact as well for Free medications. As well as i explain step by step how to get your hospital bills paid. I also tell you how to get free medications before you leave a hospital as well and not costing you anything. As well as there is a site that will also pay for doctors visits as well as hospital bills. And there the third medical site i have not only will see you from head to toe but when they find out exactly what all is wrong with you they will put you on a waiting list but they will fly you up there and take care of the issues and fly you back home when your released. As far as glasses go there are two places i know of to help people out in the pocket book. The first one all you have to do is pay for 2 things. I know your going the most costly items, wrong! You have to pay for the eye exam. and get the doctor to write it out on a prescription and this is why. I not only give you a website and a phone number because when you go online you can pic out the type of frame, and send the prescription with $24.00 for untinted glasses and yes you can get tinted glasses if you want.
    I’m just one of over a dozen nurses in our family besides having a doctor, 2 administrators, an aunt that is both a RN as well as she taught nursing, and a grandmother that did medical billing and retired from it. I knew if i didn’t put this information together now it would never be done.

  53. Agar Magali Botello says:

    Gracias por darme la oportunidad de seguir en el sorteo de $2MILLION Y PLUS MORE EN JUNE 30th Gewey 6900

  54. Helen Stigliano says:

    I have bee fighting cancer for 4 years. Very very expensive. Been married for 57 years–never had a honeymoon. Would love to take a trip and see the US. Life is short and to do some of the things I would love to do takes money. Wish me LUCK.

  55. Theodore Holmes says:

    I will take care of my family.

  56. Theodore Holmes says:

    God blessing

  57. Andrew Xiong says:

    Win it all, will make every dream come to a whole new beginning of adventure. Would love to explore the world and learn new culture. Growing up with a family of 11 child is difficult. Every help you get is a blessing. Life is what you get by what you gave. Never gave up and quit anything. Continue doing what you love and know. Every light that shine from the sunrise is a blessing to never forget where it all started. Thank you!
    -A. Xiong

  58. Margaret Arnold says:

    I would take a vacation that is way over due with my grandchildren who are my life and then pay off some debts

  59. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH if I Win I win it all I will be so excited I will scream yell and I will hug Dave Todd and DanielleAnd I will thank them I will be elated Brenda Carlton

  60. Darrellsnow77@gmail.com says:

    Celebrate with my family

  61. Beaulieu Bernal says:

    I would invest and I help the needy

  62. jesus Raygoza says:

    1st pay all the money that I owe and the loan that I have,
    And take a vacation to think about what do I
    Want to invest this money or what kind of business I wold like run ,or help out people
    That really needs help out their, that are lost

  63. Salvador Pena says:

    I’d pay off my bills, give the Lord a 10th n buy a house n truck n give my kids money

  64. Allison Lindo says:

    I will help the people of my community help feed the kids do u kno how many kid go home from school every day don’t know what they are going to eat these kids are our future we need to invest in them

  65. Kristopher says:

    Pay Bills

  66. Kristopher says:

    Love to win it All Prize Patrol PCH

  67. RON HUBBARD says:


  68. Brenda Carlton says:

    I really dont know for sure what I might do it would be such a shoke knowing I hope I would be humble and graveful but you never knmow what you will do in such a situat you migh Scram lough cry with joy
    Brenda Carlton

  69. Linda Kaasch says:

    Pch if I won the win it all sweep stakes I’d cry with joy !
    My man job. Closed down .so he out of job and iam disable .we could sure use a mircle at this time.
    I enjoy the games .thxlindakaasch

  70. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH the questionis what would I do first if I win I have been thinking about that the first thing I will do is take car of my elderly meadacine and food and then the orpin children in Israel who I have supported my husband and I felw a lot of them back to Israel form Rusha I will help the people thare.I want o help the children all over and At Jude children there re several people I want to help and if I get enough money I will help the as well Brenda Carlton

  71. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win and win it all you know me by now that I am a person of my word and I will give to those I promised to odo so and then some. PCH I truly want to win and I wiant to win big it will need o be big for all the people I promised go give to those PCH those that are running for offfice an for my family and those that are in need all around me and those I support PCH how far do you have to go to find a true winner who is me Brenda Carlton

  72. larry says:

    if I win the win it all or even the 7000.00 a week for life #6900 on 4-29-16 og 6-30-16 I well be donating much more to st judes children hospital in Memphis an 2 more I know of get out of debt help family an friends an take a nice vacation and thank god an pch for the blessings t want to win pch

  73. Barbara Hill says:

    If I win, I would like to thank god for giving me this chance to prove myself to everyone that I am a careing loving person that I would give to the homeless & a charity organization & send in my tidings to Peterpopoff that’s the church that I’m into & I want to win it all, I just want to help those that needs help besides me.

  74. Ray Barton says:

    If I would get luck and win the 2 million and the 10 thousand I help out the children hospital for the sick kids with cancer. With the money I donate to the hospital will help fine a cure and make those kid better. Then I build me a new home for me and my kids and then I help people I know , in my side of the family I give them some money to help them out. But most of all I would pay off my grandkids car and their college fund as long as it takes until they graduate. Then I buy my youngest daughter a 67 vette split window cause she loves them. Then I buy my dream car a 69 Chevy yenko Camaro then I take me an my wife on a long over seas vacation, like France, Rome, Ireland, Hawaii and a few more.

  75. Jeff Dzikovsky says:

    and to donate to charities help children!

  76. Jeff Dzikovsky says:

    I would be able to pay for all of my medications, that I have to take for the rest of my life because of my Cancer, and not to be dependent upon my states Medicaid, so that I can be free. finally have a place that I could call “HOME” to live the rest of my life happy and positive, to be on my own again, run my own life !

  77. Linda Kaasch says:

    Have my own home .feel stable and stress free. And help animal shelters
    And donate to no child goes hungry
    Thanks pch team

  78. Rejeana Lewis from CAILF. STOCKTON MILTON ST says:

    My REJEANA LEWIS would give back to my community invest wisley take care family relativives the friends I have but (GOD) he comes first so I have to pay my tighs and just wait and see if I’m a winner I WISH EVERYONE GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS user#1018036 REJEANA LEWIS THANK YOU

  79. Barbara Hill says:

    Pay off my debts, I just want to win

  80. Barbara Hill says:

    I’m playing to win. I’m entering Gwy No #6884 & June30th, win it all prize winner from Gwy No # 6900 to win it all prize will receive $2,000.000.00& plus $10,000.00 a month for life on top of that a brand new Lincoln MKZ valued over $36,115.00 entitled to the winner. I am claiming it all and I want to win, June 30th, Prize Winner Gwy No #6900 I’m still entering from life.

  81. Emma Hillbish says:


  82. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I am in it to win it and have come to winit all all. I want to win the 10,000,000.00 and the 1,000.000/00 19,000.00 Car House and 7,thousand for life 5,ooo.oo for ever PCH Tag it all for me and Make me a winner. I will be back tomorrow going to bed now Brenda Carlton

  83. Margaret Arnold says:

    I would love to become debt free for once and put a new roof on my house .Keeping fingerscrossed that I get to meet the prize patrol here on the 29th of this month .Thank you PCH

  84. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH if I won it all I would be elated so full of joy I would scream yell and there would be at the moment it happened I would be in shock and just in a place I would have trouble believing until it rally set in my brain. I would Thank the Prize patrol and invite them into my home and I would have to set down and take it all in. I have never won anything in my life and this would be the greatest.I want to win it all 10,000,000.00 for the Golden ticket 1,000,000.00 7,.000.00 a week for life and 5,000.00 a week forever. a House a Car 25,000.00 Tag it all PCH.and What I have won at Disqus. what a pleasure that would be. wow just to think of it makes me get goose bumps. PCH bring it on
    Brenda Carlton

  85. Brenda Carlton says:

    What would I do if I won it all PCH I could give give from my hearts content and I would help a lot of people If I won lot of money I could do a lot with it If I win a little I can do a little PCH I realize a lot of people will be calling and asking I will have to check people out to see who is really in need and I will. I want to help some of the charities you help . Like St Jude Children and the oephina My husband and I built Churches in albaniaother countries and took care of orphans and orphans in Israel and gave food and medicine to the elderly in Israel it was such a pleasure knowing we were helping Gods chosen people I would give from the heart to others as we’ll as use the money myself
    Brenda Carlton

  86. Brenda Carlton says:

    If the Prize patrol shows up at my house Dave,Todd,and Danielle, Showers up at my hours I will be so excited elated I will be in ah just knowing I have won something. I probably will yell scream Cry for sure and just be at ah Nothing like that has ever happened to me so I am guessing what I will do but I know me I will be crying and so thankful I will hug there necks and welcome them into my home. For me that will be a true event one to remember for ever a time when I have dreamed about for years
    .Brenda Carlton

  87. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCh if I won and won it all I would want to tell PCH Publishers Clearing house and all there workers How grateful I was and how I appreciate there hard work and that I am glad they are here working so others can benefit in the win. I am truly grateful and Love PCH and I believe in them. They are a wonderful company. They have don a lot for others St Jude there community and others and those of us who play and want to win. I want to win and I ant to win big.I ant the 7,000.0 a week for life and the 5,000.00 for ever and 1,000.000.00 a new car a house 10,000,000.00 the golden ticket10,000.0 I want to win all . PCH Tag it all for me Thank you
    Brenda Carlton

  88. Margaret Arnold says:

    I would love to win and if were to win then I can pay to go back to school open up CD’S for my grandchildren pay off all my debts by myself a car Help the homeless and last but least take a family vacation ..Thank you PCH GIVE AWAY

  89. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    If I were really lucky enough as a winner of “Win it all” I would spend the money as described below:
    1. To pay off my mortgage
    2.To buy a brand new pick up truck
    3. To give away smoe money to Charity.
    4. To save for my 9 grand kids

  90. Sigrid Bladen says:

    April 7 2016 2:34 am
    I would pay off my home and fix it up as it really needs it.
    I had a bad operation that put me in a wheel chair. I lost my job and was put on Disibalty income which doesn’t cover everything and I am about to loose my home and be put into a nursing home which I will not be able to deal with, so that is what I will do with the $7,000.00 a week if I should win.
    I will also like to give to the care and rescue of all the homeless animals in this county.
    PLEASE pray with me that I will win.

  91. Natalie says:

    I would buy myself a home. . Get a car for much cheaper than the Lincoln.. I could get myself a car and a van to help pick up everyone, also a motel or 2 to help all the homeless have nutritious homemade meals everyday and stay out of the heat and cold. Been homeless for year now. Finally have room which is great for me but very very expensive. No car, nd some health issues need taken care of. I Have had one vacation my whole life so one thing be a cruise somewhere..After have help hired to take care of everything while I am gone for week or two.

  92. Duane says:

    I’m planning to donate to several Charities,Animal Shelters,my family, give back to America(help get the WTC Towers rebuilt).

  93. james chase says:

    I would pay off all my bills help my family and by my first house yes

  94. Keith Winston says:

    ” lump-sum payout Giveaway No. 6900 We will be taking a Special Early Look for a SuperPrize winner from Giveaway No. 4900. All June 30th Special Early Look online Win It All Bulletins/Promotions during the timeframe of 4/21/15 through 6/23/15 will be assigned valid SuperPrize Numbers fully eligible to win a lump-sum payment of $2,000,000.00, a Brand New Lincoln MKZ (or the $37,315.00 cash equivalent) plus $10,000.00 A-Month-For-Life SuperPrize from Giveaway No. 4900 on June 30th, 2015. These SuperPrize Numbers will also be fully eligible to win a guaranteed $1 Million SuperPrize on June 30th, 2015 in a Second Chance Drawing” Good Luck!

  95. Lori says:

    I have cancer and could use the money to pay my medical bills.Any amount would be a blessing.

  96. dolores thomas says:

    hi danialle, todd,dave welcome to the new member in the group. am writing to say I been playing daily , and entering all kind of pch sweepstakes playing many games and win million’s of tokens every day I am dreaming of a knock at my door my heart hurts because I know how bad my family needs this my mom is 81 years old. I have five other bother’s and sister’s that I haven’t seen in 10 year’s my hope is winnig this for my mother because she raise ten kids as a single mom and 12 grand kids and that way am trying to win to thank her and let her know I love her. thank you.

  97. lynda ragan says:

    I would pay my bills, help my family. I would help the DAV, PVA and the Wounded Warrior Program. God Bless America and Her Own.

  98. Merna Thompkins says:

    The first thing would do is to than God, and then pay off all my debt. The next thing pay my ties at Church and the share with my family and then have the house build the way I always dream of and live happy every after Lord say the same.

  99. Rena Brown says:

    Dear one,
    I am fighting for life but if I win it, I’d like to help you …. be blessed

  100. Rena Brown says:

    Dear Tracy,
    If I win, I’d like to help you

  101. Rena Brown says:

    Dear Brenda,
    If I win I’d like to help turn things good for b you. #iaminittowinit
    towinit and so should you be dear one

  102. Rena Brown says:

    If I win I would like to help you grand babies are precious

  103. Rena Brown says:


  104. Rena Brown says:

    Dear PCH, the first thing I would do is pay for a car, I need to get out of mountains, to do MORE than I’m currently able to do… I was an abused woman. He traded my car (paid off) and bought a landrover. I was in another state hiding. When I left him due to severe abuse…. he had it repo’d . I’ve not been able to get a car since. Then to the foundation to help so many!! Then pay 2 yrs rent with a thank you so much, and then drs. So I can live.

  105. Monica travis says:

    I would move.buy a small house. In utha.Brigham city. Then I would have a home. For my kids and grandbabys to come meet me for the first time. And. Have my grandbabys and kids have stay overs .thank you pchforgiven me a chance. At life.

  106. Digna Nieves Franco says:

    Give thanks to GOD for answer my prayers,for give me the opportunity to help my parents, my son ,my brothers and sister to have a better life ,help them to have their own home where they can live without  economical limitations and worries.
    I would help homeless and children organizations ,talent students and animal shelters

  107. Margaret Arnold says:

    I’m in it to win it ..I would be so happy if use were to come to my house with some flowers that I never receive by anyone but my one and only dog trouble who took me some flowers from the corner flower shop lol and thank God FOR ANSWERING ONE OF MY PRAYERS

  108. Brenda Carlton says:

    5Thousand 5,000.0 a week for ever is mine so PCH Tag them for me please and Bring Mr Lucky to me to hold in my hands. Lucky and I have been weighting for a very long time, and I feel it is our time now. I am getting things all ready for lucky and for you trip bringing him to me.PCH tell Dave,Todd,Howe, and Danielle that I will have the coffee hot and I will be looking for you
    Brenda Carlton

  109. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH please Tag it all for me I and trusting I will win it all my notes are high and I am trusting Praying and for some reason I have a good feeling about winning. I hope I am not wrong but Even if a doubt comes I still have that wonderful feeling that I will win I sure hope so every thing else is going wrong .
    PCH I love PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  110. Emma says:

    Pay all my bill’s off an go on a well deserved vacation. Want to win it all. Thank you PCH!

  111. Tracy Satterwhite says:

    Well I was blessed to have gotten the postcard as well in the mail. Unfortunally though when I went to enter those numbers to #4900 it all went arie and I was not able to continue and be able to post for the grand prize,,, Such Is life, spin the wheel till the brakes fall off, and now when its broke, you have nothing,, good luck to all, and to all a happy New Year, Tracy Satterwhite….

  112. Margaret Arnold says:

    If I was to win 5,000 a week I would first buy myself a car that i’m in need of then put money in a trust fund for my grandchildren and help out the needy and donate to the B+ foundtain for childhood cancer and last but least I would take me a vacation that’s over due

  113. Linda Hale says:

    I’d get down on my knees an thank God an PCH take care my children family. . St. Jude’s . An I’d help the vets , for my husband was a Navy man I just lost him to God at just before thanksgiving so I’d get him a stone for his resting place. Just be greatfull for the lincoln . A little money be great I’d put a new roof on my old house well that’s what I’d.

  114. Mattie Roberson says:

    First fall on my knees and thank God, next pay all my debts, and give my children and grand children money.

  115. William Forder says:

    If I won I would drop to my knees and cry then I would pick myself up start a bank account for my kids and grandkids and then pay all of my bills.

  116. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win
    And how I would benefit never stress on a bill ever against start in joying life and and finally have a real smile
    Good luck to everybody

  117. Merna Thompkins says:

    Give Thanks to the Lord first, and then set up a bank account for my four grandkids and my three living kids. and give to my mother and my six sister and brother and then me and my husband with sit back and what have to worry about being hungry again are any bill’s getting cut off.

  118. Mario Echeverria says:

    Dear friends: greeting and take a good year . Please activate and exciting the sequence in this entry and my superprize number claim PCHGWY No. 4900 . Thanks for your help. ME

  119. david morris says:

    well it has been a ruff year my wife fighting cancer but she is steal here with my I would pay all my doctor bills so I won’t lose everthing we own and help a lot of people I know that could use a little sunlite in there lives.

  120. Shawn. Halfon says:

    Shawn halfon. December 25 -2015. I want to win the 5,000 a week for life. I want to let Pchsearch&win know I want. To win i should let the world know I want. To win this so i hope you get it this i want To win!

  121. Margie says:

    Pay all my bills off adopt a school

  122. Jack Brothers says:

    Thank God

  123. Mrs. D says:

    I will win this PCH 4900 on Dec 30th! My vision is to help all those who are homeless and needy. I will help those who are suffering in various parts of the US- as I will be receiving this to give it away!! Our country is in dire need of help from those who care- and with my whole heart, body, and spirit- I sincerely CARE!!! The ability to brighten someone’s day- and possibly their life with a caring gift is what makes my spirit soar above the clouds!!!

  124. Wanda M Jenkins says:

    First I would buy a new one story house so my husband and I don’t have to climb stairs. Then a NEW Ford Vehicle that get better mileage than 11.5 mpg. I just love FORDS!!!!! Pay off my bills. Help my kids and grandkids especially my youngest who is in college. Then I could concentrate on doing some contributions to charities that I want to help. Gosh it just would make life more affordable to do the things I need to bring my health back. God Bless All!!!

  125. Justin Barragan says:

    Simply said I’d take care of some debts I owe which isn’t that much then I’d start the process of opening a company manufacturing alternative energy generators Made In America By Americans I’d be doing my part in starting a manufacturing company that would soon to be a leading producer of these products that is made in country with the goal to employ my fellow Americans to build Products that will make paying power bills a thing of the past so it’s a very big ticket item on the plate but it’s tried and tested works 100% just greed keeps this process secret my goal would help millions and millions of people in the end goal objective once the hard part of getting off the ground is out of the way it would snowball

  126. Christopher hale says:

    Hello i would have to say first thing i would get a accountant because i dont know were to deposit that much or how im use to week to week checks and curently unemployed so ya i would have to get accounting then i would want to take 1 mill and invest in real estate because that is wut i want to do i would buy as much as possible fixer uppers fsbo s and a few complex buildings for long term of course but they would be housing for the less fortinet and i would invest those profits back in to more of them the houses and realestate i would hold a special event and have like 3 families right in on y they need my house then i would pick a winner and give like three houses away still got thoughts about how to do but the next mill i would take close fam and friends out one day wear ever and wut ever after i get my favorite truck and maybe a bike hey i cant give it all away now but ya alot would be for close fam and friends to enjoy riding the rough times out with me now for the 10 thousand a week well i can say if u dont like the earlier parts u will think im dum but i would open my custom auto shop i always wanted and i would promote a youth racing team of moter monsters and that is how i would help the community with a youth group and automotive discounts and events to win things and after that i would give my daughter enough to go to school for wut she wants but cant pute that dont get to communicate much long story but Navajo tribe send no on me having custody but i can still give ha ha i would make sure she always has a home and for me i would just let it run its corse in life after that be comfortable and have all i want home truck shop business in real estate and love for my fam and friends with out them we all would be without a creek up a paddle thanks vote for cave man aka Christopher hales customs thanks

  127. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH if I win it All I want to go visit some family first travel give to others and back to school after my heart surgery. I want to win and win big I would love to have my house fixed warmer I freeze the floors are so cold I can’t hardly walk on them barefooted. I have to wear a coat or house coat in my house all the time even though this is a fairly new home only 5 years sol that is no inoculation in the walls the attic needs more insolation th floors need coils in the floor on the cement to keep my feet warm. there is so many things I would do if I only had money and by all means I need to pay mi=y wills off which I did not have any unit 1 monts ago.
    Brenda Carlton I want to win
    God please help me win

  128. Sherry says:

    Would love to win money so I could take care of me and my family!! Also my sister she can get anything she would like to have! Good luck to the winner!!

  129. Junior mendoza says:

    The fist thing I would do is donate some money to charity to help support cancer society second I’ll buy me and my family a big house so all my family members would be able to have a place to stay if need be I also would retire my father for all his hard work he has worked very hard ever sense I could remember he deserves to rest and be work free Then I would buy me a brand new sports car then I would invest in nike,coke,wallmart then I would open up my own business like a landscaping & snow removal buisness and put all my nephews,cousin’s,realities to work so they can have a steady income and a lot of other things hopefully I become pch super prize winner so I can start living a peaceful and relaxing life thank you pch for giving me a chance to become your superprize winner thanks

  130. michael turner says:

    i would love to earn some money that would help me pay for my daughter college and help me pay some bills off i am in bad health and had to retire from my job that i spent 31 years i would thank you very much if you could help me god bless you all michael turner

  131. Roberta Payne says:

    12 30 15 1 st thing i would do FAINT then i would just keep touching check to make sure its REALLY my name on it that will take a few hours no doubt then get a ride to bank with a lot of reall happy thoughts get sevaral certifyed checks for several people and send to cancer hospital for children cancer soiceity list gos on and on hope i have enough to pay my bills !!!!!!! Roberta11 24 15

  132. Roberta Payne says:

    12 30 15 1 st thing i would do FAINT then i would just keep touching check to make sure its REALLY my name on it that will take a few hours no doubt then get a ride to bank with a lot of reall happy thoughts get sevaral certifyed checks for several people and send to cancer hospital for children cancer soiceity list gos on and on hope i have enough to pay my bills !!!!!!!

  133. Teresa Johnson says:

    If I won it all from pch the first thing I’ll do is relocate take time to think .

  134. Teresa Johnson says:

    The first thing I would do if I won it all is buy a new home help my family cook a big dinner in my new home invite friends and family .

  135. michael turner says:

    if i was to win anything it would help me pay for my daughter college and maybe pay some of my bills off
    thank you for your help if i could win anything
    again thank you very much
    michael turner

  136. mariam says:

    If i win mean my last Dream comes true

  137. shawn allen says:

    id move my mom out of the country and make life easier for her my dad passed away and id want to make her life easier and i would pay it forward a lot i like to make people smile i would give as much as i could not all of it but i wouldn’t act greedy about it like some would do with it and i would always help people in need not those who just want and are fake friends over the money firstly id move second take mom with me and take good care of her as well and get her a nice house and let her retire early and enjoy the rest of the life she has left after losing dad shes not been too happy neither me but we make the best of that and i think dad would want us to share it all and not be stingy with it and share it like we would of wanted people to help us in times of need that’s exactly what id do

  138. john urmetz says:

    hi my name is john urmetz please please let me win then i will tell you what i wood do if i win !!

  139. Teresa Johnson says:

    If I won it all I would Thank God first , find a bank
    Call family friends job lawyer leave home for a few weeks to focus.

  140. Shannon Bates says:

    Save the World! Making the World an Better place for everyone, healthy and Happy Spend time with my Family make the World Go Around and Everyone Work Together No one has have go to War and Blow things Up!

  141. DOUGLAS BUTTS says:

    HI A GEN! PCH NUMBERS OR FOR ;OCT 23/2015 OR#4900#4902#4950#4650#4749#4650#5498#4650#3080#3862#
    5498#5163#5498#30880#3577#3046# ;IS ALL MAY PCH ‘FOREVER GWY ON PCH THAGK U PCH FORM DOUG IN HOOD CA

  142. Vickie Hale says:


  143. Kathy Jones says:


  144. Brendad Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win it all and why not me. PCH life is short and getting shorter every day and I want to win and need to win.
    Brenda Carlton

  145. BERTHA HART says:

    I WOULD FINALY PAY OFF OUR HOUSE.I am 78yrs and never have got to live in A house that is paid off.and than give 10/00 to my church.look for A home that we can get around in good in,help my children out & grand children,& othr family members.We have had to scrape by all my life…Bertha.H

  146. kathy conrad says:

    I would pay all my debts than I would by a acreage and car and do some good deeds than go shopping I always wanted to do that and go early Christmas shopping and so much more …

  147. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH the first I would do us cry out of a thankful heart toGod I am alive PCH I was Alloewed to play and thankful to PCH they have the game I Love to payMd the money they share BrendaCarlyon

  148. young anne says:

    After all of the years that I have been entering these contests, if I am the winner I will give to the church for promises made when I had serious problems. Next I would make sure that all of my children, grand children and great grandchildren would be able to go to college. then iwould take thee wwife on a cruise around the world and see all the friends that we have all over the world. I would like to give to all the veteran groups that need funds so badly. thank you for making all this possible. GOD BLESS YOU111

  149. william says:

    i won the 5.000 a week i would pay for my grandkids collage and then buy me a new van for disabled vet me. and buy me and my wife a new home and then help my three kids..

  150. Shirley Ireland says:

    If I win I would pay all my bills and buy my sisters and my sons a home. they are all struggling to make it and even though we all worked hard and went to school like our parents told us to we constantly struggle to make it in the society. I would buy some land and build and day care for low income families.

  151. Odette Ferguson says:

    Dear PCH, I’ve been doing your sweepstakes since I’ve been 18 years old. On July 22nd, 2015 I just turned 60 years old. I’d like to pay for my son’s college education, he just turned 22 on July 13th, 2015. As well as doing this, I would love to retire at a job that I have worked for for 41 years this December. I want to travel, do my volunteer work and have a cushion for any medical bills and any thing that may come up in the near future. I guess after playing PCHafter 42 years winning anything is not in my future. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

  152. ronnie martinez says:

    Thank u I’ll keep playing keep wining thanks pch.

  153. margaret waller says:

    I’VE said before MY sister needs a new house or badly need A great deal of repair and my family needs help and I sure need to pay taxes on my home and pay my past due bills and take long vaction with my family.

  154. margaret waller says:

    I’VE said before MY sister needs a new house or badly need A great deal of repair and my family needs help and I sure need to pay taxes on my home and pay my past due bills and take long vaction with my family.

  155. margaret waller says:

    I’VE said before MY sister needs a new house or badly need A great deal of repair and my family needs help and I sure need to pay taxes on my home and pay my past due bills and take long vaction with my family.

  156. margaret waller says:

    I’VE said before MY sister needs a new house or badly need A great deal of repair and my family needs help and I sure need to pay taxes on my home and pay my past due bills and take long vaction with my family.

  157. margaret waller says:

    I’VE said before MY sister needs a new house or badly need A great deal of repair and my family needs help and I sure need to pay taxes on my home and pay my past due bills and take long vaction with my family.

  158. ron hubbard says:


  159. ron hubbard says:


  160. CYNTHIA KUNKEL says:

    The first thing I would do is jump for joy!!! AND HUG YOUR NECKS!!!Then I would buy me a TinyHouse,just right for me and CHLOE,and go on a vacation,I’ve never had the privilege to do,think I’d go on a cruise,one that would let me BRING my Yorker with me cause we are inseparable,Maybe tour Europe and some of the island, that’s truly a fantasy for me,But the really important thing to do first is get my Cochlear implants done !!!And maybe take my sister’s along too!!!!

  161. Cynthia Kunkel says:

    The first thing I would do is jump for the joy of winning then start hugs for the PCH team, I usually cry when I’m estaticly happy,who knows what Id say,lol I just be awestruck!!

  162. AliEhsan Jassim says:

    If I win, I will buy a house and bring my son and his wife and sun to live in USA

  163. Denise says:

    If I won I, I would put a headstone on my X-husbands’ grave site. Then I would move back to Georgetown California to relocate my son back to his home roots. I would make sure my Father was happy and well taken care of. I would also give back to the local food bank here in Foresthill California. They have put food on our kitchen table many times during are hardship when I could not. I also most definitely would take my 13 year old son anywhere he wanted to go and give him a life he deserves. Thank you so very much PCH for being interested. I would also like to give my gratitude for the fun and exciting games, news and everything you are.

  164. pat stabile says:

    PCH Team, I would pay off all bills, pay off my house,
    I would help my girlfriend son’s get out of debt. Then my girlfriend and I would take a trip to Italy. We have never been able to go on a vacation. I would also donate to the homeless shelter. I would also donate to a organization that helps people in need of finances help.

  165. Jean Ann says:

    What would i do if I won #4900 giveaway? I would thank God for the blessings of such a thing coming my way. I would payoff all debts and have fun traveling where I could. I cannot go everywhere I would like to go for physical reasons. I would help others, who have much less than I do.
    What a blessing it would be to be a winner, thank God and PCH for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  166. Oliver Alexander says:

    I know that I would love to be the winner of the $5,000.00 a week for two life times “Forever” Prize with pch no 4900, plus I would be excited to win the $25,000.00 Golden Ticket Award with pch no 4749.

  167. Shari says:

    1. Frame my winning pressboard check
    2. Bring on those ballons (love, love, love them
    3. Those roses beautiful ( I smell them through the tv)
    4. And the champaine ( camera crew, me and ,pop the cork fill the glasses, And SMILE FOR THE CAMERA

    Then pay taxes…
    Buy a car that don’t smell like gas
    get advice on 2 small business’s create jobs
    to get a return on my investments. And be VERY GREATFUL.

  168. Brenda Carlton says:

    Hello-PCH If I won it all it would be such a shock and a wonderful one at that I would love to win it all PCH Thank you PCH for asking
    Brenda Carlton

  169. Anita Gleason says:

    First, I would help as many of the Homeless people that I could. There is a Church not to far from here that feeds the Homeless every week. I would try to help them. Help my kids and myself. Please come see me….

  170. BrendaCatlotn says:

    HI PCH I just got back form the Lure of the sea Cruse my Son took me on pm a Cruse I have been gone over a week on the lure of the Lure of the sea Sea over a week on theSea I had a ball The first vacation I have had in years. PCH I would love to win it would s honor to win it all

  171. Brenda liz martinez says:

    I really want to win to help my family and pay all my medicine I have problems to eat for years and I would like to help others and make Donation to St Jude Children’s Hospital and more I been here waiting for almost 15 years

  172. Roberta Payne says:

    Reading all the sad stories breaks my heart wish they all could win have a better lfe for themselves and people they all care about wish it could really happen we all have basicly same intentions helping others if only well who ever is blessed we all will at least know there will be people that truly deserve what ever they won to help others make they own lives better to but i have allso seen best intention go wrong once money in hand its forgotten all the reason for winning forgotten my thoughts hope i amm wrong let every one be happy and blessed!!

  173. Mary A says:

    If God welling I won it all .The first thing I would do is pay off my 3 boys bills than my own help my brother and sister-in-law get back on their feet. my brother has not been able to work for 5 years due to his back.I have always wanted to help a family in need I sure could if I won. I myself do not need a lot but others need so much. I would full fill my dream do for others Thank you

  174. james chase says:

    if I won i would help my family there are 7 brother.and sisters i would help them pay off there bills and bye a house

  175. margaret waller says:

    I WOULD MAKE THE MOST OF IT IF I WON I’LD PAY BILLS HELP THE HOMELESS FAMILYS and of corse my kids buy a new sub and take a long vac

  176. Willie bean says:

    If i won the sweepstakes, i would like to see that my kids were taken care of for the rest of their life,then i would invest the rest.pay off bills.

  177. Ann says:

    If I won I will pay my loans Help my dad continue to help two children that I’ve been helping.

  178. Duane Firestone says:

    If I win on 8/31/15 or any big win I would thank the lord & PCH. The first thing is to help my family & do a lot of good to a lot of people that I know & some I don’t know. I would pay the bill off. So bring on the van to my address I would love to see it in my drive way.

  179. joan krill says:

    pay bills home needs tlc help children, grandchildren, great grand children and then go where it is warm in the winter

  180. Roberta Cash says:

    Like I said,I would do alot for my children and my grandchildren and my mother that have alway remember my brithday and had my back.but l would love to have my first house that my mother could come over and stay as long as she would like to.then we could go out with the family and I would be able to say,it’s on me.somthing I have never been able to say or do.you guys have to met my mom.and when we are done for today,we can start again.this.will be the day the good Lord will shine on me.and I will thank him for just being around..we all want to win,so we all pray for that day.I look where I live and I keep my faith that I.will move from here even if I don’t win the pch,but it would be nice if I did win.

  181. willie bean says:


  182. Cynthia Kunkel says:


  183. Roberta Cash says:

    If I win pch,I would get all the thing I had before I lost them.take lots of pictures of all 6 are my childern and all16 are my grandchildren.and them things I have never done for them all they little life
    .I will see my mother tha is 87years old and still with us.all the BIRTHDAYs,I have miss sending her a card and other thing just as well.then I will set back and just enjoy all that I was able to do.that mean alot to me to put joy in they lifeo yes I will be setting on my own front porch at my fist home for my family.not to big or too littler.

  184. Catherine Woolfork says:

    I would help others to achieve their dreams…I Have 9 sisters and two brothers who have always wanted and dreamed of owning their very own home. I would make this dream come true by purchasing homes for all of them. Also I would contribute to charitable organizations such as feed the children, cancer funds, United way and etc. My joy will come in not winning for myself but for helping others to achieve their dreams.

  185. Samantha Simons says:

    I have consistency and do believe streams come true please come c me in Lufkin Texas and make my dream turn to reality so I can buy me and my kids our very own first home and car and help others Thanks,PCH gwy#s 4900 4901 4650 4950 1830

  186. peggy stotz says:

    what a rip off–your site doesnt work—I would be able to buy more nutritious food!!!!!!!

  187. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I would love to win if Inwin I Am going to try to go to College Brenda Carlton

  188. Ee Lee says:

    Hi Pch Staff teams
    Hey I here today love to answered your question that, “What would I do first if I won it all”?. Well, since I and my boyfriend Christian we’re going to married soon so we need a real place like a real home to lived on and continued our life. First of all, if I Ee Lee wins all this prizes all then, I want a home first, helps other’s peoples out there and plus will donated more money to helps those peoples that are homeless and feed those poor peoples that don’t have enough for their family especially to those having kids and have childrens. Thanks a lot very much… Love you all.

  189. Dennies Carver says:

    Pch I wants to win this one is a very large number the dream house car money $100,000.00 Gwy 4900prizes lump-sum $2 ‘ 000 00 000 $25.000.00

  190. Dennies Carver says:

    Pch I wants to win this one is a very large number the dream house car money $100,000.00 Gwy 4900prizes lump-sum $2 ‘ 000 00 000 $25.000.00 a month $ 5000.000 a week this’s fantastic pch I wants to win please activate me thank you.

  191. Gary Gruber says:

    Get the things my wife needs.

  192. Kay Byers says:


  193. Eduard Vogt says:

    It often happens that I wake at night and begin to think about a lot of money ????

  194. Paul says:

    This would take care of a lot of my family troubles and then could help other kids go to college so they don’t have to paid back what they get loans for myself I had kidney cancer back surgery that did not work hope to help others who are in same boat as me God bless pch for what they do

  195. Richard Ball says:

    shop till i drop

  196. charmaine says:

    If I won i wouldget my mom a nice headstone, do as she said give to church, help by providing shoes and clothes for children at school whos parents have not. Pain comes from others teasing. Provide a special fund for grand children for college. I would also open my dream of an all sports arena for kids to help get them off video games, learn that foul language and acting like adults is not respectable. Teaching them respect through games also teaches them to do their best.

  197. James Abbott says:

    If I won the sweepstakes. I would pay off the balance
    of my household bills. I lost 70% of my income and I
    am just barely making it now. I have no extra money to
    put in a savings account for a future emergency situation. I am semi retired and would love to see my
    kids and grandkids more often in Austin Texas. They moved there because of the no jobs in California. My
    age has kept me from getting even a part time salaried job. Now you can see why this sweepstakes money would mean so much for my wife and myself. I just break barely even on my expenses.
    God Bless and hope to God financial help is on it’s way somehow.

  198. Alice Moore says:

    At the present time I and my family is living in a three bedroom home and there are 5children and 4 adults and only room for 2 beds and to win this Dream Home Sweepstakes would be a blessing to give us the space we need for us and the children so we won’t be so cluddered up in the home.

  199. me says:

    I would pay off my sons college bill. Put funds for my daughter to go to college in two years. Buy a three bedroom house for myself. Buy a cell with a unlisted number. Take my grandma to any place she wants to go. Remodel her house why we are gone. Go see my mom. Buy my brother a house for him and his son because they have no where to live. Get my a big dog to protect me.

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