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wofmillionairemaker.com – Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Cash Sweepstakes – Win a Million Dollar! Online Game Sweepstakes. Wheel of Fortune’s Biggest Cash Sweepstakes is Back! The Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Amazing Sweepstakes is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc.  No Purchase Necessary. Total Rewards Resorts and Casinos and Wheel of Fortune want to make you a Millionaire with their Wheel of Fortune’s Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes! Just sit down and relax; now take a deep breath and imagine yourself becoming the next Wheeloffortune Millionaire. Take your time! How it feel? How it feel to suddenly be a wealthy person? Great! Indeed! No more financial worries. You can even quit your job and travel around the world all year long. You can finally get that dream life you’ve always dream. Everyone wants to be a winner.

Get your chance today and visit one of these sites: wofmillionairemaker.com – totalrewards.com/millionairemaker – wheeloffortune.com and follow the onscreen instructions to enter the Caesars Entertainment Operating Company promotion. No purchase Necessary. This promotion ends on April 20, 2014. EXPIRED –

wofmillionairemaker 2014


First, Entrants must watch the Show episodes telecast during the designated “Sweepstakes puzzle reveal weeks”. Note that you must be of legal age to gamble in a casino. To participate in Casino, entrants must first obtain a Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker game piece containing a Sweepstakes puzzle – Game Pieces. Once on the Website, entrants will be asked to watch a :15 second video and then fully complete and submit the “Free Game Piece” registration form. Also Entrants may obtain Game Pieces for a given day either in Casino or at the Website but not by both methods.


One (1) Grand Prize: One First Prize winner will be awarded one (1) million dollars ($1,000,000 U.S.)

wofmillionairemaker Entry: http://www.wofmillionairemaker.com/
wofmillionairemaker Rules: www.wofmillionairemaker.com/rules/

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17 Responses to “Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes – wofmillionairemaker.com”

  1. arturo hidalgo says:

    Thank you for oppunity to parcitate.I serve world two and korea where I wondead,but I was proud served.but Iam glad,more than that you are GIVES back .for all the peploe this a bunch hurarys.

  2. Jimmy Napier says:

    Yes did it. Done. I would love to win? ?.I am still hope waiting for you amen thanks

  3. Dante Wright says:


  4. Dante Wright says:


  5. Daniel walton says:

    I would donate 100000000 two my dad for his three churches then I would give each of my three chilrldren two which have heart problems . so they would not have to sturgle with money. Thank you Pch . hope to be a winner this drawling .

  6. Dante Wright says:

    I’m Ready To Win Forever Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  7. Brenda Carlton says:

    I Love PCH I want to win a new house the 3 million dollars will buy a nice home.and PCH I love playing all the games you have and would love to win them all. I don’t need a house costing that much can I keep some to invest Brenda Carlton

  8. Dante Wright says:

    It’s A New Season It’s A New Day I can’t wait for My New Prosperity from Publishers Clearing House to come My Way. Amen

  9. Dante Wright says:

    Ready to Help my Church to pay off the Church Mortgage and give back to a Charity PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE. Amen

  10. Dante Wright says:

    See You Soon Publishers Clearing House in Mississippi….Thanks A Million Publishers Clearing House for this Magnificent opportunity…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community. ..Amen

  11. Dante Wright says:

    Publishers Clearing House I’m ready to Grab what ever Publishers Clearing House have FOR Me….Thanks A Million Publishers Clearing House for this Epic Opportunity….New Life New Beginnings New Business New Community…Waiting To See You Soon Amen

  12. vincent carcione sr says:

    I missed two days winning game pieces I have all the game pieces I need the winning pieces for May 1 & 2. I fell asleep during the show. Well!! I am 92 years old

  13. Dante Wright says:

    Publishing Clearing House Grateful that I have this Great Opportunity that you have Provided for Me and other… Grateful Yes indeed that I am eternally Grateful…Each day I can enter into this sweepstakes is a Blessing for me…I know that God have definitelyhave a lot of plans for me…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community…I can NOT wait to start it ALL…I am Publishing Clearing House Junkie lol…But that is the determation and drive that I have inside of Me…Counting down the day’s it is 14teen days from Today…On April 30th Praying and Believing that you will be ringing my door bell with a check with my Dante Wright on it…If I could send a voice mail to you, on I would be singing Grateful for the things God has done.. Yes I sing…See You Soon Elite Members Welcome to Mississippi…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community AMEN 2014

  14. Dante Wright says:

    Publishing Clearing House Thank You for this Window of a Golden opportunity…I am TRULY Grateful for Publishing Clearing House for having this sweepstakes…Yes I Believe Yes I Believe that God will make ALL things New for Me…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community… Entrepreneur is ready to be birth out of Me…Have a Mentoring Program for the Community and Church is ready as well. ..Faith is Believing and Seeing is Believing. ..Publishing Clearing House I have both…This will also help my son college status secure he will finish and will that Mechanical Engineer…Yes I am a Dreamer I have a lot of ideal that is ready to birth out of Me for My Church and Community…Once again Thank You for this opportunity…Praying I willsee you Mississippi…Let the count down begin…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community AMEN 2014

  15. Dante Wright says:

    I can’t bypass anything of Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes…words can’t express my gratitude how truly grateful I am to be able to entering into this sweepstakes…ALL of the sweepstakes are Golden opportunity…and if people don’t take out the time yes it’s a lot of sweepstakes…but I don’t care I am determine to Win I can’t give up determination is in me…my prayer have been answer so have to put in the leg work…I am pleading out to why i should Win…for the last three years have been hard and difficult for my son and I…I was a store manager for several years thinking my job was secured No wasn’t…One bad fall equal to me been fired equal to back surgery equal to w/c didn’t care…so that mean yes I had to file bankrupt and surrender everything…when God Close one anymore are open up to you…I will not let my pass define me…Publishing Clearing House you have open the door I Dante Wright are stepping in…I anm here to Win Entrepreneur is within me and ready to come out…Publishing Clearing House Please HELP me from Dreaming to reality…I can see my Grand Opening and Publishing Clearing House is there cheering me ON…without Publishing Clearing House this wouldn’t be possible Yes Lord I believe…Top is in my Future NOT only for me my son aa while Mechanical Engineering he is 17teen college financial status will be secure for him…I will be able to pour back into my parents lives…Please Please HELP…I am ready to but name’s with faces Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam Welcome to the Hospitality STATE…New Life New Beginning New Business. .. AMEN — pch.com

  16. lenell rowe says:

    I lenell trying to see if my pch no#3080 wins any thing cause i want to b able to help my two sons thats r in prison and my daughter and my grandchildren so they can have good schooling 4 a good collage and make me proud grandmother and my son will have money 2 get personals so they can take care of them self help my daughter fix her va so i can see my babies that is all i want to do for my family my children& grandchildre so please i hope that i am the winner forthat 7,000 dollars for life thank you ms, lenell tyree rowe

  17. kenneth lucas says:

    I love wheel of fortune I watch it all time when I was akid

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