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Win cash sweepstakes ? Who does not love a sincere win every now and then? There is a lot of stuff that you can buy with your cash prizes, things that you would normally not splurge your hard earned cash on. With win cash sweepstakes, all the prize money that you win will be taxed but you do not have to worry about that because the prize money will comfortably cover all tax deductions. There are very many cash sweepstakes that you can join at any one time and the good thing is that you do it electronically over the internet like

Danielle Lam PCH Cash

PCH Prize Patrol Danielle Lam

Before you take part in any win cash sweepstakes and contests it would be good to first learn the rules of play. Some sweepstakes will only allow one person per household for example. The last thing that you would want to do is to lose out on some lucrative prize money after you are disqualified for disobeying any of the rules. Other sweepstakes will only allow people who are over 18 years of age to take part. Check out the expiry date of a ticket, lest you buy an invalid ticket. You have better things to do with your money.

One win cash sweepstakes is as good as the other because the idea is to spend just a few dollars on a ticket and then win a big prize. Some sweepstakes will offer entrants with cash prizes that amount to $100,000. Sometimes the cash prizes will come accompanied by other rewards like gift cards, pet foods, flowers and many others. Note that even after buying a ticket, it is not compulsory that you are going to win. Therefore, you should not be overly disappointed when you do not win any prize. That should also not discourage you as sweepstakes are a game of chance. The more you participate, the higher your chances of winning will be.



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  1. Shelley Kraft says:

    Hello this is Shelley Kraft From Rockwell city iowa I believe that i could be a winner.can i ask if you can please check and let me no. Thank you very much
    Shelley Kraft

  2. Robert maybin says:

    Robert maybin Sulphur Oklahoma God bless you guys want to won’t my winnings.Robert Maybin I won’t have my super prize winner

  3. Jesus Macias says:

    Yes I Jesus Macias claim and ACCEPT FORTHCOMING LIFETIME PRIZE NUMBER G8800 activate JESUS MACIAS Entry matching winning numbers eligible for Giveaway G8800 claim my SPOT ON TOP OF THE WINNERS SELECTION LIST OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE TITLE OWNERSHIP TO be the next big pch legacy

  4. Janice Chase says:

    Love yall I do hey pch could you please hurry im getting rained on here wait for you lol claiming it all Title of certificate of ownership love and blessings to you and yours …11050-382 yep ur Imminent winner of Bushnell Florida. Gid bless see me soon

  5. Janice Chase says:

    Love yall I do hey pch ciuld you please hurry im getting rained on here wait for you lol claiming it all Title of certificate of ownership love and blessings to you and yours …11050-382 yep ur Imminent winner of Bushnell Florida. Gid bless see me soon

  6. Janice Chase says:

    Love yall I do hey pch ciuld you please hurry im getting rained on here wait for you lol claiming it all Title of certificate of ownership .11050-382 yep ur Imminent winner of Bushnell Florida. Gid bless see me soon

  7. Janice says:

    Hey Pch how are u doing today, Janice Chase Imminent winner of the Pch gwy no.6900 . Knock knock I’m here in Bushnell Florida waiting for you to bring me my money. I have landed yep it’s me Janice Chase winner of the Pch….. Love to all so excited see me soon …. waiting for my money could you please hurry.

  8. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Claiming the Win.Ty435 4950

  9. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Claiming the Win.

  10. Anthony Carter says:

    I need to win…

  11. JANET A says:

    I would love to be a winner of the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes 5000 for life or the 7000 for life I would dream to have an opportunity to be waiting for the knock of my life is exchanging experience with Publishers Clearing House I’ve always been a person to give and help those who need it and never expected anything in return and I always was told that I should one day accept a return gift and that’s why I feel that I deserve to be the winner of this publisher Clearing House sweepstake that would ultimately change my life please grant me this opportunity to be the winner thank you

  12. Rosalia Bernstein says:

    I really need to win the prize of $5000/week. I am 62 and I am unable to work in the health care any longer. I lost my home to foreclosure , divorced after 27yrs of marriage because I discovered my husband was a child molester with my 4 yr old grandaughter. My life turned from a wonderful full life to an empty cold existence. To win would allow me to purchase a small home and enjoy a bit of traveling. Something to give pleasre. Donate to my favorite charities. Give people who suffer an opportunity to live. Especially single moms children and animals. Please Bless me with this beautiful gift. I would share with others who suffer too.
    Thank you & God Bless
    Rosalia Bernstein

  13. Dwight battle says:

    Well didnt win last month but I’m back love the opportunity to play keeps you expecting.

  14. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win with pch. I really need medical help asap. I need a new leg after a fall off the roof Thanksgiving of 2000. My right leg is fused 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and blood clots and L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back crushed 80 %. My dear wife Sue was killed in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. A friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money from me when I was vonorable. I really need a win for doctors. Good luck to all. I mean it. We all need a break. Thank you pch. Blessings. Steve :-)

  15. Mary Higginbotham says:

    Love to win and help my family, church, and Medical
    Research for cancer and others.

  16. Gerald Trimble says:

    My wife will get her dream kitchen and vacation.

  17. Wesley Stone says:

    I have had A HARD Life since I was 19 (5 years ago) with a car wreck with a so-called friend that left Me for dead after the car stopped flipping, He got up and ran leaving Me there bleeding to death, BUT by God’s LOVE, MERCY, AND GRACE! – I AM living for The Lord now, I want job, BUT that WILL Cancel out My Medicaid which WILL result in Me, not being able to get My prescriptions for My pain with My broken hip AND My shattered femur/thigh bone, AND also My severe depression and anxiety, because of My brain being swollen because of my head trauma.
    I was air-lifted to the Hospital where My Parents could not recognize My disfigured face. I TRULY feel desperate by doing something like this, BUT My God says: If thou ask, then thou shall receive, If thou knock, then thy door will be opened.
    I’ve just been in ‘Deep’ Prayer for The Lord to send Me an “Open Door” of GREAT Opportunity. I just wanted Thank You, Guys for giving someone this Blessing.
    (!) Since My wreck on June 19th, 2009 I have started College to become God’s Purpose for My Life (A Nurse) -So that I can give back to people that Helped and Prayed for Me in My time of need, BUT I was :(ONLY): able to finish My Basics in ALL the core classes + Advanced Algebra. My Dad payed for Me going for two years and He just doesn’t have the income, BUT this would on top of the list for things to do, if I did win The PCH $5,000.00 A Week Sweepstakes. THANKS for THIS OPPORTUNITY AND Nevertheless GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  18. Connie Miles says:

    Thank you for these wonderful opportunities to win big money. They are exciting and fun to play. I am believing I will win. Please enter me to win the $7,000 a week and thank you PCH!

  19. MaryPhillips says:


  20. KAY BYERS says:


  21. MaryPhillips says:


  22. Ana Rosado says:

    Thank you for the change to play. ANA ROSADO. GURABO, PUERTO RICO.

  23. Ana Rosado says:

    I would like to enter my name in the winner cash PCH SWEEPSTAKES
    I hope to be come the next winner please thank you.
    Ana ROSADO. Gurabo,Puerto Rico.

  24. MaryPhillips says:


  25. august says:

    i just help by some who knows THANK YOU

  26. joseph martinez says:

    Please help me win 3080 prizes i need a blessing bad rite no thanks

  27. Juan Jose Gonzalez says:

    Activar$7,000 a week for life y $5,000. For week. New ford explorer. $32,000.00. #9_08! Has S rrive

  28. Mary Phillips says:

    To win cash from the games, That’s the PCHGames and sweepstakes, stull felling pretty good about claiming my entries ,searching #Pch I Really Believe you the PCH PRIZEPATROLTEAM WILL BE CAMEING TO. JACKSONVILLE AND YOU WILL COME TO HAND ME the BigCheck 8

  29. Karen says:

    I will win PCH’S $7,000 superprize 3080

  30. Raymond Elliott says:

    To Danielle , Dave , Tod, I am ready and waiting, coffee and donuts ,your #1 PCH Superfan Raymond Elliott.

  31. Mary Phillips says:

    Ms Mary need cash now, Need a Matching Number #3080 Needs a Match, Imagining Praying, I feel Something. You can tell I Love the Games, BLESSED

  32. Glenn Makuch says:

    Dear Publishers Clearing House,
    I am really excited to be part of the p c h family, I am going to win this, because I am in it to win it. When I win, I will help all my brothers and sisters who were with me down at Ground Zero, I will help the 9/11 first responders. People who think and give and help other human beings, always get repaid back in many blessings. GOD created us in HIS image, we have HIS soul and I want to help others, but first I would like to pay off my home and all my medical bills. So Mr. and Mrs. PCH please bring the balloons and the big fat check to my home. Miracles happen to those who believe, and I am a believer. To win anything in life, the only thing you have to do is show up, do good in life and Believe. ILL be ready to meet a winning Team that will make my dreams come true for the rest of my life time. God Bless you all on your journey to my home pleases be safe. God Bess America and God Bless everyone from Publishing Clearing House.

  33. Selina says:

    Im going to win, cause I’m in it to win it. My grandfather who just turned 100 had been entering these sweepstakes for years, well he’s at that age where he’s turning none believer on me so everyday I grab the mail and mail in his pch entries for him. Now I do it online through my iPhone. One of your questions asked, who will you be sharing it with, I think my choice is clear, to my grandparents and parents who have been so supportive in every way. My grandfather was a self made millionaire and over the past few years has been giving it away cause he didn’t think he was going to make it past 100, well guess what, he’s doing good but ran out of funds, so I want to give it back to him, even though others in the family dont share my enthusiasm, you really
    Find out who really cares for you when the money runs out. It’s really sad. Anyways, I want to give back.

  34. michelle says:

    would love to win out of work mother of six and a grandmother 4 kids at home 3 are mine other is my niece who is special needs. was hurt at work waiting for doctors and surgery bills piling up.when better want to open a special needs day care PICK ME PCH

  35. Emily Cowart says:

    Would really like to win and be able to go to games that I hear others talk about. – Win Cash Sweepstakes

  36. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 3080 its my 5 anniversaire I never got my wife anything for it and plus sept 30 is my birthday

  37. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house super prize 3080

  38. Tony Gallant says:


  39. amed nelson says:

    hope too win! – Win Cash Sweepstakes

  40. mrs angie grimes says:

    please enter my name in the win cash sweepstakes that you have please my name is mrs angie grimes thank you

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