www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code

www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code Input Form. Learn How to do It right! No purchase or fee necessary (you don’t have to buy products to enter). Act Now and they could soon be issuing money check in you name! Don’t risk missing out Claim your Entry!

pch.com Activation Code


Imagine all the possibilities! Brand new car, New house. PCH ActNow and you could win and be All debts free! Be sure to act now! How to enter your Activation Code? For that online contests you will need to have the Promotion code you’ve receive in the Mail from PCH Mail Marketing Branch – PCH Act Now Letter and follow the instructions below. It’s all done in three easy steps! The code on the card should resemble to this: www.pch.com/actnow pc*** or w**. (ex: actnow pc990, actnow pc985 or actnow pc 663) PCH Bonus Entry!

For those of you having issue lately with the above Site Link, FOLLOW THIS: Now as stated on Publishers Clearing House website, let me clearly reinstitute the procedure that you have to follow so you can activate your PCH Act Now Code that you’ve received in your mailbox. First open that card/pack and make sure you have an official PCH notice inside. You will see two things in bold characters; the URL address: www-pch-com-actnow and your activation code. Now the second thing you have to do is to open this URL address (the one on the card) with your Internet browser by typing www pch com actnow in the address bar. It’s the same procedure for any online browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera,… etc….). This will open up The PCH ACTNOW page on your screen. Now third and last thing you have to do is the simplest one, just copy the code where It’s written “Enter The Code Here” then hit the submit button. That’s It!

Please do NOT type your own ACTIVATION CODE into the “Comments” section below. Follow the detail  instructions above to make sure your number is entered correctly to WIN!

How would you like to become the next PCH millionaire and Enjoy a Life without debts and worries! Publishers Clearing House have made many happy millionaires through the years! The Direct-Marketing Company as become America’s Premier destination for fun games, Prize-Winning and…  Get info about Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold below the video… ActNow much more! What is Publishers Clearing House address www.pch.com/actnow ? Well, it’s PCH activation code input Form website. For www.pch.com/urgent Learn more here. No purchase necessary, so nothing to buy to increase your chances. But to enter this address, you need to have the notification mail your received from PCH. You can find the activation number from your email.

Then visit pch.com/actnow and enter your ActNow CodeEntry  5-character Activation Code to see if your number is eligible to the latest  drawing. If yes, you will be prompt to complete the entry form with your personal information by entering your name, your home address, your email address and other useful information, so they can contact you if you’re the winner of one of their online sweepstakes and contests.

pch.com Activation Code


What Is PCH Act Now?

What is pch.com/actnow or www.pch.com/actnow Activation Code (www stands for World Wide Web a protocol for the Internet domain names that ends by dot com. This extension dot com represent company business online) – Publisher’s Clearing House has been offering sweepstakes and contests for many years. Anyone can enter their sweepstakes for free and get a chance to win amazing prizes, including a cash for life prize! PCH Act Now is a sweepstakes you can enter if you receive a postcard in the mail. The postcard is very easy to recognize because it clearly says PCH ACTNOW on it and has instructions on how to enter the Act Now sweepstakes.

You will find an activation code in the bottom corner of the postcard. You can enter the Act Now sweepstakes by visiting the official website and looking for the Act Now section. You can find the URL of this page on the postcard you received.

You got your Activation Notice by mail Entering this sweepstakes is quick and easy. You will have to enter your name and the activation code (Input) that was on your postcard. This sweepstakes gives you the possibility to win some cash prizes but these are different prizes from the well-known cash for life prize.

You should definitely enter the Act Now sweepstakes if you get one of these postcards in the mail. It only takes a few minutes and you could win some cash prizes! These postcards are sent out once in a while by Publishers Clearing House. The best way to get one of these Act Now postcards is to get on the PCH mailing list form. Visit the PCH official website and play some of their games or enter a sweepstakes.

Max Prize Upgrade to $10000 a Week Forever

PCHActNow for MaxPrize Upgrade $10,000.00 a Week Forever

Sign up the form to receive promotional offers or enter your content information when completing a form for a sweepstakes. Look for a check box that says you authorize them to contact you with promotional offers.

Go through your mail carefully and look for anything from Publishers Clearing House since this could be an PCH Act Now postcard. The Act Now sweepstakes is very easy to enter and you could win a cash prize!

Who knows? maybe you are the next winner that will be offering a memorable moment to the rolling camera of the PRIZE PATROL crew this spring. You will be screaming like a big winner at your doorstep with champagne and balloons and a huge PCH check.

At this moment the most recent ActNow PCH Sweepstakes is the Win $1 Million and $1,000 a Week for Life Plus a Brand New Car SuperPrize – you can get more info about it by clicking this link. … Good luck!

About the PCH Gold Prize Ticket Notice:

About Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold – Did You Receive A PCH Notice With An Activation Code Inside? You could win $5,000.00 immediately or $25,000.00 on a future award date! But you must go online to the address you’ll see listed: www.pch.com/gold or www-pch-com-Act-Now to enter for a chance to win! So basically it’s the same instructions that to follow to enter your Gold Ticket Activation code from PCH Notice – PCH Act Now Letter. Good Luck!

Activate PCH Act Now

PCH Activation Code Entry

Claim Now – Act Now at www pch com / actnow activation code input form

Learn To Recognize The Official PCH Website

You can find the official website at PCH.com or pch.com/actnow or pch.com/respond If you followed a link that was sent to you in an email or if the website you are looking at looks a little different than usual. The URL should start with PCH.com and you should see a green lock next to it to indicate that you are using a safe website. If the URL is different, you are not on the official website and should not enter your log in information.

If you believe that a scammer is trying to impersonate PCH to steal your information, you should contact the Direct-Marketing company and report them. You can avoid scams by using your common sense and by remembering that PCH already has your information if you entered a sweepstake. These PCH scam prevention tips will help you stay safe and you should always trust your gut instinct if a letter, email or phone call seems odd.

Now let me answer a question.

Is The PCH Act Now Site Legitimate To Enter?

Is the PCH Act Now site legit? The simple answer to that question is yes. The Act Now code you get has everything to do with using the main PCH website. If you were to search about these codes, you are going to see the actual Publishers Clearing House website show up in the results. And yes, the PCH website is certainly legitimate, though spending time entering the sweepstakes isn’t going to necessarily mean you win automatically. But take note that you could increase your chance If you’re a devoted sweeper and you able to get your entries on all opportunities. You need to be in to win it.

Is PCH Act Now Site Legit? There have been lots of winners with Publishers Clearing House over the years. Did you receive a code in the mail? Did you get that special “snap pack”-style with PCH Notice in the mailbox If so, the mailing is all about you entering the competition that the company has available. Have you entered the Publisher’s Clearing House competition before? Maybe you have a long time ago. If so, everything has changed a little in recent years, right?


www pch com act now

Are you up with the current prizes? The company has what they call a forever prize, which means the prize money keeps coming even after your lifetime. They give you so much money a week for life plus two bonuses, and then you get to pick a person that they keep giving money to as well. That’s the best prize they have come up with to date.

When I was a kid, my mom entered the PCH sweepstakes for a period of time. She would get the fliers in the mail, and she would have to send off her entry. These days, you don’t have to enter by mail. You can simply enter the competition online, and then you can wait to see if you are the winner. Since the company makes themselves available online, it’s much easier to get information about the competitions they have these days.

For example, when the company is ready to give out a grand prize, they start giving clues. They let you know where they are headed, in a way. You have to decipher the clues, and they don’t get address specific. They just try to let you know if they are headed to your part of the country and your neck of the woods. It sure does keep everyone excited that plays.

Are you going to be a PCH sweepstakes winner? The only way you can find out is if you use that code that they send you. Or you can be even more proactive and just sign up. You don’t have to wait for an invitation. They just market the opportunity in different ways. They are a business of course, and they do want to sell you things as well. It’s up to you if you buy, and the company makes it known that you don’t have to buy anything to enter and win.

It’s going to be fun, right? Do you enter other sweepstakes competitions as well? PCH or Publishers Clearing House is one of the most well known sweepstakes in the entire world. It is certainly legitimate, as much as those types of competitions can be, and you could just be the next winner.

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Visit http://www.pch.com/actnow for more information – www.pch.com/actnow



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  1. richard davis says:

    enter activation code PC305

  2. Donald E Bishop Sr says:

    Stick it where the sun don’t shine.


    if i never receieved a code how am i going ro enter a code,have’nt received on since i started playing,i am beginning to feel bad tht all my searching all these years was just in vain.i kinda feel bad,because i thouht i had did enough to maybe win something,seem as though over three years was in vain, when do i get a number or acode to enter,i guess i’m out.

  4. Alicia Caraballo says:

    I havent got my final number for 5000.00 a week for ever final…please put my number and send it to me 4900 please. For feb. 26..

  5. Brenda Hampton says:

    I would love to win the drawing for sweepstake number 4900 for $5,000,00 a week for life.

  6. Dillard Craven Sr. says:


  7. Dillard Craven Sr. says:


  8. Joni bryant says:

    I want to win! Yes, publisher’s clearing house, I enter every day! Should I receive a super prize Now, that would blow your mind. Should you win big
    From PCH it would be fine my friends!
    It would be fine so enter now and every day, and you might Win next time!
    I’m entering Gwy# 4950
    A 1,000,000.00 PRIZE AVAILABLE
    TILL 8-31-16 AT 11:59 PM ET
    I’M Entering Gwy # 4900 #PCH #WIN
    5,000 A Week Forever Prize
    Available till 2-19-16 at 11:59 pm ET
    I’m Entering Gwy# 6900 #PCH #WIN
    Available till 2-28-17 at 11:59 pm ET
    A 1,000,000.00
    I’m entering Gwy# 6085 #PCH #WIN
    Worth Over 47,000.00 in prizes
    For a brand new Lincoln MKZ
    Tuxedo Black
    All entries must be submitted by deadline or will be invalid.
    If my Winning numbers match I will
    #Win on February 26,2016
    I want to #WIN in ! YES I need to #Win

  9. olivia uribe says:

    olivia uribe entered her code PC306 on 1/20/2016

  10. olivia uribe says:

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  11. olivia uribe says:

    entering my codepc306 on jam 20 2016

  12. Rodric Pryor says:

    I have submitted the code GWY 4900

  13. Rochelle Ring says:

    Rochelle Ring please activation gwy4900&4950 IHit&6900&7025&3818&73367233&6085Lincoin MKZ&6650&&Lotto NumberL0037&5035&7341 thank you

  14. Edward Veach says:

    The code is scratched out can’t read it can you contact me at the email thank you

  15. Kathy Winkler says:

    January 18th ,2016 Activation Code PC306

  16. Roberto Escobar says:


  17. Roberto Escobar says:


  18. Joni bryant says:

    Yes, I want to win!
    PCH.COM Gwy 4900
    5,000 A Week For Life Sweepstake
    Worth over one million dollars
    Available till 11:59 pm ET 10-15-16!
    #WIN #PCH # 4900

  19. Joni bryant says:

    Activation code PWC70
    Activation code PWC71
    Yes, publisher’s clearing house
    I want to win!
    PCH.COM Gwy 6900
    10,000,000.00 Golden
    Opportunity from PCH!
    Yes, I enter every day! #WIN
    #PCH #6900
    Yes, I want to win on February 26, 2016!

  20. sheila holland says:

    this is for giveaway number 4900. thank you would you please enter my Activation Code sw308 can not get your system to work Please let me know once this has be enter.

  21. Barbara G.Howie says:

    where is the box to enter the code… How do I find it????

  22. Alma says:

    Not able to enter the code. Can you assist.

  23. sharon fisher says:

    please enter my pch .com/actnow code, unable to enter code on form, my code is PC307 for giveaway # 4900, thank you, my e-mail is gmail.com

  24. Louis Kowalski says:

    January 16, 2016
    5:42 PM

    I am entering my Activation Code PC307
    for Giveaway #4900

    (please correct the spelling of my first name-
    it is not Lois. It is Louis)

    Thank you

  25. Darleen Miller says:


  26. Caridad says:

    Muchas bendiciones quisiera ganar lo necesito

  27. Jeanne Janek says:

    Entering my Activation code is PC306 for giveaway #4900.

  28. Donald E Bishop Sr says:

    My request was sent to you Have no answer yet.

  29. Ann Ballew says:

    Have tried repeatedly to enter my activation code to no avail. Please enter me. the code is PC306

  30. Chris courtney says:

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  31. Gloria Adelsbach says:

    Please enter my activation code PC306 as my entry 1/15/16 would not accept my text. Thank you

  32. charles poole says:

    i am entering my ativation code pc306, for superPrise in Giveaway#4900. thank you

  33. Jacque hansen says:

    Please activate PC306

  34. Kathie Singletary says:

    please active code PC307 for me , your link is not working,

  35. Linda carr says:

    Can’t get the w71 with activation code#Pc306per the video said a pop up would come up so we can put our name and address in and it’s not coming up. Please activate for me please.looks like everyone having problems with this. Thank you.

  36. Henry Howe says:

    Final Step for $5,000.00 a week Forever and Claim of $6,000.00 a week Forever per W71 announcement in the mail Activation code PC304. I claim the final step, GWY # 4900 Feb 26th 2016 Also $1,000,000.00 on GWY 4950 as alternate Prize.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  37. jo ann clark says:

    could not get code entered. please enter it. pc306

  38. jo ann clark says:

    pc306 is activation code

  39. Joni bryant says:

    Activation code PWC70

  40. Joni bryant says:

    Yes, publisher’s clearing house this is my official entry form. Me claiming that I have document number
    LO0304 for Gwy 4900
    10,000 A Week For Life Lifetime sweepstakes On February 26,2016
    Yes, I want to win
    Yes I enter every day and I love you guys! Yes, I’m in it to win it
    Plus, a brand new Lincoln MKZ Black on black and Gwy 7233 VIP access only for 11,000.00. It will be a dream come true. Good luck everyone!

  41. Betty Kovalick says:

    Activation codes PC306 and PC307 Please enter them for me in Giveaway #4900. I.D.NUMBER:00550442495 U-2-316817 U-2-316818

  42. penny lewis says:

    I hope I win I have been entering pch for years thank you

  43. Donna Boroughs says:

    Submitting my activation code PC 304.

    Thank you for having this contest.

  44. Ethel McEvoy says:

    I am submitting my Entry for any all prizes that may due my family for the fulfillment of a wonderful and blessed life forever. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH……

  45. Bruce lacy says:

    PCH, still making dreams come true. Activate me please.

  46. Nina Roberts says:

    Please enter my code PC306.

  47. Bruce Trimble says:

    I tried to put my activation code in but website would not let me do it. please activate my code PC306. Thanks

  48. paul golanski says:


  49. Julie says:

    My activation code is PC307
    Your page will not take any of the codes as directed.
    Thank you

  50. Janet Williamson says:

    On Jan. 12,2016 at 1:53 I neglected to get the activation code PC288 in the entry. Could you activate the winner $5,000 a week “forever”claim JW and there after then activate the beneficiary $5,000a week for life.Claim JW Also, activate PCH GWY NO 4900 two times.Claim x2 JW
    Thank you very much. I would appreciate it.

  51. wallace dorey says:

    please enter me in contest code pc306

  52. wallace dorey says:

    Please submit my entry pc306 for $10,000 a week thanks—

  53. julia ann justice says:


  54. terry sliter says:

    this is the third time I have tried to enter 3 different pch sweepstakes and could not enter, becauses the computer dose not work ,so thanks anyway.

  55. Shirley stidd says:

    My activation code is PC310 so I am submitting the numbers .So now can you please activate those numbers . Thank you

  56. Steven Mackey says:

    Activation CodeSW308

  57. Jolene Pascal & Mike Pascal says:

    Please activate my code PC306 and PC307

  58. billie janzen says:

    January 12,2016 please activate my code PC307.
    Thank you.

  59. Janet Williamson says:

    ENTRY Win $5,000 a week “Forever” $5,000 a week for life after that beneficiary of my choosing receives $5,000 a week for their life. PCH GWY NO. 4900 Claimed by JW Activate code from W71 Notice I received and entered at www pch.com/actnow

  60. Lora M. Frost says:

    I also couldn’t find where to put my code please fix .this is mine pc307

  61. Bonnie OBrien says:

    add me my code is PC307

  62. JOHN Heckel says:

    I keep trying to insert my activation code which is PC306 however you keep rejecting it

  63. Henry Howe says:

    Once again PCH!!!!!!! Please Activate My Entries and Complete The

    Final Step for $5,000.00 a week Forever GWY 4900 26TH FEB.

    $5,000.00 a week forever GWY 4900 26 FEB, Please activate all of my entries and my entries for other contests,
    4 chances to win $10,000.00 cash PCH GWY 7025
    Win $100,000.00 cash PCH GWY 6085
    Win $5,000 a week forever PCH GWY 4900
    Win $10 Million Super Prize PCH GWY 6900
    Win $1,000.00 Tacoma Seattle Local TV Area Prize Zone PCH GWY 5035
    10 entries Exclusive VIP Rewards to win $10,000.00 PCH GWY 7233
    Enter me in Cash contests for $100.00 2X

    Thanks as always for the opportunity,
    W71 Notice, Activation Code PC304 Confirmed by mail PCH


  64. Patricia Breunig says:

    I am trying to enter my activation code PC306. Please enter this so my name will be in the final winner selection list for the Giveaway #4900, to be given on 2/26/16. Thank you.

  65. james a butler says:

    please enter activation codes PC307 and SW308

  66. Marcia Greenshields says:

    I have eyesight problems and cannot read all of this stuff. My codes are PC306 and PC307.

  67. Henry Howe says:

    $5,000.00 a week forever GWY 4900 26 FEB, Please activate all of my entries and my entries for other contests,
    4 chances to win $10,000.00 cash PCH GWY 7025
    Win $100,000.00 cash PCH GWY 6085
    Win $5,000 a week forever PCH GWY 4900
    Win $10 Million Super Prize PCH GWY 6900
    Win $1,000.00 Tacoma Seattle Local TV Area Prize Zone PCH GWY 5035
    10 entries Exclusive VIP Rewards to win $10,000.00 PCH GWY 7233
    Enter me in Cash contests for $100.00 2X

    Thanks as always for the opportunity,

  68. Linda Ferrell says:

    January 11, 2016 at 1:00 am. I have activation code: PC306.. I sure would love to win. hope I have done this right. sincerely Linda Ferrell

  69. medardo florez says:

    hi pch pleas comfirm that i medardo flores accept all my forth coming super prizes so pleas i wamt to claim amd secure full eligibility and endure full ownership and kindly activate and ensure that my name is add on the top of the winners list selection, i a numbers amd NO.382-101-2014—-,—Wd3d1,,, unique and confirm want to win it all the forever a 5,00.00 a week for life super prize on feb 26th pch gwy 4900 plus for i iam the one that hit the jack pot pchlotto on 02-18-2014 acces winning numbe9 tiket cash pay out hiting all six of six numbers **** pch gwy 3080, 3577, 6900, forever 10,000.00 a week for life on 2016 life pluss the 1,000,000 big check pch gwy 3080 prize patrol a have been waiting to meet u all thanks 08-12-25-31-34-4 you god bless you all 01-10-2016

  70. Monica Erickson says:

    I cannotget the computer to take my myactivation code ive tried a couple of days now my activayion code is PC309 Could you please enter in the final selection list

  71. John Vasquez says:

    “Typical pch Scam”

  72. Betty Beaty says:

    My activation code isPC315

  73. Paul lloyd says:

    God willing amen

  74. Paul lloyd says:

    #4900 PC307

  75. Susan C Davis says:

    Code PC307 & PC306

  76. Susan C Davis says:

    PC307 & PC306 Susan C Davis

  77. Ida Ward says:

    I SURELY want to win! My code is PC307….PCH really hope you get this.

  78. Eydie McHenry says:

    I hereby submit my activation code for giveawawy#4900. the code I recieved id PC307. thank you

  79. patricia smith says:

    this is patricia smith my activion code is PC318

  80. Rosalie Anderson says:

    my activation code is PC309

  81. Carl H White says:

    January 09 2015 12:15 thank you would you please enter my Activation Code PC306.

  82. Brenda Erickson says:

    Submitting my activation code PC307

  83. Joseph Nsoah says:


  84. Carolyn Wells says:

    I am trying to activate my activation code PC307 for#4900 giveaway but unable to complete Please
    confirm my receipt of your notice of my entry into Giveaway #4900 and valid my entry.
    Thanking you in advance for you help in this matter. Thank you,
    Carolyn Wells

  85. Donna Rizzo says:

    Unable to apply Activation Code PC307

  86. ann hux says:

    Have tried all day to submit my code…………….
    Your site will not accept my code PC306!

  87. Robert Wyatt says:

    My activation code PC306

  88. Robert Wyatt says:

    I am hereby submitting my entry for the big prize of $10,000 a week. My activation code is: PC306
    thank you

  89. Angus R Macaskill says:

    Add my name to those who cannot successfully enter their activation code or name

  90. Marcia Belanger says:

    Would allow me to enter my code for prize. Code is PC307 please enter my code into entry.


    Can not find place to input action code. so please do it for me. Thanks
    Activation Code PC309

  92. theresa murphy says:


  93. Gladyce Butler says:

    Please enter my activation code PC306 as my computer not letting me on your web page


  94. Jon Bethune says:

    My ac is pc306

  95. Lclaire Armbrecht says:

    I tried to submit my activation code, but couldn’t find a place to do it. Please submit my activation code for me. Thank you. It is SW308

  96. DARRYL BOLDEN says:

    my code is pc307 DARRYL BOLDEN

  97. Cindy Baker says:

    My code is PC307
    May you expand my coast ⚪

  98. Leslie Womack says:

    Please postt my activation code: PC309. Thank you.

  99. gaye says:

    SW308-activate code. Giveaway number-4900.

  100. Jane Roberts says:

    I tried to activate my code. It is PC306

    Please activate my code for me…

  101. joan says:

    pc307 and pc306 entry

  102. Ann Fleming says:

    What is the deal, you ask me to do something and then will not allow it-this is not very nice way to treat people who are faithful to you and your business. My activation Code of PC306 could not be entered and I would appreciate an explanation.

  103. Deborah McLaughlin says:

    Activation code PC306. Please enter me.

  104. Carolyn J Kelly says:

    Jan.9 2016–Please submit my activation code-PC306— THANK SO MUCH—-

  105. clemet sanney II says:

    Website would not open activation code box. Would you please activate my code PC307. Don[t want to miss out on this. Thank you.

  106. Rosalyn R. Amann says:

    I am submitting my activation code PC306 for Publisher’s Clearing House in Giveaway #4900.

  107. frank stid says:

    you have to put it in won’t let me pc306

  108. Beeck Peterson says:

    Please enter my code sw308 thank you.

  109. Kathryn LaBau says:

    I received the postcard today and tried to enter my Activation Code: SW308. Could not find the place to enter it. I watched the directions but was not able to enter the code. Please enter the code for me. Thank you

  110. Kent Baccus says:

    Have gone to your pch.com/actnow site multiple times the same day I received your cards. Received 2 cards with following activation codes, PC306, PC307 and every time wouldn’t allow me to enter them! So Please activate them.
    Thanks, Kent Baccus

  111. kathyedmonds says:

    pch im claiming my activate code notice pcw71-pc304 – pc329 thanks pch Kathy.e

  112. Thad mccall says:

    enter my code PC307

  113. doris meitzler says:


  114. Merna Thompkins says:

    I put my code in like it said SW308 but it wouldn’t let me summit it. Don’t know if I did it right, if not please help thank you,.

  115. Anna Marie Roop says:

    activation code is PC306

  116. Mr. Lewis Brown says:

    Activation code PC306

  117. C A Nash says:

    No form to enter my post card number….

  118. Vickie L. Tedrow says:

    I am entering my Activation Code: PC306. For SuperPrise in Giveaway #4900. Thank you. I place it in Gods hands now.

  119. Ann Bailey says:

    I have submitted my code of PC306

  120. Ann Bailey says:

    I am submitting my Entry Code. It is PC306.

  121. paulette repko says:

    i am hereby submitting my entry for the big prize SW308 THANK YOU.

  122. Rose Marie Martin says:

    Rose Marie Martin activation code number is sw308

  123. Lucretia Smith says:

    Today is Jan.7,2016, and I just received a postcard
    From PCH. It told me to go to your website, and
    enter a activation code PCH , but I never reached the special page to use the code. I really would look be to win .

  124. Edward morie says:


  125. mary says:

    how do I enter activation code.

  126. vina lopez says:


  127. Mary Martinez says:

    It is so difficult to enter the activation code in. My code is PC306 need help. Thank you.

  128. charles warren says:


  129. kathyedmonds says:


  130. James Berry says:

    Tried to activate the code –W71 Notice — PC304— . Looks like quite a few other people tried also


    eric mackey says:

    December 14, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Dec 14,2015 12:00pm tried to activate code but it wont let me. my code is pc305. please help me. thank you.

  132. Joseph Nsoah says:


  133. James Yoder says:

    Would not let me enter my code. Please enter my code: PC305. Thank you.

  134. raymond stephens says:

    My activating code is PC304

  135. Wayne Cole says:

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  136. Arlene Harrison says:

    My Activation Code is PC304.

    Thank you.

  137. maggie Bottoms says:

    done activated my codes I have been in it to win it thank you ,

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