www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code

www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code Input Form. Learn How to do It right! No purchase or fee necessary (you don’t have to buy products to enter). Act Now and they could soon be issuing money check in you name! Don’t risk missing out Claim your Entry!

pch.com Activation Code


Imagine all the possibilities! Brand new car, New house. PCH ActNow and you could win and be All debts free! Be sure to act now! How to enter your Activation Code? For that online contests you will need to have the Promotion code you’ve receive in the Mail from PCH Mail Marketing Branch – PCH Act Now Letter and follow the instructions below. It’s all done in three easy steps! The code on the card should resemble to this: www.pch.com/actnow pc*** or w**. (ex: actnow pc990, actnow pc985 or actnow pc 663) PCH Bonus Entry!

For those of you having issue lately with the above Site Link, FOLLOW THIS: Now as stated on Publishers Clearing House website, let me clearly reinstitute the procedure that you have to follow so you can activate your PCH Act Now Code that you’ve received in your mailbox. First open that card/pack and make sure you have an official PCH notice inside. You will see two things in bold characters; the URL address: www-pch-com-actnow and your activation code. Now the second thing you have to do is to open this URL address (the one on the card) with your Internet browser by typing www pch com actnow in the address bar. It’s the same procedure for any online browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera,… etc….). This will open up The PCH ACTNOW page on your screen. Now third and last thing you have to do is the simplest one, just copy the code where It’s written “Enter The Code Here” then hit the submit button. That’s It!

Please do NOT type your own ACTIVATION CODE into the “Comments” section below. Follow the detail  instructions above to make sure your number is entered correctly to WIN!

How would you like to become the next PCH millionaire and Enjoy a Life without debts and worries! Publishers Clearing House have made many happy millionaires through the years! The Direct-Marketing Company as become America’s Premier destination for fun games, Prize-Winning and…  Get info about Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold below the video… ActNow much more! What is Publishers Clearing House address www.pch.com/actnow ? Well, it’s PCH activation code input Form website. For www.pch.com/urgent Learn more here. No purchase necessary, so nothing to buy to increase your chances. But to enter this address, you need to have the notification mail your received from PCH. You can find the activation number from your email.

Then visit pch.com/actnow and enter your ActNow CodeEntry  5-character Activation Code to see if your number is eligible to the latest  drawing. If yes, you will be prompt to complete the entry form with your personal information by entering your name, your home address, your email address and other useful information, so they can contact you if you’re the winner of one of their online sweepstakes and contests.

pch.com Activation Code


What Is PCH Act Now?

What is pch.com/actnow or www.pch.com/actnow Activation Code (www stands for World Wide Web a protocol for the Internet domain names that ends by dot com. This extension dot com represent company business online) – Publisher’s Clearing House has been offering sweepstakes and contests for many years. Anyone can enter their sweepstakes for free and get a chance to win amazing prizes, including a cash for life prize! PCH Act Now is a sweepstakes you can enter if you receive a postcard in the mail. The postcard is very easy to recognize because it clearly says PCH ACTNOW on it and has instructions on how to enter the Act Now sweepstakes.

You will find an activation code in the bottom corner of the postcard. You can enter the Act Now sweepstakes by visiting the official website and looking for the Act Now section. You can find the URL of this page on the postcard you received.

You got your Activation Notice by mail Entering this sweepstakes is quick and easy. You will have to enter your name and the activation code (Input) that was on your postcard. This sweepstakes gives you the possibility to win some cash prizes but these are different prizes from the well-known cash for life prize.

You should definitely enter the Act Now sweepstakes if you get one of these postcards in the mail. It only takes a few minutes and you could win some cash prizes! These postcards are sent out once in a while by Publishers Clearing House. The best way to get one of these Act Now postcards is to get on the PCH mailing list form. Visit the PCH official website and play some of their games or enter a sweepstakes.

Max Prize Upgrade to $10000 a Week Forever

PCHActNow for MaxPrize Upgrade $10,000.00 a Week Forever

Sign up the form to receive promotional offers or enter your content information when completing a form for a sweepstakes. Look for a check box that says you authorize them to contact you with promotional offers.

Go through your mail carefully and look for anything from Publishers Clearing House since this could be an PCH Act Now postcard. The Act Now sweepstakes is very easy to enter and you could win a cash prize!

Who knows? maybe you are the next winner that will be offering a memorable moment to the rolling camera of the PRIZE PATROL crew this spring. You will be screaming like a big winner at your doorstep with champagne and balloons and a huge PCH check.

At this moment the most recent ActNow PCH Sweepstakes is the Win $1 Million and $1,000 a Week for Life Plus a Brand New Car SuperPrize – you can get more info about it by clicking this link. … Good luck!

About the PCH Gold Prize Ticket Notice:

About Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold – Did You Receive A PCH Notice With An Activation Code Inside? You could win $5,000.00 immediately or $25,000.00 on a future award date! But you must go online to the address you’ll see listed: www.pch.com/gold or www-pch-com-Act-Now to enter for a chance to win! So basically it’s the same instructions that to follow to enter your Gold Ticket Activation code from PCH Notice – PCH Act Now Letter. Good Luck!

Activate PCH Act Now

PCH Activation Code Entry

Claim Now – Act Now at www pch com / actnow activation code input form

Learn To Recognize The Official PCH Website

You can find the official website at PCH.com or pch.com/actnow or pch.com/respond If you followed a link that was sent to you in an email or if the website you are looking at looks a little different than usual. The URL should start with PCH.com and you should see a green lock next to it to indicate that you are using a safe website. If the URL is different, you are not on the official website and should not enter your log in information.

If you believe that a scammer is trying to impersonate PCH to steal your information, you should contact the Direct-Marketing company and report them. You can avoid scams by using your common sense and by remembering that PCH already has your information if you entered a sweepstake. These PCH scam prevention tips will help you stay safe and you should always trust your gut instinct if a letter, email or phone call seems odd.

Now let me answer a question.

Is The PCH Act Now Site Legitimate To Enter?

Is the PCH Act Now site legit? The simple answer to that question is yes. The Act Now code you get has everything to do with using the main PCH website. If you were to search about these codes, you are going to see the actual Publishers Clearing House website show up in the results. And yes, the PCH website is certainly legitimate, though spending time entering the sweepstakes isn’t going to necessarily mean you win automatically. But take note that you could increase your chance If you’re a devoted sweeper and you able to get your entries on all opportunities. You need to be in to win it.

Is PCH Act Now Site Legit? There have been lots of winners with Publishers Clearing House over the years. Did you receive a code in the mail? Did you get that special “snap pack”-style with PCH Notice in the mailbox If so, the mailing is all about you entering the competition that the company has available. Have you entered the Publisher’s Clearing House competition before? Maybe you have a long time ago. If so, everything has changed a little in recent years, right?


www pch com act now

Are you up with the current prizes? The company has what they call a forever prize, which means the prize money keeps coming even after your lifetime. They give you so much money a week for life plus two bonuses, and then you get to pick a person that they keep giving money to as well. That’s the best prize they have come up with to date.

When I was a kid, my mom entered the PCH sweepstakes for a period of time. She would get the fliers in the mail, and she would have to send off her entry. These days, you don’t have to enter by mail. You can simply enter the competition online, and then you can wait to see if you are the winner. Since the company makes themselves available online, it’s much easier to get information about the competitions they have these days.

For example, when the company is ready to give out a grand prize, they start giving clues. They let you know where they are headed, in a way. You have to decipher the clues, and they don’t get address specific. They just try to let you know if they are headed to your part of the country and your neck of the woods. It sure does keep everyone excited that plays.

Are you going to be a PCH sweepstakes winner? The only way you can find out is if you use that code that they send you. Or you can be even more proactive and just sign up. You don’t have to wait for an invitation. They just market the opportunity in different ways. They are a business of course, and they do want to sell you things as well. It’s up to you if you buy, and the company makes it known that you don’t have to buy anything to enter and win.

It’s going to be fun, right? Do you enter other sweepstakes competitions as well? PCH or Publishers Clearing House is one of the most well known sweepstakes in the entire world. It is certainly legitimate, as much as those types of competitions can be, and you could just be the next winner.

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Visit http://www.pch.com/actnow for more information – www.pch.com/actnow



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  1. Catherine Dlug says:

    I’m in it to win it, 1million plus 1000 a week for life. Thank-you for this chance PCH,!!!

  2. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Please confirm my entry number l want to win this $,000.000 plus more $1,000.00 a week for life on June 29th. Thanks dear PCH.

  3. Christine says:

    PCH Team:

    I submit my entrance to win $1,000,000.00, Plus $1,000.00 a week for Life and More. Gwy.#11000.


  4. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol please enter me and this wonderful opportunity 1 million plus a thousand a week for life a brand new Ford Explorer Platinum Gwy.no.11000 I had to go through surgery couldn’t wait to get home to get my phone so I can continue playing for my shot to win it all lucky and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts have a great day

  5. Petra says:

    15Junio 2018
    PCH Gwy #No11000
    Quiero Ganarlo Todo
    29 Junio 2018. Gracias

  6. sharon abernathy says:


  7. Patricia Ramirez says:

    Were do I find the activation code #. So I can enter my activation code # so I can win the 1,000,000.00 plus 1,000.00 a week for life for Patricia Ann Ramirez

  8. Patricia Ramirez says:

    Yes I want to win pch gwy no 11000 for 1,000,000.00 + 1,000.00 a day for life also please send me my code number I need so I can win this June 29. Please send me my code number to enter the activation now

  9. Lloyd Shaw says:

    I would love to win PCH Gwy no 11000 for $1,000,000.00+$1,000.00 a week for life. I’ve been trying since 2013. There is so much I need to do for my family and friends,and myself. Thank you once again for letting me enter PCH Gwy.

  10. F Madrid says:

    I want to win on jun 29 $1000000 plus $1000a week for life and the new explorer I hope I can win after all this years of participation whit pch thanks guys see u at home h.p ca

  11. Petra says:

    13 Junio 2018
    My Activación Code is SP558.Thanks.

  12. F Madrid says:

    I wanna win on june 29 $1000000 plus $1000 a week and the new explorer all be waiting for I guys thank you

  13. Andrea jones says:

    Am claiming this game prize event by pleading to PCH please accept my entries and claiming this game prize winner event on June 29,2018 $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000,00 a week for life a brand new car Ford Explorer platinum value $55,350,00 plus a bonus prize of $25,000,00 VIP elet prize am destined to win this super prize game event PCH please accept this claiming and accept my entries and my eligibility of being the winner Gwy # 11000 and the VIP elet $25,000,00 Gwy # is 11475

  14. Andrea jones says:

    Am here by entering and claiming this game prize event at PCH search&win game prize event $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000,00 a week for life and a brand new car Ford Explorer platinum value $55,350,00 Gwy # 11000 plus a bonus prize of $25,000,00 Gwy # 11475 my selection # is 2552 2925 8310 nad my codes are pc990 pc985 pc663 pc*** w*** I am more than eligible to win this game prize event am claiming this game prize as of now even my kids are more than eligible to to play why not me please accept my entries and claiming this game prize event and my eligibility it’s my delight to help the cancer society research program and the food for the poor children ad most of all my bills please accept me PCH

  15. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    I’m searching to complete my final step to win this prize opportunity for $1,000,000.00 plus $1, 000,000.00 a week for life on June 29th. Thanks PCH . God bless

  16. Charles R Sanchez says:

    I happened to notice I have already written a request for this prize. And as always I am praying that you will see fit to help myself and these children. I also have a brother named Vincent that has been awol . The last time I saw him was when I bought my boat to live on. About twenty years ago. This money would go a long way to locate him if he is even alive. Thank you lord for this opportunity.

  17. Andrea jones says:

    I am claiming this super prize game event of $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000,00 a week for life and a brand new Ford Explorer platinum value over $55 ,350 Gwy# 11000 plus a bonus prize Gwy 10074pch please accept my entries and I

  18. Jan Harmon says:

    I can tell you if I was to win it all or anything it would be a big deal here in Fort Collins CO.d sure make me happy.

  19. diana mosley says:

    I want to win 1,000.000.00 Plus 1,000.00 a week for life pch gwy no:11000. Diana Mosley

  20. Christine says:

    PHC Team:

    It will be grateful for me to win “Win It All” gwy.#11000 to be awarded on 29th June.


  21. sharon abernathy says:

    good luck !!

  22. Brenda E May says:

    I would to win been trying for a while now I want to move buy me a new house open up my own business invest money to some charities open up a homeless shelter in my community for the homeless people …

  23. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello dear PCH I’m searching to claim my unique number to be deposited onto the winner Selection List to win this prize $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000.00 a week for life GWY no 11000 on June 29th plus I would like to win this $50,000.00 Bonus prize from (PCH GWY no 11002)! Please receive my entry I want to win. Thanks PCH God bless you guys for me

  24. Johnnie Jenkins says:

    I sure would love to WIN IT ALL. $1MILLION AND ONE THOUSAND A WEEK FOR LIFE. I would give my church some money. Pay all my Bill’s off. Build me a Log home in the mountains. GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  25. Rose says:

    Never received any of these

  26. Douglas Rogers says:

    I would like to win the Publishing Clearing House 1milliom cash prize and the$1,000 a week for life!

  27. Cassidy Blonsky says:


  28. Kellie Wyant says:

    I’m so happy,I won $100.00 on a ticket for az.lotto.,who wants $10.00 bucks? I hope I’m not saying anything wronge by saying it i here.It just for some reason I’ve become some kinda winner.Ever since I’ve been playing the games and getting involved with the contests.Alot of people I know here in Yuma,Az. They Are aware that I do play ,just PCH,they all think I’m gonna win.Its crazy.
    I feel terrific..
    the real Kellie Wyant
    Shot out to all the people at PCH.
    You rock!!

  29. Theresa says:

    Hello I’m here to claim the win of 1,000,000.00 plus on June 29th 2018 the number 11000 may GOD grant this for me and my family. God bless

  30. Jan Harmon says:

    I lay there when I go to bed thinking oh my what would I do with all that money. It doesn’t take long I don’t know I would like to find out. I am sure many family members would help me decide. I would have some kind a vacation haven’t had one for many years.

  31. Andrea jones says:

    Pch search&win $1,000,000, plus more Gwy #11000 claiming and entering with eligibility please accept my entries and I want to win this game prize event program that will be on June 29. 2018 and the bonus prize will be $25,000,00 my selection # is 2552 2925 8310 I really want to win this all on June 29 2018

  32. Karen Borquez says:

    Hi prize patrols are you ready to give up the 1,000,000.00 plus more I have been ready a long time, Dave you told me this would be mine I hope it well so let it happen..

  33. Andrea jones says:

    I am claiming this game event on June 29 2018 Gwy # 1100 the prize game is $1,000,000,00 and $1,000,00 a week for life plus a brand new car value over $35,000 am more than eligible to win this game prize event this month PCH please accept me and my entries into your game event please hear me out I have plans for this money the cancer society and the food for the poor

  34. F Madrid says:

    I want to win 1000000 plus 1000 per week

  35. F Madrid says:

    I want to win 1000000 plus 1000 per week
    give me my entry to win and help me out to help all my people thanks

  36. F Madrid says:

    I want to win 1000000 plus 1000 per week
    Please have my entry to win and help me out to help all my people thanks

  37. Rosemarie Moore says:

    I need a code number please send me one i want to win thank you.

  38. Melinda Lea Olinger says:

    want to do the final step on 1000 a week for life with pch.com

  39. Derrick Vanhook says:

    Im here to claim my entry win$1,000,000.00 actived my entry now super prize Gwy#11000 active my entry thank you Publishers Clearing house winner I claim my prize God please help me and my family

  40. Derrick Vanhook says:

    Im here to claim my entry win$1,000,000.00 actived my entry now super prize Gwy#11000 active my entry thank you Publishers Clearing house winner I claim my prize

  41. Charles Kemp says:

    Entering contest to win $1,000,000.00 + $1,000.00 a week for life!

  42. Matthew boin says:

    Gwy. No. 11000

  43. Julian Cisneros says:

    PCH patrol please pick me Dave,Dannille and Todd I want to win $1 million and a new explorer and $1.000 a week for life.Yes I am ready to win it all PCH patrol. Thank you may the best person win God bless.

  44. Tinabel Blalock says:

    I have not gotten the activation code please send it to me i have never gotten it

  45. Petra says:


  46. Charles R Sanchez says:

    Thank you lord for guiding me through this maze. This prize would definitely help out.

  47. Randy J Sandmaier says:

    No car no water no job food a little house braking down I would love to win so I can stay in town and start a church witch I do so want to start. Help me stay the course that I want to do.

  48. Kenneth King says:

    Good morning publishers clearing house i did my search for $1,000,000.00 & $1,000,000.00 plus a brand new ford explorer on June 29th to win it all and thank you for letting me enter your sweepstakes

  49. Irma R.Serrano says:

    Dear Pch,I did receive a postcard back in 2016,but I did not filled out the Actnow form..Sent it back and never got a response,Why?

  50. Mark Whittle says:

    I have been playing the game and doing good I need the access number or ID number to finish it’s asking me for it I haven’t got it thank you

  51. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol good morning beautiful here in Springfield Oregon would you please enter me in this 1 million up front a thousand a week for life a brand new Ford Explorer 55,530 Gwy.no.11000 thank you for everything you’ve done I just want to be part of telling everybody how amazing the Publishing Clearing House truly is that truly makes dreams come true Dave Danielle Todd Howie please help me make my dream come true I hate leaving my house hoping that you be knocking on my door your friend Dave and lucky

  52. Michael pillow says:

    I want to win this big Supra price God bless you in a minute

  53. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol Dave Danielle and Todd please enter me in this opportunity that I cannot resist 1 million lump-sum a thousand a week for life brand new Ford Explorer worth 55,530 Gwy.11000 this is truly what I want more than anything please make our Dream Come True your friend Dave and lucky

  54. Mary Moa says:

    I’m I doing this wright TW726

  55. Mamie Fulmore says:

    It is my desire to win the $1,000,000.oo plus more. For years I have entered Publishing Clearing House entries. I pray to God that I am the winner because at 72 I can definitely use the money. Good Luck Mamie!!!

  56. Andrea jones says:

    Am hereby for the entering and claiming this game event of $1,000,000,00 plus more and am more than eligible to win this game prize event my winner selections # are 2552 2925 8310 and my Gwy # is 11000 plus a bonus cash of $25,000,00 am here to win this game prize event all

  57. Dorothy easley says:

    Please send me a code number please i would love to win $1,000,000.00 plus $1,000.00 for life it would be such a blessing thank u

  58. Karon Thoren says:

    Hello PCH:

    YES! YES! I want WIN AND CLAIM this “WIN IT ALL” On June 29th!

    VIP Elite 2 Extra Entries to “WIN IT ALL” on June 29th, the $1,000.000.00 Immediately, Plus the $1,000.00 A Week For Life, Plus the Bran New Ford Explorer Platinum Values at $55,530.00. And NOW Plus My entries from this notice could WIN me $100,000.00 VIP Elite Exclusive Bonus Prize from PCH Gwy No.: 10425!

    YES! Please PCH come to my front door on June 29th.

    I had a another Notice of On Standby Prize Patrol Ready for Immediate Prize Delivery Yes, Please come to my front door.

  59. Sandy Graziani says:


  60. mark lasker says:

    i am a 100% disabled veteren I am wheelchair bound I can notwork I truly need this money thank you pch

  61. Siesia Ponitini says:

    Claiming entries winning prize of $1 million plus more.

  62. Virginia Moignard says:

    I haven’t received a activation code for 1 million plus $1,000 a week for life plus the Ford Explorer. Could you send it to me soon.
    I love Playing PCH everyday.

  63. PCH/ACTNOW says:

    Send my code for my sweepstakes entry to www pch.com/actnow to claim my winning numbers of PCH Act Now and PCH Win It All Prizes for $1,000,000.00 Cash and a $1,000.00 a Week for Life Plus a Brand New Car at wwwpchcom/actnow

  64. Michael Mayns says:

    PCH activate my code 4 prize number giveaway 11000 winning code numbers sp558 your friend Big Mike Arvada Colorado can’t wait to meet the prize Patrol my turn God willing and PCH judges

  65. Melinda Lea Olinger says:

    I Melinda olinger acknowledge I could win 1000 a week + a ford explore gwy10074 on june 29

  66. Emily gee says:

    Emily Gee claiming WINNER 8800+6900 super prize of publishers clearing house winner I claim my prize

  67. Emily gee says:

    Pchsearch&win $6900 $7000 a week. For 8800 have my entery for winner

  68. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol acknowledgement Win it all 1 million a thousand a week for life a brand new Ford Explorer this is totally a amazing dream and my dream is to become part of Publishing Clearing House family thank you from the bottom of our hearts Gwy 11000

  69. Kathryn Hawthorne says:

    Entry for $1,000,000.00 plus more. Thanks Pch!

  70. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol please enter the 3× entries for me to win it all 1 million plus more on June 29th! GWY.NO.11000 GWY 10804 lucky and I truly thinks you from the bottom of our hearts lucky has his feet crossed and I have my fingers crossed I truly believe

  71. Andrea jones says:

    Am claiming this game prize winner event from PCH search&win $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000,00 a week for life and a brand new Ford Explorer value over $35,000,00 Gwy #11000 my code # 2552 2925 8310 this game prize event will be on June 29 2018 I really want to win this game prize I really do there’s time when my internet would go down and I can’t get to finish my my games but am still pushing because I want to win this game prize event

  72. Kenneth Heath says:

    I need some money, I’m playing to win the $1,000,000.00 plus — 11000



  73. Hannan Dayton says:

    PCH I want to win the $1,000,000.00 plus more, plus the $100,000.00 VIP ELITE Bonus

  74. cynthia D walker says:

    I hope i win PCH giveaway #11000 on June 29th, 2018 to help my family and friends.

  75. noel brown says:


  76. Karon Thoren says:

    Good Evening PCH:

    YES! I sure want to “WIN IT ALL” on June 29th Win $1,000,000.00 Immediately, Plus $1,000.00 A Week For Life, Plus the Brand New Ford Explorer Platinum Values at $55,530.00. I want to WIN IT ALL. With 2X Entires Tonight from this bulletin. VIP Elite are entitled to advantage of a Restricted Access bonus Prize opportunity!

    Plus @X Entries for the $100,000.00 Exclusive Prize Amount the maximum amount from PCH Gwy No.: 10425. Search NOW to CLAIM the SuperPirze. Exclusive bonus.

    Thank You,

  77. Charles R Sanchez says:

    I thank the lord for my family & I hope to see them get ahead. They are struggling at the moment. I hope & pray that my efforts will be accepted by these kids. My mother would never have turned her grandchildren away. So I’m taking it on myself to do her job. I know it’s not my job, but my mother would want me to help. If I could work I would. My Anuisium makes it hard. Thank you lord.

  78. David Lemon says:

    PCH prize Patrol my name is Dave lemon and I truly want to win it all 1 million a thousand a week for life a brand new Ford Explorer yes that’s truly amazing and I truly want to win Gwy 11000

  79. Ronald Rice says:

    Pch PLEASE I NEED MY NUMBERS SO I CAN WIN SO I CLAIM CODES (E28E8)(E32E8)(E23E8) (E33E8)(S5E28)(2E8E8)(3E2ES) (S5E28) (EXE8E) (2E3E8) (2E8E8)
    (IRIRE) (IRIR3 (WIN!!) (Win88) (winer) PCH I HAVE THE HOLE CODE CLOUSE to 600 HURNDRED pieces what a job only at pch ask I have every code and combo may I claim witch gwy is these FROM Ronald Rice

  80. Melinda Lea Olinger says:

    I Melinda Olinger

  81. RAUL. M. RABAGO. ORTEGA says:

    Enter To win and ready to claim $ 1MILLION and $1000.000.00 a week for life Thanks pch.

  82. Lourdes Iduate says:

    activate winner gwy #11460

  83. Lourdes Iduate says:

    activacion de form C08226a codigo L738-87988245211 please

  84. mark lasker says:

    I want to thank pch for this chance to win this chance to win I have been scamed befor and I just want to win thank you pch

  85. Carrie Cummings says:

    Please let me know is publishing clearing House is real. I play every day and all week . I get a promise I win and I don’t get it. It keeps happening. You guys give money to people that are well off. Instead of people trying to stay in a home.

  86. Elaine Anderson says:




  87. diana mosley says:

    I claim to win 1,000.000.00 plus more with PCH GWY 11000. diana mosley

  88. Darla Batrett says:

    My code is 8800 I think good luck to all

  89. jim condon says:

    my code is sp551 activate please

  90. robert edwards says:


  91. jim condon says:

    cant enter code either

  92. jim condon says:

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  93. Kathryn Pittman says:

    I am in it to win ,so I can pay off my old bill’s and pay off my land and buy Texas land and building house on not land .good luck to the winner.

  94. Emily Gee says:

    Pch Emily gee claiming 888 and 7542 I confirm my numbers towards winner selection list I claim owner to number to be put into winner selection immediately I’m claiming active pch activate protocds 2/4,3/4 and44 to win up to 20, 000.00 I won to win dream super prize 2/4,3/4/and44 be entered into selection pch I Emily gee claim owner to gwy#1-6900 release of the big 651632690e.g. payment I Emily gee claim golden prize ticket yes Emily gee claim pch win it all forever 8800 pch lump sum or payments confirme my numbers 8800-6900-8035-888-7542 doposit onto the winners selection list prize release payment’s Emily gee ready for winner

  95. Charlene Green says:

    18-NP613(11000)I want it all.

  96. Lisa harris says:

    Giveaway #11000 Activation code is SP580 will not let me submit

  97. Lisa harris says:

    My giveaway #11000 will not let me put in my activation code which is SP580

  98. Elbert Madison says:

    my activation code is SP551 it will not let me put the code in its proper slot, so I put it here.

  99. Ronald Rice says:

    Pch I want to claim the codes front page search E2E3R R2R38 E2E38 E3ERR EE3R8 RE3ER

  100. Debra Carter says:

    Please activate the prize for 6-8 pm From the pch prize patrol thank you Debra jammiedaisy@ yahoo. com please enter me in the drawing thanks Debra

  101. Debra Carter says:

    I want to claim the prize alert #4 from pch prize patrol for hours 6-8 pm. Thank you Debra jammiedaisy@ yahoo. com please enter me in the drawing thanks Debra

  102. Howard Bareford Sr says:

    We pray every day to let us win because I am getting old and would like to pay off our bills. then the two of us can travel. I put 41 years in the Army and 36 in post office. the rest of my life is for us. Thank you
    My Activation Code SP551

  103. Diana Smith says:

    Well, Supposedly I won $7,000.00 a week for life, 10,000 entry, 1,000,000.00, Super Prize…I don’t know how many prizes I won…BUT I’m willing to take them all…I’ve got so many places to award money from the PCH “Guys”…Churches, the Marlo Thomas Center and that’s just starting out…I want to just keep enough money so that me & my husband to get by. We don’t want much….

  104. Siesia Ponitini says:

    I love to win the $7,000.00 a week for life plus anything else you see fit. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for various stuff and cash!

  105. JoseR Dones says:

    Activate my code OOC732

  106. MARY M says:

    I LIKE TO WIN GWY NO11000, maybe get that lab top.

  107. MAUREEN MOONEY says:

    Well this is the last day to enter this sweepstakes and I am hoping its My turn. It would sure be a blessing that I can help My 4 children and My 17 yr. old granddaughter . I would like to travel and even get a new one floor ranch with no stairs it would be wonderful. Well I would like to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to enter and who knows I could win. Maureen.Smile its healthyand makes You happy.

  108. Richard Eastman says:

    The Code # e1519254902840 (1) is for winning the $4,978,632 Sweepstakes above.

    I would donate portions of this to needy people who are in debt and to those in need of a home.


    VIP ELITE $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE NO.11000 BONUS $50,000.00 ACTIVATION CODE IS SP330 01805541966

  110. Marelin Negron says:

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  111. MAUREEN MOONEY says:

    The end is very near and it would be a wonderful thing to win all I can do would be wonderful. I could and would help My 4 children,My 17 yr. old Granddaughter and do some traveling it would be wonderful and I would like to say thank You for the oppportunty to enterthis sweepstake and heres hoping I may be the next winner,heres hoping. Smile and have a nice day. Maureen.

  112. Charles Dickson says:

    I am Charles Dickson and I have two kids in college. I am struggling to help them with their fees and I don`t want them to drop out. I am looking forward to winning Gwy. 11000 for $7,000.00 A Week For Life on April 27th to help them.

  113. Mario Echeverria says:

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  114. Bernadette Weider says:

    I cannot find where to put my activation code so I will put here. SP428

  115. Mary Jane Lafferty says:

    I am beginning to think this is a big con job. I have tried for 3 days to enter my activation code and there is no place to enter the code. I have known people that have entered every contest you have had for many many years and haven’t won so much as a candy bar.

  116. Shelby J Peto says:

    Code is 00000 I am claiming the $7000.00 dollars a week prize offered in gwy 11000 on April 27 2018. Looking for you. Shelby J.Peto

  117. C waite says:

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  118. RUTH SUMMERS says:


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  120. Carrie Cummings says:

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    Hey 8800

  121. Twana Gibbs says:

    Can’t enter my code! My code is SP430
    Please submit this code SP430
    Twana Gibbs
    Thank You

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  123. Ronald Rice says:


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  126. Shelby J Peto says:

    I am claiming my entry for $7000.00 a week for entry 11000 being deliver on 27 April 2018 This is Shelby J.Peto

  127. James collins says:

    Could not enter my code – SP302

  128. James collins says:

    Could enter my code! It is -SP302

    Thank you!!!!!

  129. pamela mertes says:

    where do I try to win?

  130. Verl Smith says:

    My activation code : SP330

  131. Michael Kinses says:

    This is just too complicated to understand the process !

  132. Mario Echeverria says:

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  134. Chyrl Wood says:

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  135. Doris Neyers says:

    I was not able to input my activation code number which is SP355. What’s the deal?

  136. Judy Theiler says:

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  138. Troy Garner says:

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  139. Martha Holland says:

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  140. Martha Holland says:

    I can not enter my Activation Code

  141. mary williams says:

    I have tried to activate my code # but don’t think this iss working. How do I find out? If I don’t get a response and help with this I am going to stop buying.

    Mary Williams

  142. levicrowwder44@gmail.com says:

    I have played the PCH CONTESTS for over nine years now and have not won one thing at all. I also REDEEMED over 3,000,000 TOKENS in the past year, 300k on an iPad gwy did not win. now today I received a PCH NOTICE No W712 with activation code SP426 GO122/GWY.#10950 but cant ACTIVATE CODE WHY? I am a RED CROSS “DAT” trained in completing forms but not this one. I would like to continue entering PCH games/contests but must say that I’m beginning to feel like it’s not good for me to keep being disappointed. I’m not asking for favors just fairness.
    Levi C. Crowder (NOT) Levy

  143. Hilda Rivas says:


  144. Mario Echeverria says:

    It’s so much difficult to reach the PCH rewards. I want to keep only one for financial my golden years so nearly. Maybe again I train in new random to have my PCH prize patrol meeting. Thanks PCH for to give me this way. ME

  145. Vanessa Smith says:

    Pch activate my pending transfer funds #8800 pch#7600 #7667 hoping this is all true I’ve been trying for a long while now. and I’m hoping all come out for the good. PCH please give me that chance thank you.

  146. Vanessa Smith says:

    Pch #8800 pch#7600 #7667 hoping this is all true I’ve been trying for a long while now. and I’m hoping all come out for the good. PCH please give me that chance thank you.

  147. Gail Phillips says:

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  148. Charles O Dickson says:

    I will be expecting PCH Price Patrol Team to show up to my door with fat check for $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” on Feb, 23rd. This is my turn to win this incredible price. My code PC 440.

  149. William Ewen says:

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  151. Bogdan Szary says:

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  152. Deborah Arnoldt says:

    Be fore I got a third party 2004 is fine with out any body nosing in my system taking all my accounts email password I have been put under the bus I have had
    Every contest sweetstakes in enter it was taken over by this hacker contest was changed to a giveaway contest which is funny because when I was disqualified in 2007 was because this third party that hacked in my systems and all my familys systems our bank account just help them selfs tooyt money got free internet free cell phone free dicert tv free Netflix free everything because they changed the bank card to pay there account from our bank account not there order from my Pch account and I had to send everything back 2007 and then I was to create

  153. maselak says:

    please submit my activation code SP276 thank you !

  154. orothy Barranger says:

    Recieved W712 notice. Will not let me submit activation code SP430. Hope it’s a winner.

  155. Siesia Ponitini says:

    Letting you know I’m here going after the Publishers Clearing House prize #8800 of $5,000.00 a week “forever”! Thanks for the entry and activation opportunity.

  156. Debra. says:

    Activate the forever prize with 2x the entries for the prize of$5,000 a week forever please thank you Debra jammiedaisy @yahoo.com Please relay a message to Ms Debra Holland the email she sent 2-11_18 will not let me see the second page to enter the stamp for the prize of Declartonn of eligibility,read them transfer the label, I have only 2 days left or I’m out of the drawing and the game. I have tried several times but it takes me to the enter process,I need help,I have came along way to be left out, please relay this to her it’s the only I know to get a message to her,I called pch Sunday to speake to someone about it but they are closed, thank you Debra jammiedaisy @yahoo.com

  157. Linda Wascher says:

    Have order PCH Gold Activation this but never received

  158. Anthony Lewis says:



  159. Kathy Taylor says:

    will not allow me to enter code. PC989. thank you

  160. Diane Borck says:

    My activation code is PC990, would not let me put it in.

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  162. Debra. says:

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  163. Lorrie Hooker says:

    I want to activate GWY no. 8800 I want to become the winner for $5000 every week, in Jesus Christ name I pray.

  164. DONNA FRAZIER says:


  165. Lourdes Iduate says:

    My activation code is PC440. Thanks

  166. cathy freeman says:

    been trying to enter code Sp126 for days will not take it you sent mme another letter saying I must complete this to enter my sweepstakes cathy freeman this sight does not work SP126 is my number please enter me thank you

  167. Han Nguyen says:

    Hi I want to enter to win $5,000.00 a week forever on Ferb 22 thanks

  168. Barry McCoy says:

    I need you send me my code number bacause i want to win..withouvh the code i can’t enter ….so please send it

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