www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code

www.pch.com/actnow – PCH Activation Code Input Form. Learn How to do It right! No purchase or fee necessary (you don’t have to buy products to enter). Act Now and they could soon be issuing money check in you name! Don’t risk missing out Claim your Entry!

pch.com Activation Code


Imagine all the possibilities! Brand new car, New house. PCH ActNow and you could win and be All debts free! Be sure to act now! How to enter your Activation Code? For that online contests you will need to have the Promotion code you’ve receive in the Mail from PCH Mail Marketing Branch – PCH Act Now Letter and follow the instructions below. It’s all done in three easy steps! The code on the card should resemble to this: www.pch.com/actnow pc*** or w**. (ex: actnow pc990, actnow pc985 or actnow pc 663) PCH Bonus Entry!

For those of you having issue lately with the above Site Link, FOLLOW THIS: Now as stated on Publishers Clearing House website, let me clearly reinstitute the procedure that you have to follow so you can activate your PCH Act Now Code that you’ve received in your mailbox. First open that card/pack and make sure you have an official PCH notice inside. You will see two things in bold characters; the URL address: www-pch-com-actnow and your activation code. Now the second thing you have to do is to open this URL address (the one on the card) with your Internet browser by typing www pch com actnow in the address bar. It’s the same procedure for any online browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera,… etc….). This will open up The PCH ACTNOW page on your screen. Now third and last thing you have to do is the simplest one, just copy the code where It’s written “Enter The Code Here” then hit the submit button. That’s It!

Please do NOT type your own ACTIVATION CODE into the “Comments” section below. Follow the detail  instructions above to make sure your number is entered correctly to WIN!

How would you like to become the next PCH millionaire and Enjoy a Life without debts and worries! Publishers Clearing House have made many happy millionaires through the years! The Direct-Marketing Company as become America’s Premier destination for fun games, Prize-Winning and…  Get info about Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold below the video… ActNow much more! What is Publishers Clearing House address www.pch.com/actnow ? Well, it’s PCH activation code input Form website. For www.pch.com/urgent Learn more here. No purchase necessary, so nothing to buy to increase your chances. But to enter this address, you need to have the notification mail you received from PCH. You can find the activation number from your email.

Then visit pch.com/actnow and enter your ActNow CodeEntry  5-character Activation Code to see if your number is eligible to the latest  drawing. If yes, you will be prompt to complete the entry form with your personal information by entering your name, your home address, your email address and other useful information, so they can contact you if you’re the winner of one of their online sweepstakes and contests.

pch.com Activation Code


What Is PCH Act Now?

What is pch.com/actnow or www.pch.com/actnow Activation Code (www stands for World Wide Web a protocol for the Internet domain names that ends by dot com. This extension dot com represent company business online) – Publisher’s Clearing House has been offering sweepstakes and contests for many years. Anyone can enter their sweepstakes for free and get a chance to win amazing prizes, including a cash for life prize! PCH Act Now is a sweepstakes you can enter if you receive a postcard in the mail. The postcard is very easy to recognize because it clearly says PCH ACTNOW on it and has instructions on how to enter the Act Now sweepstakes.

You will find an activation code in the bottom corner of the postcard. You can enter the Act Now sweepstakes by visiting the official website and looking for the Act Now section. You can find the URL of this page on the postcard you received.

You got your Activation Notice by mail Entering this sweepstakes is quick and easy. You will have to enter your name and the activation code (Input) that was on your postcard. This sweepstakes gives you the possibility to win some cash prizes but these are different prizes from the well-known cash for life prize.

You should definitely enter the Act Now sweepstakes if you get one of these postcards in the mail. It only takes a few minutes and you could win some cash prizes! These postcards are sent out once in a while by Publishers Clearing House. The best way to get one of these Act Now postcards is to get on the PCH mailing list form. Visit the PCH official website and play some of their games or enter a sweepstakes.

Sign up the form to receive promotional offers or enter your content information when completing a form for a sweepstakes. Look for a check box that says you authorize them to contact you with promotional offers.

Go through your mail carefully and look for anything from Publishers Clearing House since this could be an PCH Act Now postcard. The Act Now sweepstakes is very easy to enter and you could win a cash prize!

Who knows? maybe you are the next winner that will be offering a memorable moment to the rolling camera of the PRIZE PATROL crew this spring. You will be screaming like a big winner at your doorstep with champagne and balloons and a huge PCH check.

At this moment the most recent ActNow PCH Sweepstakes is the Win $1 Million and $1,000 a Week for Life Plus a Brand New Car SuperPrize – you can get more info about it by clicking this link. … Good luck!

About the PCH Gold Prize Ticket Notice:

About Gold Prize Ticket www.pch.com/gold – Did You Receive A PCH Notice With An Activation Code Inside? You could win $5,000.00 immediately or $25,000.00 on a future award date! But you must go online to the address you’ll see listed: www.pch.com/gold or www-pch-com-Act-Now to enter for a chance to win! So basically it’s the same instructions that to follow to enter your Gold Ticket Activation code from PCH Notice – PCH Act Now Letter. Good Luck!

Claim Now – Act Now at www pch com / actnow activation code input form

Learn To Recognize The Official PCH Website

You can find the official website at PCH.com or pch.com/actnow or pch.com/respond If you followed a link that was sent to you in an email or if the website you are looking at looks a little different than usual. The URL should start with PCH.com and you should see a green lock next to it to indicate that you are using a safe website. If the URL is different, you are not on the official website and should not enter your log in information.

If you believe that a scammer is trying to impersonate PCH to steal your information, you should contact the Direct-Marketing company and report them. You can avoid scams by using your common sense and by remembering that PCH already has your information if you entered a sweepstake. These PCH scam prevention tips will help you stay safe and you should always trust your gut instinct if a letter, email or phone call seems odd.

Now let me answer a question.

Is The PCH Act Now Site Legitimate To Enter?

Is the PCH Act Now site legit? The simple answer to that question is yes. The Act Now code you get has everything to do with using the main PCH website. If you were to search about these codes, you are going to see the actual Publishers Clearing House website show up in the results. And yes, the PCH website is certainly legitimate, though spending time entering the sweepstakes isn’t going to necessarily mean you win automatically. But take note that you could increase your chance If you’re a devoted sweeper and you able to get your entries on all opportunities. You need to be in to win it.

Is PCH Act Now Site Legit? There have been lots of winners with Publishers Clearing House over the years. Did you receive a code in the mail? Did you get that special “snap pack”-style with PCH Notice in the mailbox If so, the mailing is all about you entering the competition that the company has available. Have you entered the Publisher’s Clearing House competition before? Maybe you have a long time ago. If so, everything has changed a little in recent years, right?


www pch com act now

Are you up with the current prizes? The company has what they call a forever prize, which means the prize money keeps coming even after your lifetime. They give you so much money a week for life plus two bonuses, and then you get to pick a person that they keep giving money to as well. That’s the best prize they have come up with to date.

When I was a kid, my mom entered the PCH sweepstakes for a period of time. She would get the fliers in the mail, and she would have to send off her entry. These days, you don’t have to enter by mail. You can simply enter the competition online, and then you can wait to see if you are the winner. Since the company makes themselves available online, it’s much easier to get information about the competitions they have these days.

For example, when the company is ready to give out a grand prize, they start giving clues. They let you know where they are headed, in a way. You have to decipher the clues, and they don’t get address specific. They just try to let you know if they are headed to your part of the country and your neck of the woods. It sure does keep everyone excited that plays.

Are you going to be a PCH sweepstakes winner? The only way you can find out is if you use that code that they send you. Or you can be even more proactive and just sign up. You don’t have to wait for an invitation. They just market the opportunity in different ways. They are a business of course, and they do want to sell you things as well. It’s up to you if you buy, and the company makes it known that you don’t have to buy anything to enter and win.

It’s going to be fun, right? Do you enter other sweepstakes competitions as well? PCH or Publishers Clearing House is one of the most well known sweepstakes in the entire world. It is certainly legitimate, as much as those types of competitions can be, and you could just be the next winner.

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Visit http://www.pch.com/actnow for more information – www.pch.com/actnow



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  1. Morgan Hill says:

    I claim prize number to win enter to win please 11000 $7,000.00 a week for life

  2. cindy bagby says:

    I tried to enter my activation code SP751 but was unable to please enter it

  3. mark maier says:

    IF I win I will feed the squirrels and birds I need reliable car pay bills help homeless people . T C B and thank my family and friends and all that made this all possible .

  4. NELDA HILTON says:

    I TRYING to enter. Did I accept this great – let me know.

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  6. tjulia johnson says:

    Please inter my code I. Inter it some years back I tried again but had trouble .to. Win mean a lot to me and my family especially my grandson and my three grand daughters I will finally be able to buy me a car and get me some new furniture and help others I truly been with you all since 1987 so this will help get out of debt thanks for so many games my laptop stop working so I’m thankful this phone which I’ve using since it broke down. GOD BLESS HAPPY HOLYDAYS

  7. Debra Patterson says:

    Yes Indeed I Debra Patterson Claim Gwy #11000, I am Claiming my Final Compliance Entries for PCH and the Mega millions , for Award on November 30,2018 . $2,5000,000.00 with Gwy Numbers #11000, #9972 ,10074, Code PCH-1 W-29 W-24 WK-30 PCH-50, W-34. Please Activate my Final Compliance Entries :382-11-50. Thank you God bless and Please PCH and Prize Patrol Elite team knock on my door . With love DP in Texas CCLake.

  8. Roland Brockman says:

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    I Ulises Zacarias want to claim sole rightful ownership of said prize number and all prize monies it may win for its owner from this notice and claim my final step win the exclusive prize from Pch giveaway no 11000 , win $7,000.00 a week for life and claim my upgraded prize amount $8,500.00 a week for life and claim my PCH GWY NO. 9971 WIN $2,500,000.00 MEGAPRIZE AND CLAIM MY FORTHCOMING MEGAPRIZE NUMBERS ENTRY TO WIN AND CLAIM MY 7X ENTRIES TO WIN FROM THIS NOTICE AND CLAIM MY ACCEPTANCE DECLARATION MAKES ME FULL ELIGIBILITY TO WIN FROM THIS NOTICE.

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    PCHSearch&Win:Record of Completion:Entry #2/6:Prize Number(1861 6755 5915)(176633946918)(1768 4118 3211)(1768 2118 0921)(7068 2778 6937)(7968 2778 4147)
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    Thank you,

  11. Priscilla Garrovillas says:

    My name is Priscilla Garrovillas, one of the Elites Contender for PCH Claim Gwy 11000;I’m calling your attention that today, 11/18/2018, I have accomplished the “search for the Nationwide Gwy 1100; I’ve been working hard for hours trying to comply with your requirements, wishing and praying to win a big sum of money. However. Thank you, God bless, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  12. Lenore baxter says:

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  13. Lenore baxter says:

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    Yes Indeed I Debra Patterson Claim Gwy 11000, and All other Claims I have entered for the Nationwide Gwy 11000 ,my Birthday is the 28 of this month, I am Hoping to get a lot of money. Thank you God bless, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. With Love DP in Texas CCLake.

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    Yes Indeed I Debra Patterson Claim Gwy 11000 upgrade from $7,000.00 A Week For Life Gwy 11000 ,to WIN it on December 1st . For $8,000.00 I Debra Patterson Claim and I absolutely except Upgrade Gwy 11000 Gwy 10074. please Activate my Final Compliance Entries for Gwy 11000,Gwy 11002,Gwy 10074. Thank you God bless. With love DP in Texas.

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    I hope and pray I will have finally won

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    Oh Yes I am really ready to win GWY # 11000 December 21st 2018. $7,000.00 a week for life and super Prize one Million cash. I would buy a car that I really need, and a home that my health needs very much. And all the furniture that I need for the home. I also want to buy dog to go with everything that I really miss. Yes I am a A PCH VIP. Thank you so very much.

  23. mark lasker says:

    i am a 100% disabled veteran I am wheel chair bond I can not work I need this money and I want to thank pch for this chance to win this money but I realy don’t know how I can go on living on my SS again I need this money again thank you pch

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  28. Gladys Okpaleke says:

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    PCH I want to WIN $2,500.00 A WEEK FOREVER Gwy.No.11000 on October 26/18 and would like PCH Prize Patrol to deliver it to my house

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    Only a few more games to go, & I will know if I am the lucky winner of Oct, 2018 i will win the $2.500. a week for life + many other gifts the giveaways 10074 10806. keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Theresa Marie Stackles

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    Activation code. SP604

  32. Gladys Okpaleke says:

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    Thank you for your assistance in this matter. It is greatly appreciated.


    i’m having a problem, try to input my activation code, received by from pch in mailbox. it doesn’t work. reseting my browser and cookies, can you please help. i would love to win 5,000 a week for ever are any of the prizes. i’m a single grandma taking care of my three grandsons, the oldest want to be a doctor. he was hit by a car, he is doing better. it was touch and go lots of medical bills. the money i can put away for his college loan and get a bigger place to live for all of us. also buy a suv car, it is hard getting around without a car. but we are bless and we are happy for what we have.

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    Wow I don’t have a card with the code, still play though. Inittowinit! Always something to hinder my efforts.

  41. I’m writing you about problems I’m having with your site at www-pch-com-actnow. Since last month, when I try to input my activation code received by mail from Publishers Clearing House, it doesn’t work. Everything freeze and your software input box doesn’t send my PCH activation code. I’ve tried everything like reseting my browser history and cookies. I’ve even try with three browsers Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Nothing works! Considering all the comments about it, I’m starting to thing that the problem is on your side. Maybe this has something to do with the operating system; that I didn’t test! Could you please have a look, if there’s a compatibility issue. Thanks S. Walton Retired US Army Engineer.

  42. Tylis Mathies says:



    I want to win $5,000.00 a week forever from (PCH Giveaway No. 11OOO) on October 26,2018.


    PCH Search & Win … The final step is required … Please I want to complete the final step to ensure my full compliance and eligibility to win the (PCH Giveaway No. 11OOO) prize of $ 2,500.00 a week forever in game + win $ 5,000.00 in cash as part of the week of access to the PCH awards.


    PCH Frontpage. I want to win $ 2,500.00 a week from PCH Gwy. No.11000 on October 26, 2018. Thank you.

  46. Cindy Burke says:

    I have my code number and don’t know where to enter it

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    I need a code also but I still claim the right full ownership of the pch gwy number: 11000 which they gave me Diana Mosley

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    PCH Search & Win…Final step Required… I wish to win $2,500.00 a week for ever plus win 5,000.00 cash as part of (PCH Gwy. No. 12244) Prize Access week on October 26th. Please, I want complete this compliance final step. Thank you.

  50. Joyce Laube says:

    Yes I would like to win $2500 a week for ever So my husband and I can get out of our RV that we been living in for 3 years and by home with it I would like to be the next Winner. On the GIVEAWAY 11000
    Joyce Laube

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    PCH Search & Win …Cash Winner Guaranteed…Claiming my entry # 1 of 50 Cash Winners from the bulletin in this exclusive giveaway. Thank You very much.

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    I sure want to see the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team to show up on my front door step with the $1,000,000.00

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    Search #5…PCH Search & Win…Final Day… I want to win $1,000.00 a day for life on August 31 & win up to $10.000.00 over $20,000 prizes guaranteed to be awarded on PCH Pay Day. Please active my entry for the win. Thank You.

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    PCHSearch & WIn… Bonus Opportunity Reserved For Vip Elites Only.
    1- I want to claim 3x/3XEntries to win $1,OOO.OO A Day For Life from (PCH Gwy. 11OOO) on Augus 31, 2018, during a special early look event.
    2- I want to claim 3x/3X Entries to win a $1,OOO,OOO.OO Exclusive VIP Prize from (PCH Gwy. 11812) on August 31, 2018.

  59. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win … PCH Pay Day … I want to claim my (#2 entry) for win $1,000.00 a day for life (PCH Gwy No. 11000) plus 3x entries to win a PCH Pay Day exclusive prize on August 31, 2018

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  61. Milagros Garcia says:

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    Would love to win to help my family & my wonderful husbands medical problems thank u

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    “All entries received by 11:59pm.ET,2/20/18 from this
    Bulletin will be eligible for our $5,OOO.OO.
    A-WEEK “Forever” Prize (GIVEAWAY NO.8800).
    OUR $1,OOO,OOO.OO SuperPrize GIVEAWAY No.8035).
    A $25,OOO.OO Prize (GIVEAWAY No.8184).
    $10,OOO.OO from Giveaway No.10078.
    And our State Prize (GIVEAWAY. No.10837).

  64. Shelby J Peto says:

    Hoping to win the big gwy on 31 Aug 18 for $1000 to $10000 dollars. Plus the one million dollars and maybe a car. Shelby J. Peto

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    I’m looking to be the winner of the PCH $1,000.00 a day for life. It would be a miracle blessing.

    Thank you PCH for changing so many lives.

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    Gold Number Claim Certificate…PCH Search & Win …I, Milagros Garcia Chooose to Definitively claim my unique prize number and full eligibility for win the prize $ 1,000.00 a day for life, on August 31, 2018 the Lifetime prize from (PCH Gwy No. 11000).

  71. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…Final Notice.
    Please claim my chance #4/10. I want to win $25,000.00 in Mystery Prize Mania… Thank You

  72. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…Final Notice.
    Please claim my chance #3/10. I want to win $25,000.00 in Mystery Prize Mania… Thank You

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    i would like to win it would be great to win something in my life

  74. AG RHONE JR says:

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  75. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…I want to win $10,000.00 Towards my bills (PCH Gwy. No. 11936) Please claim my entry for win the prize. Thank You PCH.

  76. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…I want to win $ 3,000.000.00 Towards My Dream Home (PCH Gwy. No. 18000 Mystery Prize Mania) Please claim my 2x entries for win the prize. Thank You PCH.

  77. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…I want to win $ 20,000.00 (PCH Gwy. No. 12253 Mystery Prize Mania) Please claim my 4x entries for win the prize. Thank You PCH.

  78. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win…Yes, I wish to claim full eligibility to win $ 1, OOO.OO A Day for Life and authorized the award, during the first special look event on August 31, 2O18. Thank you.

  79. Hugh DeVeaux Wilson says:

    The Activation Code space is not receiving my Code.

    My Activation Code: SP606

  80. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Dear PCH. I’m searching to except a valid prize number to win this $1,000.00 a day for life GWY no 11000 on August 31st. I thank you guys so much . God bless you guys

  81. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win Mystery Prize Mania…Record of Completion…

    I want to win $15,000.00 CASH PRIZE (PCH Gwy. No. 11936).

  82. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win Mystery Prize Mania…Record of Completion…

    I want to win $50,000.00 CASH PRIZE (PCH Gwy. No. 10074).

  83. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win Mystery Prize Mania…Record of Completion…

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  84. Kellie Pauley says:

    Please let be me win the $1,000.00 a day for life from PCH on August 31, because I want to help my neighborhood out because there is no stores around here hardly No where close by or where to go out to eat.

  85. Douglas Rogers says:

    Yes I would love to be the winner of the Publishing Clearing House Sweepstake the $1, 000 a day for life it would be a dream come true.

  86. Ernest McWilliams says:

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  87. Larry says:

    I would love to win the pch search for $1,000.00 a day for life Gwy 11000. I am searching for this week and weekend. It is the best games lottery and search there is.

  88. Johnny West says:

    After interning the sweepstakes for 36 years I am ready to win so maybe the Lord will keep around long enough that I can help my love ones and those less fortunate. God Bless

  89. Mike Lauletta says:

    Does not work…..

  90. Martha Taylor says:

    it will not let me enter my activation code which is SP606

  91. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Search & Win Final Step.

    I have not received this step, but I want to be part of this event. I was on vacation and I almost became impossibly enter the application, and even check messages, but here I am again full, hope not be late. Please active my code. Thanks PCH

  92. Sandra Esparza says:

    Please send me my code number so I can win.

  93. noel brown says:


  94. Mario Echeverria says:

    Can you help me PCH for actívate my code publisher Claring House in Giveway#88000 PC837 . I hope it was validate for my PCHGWY No.11000. Thanks PCH for your valuable help.ME

  95. Ines Maria Lopez says:

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  96. Lionel H. Mendez says:

    Thank you.

  97. noel brown says:

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  98. Robert R. Clark11 says:

    I have tried several times to enter my code
    but couldn t. I still hope this will do.
    My code is SP618.

  99. Sandy Graziani says:

    Theirs a PROBLEM!I can’t get go!to claim it!

  100. Shirley A Harper says:

    Wow I would love to win the 3 entries $1,000.00 a day for life esclive $1,000,000.00 that would be a lots of money I would give some to charity cause I’m battling cancer and I would pay off all my bills and I would give some to my family and I would enjoy the rest but I wanna see the Elite Team Patrol Danielle Dave Tod so come on to 1062 Homewood Rd Forest Ms 39074

  101. Douglas Rogers says:

    I would love to win the the $1, 000 a day for life. YES. YES. YES. YES.!

  102. LaDonna Christy says:

    I would really love to win and I don’t feel I deserve it more then others but at the same I deserve to win just like any one else. I’ve worked my hole life since a young Child and raised 4 sons by my self till they were grown no child suport exc. Worked extra jobs to do so leave not much time for family life do to working ,they have all grown married and all given 15 beautiful grand children, I been working as a barge line cook on the Mississippi river for all most 12 years now and that leaves me working from home for 28 days or longer at a time all I’m saying is I would really love to win so I can start living and having family time with my grandkids and sons

  103. Lionel H. Mendez says:

    OnStandby win $1,000.00 a day for life runner up may we be guided as we are inspired

  104. Derrell Holmes says:

    Sure what to win and not work paycheck to paycheck.

  105. Shannon Kimberley says:

    Dear Deborah,

    I think this is what needs to be done? My mom always said if it’s easy your probably doing it wrong. Nothing good comes easy. Please activate my code pch336 or it’s JUL18 . Regardless right or wrong. I sure tried! God bless you guys for all the amazing things you do!


  106. Milagros Garcia says:

    PCH Frontpage, Complete my number forthcoming prize to win $1,000.00 a day for life. Thank You.

  107. Derrell Holmes says:

    Please enter code I sure like to win thanks.

  108. Dwayne Moore says:

    I have not received nothing in the mail yet,how do i do the final step?and i have not received my final step mail yet

  109. Andrea jones says:

    I am claiming this game prize event on August 31 2018 PCH please accept my entries and claiming this game prize event Gwy # 11000 I would love to win this game prize event please accept me as a winner for August 31 2018 am in this to win it

  110. diana mosley says:

    I claim the winning prize number from the pch gwy 11000 for the final step to win 1,000.00 a day for life Diana Mosley

  111. patt reasor says:

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  112. Milagros Garcia says:

    I’m sorry I copied it to translate and then I shot it without realizing it.

  113. Milagros Garcia says:

    It is quite simple, but these instructions MUST be followed for you to continue as owner of this Prize Number!

    We also have even more incredible news! The Prize Patrol will be ready to take back a Title from a Lifetime winner from the bulletin and in return give up to $25,000.00 Cash as a Bonus!

    As if a winner of $10,000.00 A Week for Life wasn’t lucky already, imagine getting up to $25,000.00 CASH on top of that!

    So please, if you receive this Bulletin, return your number by the date specified in your bulletin…and you could become a fantastic SuperPrize Winner in our Special Early Look prize event on November 25th!

    If you did not get one of these letters in the mail, it isn’t too late for you to become a winner of $10,000.00 A Week for Life! Entries at PCH.com are still being accepted until the November 17 deadline, so make sure you go there today. Remember, you’ll also be eligible to win with your first logged-in search of the day at PCHSearch&Win!

    Will all our most “winning-est regards,”

  114. Siesia Ponitini says:

    Going for $1 million plus cash plus new ford explorer.

  115. Siesia Ponitini says:

    I want to win the $1,000,000.00 plus $1,000.00 a day for life and a brand new Ford Explorer.

  116. Jim Thomson says:

    I’ve entered God knows how many times. What is wrong? Areply would be nice

  117. Siesia Ponitini says:

    Being optimistic drives this entrant to keep on!

  118. Thomas Lennox says:

    Winning A $1,000.00 a day sounds great lets do this.

  119. VERONICA REEVES says:

    Not easy as your video claims. Trying to submit the (Activation Code) seems to be a bait and switch move to sell additional items. I already have more magazines than I could possibly read and or review over months, so I donate them to my hospital and clinic for patients and waiting appointment people. As a retired person this adds up to other things to do. Clever idea. How much $$$$ does the advertising for this exercise cost?

  120. Philip Niall says:

    Impossible to enter my codes. PCH is just another online scam to force and trick me into buying extra stuff.

  121. Shirley James says:

    I’m here coming for win 8800 3 entries worth 10,000,000.00 millon each, and the 1,000.00 a day for life, and the 11475 for 25,000.00, also the 10074 worth 100,000.00 thousand, and the 8055, 8035, 18000 all worth 1 millon each, then the 11936 or 10803 for 10,000.00 each, and the 10079 worth 2,000.00. I won’t to activated, registered and claimed my numbers. Amen

  122. Joan Schau says:

    Please submit my activation code SP661, tried to enter it but form would not take code, please enter my code.

  123. diana mosley says:

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  124. Cathy young says:

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  125. KAREN THOMAS says:

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  126. Rosemarie Moore says:

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  128. dixie hines says:

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  129. DELLA MONTALVO says:


  130. DELLA MONTALVO says:


  131. susan liermann says:

    activation code is sp611 it wont let me put in

  132. Lionel H Mendez says:

    Activation code PCH #C0882B (WIN IT ALL PRIZE NUMBER )3250 9427 5610….. I would love to have the chance to win it all…

  133. Emily gee says:

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  134. Emily gee says:

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    Fla publishers clearing house Activate 11million dollers on final step emlee3632 claim ownership on selection

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  136. william jones says:

    my code is sp596. this is my final attempt. I was supposed to submit my code by 7/26/18 but I was out of town. this has been unfair. you have us jump through hoops to make purchases in hopes of winning. I am wondering if this is just a ploy for us to make purchases. I read names of those who have won, but it is just a name and a picture and that is it. Well today is the day between 12 pm and 3pm. let see how it goes. If there is nothing there today, I will tear up pch and put it in the trash. that is where you belong. I am very frustrated. you play with our emotions, and it is not fair.

  137. Emily gee says:

    Pch please activate my code 101 and for giving me that big opportunity for request your help for claimed my pch offical Prize number pch gwy 11000

  138. Javier Espinoza says:

    Am doing everything to claim my giveaway # 11000 for my 1million plus 1,000.000.00 week for life and car too for June 29 I got an email from Daniele Ellie from pch to act now just couple days left am entering everyday non stop to win this will really help me I want to take my daughter to Disneyland for her birthday and buy a house help my parents too plz let me win this plz plz

  139. Andrea jones says:

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  140. April H says:

    I would love to win 1,000,000 plus 1,000 a week. Entry# 11000., so that I can be a blessing to others. Please except my entry.

  141. Barbara Miller says:

    Barbara activation code is SP597, we haven’t been able to find a place to submit it. Got a final chance notice by mail but couldn’t find any place to key in the activation code. The contest final is June 29th for GWY #11000.

  142. Julio Leguizamon says:

    I did not find the place to enter my activation code if this is correct my activation code is SP596 or I need help other wise I will stop purchasing.

  143. FGarrett says:

    Hi Prize Patrol,
    Our family is awaiting your arrival! We will tithe and invest the monetary blessing.!

  144. F Madrid says:

    I want to win on JUNE.29TH $1000000 plus $1000a week for life and the new explorer my gwy number its 11000 also I want to win on July 7 the new Ford f150 fot my work gwy number 11626 thank you pch
    Please active my code to win on JUNE.29TH and July 7

  145. Terri Hiott says:

    I want it all Prize Patrol an have for a long time!!Pick Me tttt

  146. Kenneth King says:

    Good afternoon Publisher Clearing House I would like to put myself in the radar to win $1,000,000.00 plus $1,000.00 a week for life on June 29th it will be a big blessing to me

  147. Petra Navarro says:

    I PETRA NAVARRO CRUZ,Choose to Definitively Claim My Unique Prize Number and full Eligibility to WIN
    The prize amount Stated Above from this Notice.
    ,””WIN $ MILLION.
    $1,000,00 A WEEK FOR LIFE PLUS
    AT $55,530.00!
    June 29th
    From PCH Gwy.No.11000

  148. Kathryn Hawthorne says:

    Entry for $1,000,000.00 plus more. Thanks!

  149. Charles Kemp says:

    Entering to win $1,000,000.00 plus $1,000.00 a week for life!

  150. F Madrid says:

    Please give me my entries to win this gwy no its 11000 and get no 11626 thanks guys

  151. F Madrid says:

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  152. Andrea jones says:

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  153. Andrea jones says:

    I am Andrea jones and am claiming this super prize game event on June 29 2018 at PCH search&win $1,000,000,00 plus a $1,000,00 a week for life and a brand new car Ford Explorer platinum value $55,350 00 Gwy # 11000 plus a bonus prize of $25,000,00 Gwy # 11475 my selection # is 2552 2925 8310 and code pc990 pc985 pc663 pc*** w*** please PCH accept my entries and claiming this game prize event for winning I am destined to win this super prize game and I am worthy to win this super prize game and eligible

  154. PETRA Navarro says:

    19 de Junio 2018
    Win It all on June 29th that’s
    all at once $1,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE PLUS
    A BRAND NEW FORD Exlorer Platinum Worth
    $55,530.00 from PCH Gwy.No11000. Thanks

  155. F Madrid says:

    I want to win on JUNE.29TH $1000000 plus $1000a week for life and the new also please activate my code to win thanks fmadrid gwy no 11000

  156. Andrea jones says:

    I am hereby claiming this super prize game event at PCH on June 29 2018 $1,000,000,00 plus $1,000,00 a week for life and a brand new car value $55,350 ,00 Gwy # 11000 plus a bonus cash prize of $25,000,00 Gwy #11475 please accept this claiming entries am eligible for entering and am worthy to have this prize game my selection # are 2552 2925 8310 if there are any other things you wanted let me know


    $2million plus $10,MILLION $10,000.00 a month for life Lincoln mix 02539922076

  158. JoseR Dones says:

    Am claiming my #11000 giveaway to win this prize 1,000,000.00 pluse 1,000.00 a week for life

  159. F Madrid says:

    I want to win on JUNE.29TH $1000000 plus $1000a week for life and the new explorer on june thanks

  160. Lourdes Iduate says:

    activacion code LI101, LI100 LI126 form W-21

  161. Rodney Pride says:

    I want to complete my final step to win the super prize giveaway 1million + 1000.00 a week for life accept my final step search pch win i accept and claim my final step Rodney Pride

  162. Mary Mitchell says:

    This is my #wnv25

  163. Theresa Marie Stackles says:

    it has been fun trying to win the 1 million + $1000. a week for life also the Ford Explorer. What ever else is on the giveaways. i am looking forward to the Prize Patrol coming down Beach Blvd.June 29th 2018. it could be a dream come true. talk about dancing in the streets. Thanks OOOOOdles for the opportunity. Theresa Marie Stackles

  164. Emily gee says:

    Emily Gee claim full access for final winner Claimed numbers on file to win my final step June 29,2018. Winning it all

  165. Emily gee says:

    Emily gee claims winner selection 1millionaire final step activate prize numbers11000 and active 2434and44 on winner selection list final winner Claimed Entries towards winner file Emily gee. Claims gee file to win. Publishers clearing house and contest final winner numbers fund to the winners circle active emily gee claims

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  167. Rodney Pride says:

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  168. sharon abernathy says:

    i would pay all medical bills and help my 3 grandsons get their education ! I thank the GOOD LORD FOR THIS DAY !!!

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