SeekSnackWin – Nabisco Seek Snack and Win a Trip to Paradise Sweepstakes – Nabisco Seek Snack and Win a Trip to Paradise Sweepstakes. You could win a Trip to Hawaii with three of your friends! This is sponsored by Nabisco – Kraft Foods Global, Inc. I’m a huge fan of Nabisco website and enjoy so much the Nabisco Games website which is an online gaming portal owned and managed by Kraft Foods Global, Inc. Now not only they have great food products and an online game portal for their customers to enjoy but once and while they come up with a fantastic travel sweepstakes. This is just awesome! Dear readers enjoy this new travel sweepstakes promotion from NABISCO where you could win a travel prize to the marvellous destination of Oahu, Hawaii, home to the world famous Waikiki Beach. You that one! This marketing promotion by Nabisco comes with the release on may 18, 2012 of Battleship, a Universal Pictures movie based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game – Battleship. This should be a huge blockbuster movie this summer. Now guys you can play Seek & Submerge for your chance to win a vacation to Hawaii, where Battleship was shot. You could also sail away with thousands of other exciting prizes! So visit Nabisco Seek Snack and Win website at http and follow the on-screen instruction on how to play the game and how to enter the promotion sweepstakes. This Nabisco Kraft marketing promotion ends on AUGUST 1, 2012. Good luck!  EXPIRED —-




10 Responses to “SeekSnackWin – Nabisco Seek Snack and Win a Trip to Paradise Sweepstakes”

  1. Sandra Massey says:

    I would love a free trip to Hawaii

  2. Daniel Hinspeter says:

    One “giant” choclate chip surrounded by a thin layer of cracker. When you “dive-in” you can really dive in.

    just a crazy idea!

  3. shaqunida barnes says:

    i am realy looking forward to going to hawail so if you would please read this measege i read your paperso this is my note to you so please read it

  4. Darrell Blazier says:

    My wife and I are in our early 70 both in good health and worked all our life. (still working). We celebrated our 50th anniversary last year but never had a honeymoon. We have always want to go to Hawaii but there was always something that needed fixing or was about to. This trip would be a dream come true, as the yesrs are passing and being able to go and enjoy the trip creeping up on us. Thank you for considering our entry. Darrell and Dee

  5. dawn long says:

    love yur snacks!!!

  6. Gwen Kleintank says:

    I must tell you that your snacks are the favorite in my house, Both my husband and I love them, Most of the time I have to hide some or I would not get any.

  7. Joseph Smith says:

    I Didn’t Miss,Your Scope Was Off By A Mile.

  8. Sarah fawley says:

    Loooovvvvvveeeeee your snacks

  9. Joseph Smith says:


  10. RobertaLord says:

    I am so glad, to comment on this question! I am very much against this. It is ridiculous. I will pose the question? What is in it for them? As you are well aware, many people,don’t have a computer to enter most sweepstakes now, let alone want to have, or sign up for facebook, always have to make things more difficult, lose interest, therefore to even enter at all! Thanks for opportunity to respond.

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