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www.nick.com/icarly/igoodbye – iCarly iGoodbye Sweepstakes Sweepstakes. www.nick.com/icarly/igoodbye is the official address of iCarly iGoodbye Sweepstakes contests. Hey Kids! Carly got a brand new room and yours can look exactly like her. Indeed you could be one of the 7 lucky winner of this fantastic sweepstakes where you could have a chance to win one of these items like iCarly: the hand-made, gummy bear chandelier; a bench modeled after a classic ice cream sandwich; a giant cupcake side table; a high-tech closet with a touch pad clothing selector; and a trampoline! wow! nice! Visit www.nick.com/icarly and follow the instructions to submit an online sweepstakes form. www icarly com – There is no doubt that one of the fascinating shows now on television is the Nickelodeon’s ICarly Web Show which is watched by numerous people. You have also the popular iCarly website with a lot of great online games to play. Hurry up! Sweepstakes ends on November 30, 2012. Good Luck! See official website for rules and prizes details.  —-

UPDATE: I’ve just learn today that iCarly will end soon. This is sad, my kids love this show. They’ve been avid fans since the beginning of this fantastic show. I’ve heard there will be a special ending show.  Called icarly igoodbye and even a sweepstakes. The icarly igoodbye sweepstakes but I can’t find the sweepstakes entry neither the sweepstakes rules. Keep seeking and I will keep in touch. Visit today www.nick.com/icarly/igoodbye to find out more about iCarly iGoodbye Sweepstakes


One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a replica of the Bottle Bot Sculpture from the iCarly set approximate retail value (“ARV”): $3,000.00

One (1) First Prize Winner will receive a replica of the Gummi Light Chandlier from the iCarly set (ARV: $6,500.00)

One (1) Second Prize Winner will receive a replica of the Boat Table from the iCarly set (ARV: $2,500.00)

One (1) Third Prize Winner will receive a replica of the Ice Cream Bench from the iCarly set (ARV: $950.00)

One (1) Fourth Prize Winner will receive a replica of the Cupcake Table from the iCarly set (ARV: $750.00)

Ten (10) Fifth Prize Winners will each receive a set of Gummi Lights (ARV: $125.00 each/total $1,250.00)

Total ARV of all prizing: $14,950.00.

Entry: www.nick.com/icarly



72 Responses to “www.nick.com/icarly – iCarly iGoodbye Sweepstakes”

  1. Evelyn Diaz Sibila says:

    I can only pray that I win as I am a very sick woman, live with my husband who is diabetic and my father who is 89 and has had 2 strokes…really need the money to deal with medical needs…plus. God bless you. Evelyb

  2. josejuan says:

    Thanks for getting the chance winer list and may future family life is changing

  3. JimmyLindsey says:

    Thank you pch for the games and opportunity to win 5000 forever god bless everyone.

  4. jill says:

    carly sam freddie spencer tebo freddies mom i know this is goodbye ill miss u guys thxs soo much for the show u guys made me realy happy i luv u guys ill talk to u soon byee

  5. jill says:

    hi am jill am 10 years old listen icarly i realy sad that you re done making you’re show i had some much fun watching ur show and am very sad you have to stop so icarly i was wondering if i could win a prize i dont care witch one it is i just want a prize so i can remember how much fun i had watching your show so if you… please right me back

  6. Tatiana says:

    Dear carly Sam and Freddy I know that u guys miss each other but think about ur fans I know u missed ur dad but that dosnt mean u cant do icarly remember when u and Sam did icarly when guys wasnt BFFs well u guys did from diffent places thats how u can do icarly.

  7. jacobwilson says:

    We will miss you so much and i will see you show so many times from recording them but pleasee stay on the internet with the rest of the cast do that for us. why are you giving everything you owned? but can i please have the ice cream sandwich or the bottle. any one is fine please write back peace out icarly. from jacobwilson look me up on facebook we can become friends…

  8. Cora says:

    Hello my name is Cora and I am 9 years old. I love ICARLY and have been watching for years. I would really love to win something. I am really sad that I cant watch icarly anymore. I really like the water boat table. I hope I win. Thank you.

  9. cora king says:

    My name is cora and i am 9 years old. I love icarly . And the one thing that i want is the water boat table.

  10. carlee says:

    My name is carlee and i am 7 years old. I am a big fan of icarly and was sad to watch the last show:[ i would like to win the icecream sandwitch bench.

  11. Cora says:

    I am a big fan. I hated to watch the last web show.My favorite show is when carly and sam were fighting over shane. what i would like to win is water boat table. Good bye icarly:[

  12. Ave says:

    I am so sad that it ended I cried for an hour straight I’m going to miss u Sam Carly Freddie spencer gibby Freddie’s mom and tebo im so sad I miss watching icarly and have a tear In my eye when Carly left with her dad:( I just adore everything in Carly’s room I would be so greatful if I had a room like that I love her desk chandelier closet and everything else In there I would just die if I won cuz I would want something to remember the show I would want to win anything in her room or the whole room I wish I could pay you guys to come and make my room like Carly’s cu I would I’m not lieing see yall later please let me win pppplllleeeeaaaasssseee!

  13. Ave says:

    Please take my word for this I have never won any thing In my life I’m not lying ask anyone
    I want to win so bad please pick me I will do anything bye

  14. Ave says:

    Hi this is ave again please let me win and how do you knoww you won I also wish I could have that closet Carly has

  15. Brooke says:

    HI icarly Ilove yall show. Especially i got a hot room.Ilove Carlys guumy bear chandelier.Iwish it didnt havr to end. Ill miss you Carly Sam Freddy Spencer and Gibby. After igoodbye I cried its soooo sad.If I do win IM fine with anything.ILL miss you icarly.Love yall.

  16. laurenhall says:

    Hey ICarly i really want u guys to pick me i have nothing cool in my room.i love your guys web shows,i like the one when one direction came there i really love Harry Styles.my dad always watches the news and one day he watched ICarly he watched it over and over again it was crazy. If I do win
    I am fine with anything,i dont want your show to end ill miss u guys so much ICARLY<3

  17. Alexis says:

    Hi iCarly people. Icarly is the only show that keeps me going. I really love your show, what I would like to win is the gummy bear light or Carly`s electronic closet. Or maybe Carly`s bed with the trampoline, because my bed is made out of wood, and it hearts my back every night, and that’s why I would like to win Carly`s bed. I do not feel very good today because, I am trying to fight a bad cold, so it would be incredibly nice of you to let me win. So okay that’s why I would love to win at least 2 of these prizes. Okay, bye Jennette Mecurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan kress, Noah Munck, and last but not least Jerry Trainer.

  18. Ave says:

    I love your show so much it’s hilarious and please pick me I have nothing cool in my room I’m not lieing say hi to the cast for me I want two prizes as you probably heard in my last txt so please pick me I will aprisiate it so so so so much luv ya bye ps I am 10 with a 4 year old sister tell everybody there amazing bbbyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!

  19. Ave says:

    How many prizes can u win cuz I want the gummi bear chandelier and the icecream sandwich bench there awesome but I wish I could have icarlys room it’s awesomer

  20. Destiny says:

    After ICARLY I cried. I don’t think you remember me Carly but when you were in Arizona signing posters I said ,” One of my favorite parts was when you and Sam dunked your heads in a bucket of water. I’ll miss you Carly , Sam ,Fredie , Spencer , Gibby .If I do win I am fine with anything . If I don’t win I am fine . I wish it didn’t have to end so soon .I wish the best to every one who has entered. I’ll miss you ICARLY.

  21. Destiny says:

    After ICARLY I cried a little. I don’t think you remember me Carly but when you were in Arizona signing posters I said,” one of my favorite parts was when you and Sam dunked your heads into a bucket of water. I’ll miss you , Carly, Sam, Freedie, Spencer, Gibby. Hope to see you soon. If I do win I am fine with anything. I wish it didn’t have to end so quick. I’ll miss you ICARLY . :[

  22. haley chavez says:

    i also want the trampoline and high tec closet

  23. haley chavez says:

    i what the robot and the car because the episode made me cry and i ra=eally love icarly.i never win a contest.p.s i love icarly

  24. victor says:

    I want to win bottle robot or the ice cream bench because they are the coolest thing i could have from this cool webcast.I’m really sad about this but i really think you guys shouldn’t of end your show i really want one of these prices so i really hope you guys pick me :)say Hy to every body please loved your web show it was my life until it got to the end like a movie :(

  25. victor says:

    I want to win bottle robot or the ice cream bench because they are the coolest thing i could have from this cool webcast.I’m really sad about this but i really think you guys shouldn’t of end your show i really want one of these prices so i really hope you guys pick me :)say Hy to every body please

  26. uzema says:

    my daugther is so bord she have no friends the gummy bear ligth will make her fill like she is not a alone sorry to bug she has autistic & i have autisum

  27. Ella says:

    Please can I win! I am ten years old and I almost cried watching igoodbye. Icarly was one of my first comedy shows and all I want is a memory… I will not care what I get I would just like a memory… I was at Miranda Cosgrove’s concert and I loved it! Miranda you sing soooo good! Say hi to Fredie, Sam, Gibby, Spenser, and of course Carly!!!! I don’t care if I win or not because I know other people want the items more than me and I am still young. ICARLY IS AWESOME!

  28. Rena says:

    Hi my name is Rena and I love your show I am sad it ended I would love to win your closet because it’s my hiding spot to get away and my closet is very small I cry cause I don’t have friends I play with m babies in my small closet please pick me

  29. Ana says:

    Hi my name is ana and my 7 year old daughter loves ur show loves your room she is sad it ended!! She would love your closet!!

  30. ariel says:

    I LOVE!!! your show and i am SAD that icary is over so i wanted the Bottled bot because its one of the things that stayed standing:] And i ALLWAYS enter things and NEVER WIN!:[ so please!! pick me.OH say HI to Sam,Gibby,Freddie,and,Spenser!!!:]for me BYE IM 11

  31. paulina says:

    Hey I Want To Win The Ice Cream Bench Because Am A Lonly Person I Always Watch I Carly And I Dont Have Friends Am So Lonly I Dont Have Nobody To Play Or Talck To Am A Big Fan Of I Carly Please Pick Me Its Hard To Be A Lonly Pearsen

  32. paulina says:

    hey I just want to said I LOVE ICARLY I want to win the ice cream bench because am always along and I don’t have any friends no body wants to talk to me every day when I come from school I always watch your show because I you are my real friends and you always make me laugh and am not crying I LOVE I CARLY PLEASE PICK ME IM A BIG FAN

  33. michelle says:

    i missed my birthday toda cause i was sick and i didnt get any presents except a fever,runny nose,and i would really like to win so thx.:) :) :)

  34. Sophia says:

    Hi ICarly people i really really love this show i never want it to end when i saw it was the last time of the show ICarly i cried it was my favorite show of all time when i was little my cousin made a video about me called IIIPia Pia was my nickname i loved everything you did in every episode of ICarly you are my favorite more than anything in the world i even had a poster of Freddie i watched almost all the shows about you guys the “i lost my mind” i know this is very long to read but i just really want to win the ICarly sweepstakes so bad i would die if you picked someone else if i got mad i would get a temper tantrum and say”unga” So plese pick me also i love you guys Muahh :)

  35. nycole says:

    I want to win the icecream bench i always loved icarly and i also want the robot because i moving my room to the basement and i want my room to have swag like how carly has her’s

  36. michelle says:

    plz choose me i really rant the love seat cause my room is really small and we are redecorating it and making it bigger so i need more furniture but i cant afford it and it would make me so so so so so HAPPY.

  37. Loretta Poling says:

    icarly i would love to win! My daughter and I watched everyone of your episodes. We loved it once her and i found out that the show is going off air we were sad we dont want it to end we loved it. I hope you guys come back soon. Thanks for the laughs and fun times we did have with you guys.

  38. tasha101 says:

    Heyyyy can you please choose me to be one of the winner, I really love this show a lot. When thus show first came out and my mom ask what do I want for Christmas, I always said I want a room like I carly. Never got and to hear about this on tv it was like a dream come true. I’m really gunna miss this show but deep down I knew this day was coming soon;(

  39. daisy says:

    hey i carly ive been watching your show since i was five and i just have to say i loved them all with all the drama,comedy and everything else.I would LOVE to have anything that i could get this is a deal for me.Thank you very much for you shows everyone loved them

  40. alma garcia says:

    hey i love u guys show u remind me of my friends we just might be the next i carly.hope u pik me but it wont matter ill still luv u guys.gonna miss u!!!!!!!!

  41. emily gomez says:

    hi i am emily i want one of the things bad my grandma just moved in an my grampa is old and he is going to pass away soon and i did not get alot for my b day so pleses pick me thank you

  42. emily gomez says:

    hi i relly want to win i have nothing in my room and i did not get alot of stuff from my family i will take any thing i want something very bad please pick me thank you p.s. i love i carly

  43. Gracie says:

    Hi icarly please pick me i really love you shows and i have seen everyone and icarly is my idol and i love everyone on the show so please pick me.8)

  44. Keith says:

    I want the bottled robot because I allways enter a contest and never win

  45. Keith says:

    I want the bottled robot because I allways enter a contest and I like to win this one

  46. kaitlyn says:

    after my had it is mom – iCarly iGoodbye Sweepstakes – iCarly ending…

  47. kaitlyn says:

    alll my family is passing away im almost about to lose my favorite uncle i really want to win my dad hurt his back at work and lost his job my had to go back to work and we dont have enough money to plan a vacation please let me win thanks kaitlyn it will make my life better my mom just broke her wirst it ruined my bday this will help since i didnt get my trip to knotts the would be expence especialy for just me so i didnt go please pick me my life would be 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better

  48. chandler majors says:

    hey yall i love yall guys so much i really want to get pick yall are my favorite people on nickolodeon i love the gummie bear light so bad please pick i will cry if yall dont pick me please love yall guys peace out – Nick.com iGoodBye iCarly Sweepstakes

  49. emily says:

    i know this is alot i dont want to breg ur bug you guys but can i really win this i really didnt get very much stuff also my birthday is next week it will be a awesome gift and thing to happy to me so please let me win i earn it my parents say i get good grades and everything i me on honor roll and everything so PLEASE let me win :)

  50. emily says:

    i love carly i watch the very first episode and cant wait to see the last i really will like to win because my room dont have much i just have a bed and two dressers in my room my mother dont have any money to buy me anything for me room she dont have any money and i love carly room i adore it.Also i really never won any thing or got anything i really dream about i will really like it

  51. tony says:

    Hi icarly cast my name is tony childs I am from salt lake city utah and my son anthony and I realy love you guys you guys are so funny my son and i have seen EVERY episode we would love to win anything from your win something from icarlys room sweepstakes

  52. tony says:

    hi cast of icarly my name is tony my son anthony and i watch your show all the time we have seen every episode of icarly and we LOVE IT we think you guys are so funny we would love to win anything that was apart of the show. This means alote to my son and I so please pick us for the icarly win a room. We think you have the best tv show EVER.

  53. issis says:

    I want the hottest room in the world

  54. Fernando says:

    Hi Carly,Sam,and Freedie i love your show i wach it evry day. I want to win because i would like to se you thanks.

  55. Fernseher Test says:

    Thanks a lot for giving everyone a very brilliant possiblity to read in detail from this site. It is often very ideal plus stuffed with fun for me and my office mates to visit your site on the least 3 times weekly to learn the latest stuff you have got. Of course, I am just always astounded with the eye-popping methods you serve. Some 1 points in this post are truly the most impressive I’ve ever had.

  56. marissa says:

    As you can see my name is Marisssa and my birthday is september 26 YaY!!!!
    AND YEAH…. :D
    i would love to win that sweepstakes well who would’nt and my room
    i never had a room to myself i got a famiy of 8 and… we like never had time to decorate are rooms with are own style…omg and i love miranda style its so colorful and sweet… butt yeah that all who ever win tho’ should be very thankful i know i would (:

  57. Angelica says:

    Hi i REALLY REALLY want that room i have to share a room with my three year old brother he puts his toys all around i had never had posters up there is no color paint on my room my little brother draws on the walls i have a small room i really want that room i would be so happy if i really won i watch icarly all the time with my little brother,and my mom and my dad icarly is so funny

  58. katie says:

    i probable didn’t win the hot room,but my birthday is tomorrow so please give me something

  59. anonymous says:

    the things that you could win was a gummy bear LIGHT-2nd prize, not a chandelier; the grand prizes are a cupcake shaped side table and a ice cream sandwich bench, and the 1st prize of a little pillow from the theme of the iCarly shirts. You cant win the trampoline or the makeup table or the closet system. You can only get the things that i listed. I entered and i didn’t win anything :-( The sweepstakes is over anyways.

  60. Sheila says:

    How do you find out who won?!!!!

  61. lexus2898 says:

    hey carly, sam,freedie i want to win your sweepstakes because u guys make me feel like someone I’m not i hope i win

  62. Katelin says:

    My birthday was August 15 so I would love to win the icecream sandwich bench!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps.. like everyone forgot my birthday n I turned 13 im finally a teen n they forgot the best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still :)

  63. karmel shayne says:

    HELLO–I entered the icarly/i got a hot room sweeps several days ago and am trying to find out who won??? Can you help me? Please direct me to the proper website OR…….. Thanks for your help!!! Karmel

  64. katie k says:

    hey guys! my room is so small! and i had to give my room to my brother and my birthday is tomorrow and i love icarly! please please please! my aunt and i no every word to i gota a hot room! please please! i give my cousin just left with the marines! please i deserve it!

  65. alyannah says:

    my dad is a single parent of four and i just wanted win this one contest so he didn’t have to bye any thing new for my room. and i wanted to win this contest so bad. I’m begging to win. please please pick me.

  66. alyannah says:

    i want to win sooo bad! i loved everything about Carly’s new room. it was so cool. i hope to win first place. but if not hey there sweepstakes to win so.bye.

  67. Kaila Crowder says:

    Hi all, I really want to win the ICarly room contest. My mommy is having a new baby and we are getting a new home soon and I don’t want my mommy to have to work too hard to fix up my room and the babies at the same time. This will be first time being a BIG sister and I really want to suprise my mom! I clean my room, wash the dishes and iron my own clothes and most of all make good grades! I love watching the iCarly Show and other Nickolodeon shows! It’s an inspiration to me! Please choose me to win this contest and most of all I would love to meet iCarly and be on the show with her! SHE’S THE BEST! LOVE YA MUCH!

  68. Jaiden says:

    my birthday was the seventh and a couple family members forgot all about it and id like the closet but it wasn’t in the prizes on the page

  69. norma says:

    my daughters b-day past and I was working.I been trying 2 make up 4 it I really want 2 win her something plz pick me (• :

  70. Caitlyn Reyes says:

    Hey guys I was watching I got a hot room and I saw you can win something i really want the closet.Please I want it so bad and if Idon’t get it I’ll cry my eyes out so please pick me.I love all you guys peace I’m out!

  71. SHELY says:

    i want to win yesterday was my birthday and i want the makeup and closet prize please you are the number one program for me if you want to pick me guys i cant be you best budys i sing to like belinda and victoria justice call me xxxxxxx or xxxxxx or xxxxxxx please pick me you are the number 1 i wish i can win something if you hope and peak me thanks bye love ya peace love you fredie

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