Enter KLG and Hoda’s Weekly Give It Away Sweepstakes!

Enter KLG and Hoda’s Give It Away sweepstakes! You Should Enter The Weekly Kathie Lee & Hoda Giveaway! If you watch Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show – today.com/klgandhoda, then you know about their daily quiz questions, where they give participants prizes for correct answers. If you get the question wrong, they give you a Kathie Lee CD, which is still a gift. But there is a bigger giveaway, a weekly one, and there’s not just one winner! There are five winners each and every week with the Kathie Lee and Hoda weekly giveaway – KLG and Hoda Giveaway. Each week, the contest begins Monday morning, and you have until Thursday at 5 o’clock eastern time to sign up. So, what are you waiting for? Many people look for these types of legitimate weekly giveaways, and if you enter enough of them, you’re bound to win at some point, right? Well, there is only one way for you to find out, and that is by entering the Kathie Lee and Hoda Giveaway.

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Kathie Lee and Hoda Giveaway Sweepstakes

It’s easy to find the Today Show celebrities on Facebook – today.com/klgandhoda, so you can keep up with the contest and everything online. Of course entering the giveaway is a piece of cake, and you have to remember that there are five winners! Will you be one of them this next week?

If you don’t take a few minutes to enter the competition, then there is obviously no way you’re going to win. Do it while it’s fresh on the brain, and give yourself a reminder by liking the Hoda and Kathie Lee Facebook page – today.com/klgandhoda Giveaway.

If you’re one of those people always looking for a good giveaway, contest or sweepstakes online, then you’ve just found another good one. If you’re new to the game, then it’s time to get started. And, you should check out the prizes being given away, too. That is five prizes each week, so this is one hefty giveaway.

KLG and Hoda are going to give 5 lucky viewers a special prize each week.

Sweepstakes Entry: today.com/klgandhoda



14 Responses to “Enter KLG and Hoda’s Weekly Give It Away Sweepstakes!”


    i love your show

  2. Dorothy Missar says:

    I can’t enter been trying for two days

  3. Victoria Bemer says:

    How do you enter? I am going nuts!

  4. Phyllis Collie says:

    KLG and Hoda Sweepstakes 2017 – Would someone please share the link to enter the Give it Away.

  5. Pamela Belville says:

    Is this a joke? Have tried to enter several times but,the site will not allow correct birthday!!

  6. Alice lynch says:

    I want to enter but I cannot put in my birthdate

  7. Jainie Zinser says:

    Enjoy your show. I really like the make overs!!! I would like one for my sister, Linda, sometime. It would be fun to meet you both.

  8. Margaret Levins says:

    Hi! Hoda and Kathy Lee,
    I am taking care of my Twin sister Dottie who has Alzheimers and we watch your show every morning while I feed her breakfast. She really seems to enjoy your show even though she can’t talk. And I enjoy your show very much.

    Margaret Levins

  9. Elaine Evans says:

    how to enter K&HODA giveit away??? Have tried for weeks…

  10. Sharrie Sawaguchi says:


  11. Hugo says:

    Pch make my dream come thru $3million dream house $10,000a week for life pch thanks

  12. Mary Boerste says:


  13. Mary Boerste says:

    love you all your great been watching Kathy Lee since day 1 with R.F

  14. Hugo cendejas says:

    Publisher clearing house pchwin my dream house of $3million dollars end latest emails

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