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Ads millionairemaker – Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes. Wheel of Fortune and Caesar Entertainment Corporation Total Rewards Resorts and Casinos want to make you a Millionaire with their Wheel of Fortune’s Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes! Could you imagine winning a Million dollar and living the life you’ve always dream of. Travelling around the world, new home and a luxurious car of your dreams. Some may dream more of simpler lifestyle but without the financial worries. But others dream of luxurious lifestyle like the rich and famous. Champagne and caviar with luxury tavel resorts and hotels. Enter today Wheel of Fortune’s Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes and you could win one of 20 prizes of $50,000 and a trip to Las Vegas. Plus, a grand-prize winner will receive an additional million dollars cash! $1,000,000.00 cash sweepstakes.

wheeloffortune Millionaire   Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes

Watch Wheel of Fortune Shows and register at millionairemaker or this website also millionairemaker and once on one of these websites just follow the on-screen instructions to enter the WheelofFortune Sweepstakes.To enter, collect game pieces either online or at participating casinos. Then watch “Wheel of Fortune” from May 13, 2013 – May 24, 2013.

The promotion ends on May 19, 2013

Rules: – Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes 4.63/5 (92.50%) 8 votes

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  1. Dante Wright says:

    Publishing Clearing House seeing the Winner from Last Year Stephanie Gornichec LeRoy Faulks and Marilyn Ragin. ..Yes I Believe Yes I Believe Publishing Clearing House…Ready to start my own business and my Mentoring Program…Faith in God will see me through…This is my year to go down in Publishing Clearing House for 2014…Grateful Yes I am Truly Grateful for the Opportunity that you have Provided for Me…Each day I can enter into this sweepstakes is a Blessing for me…Publishing Clearing House Ready to Help My Community and Church with the New ideals that I have…Been that Entrepreneur to provide New Job’s for the Community. ..Seeing the last year Winner I feel the adrenaline of JOY HAPPINESS and EXCITMENT throw me…I can’t will Not GIVE UP on my Dream …My son college financial status will be secure he will finish college…I know that God will make ALL things New for Me…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community…I am counting down the day’s that I will see the Elite Members of the Prizes Patrol Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn. ..See You Soon AMEN 2014

  2. Dante Wright says:

    New Life New Beginning New Business New Community..Grateful to God each Day that I can enter into Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes…I am determine to Win so I can Go Down in Publishing Clearing House for 2014…When Doors and Window are Open you don’t close them…So for me Window and Doors have been open UP to Me and Dante Wright is stepping right on in…I see New Life New Beginning New Business New Community I see it ALL. ..I am Ready for it ALL…I feel so much JOY HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT each day I can enter in…Thank You JESUS for Publishing Clearing House I can’t wait to see April 30th. ..Elite Members of Prize Patrol See You Soon. ..New Life New Beginning New Business New Community AMEN

  3. Dante Wright says:

    I am determine to Win this sweepstakes this NOT only for my son and I. ..Giving back to my Community and Church is such a Big Deal to Me…I am so grateful this opportunity to be able to entering into this sweepstakes…If you could see my face I am happy joy excitment you will see…But Winning this would HELP me to Mentoring …Mentoring Programs for girls and boys 8-12 withskills based and social activities integrated in mentoring session…Have a Job readiness traning for teens mothers and dropout male’s and females Health an wellness classes…Other technology traning to HELP anyone LEARN skills to fill out Application getting GED…Have a place available for people who are taking online classes to come to work from 9am to 9pm with a trained technology Facilitator…Help My Church update imputed and puchase at least eight computer to have a fully functional lab…After school classes for latchkey students with snack and keep they until they can go home for dinner…Extened care one Saturday out of ONE month for 20 to 40 to be able to give the parents may have a broke…To have a program to help the Eldery with sitting and HELP with there grocery twice out of the Month…Publishing Clearing House Mississippi is Welcoming The Elite Members…New Life New Beginning New Community…Amem

  4. Dante Wright says:

    Giving back is so important to me Publishing Clearing Home…this NOT only for Me My Community and Is very important…I believe when you Bless other’s God will Bless you more Abundantly…I have a Big Heart and I Love Giving Back…I know your little become much you may NOT have money to you can SERVE your Community and Church…this is what I want to do that is why I am determine to Win…I want to Adopt Several Small School District that are Struggling…I want to be able to Provide Education Materials for a Year…and Helping with the Outreach Programs for our Community…Good is so awesome to Me how he Close One Door and Open Other…My Church Motto Once You Have Being To The TOP You’ll Never Want To Live On The Bottom AGAIN…I amdetermine to Win this sweepstakes…I Am Proud to be an American we have a lot of Great Opportunity Here…Thank You JESUS for Publishing Clearing House TRULY Bless…Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn My Community and Church Welcome You To Mississippi…New Life New Beginning New Community AMEN

  5. Dante Wright says:

    I don’t know what happen to my entry for yesterday…I am Publishing Clearing House Junkie…I am searching for all the sweeptsakes to entering into…I can’t bypass anything. ..this is a Golden opportunity for me…I am grateful to be an American if you could only see my face and know how I am feeling on the inside…I feel HAPPINESS EXCITEMENT JOY…my son ask me what I an doing on my phone…I let him know trying to Win a sweepstakes to mske sure his college funds are secure…he said Win mom that is what I am trying to do…my mother said persistent PAYS OFF…my son want to become a Mechanical Engineer…Please HELP my Dream to be standing in my New Business…Publishing Clearing House you have made a way for ME..I TRULY Thankful for this opportunity…so Elite Members My Family Welcome You To Mississippi…New Life New Beginning New Business

  6. dante wright says:

    Publishing clearing house thank you for this opportunity let the count down begin. ..I am ready for my life change this is a golden opportunity for me thank you for having so any sweepstakes that I am able to entering into…financial breakthrough new entrepreneur…AMEN

  7. steve smith says:

    I am still unable to receive any free game pieces from the website. It keeps coming back as “site not found”. I entered last year in this sweepstakes and was able to receive as many as 30 game pieces. Can you explain what is wrong with this site? Thank you.
    Sincerely……Steve Smith

  8. Dolores Peppe says:

    I have bbeen tryig to obtain game pieces for the Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes. I do not have any casinos readily available to me. Can you help me?

  9. Pat says:

    I would love to win Wheel Of Fortune Millionaire Maker Sweepstake. Seems to be a problem with the WOF website today, because I can enter the sweepstakes. Could you help me please. Thank You! Pat Johnson

  10. steve smith says:

    I go to this website and always says “page not found” is the site having trouble? – wofmillionairemaker .com

  11. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I rent for many Years change my life I need to help my family and buy the house of my dream

  12. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    Yes I want to win 1 million Dallor I enter everyday for Years good luck everyone

  13. mary payne says:

    millionairemaker is a joke my game piece is redwood forest-what does this mean?


  14. Jeanne' Miller says:

    I was wondering if I was a WINNER ? ? (*;*) (*;*)….. Thank you ! ! SINCERELY, JEANNE’ MILLER

  15. richard miller says:

    Was there a supplemental second chance drawing – if so how many potential winners. June 17, 2013

  16. John King says:

    Winning codes:

  17. Norman Leet says:

    How can I find winning game piece phrases? Please e-mail me. Thanks, Norman Leet

  18. Millionaire Guy says:

    Who wants to win a million dollars ? I do ! With the online game who wants to be a millionaire. Winning a million dollar would be awesome. I would surely opt for the lump sum payout with the tax being so low for rich people these days. lol – Hope I’m the next winner of WOF Sweepstakes game online to win a million dollar.

  19. John King says:

    Is anyone able to post the winning codes starting today?

  20. wendy howard says:

    Yes i wendy howard claim my winnings please. wendy howard from washington. pch no: 1830 Please knock on my door april 30th.

  21. Foresteen Walker says:

    The most effective way to ensure the value of the future is to confront the present courageously and constructivey. Now yes I would love to win Wheel Of Fortune Millionair Maker Sweepstake. (smile)

  22. Jeanne' Miller says:

    I love the Family Dollar Store’s, I can always walk out of your Store’s spending not to much money, But that :-) is a good thing. After I get home I’m so happy because I can everything I need in one trip. I never really spend to much, The family Dollar Stores really have the Best prices and truly theirs something for every one.The best thing of all, They Built a new Store in a very little town called, “BROOKSTON” INDIANA, And was it the talk of the Town, They also carry frozen foods I know it sounds stupid But to the people who live in BROOKSTON it was a GOD Send. :) :). JEANNE’ MILLER.

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