www.livekellyandmichael.com – LIVE’S Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia

www.livekellyandmichael.com – LIVE’S Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia Sweepstakes. Just to tease you, here a list of great prizes they will be giving away: Travel prize, Cruise prize, Cash sweepstakes, gift cards/certificates, furniture, home appliances; the prize will be announced on that particular taping day of broadcast. The approximate retail value of each Wheel Prize: between $3,000 and $15,000. Ain’t that an amazing sweepstakes.

How it works? Well, each weekday, a question about something that was said or appeared on a previous show and/or a statement of common knowledge will appear on the entry form at the show’s web page – http www.livekellyandmichael.com and Facebook Live Kelly and Michael page. Entrants will receive one entry into the weekly drawing for each correct answer they submit the show website. You visit livekellyandmichael.com and follow the on-screen instructions to register, you will be promt to enter the basic details like Your first name, last name and the email address etc..

Note that Once they have your “On Air Release”, They will keep it for subsequent online entries, so need to email just one! This Buena Vista Television, promotion ends on February 15, 2013. See Live Kelly and Michael official website for sweepstakes rules and prize details. Good luck! blizzardtobeach with live with kelly and michael strahan

Trivia entry: www.livekellyandmichael.com



6 Responses to “www.livekellyandmichael.com – LIVE’S Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia”

  1. Leigh soldano says:

    Guys, I love your show! Wished I could win some tickets to your show. I have never won anything in my life!! My dad is in bad health , and I would try to bring him along if possible. He has been a giants fan forever, and I love the Yankees. Kelly, I love your wardrobe and shoes!!! Love to see you guys in person…. Think about me, please!!!!!

  2. Leigh soldano says:

    I’m a first timer! I love the show , and I’ve been watching for many years. I would love to be on the show and travel. I need some excitement in my life. Too many deaths lately!!!!

  3. Cafhy says:

    What cookbook is Kelly talking about? It sounds like she is saying TAVES?

  4. Cafhy says:

    What cookbook is Kelly talking about about the coconut cake? It sounds like she is saying TAVES

  5. mak65@verizon.net says:

    It did not take my e-mail before We are in our 60s. Love to Travel. Watch your show Daily. Love It. Clue for today Mouth

  6. sandra timberlake says:

    We need money for bill and a home not to a apartments and have my vacation how my year for the friendly…. on www livekellyandmichael com – LIVE’S Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia Sweepstakes

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