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Not only you can enter photo contests to win cash prizes, but you can earn extra income by taking photographs. Earning extra income is always a plus point. This is possible by working a little over an hour in a complete week. Yes, by spending an hour in a week, your get a chance to earn around $50 to $500 in a month. And this is possible through selling your photographs. It is now possible to make money by taking photographs and selling it to different stock photography websites present over the internet. There is a simple equation behind this workout. Businesses would like to use attractive and beautiful photographs for their advertisements and brochures. They collect fresh and interesting pictures through these websites.

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As the download increases for the pictures that you uploaded to a stock photography website, there is also a steady increase in the income. A stock photography website agrees to pay an amount for each single download from the members present in their websites. With this mechanism, it is now easy for an individual to make money by taking photographs. These can include places, abstracts, people and nature. You can now turn your hobby of photography into a good income. Post the pictures and make good amount of money from the total number of downloads.

There are few important steps that you will have to consider before you can directly post your photographs in a stock photography website. The basic step is to understand what the market wants and looks for the most in stock photography. Click some interesting pictures that will be unique and attractive. Remember, you are not the only photographer. You will have to be unique and fight against some thousands of individuals who upload their photographs to different websites. Set your settings right and capture all the moments that you think will sell for good amount of price.

Make money by taking photographs is the coolest job available where in you can turn your passion into an earning. The more the number of stock photography websites you post, the more you earn. The key to success is the uniqueness in the photos. Do what you love the most and make extra income for a month by spending very little amount of time in a week or for a whole month. With different categories present in the world of photography, you have complete freedom to click some cool shots. Make the best use of the opportunity you have and start earning for the photographs that you have in your collection. Enjoy Photography

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    • J. Louis
    • March 21, 2013

    Love the site! This article on photography was particularly interesting to me, because I love photo contests. One of the more recent ones I had fun with was one done by the Cupcake Wine Company. You had to do a desert oriented wine photo and name their new desert themed wine. Having a good camera is key and fortunately my girlfriend had a good one I could. Using stock photos to fund that would be a great idea though. What sort of photography sells best with the stock photo sites? I’ve never really delved into that stuff. In any case, kudos again on your site. I’m a sweepstakes blogger as well. Come visit my page sometime at

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