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Oprah.com/chaseblueprint – This is the new contest at Oprah.com and an interesting one. But first there is some requirements and one of them is you must own a Slate, a Freedom, or a Sapphire Chase credit card and be a Chase customer in good standing. Now you can participate in the Blueprint for a Better You Contest sweepstakes at www.oprah.com for a chance to win a trip to the “O You” in Los Angeles with a personal financial advising and much more.

Oprah’s sweepstakes have always been very popular amongst my readers. A lot of them were big fans of the late Oprah show, I was also! And now like my readers I enjoy the new OWN network. This new contests is amazing! You are working on a New You? Oprah’s team are looking for people to be a part of their groundbreaking program, called Blueprint for a Better You. Tell them about a major life change you’re facing and how a Chase Blueprint plan would help you deal with that change. If this is something that interest you and you are facing a major life change, visit www.oprah.com/chaseblueprint contest official website and follow the on-screen instructions to register. Good luck! This sweepstakes has expired.

Sweepstakes rules: http://www.oprah.com/money/Blueprint
Sweepstakes entry: https://www.oprah.com/money/Chase-Blueprint

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    • Teresa Johnson
    • October 13, 2016

    A blueprint for a better me take a moment just to enjoy life and smell the roses.

    • Hugo cendejas
    • December 30, 2014

    Will be really good because you guys will to make my dream come true

    • Jan Bokatzian
    • July 5, 2012

    “We need a financial advisor” I said to my soon to be ex-husband, “I feel like I am on a sinking ship that is taking on water.” He looks at me with a blank face and walks away. I bring in the mail,flip through it, what to read…a pile of bills or my new Oprah magazine (the subscription a gift). I chose Oprah (a little escape from my from all the trouble I am going through) and there it was, like a lifesaver raft being thrown to my sinking ship- The beautiful BOLD headline inside ” Working on a new you? Enter to win a blueprint of smart tailored advice and financial guidance.” All I have to do is tell my story !?! Well here’s my story in a nutshell- I, Jan, Hair Salon owner of 10 years-sell salon to open restaurant with newly married husband for the next 10 years, all while raising 2 kids and taking care of my sick mother, restaurant does well for 8 years then takes a fall with the economy, credit card debt grows the cost of overhead, marriage fails, mother dies, we are forced to walk away from our restaurant, closing the doors after 10 years.With a son now in college and a daughter graduating highschool this year I take a job at local salon cutting hair and my ex-husband at diner in town.I work hard to try and make a cushion for them to fall on. I would be happy just paying the bills, that’s all I need is the bills paid and my constant worry ” How can good people that work so hard not get ahead financially in life?!” S.O.S…. Do you think Chase Blueprint can rescue me?

    • Linda Maitland
    • July 1, 2012

    I would appreciate your help in making a huge decision
    of selling my home after 35 years of living here. I am 68 and living on a small pension and social security. My ex-husband left me in 2002 while I was work and the divorced me. I bought his share of the house from him. He had neglected the house greatly so it was difficult to sell the house until I had made all the repairs to turn it into a well maintained home.Now that I have upgraded my home so it is sellable, I am having trouble making the huge decision after 10 years of working on it to let my house go. I need some help in figuring this change out intelligently before I have used all my small nest egg up. Thank you, Linda Maitland

    • Noella Broussard
    • June 14, 2012


    • Noella Broussard
    • June 14, 2012

    I Am Truly Blessed For Getting The Chance To Win This Fantastic Prize.Chase Financed My Home. I’d Love To Pay It Off.

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