Sweepstakes and Contests Attitude of a Winner

Would you believe that winning in Sweepstakes and Contests depends on you and not on luck? People participate everyday in sweepstakes and contests without a resounding conviction that they will win. Others totally avoid even the mention of the word sweepstakes, since they believe the odds of ever winning are far too low. In most times, even those who try their hand in them still believe that luck will always be pitted against them. That is not necessarily true however. Winning sweepers has nothing to with chance. One important rule is that there is nothing as predestined wins in Sweepstakes and Contests. Two ingredients will help you home in on the winning chances every time you play. You determine whether you win or don’t, based on these two ingredients.

Sweepstakes and Contests
Sweepstakes and Contests

The first ingredient is your attitude. Unless you attain that attitude of a winner, then a winner you will never be. All those who win in the sweepstakes have a distinct attitude, which propels them to the huge win. This attitude is based on patience and consistency. Sweeping stakes will always be a waiting game. You have to learn how to wait for the big day.

Even if you win, you will have to wait some more before the prizes are processed and awarded. After that, you will go through a period of waiting until you score again. Once you accept that patience is required, and you consist in the pursuit of success, you have attained the winner’s attitude. Remember the more you try, the more your chances of winning. That is the governing rule of sweepstakes and contests. The second vital ingredient is strategy. You must strategize your wins carefully and resolutely in such a way that you amplify your chances of getting out the winner. Regular winners usually adopt a strategy and they do not do it haphazardly. The strategy involves identifying the prizes you want from the listings. Next, you identify the sweepstakes with a certain duration before lapsing such that you enter in as many as possible before their offer period lapses. Avoid the chances of disqualification by proper entries and commitment to the rules. Exceeding the required entries do not amplify your chances of winning, they just get you disqualified.

Remember, you cannot tap into all sweepstakes and contests out there. Cash Sweepstakes, PCH Sweepstakes or Car Sweepstakes, you need to identify several and then prepare yourself in an organized manner such that you amplify your chances of winning Sweepstakes and Contests.

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    • Ban T Huynh
    • June 29, 2019

    Although in any time, the Attitudes of human being are still in their clear idea and their fair acts and the harmony between all people always are behaved kind; however, their thought and acts are so much difficult to predict. How we think shows thoughts in how we act. Attitudes are mirror of the mind. They reflect thinking..
    You can read the mind of the fellow sitting at a desk. You sense by observing his expressions and mannerisms, how he feels toward his job. You can read the minds of salemen, students… you not only can_you do.
    The expert actors_ those in demand in movies and television year after year _ in the sense are not actors at all. They don’t play their roles .Instead they lose their own
    Identity, and actually think and feel like the character they are playing. They’re got to. Else they look like phonies and their ratings would plunge.
    Tra Professor Erwin H Schell, one of America”s most respected authorities on leadership, says “Obviously, there is something more than facilities and competence that makes for accomplishment. I have come to believe that this linkage factor, this catalyst, if you will, can be defined in a single word _ attitude. When our attitude is right, our abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follow”
    What causes quarrels? Contest? Or appeals?.
    We must check many sides: individual attitudes & behavior that are the basic treatment of worker satisfaction job in the organization.
    Is this really important if he or she squandered a little money or invited some people in I don”t like. When we feel like taking negative action, ask ourselves “ Is this really important” That question work magic in building a finer home situation. It works at the office, too. It work in home going traffic , when another driver cuts in ahead of us. It works in any situation in life that sometimes is apt to produce quarrels , contest or appeal…Sometime, promisor or liar are important thing impacted to the success of company or no. Besides, logic organization, clear administration are important too.
    In the free world today, the mistakes of the executive agents in the company with customers, the right contest or appeal are perfectively correct.
    In sum, Individual Attitudes and Behavior are tasks helpful to the organization, but are not one’s job description. Job Attitudes should also not be confused with the border term attitudes.

    • Gloria Locke
    • August 11, 2017

    Ppl ask me y u do that , I tell them cause Lucky gonna bring me the big Check. They also tell me u never gonna Win , I only tell them watch m see with a big Grin.So if y’all think PCH is Fake , just watch out , cause umma win that Sweepstake ✈️

    • Gloria Locke
    • August 11, 2017

    In it to Win it , come August let me win that Cash , I will run to the bank oh so Fast . I play Day m Night. Holding my phone oh so Tight. I always Enter from the Beginning, if I win $15,000.000.00 I will share most of my Winnings.

    • Gloria Locke
    • August 11, 2017

    I been playing n Entering for Years n I will not give up , u got to have patience. I’ve even came up with Poems about PCH , Like Faith is the Substance For things hope For, one day The Prize Patrol will knock on my Door . This just might b my Year , n God knows I will drop a

    • Virginia Thurber
    • March 25, 2017

    I am Virginia Thurber, a Pch gamer I play every day since 7-2016. VERY persistant & determined to WIN $7,000 a Week for Life April 28, 2017. “I WANT TO WIN 7K a wk for Life. GWY# 8800. WHOO, HOO

    • Mattie Brooks
    • March 17, 2017

    Mattie Brooks
    March 17, 2017

    Hi PCHFrontpage!

    Should I Win $1000,000.00 Cash. 1.) I would seek the advise of a “Certified Financial Counselor. 2.) Give to my Family, Church, Charities.


    • Donna McCoy
    • January 16, 2017

    I have the attitude of a winner sometimes you could call it luck but i believe it’s all in the strageties of how a person surfs the internet in every avenue with a lot of thought process put into every detail of how to break a sentence down about a phrase that a sweepstakes gives you use that phrase in different words and accommodate your thoughts on where it would be compatible of where you might see or can find a sweepstakes entry that is affiliated with your daily activities in your home surroundings and by searching on the internet to what you would compare as an equal description of how a search for a sweepstakes is processed in black and white on the page your reading and whatever other kind of resource is used in making the announcement of a sweepstakes and that is usually how you find what you are looking for the entry to that Sweepstakes.

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