A closer look at U.S. laws and private lotteries

U.S. has strict business laws barring private lotteries. There were times when different states began to put in place lottery gambling systems where there promises of helping one to pay for your school bills. For instance there is the Florida State lottery which was supposed to assist the educational system of Florida to put more money into the system. However it offered an excuse to the state to reduce spending on education itself. It is the firm belief of some people that the lottery system should be given to the private sector in order for them to offer the same proportion to the state. This is very good as U.S. laws and private lotteries must be operated on the free market system in order to be more efficient.

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For instance there is the proposal of the revolutionary concept by the state of Florida to make it privately owned. This would be helpful to all those states that are running out of money want to raise more funds. Indeed the private sector has been very more efficient with regards to profit making and cost cutting than even the government. Therefore if the law is passed a number of smaller states governors would move to implement this law. Not only this but also it would offer more profits to make use on the educational system so that state budgets are reduced. When it comes to U.S. laws and private lotteries committees could be set up in order to keep track of the profits that are accrued and also to get them on track to do just what it was created to do for us. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the educational system has begun falling behind as far as production from the children when compared some other educational systems all over the world. As Americans it is important that concentration is shifted more on profits which are directed towards education.

It is important to note that the U.S. laws and private lotteries make for a very good system which would benefit everyone in the country. This is something that was introduced first in Italy and has proven to work very well there. Indeed it is generated a lot of profits for them which has been used for different sectors of the economy. The Italians are surely a special example that we can make use of to generate more money for the economy.

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    • August 23, 2016


    • Douglas Blumenschein
    • June 15, 2016

    you just have wait and see on the date that you are to get it or not you have to play to get MABY.

    • lewis
    • January 14, 2016

    I keep getting messages on facebook that I am one of 20 winners of 500,000 and that I need to contact a agent to get all the information on how to collet my winnings I’ve heard that this is a scam but I got a message from a friend also on facebook who said it is for real that she won and is getting 90,000. I want to know what the Federal laws are for online lotterys

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