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playatmcd – Play McDonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes Game at http Monopoly Game is back at McDonalds with fantastic prizes, you won’t believe your eyes. The popular sweepstakes advertising promotion of McDonald’s and Hasbro. This year, the sweepstakes game include 2 million-dollar in cash prizes, Fiat cars to win, hundreds of thousands of food prizes, sports collectibles, games, and more. As usual you should acquire all properties in one group of colors. The Mcdo Monopoly game ends on November 03. Each time you buy something at your local Mcdonald don’t forget to take your Game Pieces each product have two game stamps and a unique alphanumeric 11-digit code that you can use to play the online game. Visit www playatmcd com and use the code GOPLAYATMCD or other free codes from McDonald Monopoly Game. Understanding the game is the key to your success in it, always read the rules first. playatmcd – Good luck!  EXPIRED Please visit the link above for 2017 Edition…

Play online Monopoly at McDonalds: click here to play

Rules for Mcdonalds Monopoly Game: click here to read

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    • charles e martinez
    • August 3, 2013

    I need to collect Ventnor Ave and Vermont Ave and the following Mediterranean Ave-Short Line Railroad Virginia Ave Tennessee Ave Boardwalk Pennsylvania Ave Kentucky Ave tell me where I can get these and I win – Mcdonalds Monopoly Game rare pieces…

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