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The Do-It-Yourself, aka DIY, Network channel and Do It Yourself Web Sitewww.diynetwork.com is owned and managed by Scripps Network Interactive. This organization focuses on home projects that can be done by an individual without having to hire a professional service.  TV stations does broadcast local editions featuring local guests but some parts have been produced by the original network. The DIY network program is also aired in Philippines and Japan. There are about 50 million homes that have the DIY cable in US only.

The program is generally characterized by diverse activities that can be performed by different persons at home. Examples of the fields that the programming lean on includes: auto repairs, home repairs, general contacting, plumbing, motorcycle, jewelry making, quilting, recreational vehicles, woodworking, boating, gardening, video production, scrapbooking and deconstruction among other activities.

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This network does also feature rewinds from some parts of This Old House series that was originally screened by PBS. The program was about families that had remodeled their homes. In the recent time, the program has also broadcast rewinds programs fro HGTV archive such as carol Duvall show.

The DIY network was inspired by the success of HGTV which is also owned by Scripps. Immediately after DIY network was developed, the network used to broadcast old mixed and mashed up content from HGTV archive until it developed its unique content.

The network also offered vast broadband content. The projects were initially given inn form of project worksheets pages of instructions that could be printed by the users. Later, they started offering contents in video clips. The current DIYnetwork.com is the broadband portal that was initially called DIYnet.com.

According o DIY, the motive behind launching the second station was to address the needs of the male audience. HGTV is more inclined to addressing women issues hence the need for a network that would cater for the needs of male population.

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