Winning Instant Cash Sweepstakes Online

Want to know more about winning instant cash sweepstakes online? A sweepstake is a game of opportunity where the person enters without the need of an entry fee. Most companies that host sweepstakes only require that you enter your email address for you to enter the game. There are two basic types of sweepstakes are of mainly two types: regular sweepstakes and instant win sweepstakes. Regular sweepstakes usually necessitate that you long until the bargain has over so that a frontrunner is selected. It is merely afterward this point that you are informed if you have gained any awards. Instant win sweepstakes as the name advises will notify the individual of their achievement instantaneously or soon after their incoming the bargain. The guarantors for the prompt win lottery set up an arbitrary winning time before the bargain begins and the first person to enter the game after the winning time has passed will be awarded the prize. Instant win sweepstakes are generally more attractive to the audience than other type because they give immediate gratification.

Online games for Winning Sweepstakes Instantly:

Win cash sweepstakes online

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

One can earn money by winning instant cash sweepstakes online and competitions, by taking surveys and playing games. Game websites propose you the accidental chance to win cash while you enjoy playing games. Some sites even offer an extra fee just for registration for using the site. He could receive money just for yielding some rudimentary particulars and once he has done this; he can get to work at winning money or prizes online. To win money online, one can make use of free games online. Playing online games for free can help him to improve his skills and enhance game play in the paid games and tournaments. At the tournaments, there is the opportunity to win significant amounts of money.

Gambling Poker sites also propose one who creates a new account. He will most likely have to agree to play selected games, but once you have met the requirements, the bonus money can be used to increase the total winnings. Other websites give users regular money in “win money “ play poker online competitions.

PCH Cash sweepstakes offers a wide variety of cash sweepstakes to win online. Visit pch.com or pchgames.com for more info.

Online Survey for Winning Sweepstakes

Assessments or surveys allow one to win money online. One can be satisfied by winning instant cash sweepstakes online by registering to take fully free surveys. Each survey finished grosses him a little free and over time, the quantity of currency made ads up. Paid online studies suggest him the fortuitous to win cash or to obtain free crops. A wide range of websites proposes numerous quantities of cash to be earned through site cataloging.

By this way one can make his account bigger by winning instant cash sweepstakes online. Before all of this he should make sure himself that he would not be trapped in a fake or fraud website. You could increase your chance of winning instant cash sweepstakes online.

Winning Instant Cash Sweepstakes Online
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109 Responses to “Winning Instant Cash Sweepstakes Online”

  1. rus Estela cordones says:

    Yo quiero los$ 50.000 son míos.

  2. rus Estela cordones says:

    Yo quiero los$ 50.000

  3. Mallorie smith says:

    Pch please give me the chance to win please i need thus after my dad getting murdered my house burning my mom dissappearing my truck got stolen i just need something good please

  4. Mallorie smith says:

    Pch please give me the chance to win please

  5. Gabrielle Lowe says:

    “YES I will be able to do it”! “YES I WILL BE ABLE TO CLAIM ANY AND ALL MY APPROVED PRIZES THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN MY personal information on Gabrielle Lowe and YES HAVE ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE “

  6. Gabrielle Lowe says:

    “YES ,YES,YES I, Gabrielle Lowe WANT TO ” WIN IT ALL” with PCH gwy#6900 or ANY OTHER possible “APPROVED PRIZES OR CASH” THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN MY NAME, personal information, emails,blogs, entries to ANY SWEEPSTAKES that I.have been playing and entering both by name, initials, emails, phone calls , ANY WAY POSSIBLE to YES “CLAIM IT ALL” and “YES HAVE ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE” NOTIFY ME by personally bringing it to me or BY PHONE CALL, or even email…..PLEASE NOTIFY ME THAT …”YES, Gabrielle Lowe YOU ARE INDEED OUR NEXT MEGA SUPERPRIZE DUPER PRIZE WINNER” so I may personally meet the PCH “PATROL PRIZE GIVEAWAY GANG”!

  7. KW says:

    YES Love to Win this Money 00

  8. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win the 10,000,000.00the7,000.00 a week for lifw rhw 5,000.00 for and the house 2,000,000.00 and all I have won on PCH I feel like I would be a giver and share the wlth and I will try to get my business off and up an running the more a person makes the more they can give back to the community I truly want to help others PCH I want to win and bad
    Brenda Carlton

  9. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I want to win the 10,000,000.00the7,000.00 a week for lifw rhw 5,000.00 for evefr and the house 2,000,000.00 and all I have won on DSia

  10. Dan Dawson says:

    Thanks for the chance to play, you have a tough job, God Bless you!

  11. Johnny b says:

    v3080 JohnnyB. To win

  12. Robert PCH Sweepstakes says:

    I think i should have won the 02/26/2016
    #4900 for the big win cash prize giveaway.

  13. Serena Felder says:


  14. Angie says:

    That’s right loyalty Ching$,,ching$

  15. Damaso says:

    Pch pront page no. 4900 I cleame my prize numver d3c 30th 15

  16. Hugo says:

    Pch make mi a winner is a millionaire superprizegiveaway #49000

  17. Jon says:

    I ben down on luck l need it I have med bills to pay did not have inc went to ER

  18. Erwin Martin says:

    I Erwin Martin had a chance to win year’s ago but I don’t think that I had a chance, but now that I am older and wiser now I can think about this and its contents to better understand what I can do with the following financial possible for me and my family.

  19. Billy Coleman says:

    My name is Billy Coleman and my sweepstakes number is4900,but I see someone else with the same number.Can two people enter with the same number?

  20. curt Bernard says:

    “I need and want to win” pch.com

  21. Richard Pohl says:

    Hello from Richard Pohl . I wouid like right to be in the running to win the 4900 game . If not please let me no what i need to do

  22. SONYA GAINES says:

    I hope I b a winner my MOM needs help I will PAY all her BILLS move her n a BETTER HOME I JUST WHAT TO WISH ALL THE WINNERS TO B GOD BLESS ALL OF US

  23. Carol Wadow says:

    To win this money would be a God sent.My husband has COPD and can’t work because he is on oxygen. He as in the military and he gets disability and Social Security. I can’t really go out to work because I had a stroke a free years back and bad legs. i had worked from my home so I could care for my dad until he died in 99, and now my boss died in 2011, I care for the business and it is being sold out so I o longer have a paying job. I never thought our senior years would end like this. God is good but the world is a mess. We could pay all of our bills off and live a life we could never imagine. God Bless and thank you.

    Carol Waldow

  24. Allen Salvino says:

    I need to win instant cash, please be my lucky charm PCH.

  25. Hugo cendejas says:

    Pch I’m claiming #4900 superprize winning instant cash sweepstakes online

  26. Angie thomas. 02404523421 zip 92335 says:

    I sitting looking at my 6 kids thanking how happy there going to be when mommy wins this opportunity. Of a life time thanking that that have a chance of a life time I’m getting it done pch ,,, claiming #4900 and what comes with it thank u.

  27. george says:

    Thank you for the opportunity for the chance to win my dream

  28. Fidel Rosales Sr says:

    I need to win i lost my job bills are.piling up its getting really tough!!!first time post!!

  29. Fidel Rosales Sr says:

    I need to win i lost my job bills are.piling up its getting really tough!!!

  30. Hugo cendejas says:

    Pch I love to be a winner on my sweepstakes pch $10,000.00 a week for life sweepstakes #4900 lp999

  31. Billieann1 says:

    PCH, I would like to make 3 entries for $10,000.00 Cash in October 2015.

  32. luis says:

    Thank for participate in pch website, the $10,000.00 prize for life every week are wonderful. Congratulation every PCH workers. Luis

  33. Brenda says:

    This would make it so much easier to raise my grand girls ..its going on 5 years now,they could do things from that cost money… I want them to feel like they have a good life… I’m never try to win thing in my life…..thanks Brenda Ratliffe

  34. Hugo cendejas says:

    Pch wish to win to hope my friends and familly and ofther 23 years go to see my mom and dad and my others tree brothers PCH. $ 10 million super prize giveaway no 4900 thank you Good bless you to pick my number and my dream come tru

  35. lottie sampson says:

    Instant 1,000.00 yes like to win instant cash

  36. William Vierling says:

    I don’t see where to enter my activation code.
    Please help

  37. Steve O'Connor says:

    I hope too win I have been playing for a long time and I hope this time is the big time.I am trying real hard too stay above water right now, it would definitely come at the right time for me and I would do so much with it and also help those in need as well.

  38. teaondra says:

    I could use that it would help a lot of people including my family.

  39. Vanessa Byers says:

    Hey u guy its me I’m still here waiting on June 30th till prize patrol comes to my door I still believe IMA win my number they gave me was W25-101 for the win it all 2million+more and I know how big my God is!I’ll see prize patrol at my door on that winning day can’t wait. My moms going to be so happy!

  40. Lydia marie says:

    Wow praying to win.

  41. ajose Viana says:


  42. Kevin Jacobs says:

    I’m praying real hard hopping PCH walk through my front door I need this so badly I can’t wait for June 30th this will be a blessing and only God knows what best for so again I’m just praying

  43. Vanessa Nichols Byers says:

    I want to accept 5768_but the prize I most want to win is 4900 and 4902 so I can help my ma take care mom. I understand we can not all win but we can not all loose either!

  44. Jessica Bartrum says:

    i would give back to the places i did free community services at such as the local womens shelter here in marion and the food pantry and the homeless shelter in fort Wayne and the grocery store in fort Wayne and the animal shelter here in grant county

  45. Rosalinda says:

    Thank you for the beautiful games and the chance to win . I am
    getting excited as June 30th ,the giveaway date is coming , finally
    I can realize helping financially the wounded soldiers hungry children and other in need. My family will get help in improving life.
    I am waiting for this lucky day.

  46. berniece says:

    Am i a winner #4900

  47. Vanessa Nichols Byers says:

    Hello hope you’ll be coming to Virginia , Roanoke va that is very soon I know I’ve wrote so much but I just wanna make sure y’all know I wanna Win It All! Lol ibthibk ya know that but did the search thing y’all came up so I figured I’d say hello agin. See ya soon!!!!

  48. kenneth abney says:

    I love to win it all for mpthers home she never had one she thanks god to get it tjis time

  49. Billieann1 says:

    I would love to win any of the superprize to get my bills paid. Publisters Clearing House please activate entries for all Superprizes.

  50. Vanessa Nichols Byers says:

    Please pch your telling me I need a SUPERPRIZE number to win it all I though you mailed it to me and I deposited it but if that was not it need to accept one so if you could please give me one for the early look prize I would love that . I realy have to win. I don’t really care about being ritch. I will help others with most of the money. But I don’t have much time left to get my mom and her husband to Roanoke . he is realy sick. Pch I am sick myself . I’m counting on you to make my wish of being a help for my mama come true. Please don’t let me dow . I have to win it all. This is not a matter of want its a matter of must. I must win it all pch and God are my only hope. My mama needs me.

  51. Rene tremblay says:

    My wife and I hope we win it all for our little family

  52. kimberly says:

    yes i have the golden ticket i want to win 10 million yes i want to win it all #4900
    come see me prize patrol

  53. Emanuel Lebron says:

    I been playing pch to win so I can take care of my family so much better thank you emanuell

  54. Wayne hampton says:

    Wishing I can bring steers takes home

  55. Maria F Aldaz says:

    I don’t believe in the sweepstakes giveaways I have played many many years ago and it would say I was almost there to win,never won ,I’m sick okay need heart surgery and if true would help me in time of need ,plus need knee surgery so hope it’s true

  56. Jimmy Maldonado says:

    Bless my mother. & family.

  57. Shelly brown says:

    I want to win just about anything I’m so tired of being poor I’m disabled and need help to pay my bills and help my three kids and mother we all just trying so hard just to put food on the table! So please pick me to make my dreams come true!!

  58. Marie Barry says:

    Am so excited to see the PCH Prize Patrol and “WIN IT ALL” with number 4900, 4902, 5166, 4950, 4650, 4651 etc. Want to see you in NV on June 30th! Will be so happy!

  59. Naomi Roth says:

    Lord Jesus if it is your will that I win the pch lottery # on June 30th 2015, so be it! I thank you in advance my Heavenly Father. I alsme.thank you in advance for taking out of bondage. But, if it’s not your will, I’m sure that you have something special in mind for me. Whatever that might be. Pch! I am in it to win it only if it’s the good Lords will and not man’s will.

  60. sally says:

    I would love to win an instate cash prize today!!! That would be so awesome. I am in it to win it at PCH !!!!

  61. Lori Clay says:

    I have Follicular Non Hogdkin Lymphoma.Doctors are right now are trying to find a cure as we speak.I would like to be one the millions to recive one of these cures.I would like to win the 10 million dollars
    that has a 4 million dollar payoff.This money would help with my medical bills and go to research to cure this cancer.
    Thank you,
    Lori Clay

  62. Vanessa Nichols Byers says:

    This is so exciting to even still be on the sweepstakes and have a chance to win anything. I would love to win any money. It would be great to be able to get a house that is buy a house a one level house where I can bring my mama home and be able to help her take care of her husband he has stage four liver disease the man has never drank a drop in his life he’s diabetic. They met on the enternet after both their life long partners of fortysum closer to fifty years passed away. I think its sweet to find love that age. My mom will be seventy three in July and shevcan not take care of another dying husband by herself. I so wont let her she’s not able she herself has inner ear trouble witch makes her dizzy. She won’t be able to drive much longer she is in nc I’m in va. That’s a huge problem. I also have liver disease chronic pain and six herniated disk in my back my husband is a saint to work and help me out to. Our grand babies are here his mom who has Alzheimer’s his dad our kids mom and pops have no family there just seems best they move here. I’d like to help my church our church needs so much repair. Ya know I’m convinced Gods gonna make me a winner and a lot of people are gonna see how big God is thrpugh my winnings. So y’all come on down to va 1******** se Roanoke va that is!!!! Can’t wait to see y’all a lot of people are gonna be so happy and I am gonna just keep praising my Lord.!!!!!
    Yours truly Vanessa Byers

  63. Tamara Stansell says:

    I would help my family, bc since my grandpa passed 7 people are staying in one house. we are 4 months behind on our mortgage and my father in law has been working all his life but taking care of everybody is putting him in the hospital. And we have no life insurance which means all of of will be put out on the streets. We’ve always open end our door to friends and family. But in 2007 my husband and my children and myself house burned down. So we moved with his parents!!!!!! Not to mention my Mom didn’t raise me and my dad is Dead. My mom wasn’t there and I want to be there with my husband to give our three kids the kind of life my grandparents gave me! I’m a only child and all I have are my kids. But I will pay off my father in law house bc he has been a angel to me treating me as his own. I love my Family

  64. ERIKA GILES says:


  65. SheritaElaineSimpson says:

    I love to win the PCH giveaway NO.4900 to help me out with the bills and help my grandmother out with the grandkids with food and something to drink and snakes

  66. SheritaElaineSimpson says:

    I Love ❤ to be the PCH Giveaway #4900 7,000,000,000 for life on April 30

  67. bill collyott says:

    I really hope this publishers clearing house game is real.. I can use the winnings to make a decent life out of..

  68. Robert L Everette says:

    I would enjoy winning so I could get my bills payed off help my brother because he has been sick , and help a friend that had open heart surgery that only have very little income. Robert

  69. marsha says:

    I would love to win, I could help my whole family

  70. Frowel says:

    Win $1,000,000.00 A year For Life, $5/k A Week which is NOW $7,000.00 A Week For Life, “You Can Win it All”, $2,000,000.00 at once (Lump Sum), $10,000.00 A Month For Lifetime A Brand New Lincoln MKZ valued over $37,000.00, gwy no. 3080, PLUS Win $1,000.00 Cash Prize to be awarded

  71. Steve Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win ANYTHING OR ANY AMOUNT with PCH Sweepstakes. I would appreciate I mean any winning. I really need a new right leg. I fell off a roof Thanksgiving 2000 leaving me with a fused right leg 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and pain 24 / 7 with 17 blood clots black swollen leg. Also L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back crushed 80 %. Lots of pain. I really need medical help. Can’t afford. Also I need a special Handicap vehicle. Driving with my condition is not easy. My dear wife was killed in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. I’m driving the Nissan Versa car my dear wife was killed in from a drunken driver. Then a friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money from me when I was vonorable after losing my dear wife. I really need some new luck. Good luck to all. I mean it. I wish we all can be winners. Thanks. Blessings. Steve :-)

  72. Steve Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win ANYTHING OR ANY AMOUNT with PCH Sweepstakes. I would appreciate I mean any winning. I really need a new right leg. I fell off a roof Thanksgiving 2000 leaving me with a fused right leg 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and pain 24 / 7 with 17 blood clots black swollen leg. Also L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back crushed 80 %. Lots of pain. I really need medical help. Can’t afford. Also I need a special Handicap vehicle. Driving with my condition is not easy. My dear wife was killed in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. I’m driving the Nissan Versa car my dear wife was killed in from a drunken driver. I really need some new luck. Good luck to all. I mean it. I wish we all can be winners. Thanks. Blessings. Steve :-)

  73. won the 10000000 says:


  74. won the 10000000 says:


  75. lottie Sampson says:

    Pch looking forward seeing the. Pch team at my door to be. Set for life

  76. Gabriel Virola Rodriguez says:

    Instant cash.

  77. Shirley A. Fuentes says:

    I always use phc.Com every days no. 4900 but i don understand how get win what doin ?? Can tell me how I always pary and need help with my family . My family hard work life patients. I real want win

  78. Shirley A. Fuentes says:

    They said Shirley win but how get cash I still don’t understand how get cash win

  79. Beverly Mayfield says:

    Playing the cash sweepstaked will help me pay my bills off .forever and relax forever.

  80. Sheila Richardson says:

    I’ma senior citizen with 3 beautiful loving Grandchildren! I would really love to leave a legacy for educational and general improved lifestyle. I have been with PCH support for over nine years and have never won anything.

  81. Glenn Oneal Clarke says:

    god is good amen

  82. pat lavallee says:

    …………if ….the….”LORD”…WILLS ..IT…..THEN & ,,,ONLY…THEN…IT SHALL BE.:)

  83. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a dream to win a new car and a new home and or cash. I’m widowed after 31 years married. I lost my sweetheart wife in hit and run Christmas a few years ago. A friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money when I was vonorable. I’m disabled with fused right leg 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and blood clots and L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back crushed 80 %. I need a break. What keeps me going is knowing God’ has a plan for me. I’m like ‘ Job in the Bible. I refuse to give up. Good luck to all. I mean it. We all need a break. Thank PCH. Blessings. Steve :-)

  84. Sandi MvAdam says:

    I Need to know my 5,000.00 win for Life Number

  85. Hugo cendejas says:

    mysweepstakescontests.com I want to win all publisher clearing house pch prize patrol #3080#3577#4900#3814 – 133icloud.com

  86. maria mccoy says:



  87. maria mccoy says:

    Yes I would love to win anything that will change our entire life completely. Thank you PCH


  88. terry johnson says:


  89. Hugo cendejas says:

    That I’ll be nice if I win especially right now and I want to surprise my daughter so I can buy because she’s pregnant and will change a lot more life’s are you in work hours 15 hours I have to work all day so that way I can support when family so I’m the only want to work in supporting the house we are five of us it’s been really hard for me that’s why am one I was doing so that way I can help others and donate money for to the children hospital Buy me white house which is my dream you help go to see my parents because I haven’t seen them in like 20 years ago so that’s my wage to wean thanks PCH Corporation All of you are number one cost to cost thanks again for keeping up with three people to the search in Win

  90. Hugo cendejas says:

    I wish you and I want to win 10 millions and sweepstake publisher Clarence House 4 million one Big chek on January 1/9

  91. Hugo cendejas says:

    I Love to take those bunos thank you PCH prize patrol corporation

  92. Hugo cendejas says:

    Yeah my dream is to win by me a house but the very first thing I have to do is to make donation two children hospital and help others thank you PCH corporation I am number one fun

  93. Hugo cendejas says:

    I would love to win been searching for a couple years has been to our use people call me Saying they are PCH They try to take one a try to give me to send the money to them to claim my prize are you a cup to make me get off work only play with my feelings this really Dave he give me these number ***-***-**** I don’t know if it’s for the Dave you say I was going to get a prize today it was to change my life forever and be a millionaire starting today I don’t know if it’s true people need to stop playing with peoples feelings feels bad thanks PCH corporation

  94. carol says:

    I would love to win money or a car, please don’t count me out, its such a dream of mine. thank you kind people.;)

  95. Diane, Griffin says:

    It is, shame that i am disabled and live off of $450.00 a month and now my handicap van is breaking down,I need a new vehicle and we don’t have no Christmas here we just have each other I’ve been with PCH ever since 1992 and never ever won anything and we dont have anything under the tree this year.as a mother it makes me fell so so sad because I cant do anything for my daughter or son or my Husband.and even my self.i Truly believe in miracles maybe a miracle will come true. A Men and maybe it won’t.But this year for sure we wont have nothing to give to each other.

  96. Tina hand says:

    I got a superprize patrol elite seal recipient to claim super prize winning numbers 3577 and 3600. I really want to win I have been trying so hard to win.our home is foreclosing and sold we have to be out right after new years I don’t want to live in my husbands truck I don’t want to be homeless and hungry .if I win .I pray I do .I want to buy a house of my own and have nice things for once in my life .I pray I win .it would be a blessing .god knows I’ve been trying so hard. Good luck to every one Thank you for giving me a opertunity to win I want to thank you. Hope all my dreams come true .and a blessing finds me . Thank You

  97. medardo florez says:

    I medardo florez would love to winacept and secure forcoming superpriz no. And activat full elijibility to Win $1,000,000.00 A year For Life, $5/k A Week which is NOW $7,000.00 A Week For Life, “You Can Win it All”, $2,000,000.00 at once (Lump Sum), $10,000.00 A Month For Lifetime A Brand New Lincoln MKZ valued over $37,000.00, gwy no. 3080, PLUS Win $1,000.00 Cash Prize to be awarded in Miami/Ft. laud.FL TV Area my zipcode is (33142) in gwy no. 3814… I wanna wanna Win, make All my Dreams Come True!!!!!

  98. Ashley Merdan says:

    My name is Ashley Merdan, and I would love to win for my daughter Grace merdan. She has Autism and I want the proper help she needs. Her Birthday is December 15th, and she will be 4 years old. As a single mom it can be overwhelming at times, but this would be the best gift I could ever give her, and she could go a school were they specialize in Autistic children. Thank you and god bless. Ashley Merdan

  99. teea says:

    hope to win

  100. schevelle V cashe says:

    It’s in god’s hands now and he knows my heart thank you my heavenly father amen!

  101. nicholas lavolpicella says:

    i cannot get to win it all again today no matter what i tpe in the search block i want to play all the games of instant win and be able to subit an entry for
    2 million at once plus 10,000 a month for life plus a
    new lincoln mkz but i cant do it again today

  102. Mary Phillips says:


  103. michael walczak says:


  104. Bennie Hodges says:

    Go to web. Play pch game and sweepstakes form pch thank you

  105. Bennie Hodges says:

    Sweepstakes. It is a place. To search on. The web at PCH thank you but. Go to your web and search and look for sweepstakes thank

  106. Bennie Hodges says:

    In instant Cash play. And that. Opportunity that you can want and. Winner. Form PCH search. In win thank you.

  107. ed turner says:

    I pray that I win some thing out of all this typing the money would be spent towards ppl who need a financial uplifting.

  108. Mary Phillips says:

    Instantly Games ,,,Trying To Bring the Sweepstakes Home At The FrontDoor ,PCH PRIZEPATROL TEAM,,This is Family in Need of Help,,#PCH# I was feeling Real Good about the Sweepstakes ,,MY HEART IS SO FULL,, JUST PRAYING HARD

  109. maryphillips says:


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