PCH Redeem Tokens at www.pch.com/redeem tokens

Don’t miss this opportunity! With the new PCH Rewards Center, PCH are giving players more love for their loyalty, including more games to win more, instant win games, more sweepstakes prizes available 2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve ( Lincoln MKC 2020, New Ford Explorer 2020, New computer, 4K smart TV and much more…), exclusive prizes for higher levels with big cash prizes, and higher payout amounts. www.pch.com/redeem tokens – PCH Redeem Tokens. Are you familiar with PCH.com? This is one of the best sweepstakes websites and you can win a lot of great prizes. If you love sweepstakes or simply want to kill some time by playing some fun online games, you should think about creating an account. The latest luxury ride that is guaranteed to be given away in a few weeks is a brand-new Lincoln MKC 2020 valued at nearly $50,000! Actual sweepstakes car Prize: WIN A NEW 2020 Ford EXPLORER Limited HYBRID Rwd VALUED AT $50,219.00

PCH Sweepstakes Lincoln Corsair Reserve

Lincoln Corsair Reserve 2020 Valued at $45470.00

Tokens Exchange Redeem Prizes

Become a Real PCH “Tokenizer”

This beauty can only can be won by PCH fans who redeem tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange!. You will find more information about ongoing contests, sweepstakes and drawings on the official PCH.com website. You will also find different online games – PCH Token Games you can play to earn tokens. You can earn more tokens by performing different actions, such as entering sweepstakes or answering surveys. There are always new ways to earn more tokens so you should check back often on the PCH site and open the emails you receive from PCH. Earn your Tokens at pchgames.com, pch.com games or pchsearch.com and then go to pchrewards.com – www.pch.com/redeem tokens to PCH Redeem Tokens.

What Are PCH Redeem Tokens? You can earn PCH tokens by playing online games and by entering sweepstakes. These tokens will be deposited in your account and can be redeemed to enter different sweepstakes. You can use your tokens to enter a drawing and get a chance at winning a prize.

What Can You Use Your Tokens For?

PCH offers new drawings on a monthly basis. You can redeem your tokens to enter as many different ongoing drawings as you would like. The number of tokens you need to enter a drawing varies from one drawing to another. The winners of each drawing are announced at the end of the month before more drawings are added.

What Are PCH Redeem Tokens Used For?

www.pch.com/redeem – You can win cash prizes but some drawings have different kinds of prizes. Your tokens will never expire so you can keep playing different games on the PCH website until you have enough tokens to enter the drawings that look most interesting to you. You can also wait until more drawings are added and keep accumulating your tokens if you don’t see any drawings you would like to enter at the moment.

Redeem Tokens

PCH Token Exchange Prizes

You can earn tokens by playing different games, using the official PCH app, entering the PCH lotto drawings and performing other actions. Make sure you open all the emails that PCH sends you once you create an account so you can find out about new games and other actions you can complete to earn more tokens. Take a look at the drawings you can enter to decide how you will be using your tokens! Earn your Tokens at pchgames.com – pch com games – pchsearch.com. Please visit www.pch.com/redeem tokens for more details on how to redeem your Tokens Rewards Points.



51 Responses to “PCH Redeem Tokens at www.pch.com/redeem tokens”

  1. Brenda Nelson says:

    in it to win it dreaming. I am a pch fan and I will never give up thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Linda burgess Thorpe says:

    I play to win ,i take advantage of all the ways to win of the games the video they play, token lottery , what every i can get ! Iam in it to win ! Thanks Publisher Clearing House sweepstake! I can use the money to buy me a Home and give someone one who truly needs help.

  3. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    I’m entering to win the car

  4. Bobbie keel says:

    Just won’t to know if I am a winner. Been playing for few years. I need money really bad . So just checking if I won 7,000 a week I would would be great full. Reply

  5. BILLIE HARDEN says:

    i will take purple please

  6. Darshan says:

    I LIVE in india-476001

  7. Linda Culver says:

    Winning would be great!! Anything, car money is great!!!

  8. Lucinda Zeitler says:

    Hello hoping to win the $1,000.00 a day for life searched today PCH search&win Thanks again. Lucinda Zeitler

  9. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Yes I want to win 1000 for life pch

  10. Amechi Emebo says:

    Am a already. Am waiting!!!

  11. Alma Bechard says:

    I just turned 80 on August 6 $15,000.000 would be a fantastic late birthday gift. There are so many of my family and friends that could really use some of it .

  12. Linda says:

    Hello PCH my name is Linda I’m waiting for you 31 August please

  13. Amechi Emebo says:

    I am winning the$15million by God’s grace.

  14. Brenda L RHODES says:

    pch I want to claim accept activate enter secure finalize and claim ownership of the summer superprize winner of the 15million dollars and accept all other prizeS that come with the PCH win the lincoln mkz color white and to leave a legacy for my family. ..thank you pch BR

  15. Brenda L RHODES says:

    pch I accept prize number certificate title owership. ..I want to win it all. …thank you pch BR

  16. Crista Medrano says:

    Thanks pch, I would love to win any amount of money, Lol, but seriously any amount would b great. Enjoy playing the game, could do with less advertisement. .

  17. Melinda Gracia says:

    I want to win $15 million super prize and a Silver Lincoln MKZ. Thanks PCH for this opportunity to participate in this sweepstakes.

  18. Cathy Krayeski Kersnick says:

    I would really like to win Summer superprize 8800. That would be a dream come true.will you coming to see me? I’am ready..

  19. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I want to win Gwy 8800 I wish be the winner thank pch

  20. Irina guseynova says:

    August 8 2017 I want to win PCH Summer Prize $15 million GWY #8800 August 31st 2017

  21. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I want to win 15 million no 8800 plu 2x entries

  22. TEMPTHIA. Battle says:


  23. TEMPTHIA. Battle says:


  24. amarilys milian says:

    Quiero ganar el Pch No. 8800,estoy orando para que asi sea.donare 100,mil y mas,para el San joseph children hospital.,a veces me frusto x que me parece que no lo estoy haciendo bien,pero confio en dios que todo saldra bien.

  25. amarilys milian says:

    si quiero insccribirme para ganar el premio mayor.

  26. Jose R Dones says:

    #8800 yes Enter me in to win the $15,000,000.00 prize at Publisher clearinghouse

  27. Joyce Kennedy says:

    I have been following PCH sweepstakes for years, I am 86 years old, and I need to win to help me live in my small retirement home. I hope and pray this August 31 is my dream come true. I will also help others and my church.

  28. Ronnie Barela says:

    8B1911PC36641 code
    give away 173513385116
    entering 1 claimABLe4114All

  29. William Roberts Jr. says:

    Pch Please make my Dreams come true, I’ve without income over 9 months after being hurt on my job, my cousin has aloud me to move into his home, until I get back on my feet, and it’s been very hard, with all of these new bills, and the old bills no transportation, I’m 6’5″ he’5′ tall riding around with him in his little cars. hurts my legs more, still have more doctors appointments , my wife left me because of losing my job, and that hurts at this age of 60 years old, I thought by this time I’ve been done own my own home for my family, but, still nothing, and now, not having a income is killing me. Please make my Dreams come true,

  30. Sharon says:

    I will always have that dream of PCH ringing my bells. I’m sure we all have that big dream and to use the gift of winning for special reasons. I’ve always put others before me even being disabled. But mybig dream of winning all these years what I would do with the money would be for the first time being able to pay for health care with no limits. I just want to live in no pain, and in good health. After that, I would want some of the money to go to my children and grand children. But not a lot. But a decent amount. The rest I would love to give to people not having, disabled and discriminated against being people feel their tax dollars shouldn’t have to help them. I want to let them know they are important too. If I can change even just one persons life to give them their dream it would Fullfil my heart. I hope to be able to give that gift to many. You really never live until you give. God gave us a present, it’s our today. . It’s our heart. Without a beat we do not live. To love, to give, to care, to be kind will always keep the heart strong. A gift of love is the best gift of all

  31. Maheshchandra Trivedi says:

    I want to win PCH Summer Prize $15Million GWY #8800 August 31st 2017 for the nutrition and education of the poor , green energy and green revolution to control global warming .

  32. Gloria Locke says:

    Just won’t to Win it all on 8/31 so I can help a lot of Family n Friends . Faith is the Substance for things hope For , so Lucky bring that 1 million to my Door

  33. ruth griffith says:

    I would open up homes for the homeless people allover the usa and help other poor children and families in other countries

  34. Michelle Brammer says:

    I would love to win this then I could help my family, and others. I also could get the much neede physical therapy that I need to be able to wAlk again without the help of a walker.

  35. Salvador says:

    Será lo mejor que podría pasarme ser el ganador del sorteo pch número 8800. premio $15 Million i ganador de por vida sweepstake sería perfecto ver parar la patrulla pch frente a mi casa gracias al personal de pch por la o portunidad de permitirme concursar en este premio

  36. Connie Abbott says:

    I have been a member since 2009 @ have not won anything….If you cant win something in 8 years…it is pretty bad, The 130 million tokens I have won in a year @ a half our useless…Then pch wants to call me a loyal customer, which I was @ all I get is we would appreciate a order…I would say everyone gets the same letters @ if I had to bet there is no money, under your games. It is always useless tokens…I bet u could place 1,000,000,000,00 @ still not win…

  37. Connie Abbott says:

    What are your tokens good for? I have earned over 131 million in the last year @ haif. I used to place tokens each nite…You want to call me a loyal customer, @ when I order some things look like it came from the dollar store. your shipping and handling is ridiculous…All I ever get is We would appreciate a order….I get charged the full amount for items.Anyone can generate a map to someones house.Your games vwant play half the time…What is all this searching about? Useless…I wish I had taken the moey I owe for my orders and gave it to someone who really needed it…

  38. Henry Howe says:

    I have the opportunity to do the following with this prize:

    Pay off the Mortgage, Repair my road, and re-roof the house. Also,
    Pay off my sons Mortgage and remodel. Also

    Fund a Cancer detection System for undeveloped countries for the entire world. Also

    Remodel the Church that I attend after 50 years.


    I guess we’re all in it for the big one.Good luck to everyone!

  40. soonjames says:

    Truth!! I am praying want to WIN–It
    all “Thanks! prize Patrol and GOD Bless around–Thanks PCH’s all the House members, for the makes me dream opportunities// I would accept the publishers Clearing house elite prize patrol team make the decision to make it bring that and come to me. wow–with Big smile—Blessing all of Use–and also single parent’s children’s education programs and Veteran Supporters member-need it -All mighty Father of the GOD~~Sincerely SJ

  41. Adesumola Joy Olagbegi says:

    . Pchfrontpage I will like to win it all.
    Thanks to PCH
    Adesumola Joy Olagbegi

  42. Esmeralda castro says:

    I wish I could be the winner for 6/30/2017 it would be a blessing I would want to win it all

  43. Ruth Tooker says:

    I want to win but never have won anything its like a hopeless game that i play i can’t even redeem my tokens it keeps throwing me off i need to win to help my family but nothing i do works order or no order it doesn’t make a difference family comes first

  44. Ruth Tooker says:

    i am unable to redeem my tokens can you tell me why?

  45. Ruth Tooker says:

    unable to use my tokens can you tell me why?

  46. ESTHER R HOOD says:

    yes i want to redeem all my tokens from 6/16/2017.lotto game and be set TO ACCEPT THE $11,000,000.00 ON JUNE/30/2017 THANK YOU PUBLESHER CLEARING HOUSE. ESTHER R

  47. cynthia tillery says:

    I claim my number as the official owner of prize #8800 plus

  48. Adesumola Joy Olagbegi says:

    PCHFTRONTPAGE I claim to win it all.
    Thanks to PCH
    Adesumola Joy Olagbegi

  49. Robert says:

    I would like to know when i would be able to receive the money i have earned.I could realy use some spending cash at this time. Please respond as soon as u can.

  50. Jamie T. Irvine says:

    If I were to win it all, FIRST I would donate $100,000 to the families of killed military personnel killed in the fight against ISIS for an education fund for college education. Second I would donate $100,000 to the Childrens’ hospital in Memphis, Tenn. for their rehabilitation expenses. I will also donate $100,000 to the veterans fund for those wounded in military action against ISIS for their medical bills.

    Jamie Irvine

  51. Veronica Segovia says:

    I be waiting for u for years. I hope this year is going to be me. I want to win win win Facebook URL

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