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PCHSlots.com – PCH Slots Win Big Money with Just One Click. You can play now for a chance to win $25,000 instantly! Slots is the name given to Slot Machine Games. Win $10,000 Instant Game. (Learn more about Casino World with PCH Games – www.casinoworld.com – $25,000.00 Charmed Life Sweepstakes ). Play one game, and you’ll get a valid entry to win a $2,OOO,OOO.OO SuperPrize. Play seven games, and you’ll unlock a $5OO.OO BONUS Game! Plus every day you can play a new Daily Tournament where you could win over $1O,OOO.OO INSTANTLY! This kind of cash machine game started with Casinos in Vegas. Slot Games like PCHSlots are really popular for online Players.

PCH SLots Tournament

PCH Slots $2 Million

While the slot machines were created 200 years by Charles Fey, they gained popularity in Las Vegas after the second World War in the late 40s. The game was popular because it was simple to play, it was a game without any rules to be learnt and followed. Today with internet access in every home across America, the virtual alternative Online game of Slot Machines has highly increase in popularity during the last decade, offering people the chance to play while being in the comfort of their home. In online casinos, the pieces are, of course, virtual. The machine are also virtual. But you can play for free or with real money (in form of virtual tokens) and you of course can win real cash prizes.


PCH Slots

One of the most popular Free Slots No Download Games is PCHSlots that you can find at Pchslots.com. Casino Slots alike that you can play virtually online with great prizes to win. Learn more about PCHSLOTS INSTANT WIN GAME. See official www.pchslots.com for rules and prizes details. Good luck!

For PCHSlots the Virtual Machine allows a limited number of spins each day. Collect the required number of bonus symbols within those spins to trigger the special cash bonus round.

PCH Slots Sweepstakes $5,000.00 – (50 x $100.00) Giveaway #11070

With Lucky Diamonds Casino you could win big. Indeed, in addition to cash prizes, each machine can award diamonds and each diamond can be used in their Lucky Diamonds Casino bonus game for more chances to win huge prizes.

PCHSlots Entry: http://slots.pch.com/
PCHSlots Rules: http://rules.pch.com/



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  1. Wai Hung Quan says:

    I been playing this fairly enjoyable game for some time and this Sweepstakes does get intense. It’s a mind twisting game that makes you feel like a winner each time. Of coarse with every high it has to come down. Overall love this game, I only hope that they give to the winners and not get fool by the scammers out their. Careful with these scammers out their who make calls claiming to be you if you win the jack pot. Yep they will call PCH and change address and number if they find out that you may have won. They will change their name to your name and call to change mailing address and if win address to go to. Only thing can do are rely on the sweepstake PCH not to make mistakes by falling for scammers phone calls or threats. This is their favorite line the scammers use to get people to do things for them. “I’m going to sue you if you don’t do it”. Yes that’s their favorite line ! I’m going to sue you if you don’t do it for me! We all all waiting to win it all! Deliver it ! Thank you

  2. Joyce Williams says:


  3. Lovetta Bearden says:

    I want to WIN BIG so I can so my family that I made it/

  4. Jose R Dones says:

    I like enter to win big on august 31 8800

  5. Larry says:

    Need to pay bills and get out of hock. But as usual stand a snowballs chance in a hot place of ever winning. Oh well what can I say.

  6. Bonni Chiaramonte says:

    Let me WIN $2,000,000.00 and more and I would be so happy. I could get a life changing experience.

  7. Vanessa Royal says:

    I would love to become a winner of PCH so I can pass God words on to help his people’s and myself and family for life it will be a great blessing.

  8. Janice buckley says:

    I would love to Win $5,000 for life

  9. Agatha Mullen says:

    Hi there,
    Enjoying playing the games they are so much fun!!!

    Thanks again

  10. Pamela Alcorn says:

    It’s been a fun trip to get to this point with Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I look forward to winning a nice prize.

  11. Madge Virgo says:

    I need to win – but I am not very hood with the computer.

  12. Judy Jackson says:

    Yes, I’m looking forward to winning More Big Money from PCH!!!

  13. Charles Shear says:

    I would to win to help family and the church that I go to.

  14. Charles Shear says:

    I would love to win so I could help pass GODS word out to people

  15. danaHARSHAW27 says:

    I will love to win

  16. linda williams says:

    pls let me be the win it all, I sure it I enjoy playing the games

  17. Kimberly says:

    yes i want to win it all big money the superprize!! everything please it would be a blessing an a dream come true!!!

  18. alvin Browning,Jr says:

    I want win Big money because i want family be happy than stress no money

  19. Helen Russell says:

    April 21,12:44 I have set here thinking what words of wisdom I could share with all of you. But I’m going to be me, A 80 year old Grandma , I really want to win PCH and share the winnings with our family. God has given my husband and I the best. He would be so awesome to give all of them and our self a clean slate with all bills paid, but first tithing to a great God and paying for there air condition .I really want to thank PCH,for not having an age limit on there contests it has been great to be working again . I really wanted to win because there is a lot of doubting Thomas including some of my family you will never win. GodBless to everyone. Love Helen.

  20. Billie Jo Diel says:

    7,000.00 a week of life Gwy #4900 people say your a scam i have thousands of friends on fb i heard no .one wins in ny lets put those rumors to rest please i can tell you one i want to meet Dave Sayer! I had my photo stolen never got a cent plastered all over the world! I have been homeless due to waiting for Disability Due to domestic violence and a lawyer stole $30,000 from me at the

  21. Alice F Ceasar says:

    I would love to win “Vegas trip” because I like to Gamble and if don’t play you can’t #Win love it. Plus, I’ve never been to Vegas Yeah!!!

  22. Alice F Ceasar says:

    I would love to win Vegas trip because I like to Gamble and if don’t play you can’t #Win love it. Plus, I’ve never been to Vegas Yeah!!!

  23. Gary Dillee says:


  24. Tomeka Robinson says:

    I’m just waiting patiently for PCH to come my way it would be a wonderful feeling….

  25. Yusuf Ali Nasir says:

    i think i have a luck to win all pch sweepstakes just waiting final selection on my name thank you

  26. Ureka Martinez says:

    I hope to God that I win on Pch I need help Thank You for your entry!

  27. Mary says:



    I hope I,m lucky enough to win publishers clearing house sweepstakes.IT WOULD BE A LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE. thank you

  29. jean lafountain says:

    hopping this is my lucky time ,,i will share my winnings it will be fantastic to win. thank you

  30. Mary Phillips says:

    Am I fully Eligible for the sweepstakes, I sure to need a long vacation, talk to my Daddy, he wished me luck, on PCH, Because That’s ALL HE HEAR, This is redemption time, THANK YOU

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