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Ads – $1 Million-A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 3080) You could win a million every year – “The PCH $1 Million Every-Year-For-Life SuperPrize”. Win and you’d get recurring payments of $1,000,000.00 A Year for your life, then after that, someone you choose gets $1,000,000.00 A Year for their life, too. Mega Prize. PCH $7000 a Week for Life Sweepstakes has ended. No purchase necessary, so nothing to buy to enter the sweepstakes. To get more information about this MEGA PRIZE from PCH SWEEPSTAKES  visit their official page at The drawing will be held on February 28th 2014 – Everyone dreams about winning lottery. PCH $1 Million SuperPrize is one where the lucky winner will leave with an exorbitant price of one million a year for life every year. Imagine how your life would be changed forever. You would live overnight the life of the rich and famous. — $1 Million-A-Year-For-LifeOne of the most luxurious lifestyle you never even dream about. Think of something and this will show up on a silver platter. Yes everyone wants to win the million, but not necessarily living thid kind of luxurious lifestyle, I think we can be rich without living a life of lust.

Million A Year For Life   $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize

PCH 1 Million a Year for Life

Many winners of the jackpot lottery take the opportunity that is offered to them to finally realize their dream. Some leave their job, other undertake the project of their dreams, for example returning to school for online business degree or something else, starting their own business, or travelling around the world for a year, maybe on a majestic sailboat.

For my part I think I’ll try not to change too much. But definitely first, I would say bye bye boss and then enjoy the thinking that i would have no financial worries for the rest of my life. I would of course please all my family and all my friends. And do a lot of travel, because travel is my biggest dream! Enough of that! and lets talk about this new SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House. This pch million for life superprize sweepstakes ends on April 30, 2013. See official sweepstakes rules. Now enter Publishers Clearing House’s $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize Giveaway No. 3080 for your chance to win a million dollars every year. Amazing! Win $1 Million Lump-Sum every year for life Mega Prize

Current PCH Sweepstakes: “$1,000,000.00 A-Year-”Forever” Prize (Giveaway No. 3080), $100,000.00 from Giveaway No. 3577, and $15,000.00 from Giveaway No. 3727. . To enter these Sweepstakes, complete the entry process. Upon receipt of your timely entry, a SuperPrize Number will be assigned to you at Publishers Clearing House headquarters”

More info here:

PCH 1Million Dollar a Year for Life Sweepstakes has ended

Actual Sweepstakes: $7000 a Week for Life 2014

PCH Games Sweepstakes Prizes: (Current Sweepstakes) – April 30, 2013
$1 Million-A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 1830)
$100,000.00 from Giveaway No. 2764
$15,000.00 from Giveaway No. 2765.

Sweepstakes entry: – $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize 4.48/5 (89.67%) 60 votes

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481 Responses to “ – $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize”

  1. Dante Wright says:

    Happy Good Friday Publishing Clearing House…Counting down the day’s Publishing Clearing House that I will see you in Mississippi…It is exactly 13teen days until April 30th…Thank You JESUS for Publishing Clearing House for having this Glorious sweepstakes…This is a Dreamcome for me you have Provided a Golden opportunity for me and others…Meeting Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn Face to Face will be a Dream come true for me…Can’t wait to hear my door bell ring in Mississippi…Welcome to Mississippi Elite Members New Life New Beginning New Business New Community AMEN

  2. Dante Wright says:

    Publishing Clearing House seeing the Winner from 2013 Stephanie Gornichec, LeRoy Faulks and Marilyn Ragin..I am Excited and I Believe Yes Publishing Clearing House I Believe…Here I come Community and Church with my Mentoring Program…Ready to see smile on my children elderly and teens faces…Ready to provided jobs from my business ..I know that God will make ALL things New for Me…New Life New Beginning New Business New Community…Counting down the day’s ready to make History for 2014… Grateful Yes I Grateful…See You Soon Elite Members in Mississippi AMEN

  3. DD says:

    I have been out of work for 6 months with no income unemployment has run out .I could reely use it

  4. Timothy Ruelas says:

    Hello everyone @pchsearch&win yea it’s me Timothy j. Ruelas of Watsonville, Calif …..well I sent Davina my daughter top of the line scrub’smy copadra sale’s them so i got 5 set’s & a warm up coat I sent them yesterday & this morning Violet Guzman my blood daughter of course sent me a no 2 pictures of her in her wedding dress what a way to make me ball my head off she looks so dang beautiful my kids have there own way’s to make me cry she is getting married in August so GOD BLESS IT BE TO MAKE IT REALLY BEAUTIFUL WINNING A SUPERPRIZE 1380/3080/v-3080 & more I still want to build my church that’s for sure im kinda confused a lil because Ashley Terven from Oklahoma wants to stay in Oklahoma so is it to be for my to move there & build or am iI to stay here & build or should I build in both places im not to sure so if I was to be this next big awesome blessed superprize ill have all my kids together & we can decide together on what we shall do there will be a church going up that’s for sure funny thing is im standing in front of a store texting this life of mine Ashley needs a battery for her car so I will send her cash tomorrow well people are looken @me weired so got to go now love u all & all a blessing from GOD ALMITY him self bye nowi

  5. Dolores Bloom says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane, Senior Vice President, Publishers Clearing House. What a great thrill it would be to win the $10,000,000.00 Super Prize. I am 80 years old and an active grandma who would love to spend some time travelling and doing some things I have not had the opportunity to do. Not able to put in my activation code. Could you instruct me by e-mail.

  6. Leonard waguespack says:

    I am unable to put my activation cde PC*** where do i activate my code ? Leonard Waguespack ***

  7. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Being the Winner of this Sweetstakes would be soooooo Awesome!!!! I truly want to win $1,000,000.00 A Year For Life Superprize, I can’t wait to be told that im ur Newest Winner on April 30th….

  8. Elena tedtaotao says:

    yes I like to win that if im luckly. this will help me yo help out my family. thank you.

  9. alec ali says:

    Hi from alec in Detroit mi 48214. Thanks for the ownership no. form for 3080 giveaway April 30th. have a nice day alec ali

  10. Rennetta Dixson says:

    Its Raining Here In Indianapolis, Snow Tonight What A Way To Start Off Spring PCH Help Me Get Away!! Lol Stay In And Play PCH Opportunities!! Good Day, God Bles

  11. Ann Austin says:

    hi! PCH and prize patrol Dave, Danielle and Todd! 4/10 is my birthday make me your early bird winner of $1 million and $5000 a week for life.because i’de love to win with the pch. family! i’m a single individual who would love to make an exceeding difference in my life and in others. A noticeable fact when it comes to winning in the pch blog commentaries is that other families don’t have the time of day to give any one a chance, as much as to give back anyone a second chance. my conclusion is the majority of families need things for their families as stated on pch. blog and other pch. websites. instead families and others don’t think outside the box. because their to busy creating time for their families! that’s why i want to win so i will be able to give a second chance to serve a huge purpose in depth outside the box for all good, if god permits. my passion in my life is to advance in the transportation field to construct a specialty DNA Bio-Lab and Storage facility that hauls specialty cargo in Madison WI. near the university which is much needed in the us. and all over the world. the Bio-Storage Labs priority purpose would be for reproductive life in males and to find a cure against lymphoma cancer prostate cancer, pancreas cancer, plus Macular Degeneration. the Research Lab would be focused to exceed standards in many universal ways to advance. this will allow the best world renowned physicians and veterinarians to help animals and people. a cure is important against these devastating diseases so people and animals don’t have to suffer and die this way. so there will be happy healthy longevity ahead in their lives in the future. so under the act of god make me your winner because i want to win this $1 million a year and $5000 a week for life fiercely to make these differences i have the ambition and tenacity to apply this goal to make it happen! and this takes millions that i don’t have. i’d love this goal to developed into a reality if i only had the money, and not have it pass by. winning would make a huge birthday present that all 54 roman candles would fall off my belated birthday cake like fireworks we could celebrate the winning event! Dave Danielle and Todd if all of you show up it would be the luckiest time of my life and world history! to win this sweepstakes it would mean so much to me i’de be jumping for joy and more!!! 10/4 love my pch. and prize patrol for all the wonder full things you do, you all beat you the lottery! because of the thought and effort behind pch. true-blue, Annie. ps. pch. and Dave, Danielle and Todd, write back a response!

  12. William Harcrow says:

    Activation code PC***, April 9-2014 #1′ I am 72 years old.#2 I would Love to live before I die. #3 I would Love to “Donate to the make a wish foundation”

  13. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes yes yes Lord pls Bless me with winning this Sweepstakes, $1,000,000.00 A year for Life Superprize!!! I would be soooooooooooo GREATFUL….

  14. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane Senior Vice President I Put In Pch Search And Win $10Million Super Prize Patrol And Put Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life On April 30th Wanna To Be Happy Rich Millionaire Man Please Come To Virgina Make Me Happy Have Bad Heart Please Do Not Let Me Down Ok Big Check For Pch $10 Million Dollar Please Come At Time 4:00Pm Go To Bank Be Looking For You Mr. Radford Barnes

  15. Dante Wright says:

    Yes I am Publishing Clearing House Junkir I can’t bypass anything…I am so grateful to be able to entering into this sweepstakes…I am Thankful for is Golden opportunity that Publishing Clearing House has allowed me to be a part of…if you could only see my face you would understand my feeling…I am feeling JOY HAPPINESS EXCITEMEN…I anproud to be an so BJ have been asking what I amdoing on my phone…I let him know trying to WIN for his college funds and me to have my Business…he said Win mom an that is what I am trying to do…my mom said persistent PAYS OFF…HELP Please my son is 17teen his Dream is to become a Mechanical Engineer…and I can see myself Standing in my New Business…Elite Members My family Welcome you…at the End of this month someone life will forever be change…I am praying its Me…my thinkinhg process is like Gabby Douglas winning the GOLD…New Life New Beginning New Business AMEN

  16. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes yes yes PCH I wanna wanna Win $1,000,000.00 A Year For Life Superprize gwy no. 4021.. pls Activate my Entry!!!!!

  17. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr.Todd Sloane Senior Vice President I Just Put In Pch Search And Win $10Million Super Prize Twice And Plus Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life Want To Win That BIG Check My Name If I Look On Facebook My Name Up There Be Sad And Hurt Sold Please Come On April 30th At 4:00Pm Please Ok Win Be Rich Millionaire Just Send Me Email Said Yes Yes

  18. Dante Wright says:

    Wow this sweepstakes is blowing my MIND One Million A Year For Life Superprize..Wow I am ready to open my Business this is my prayer for the New Year begin I can’t believe that God has made away…I give God the glory for Publishing Clearing House have this Golden opportunity for me…when God close one many more open this is my many more opportunity…wow believe in April 30th I will Win I can see standing in my business…being a store manager for several years I know Entrepreneur is ready to shine..I am a HARD worker determine tobe a Business Owner…Yes Lord I know you didn’t bring me this far to leave me…my son B.J. college financial status will be definitely be
    secure…I see my parents taken their vaction and enjoying life…Gabby Douglas brought Home the GOLD I am trying too…Elite Members see you in the Hospitality State…New Life NewBeginning New Entrepreneur…AMEN

  19. dante wright says:

    On yesterday I was so mad bccause I couldn’t get through I went for far to call customer service…my thinking process is like Gabby Douglas Win the Gold I am driven to do just that…when doors are open unto you step in an seize the moment…my long life Dream is to become a Entrepreneur…I had a bad fall an had to have back surgery seeing how w/c did me I lost everything…when God close one he openmany more…this is my many more doors I truly thank God for Publishing Clearing House this is a Golden opportunity for my family and I…my son college financial status will be secure pouring back into my parents lives..Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn…Welcome to Mississippi…New Life New Beginning 2014 AMEN

  20. august says:

    I hope I win I can start living and all the thanks go to PCH anybody ask me about them they are Great I will tell news paper, Radio and am a Legionnaire there are over 34 posts. thank you PCH

  21. Timothy Ruelas says:

    I hope im doing everything right because I want to win $7k a wk for lifegwy 1830/3080 this is the place for dreams to come true so im playing for my dreams iI love my children there apart of me so a reuniteing oppertunity I will not pass up pchwow I can believe I spent 12,000 dollars in 3 mo.on my kids well God willing I will be your next superprize $7k winner what a blessing that would be ok all time for me to get ready for work bless all ur hearts Amen bye for now

  22. dante wright says:

    I am grateful for the opportunity words can’t express how I feel…the day I open up my business publishing clearing house will be invited to my grand opening…I am so tumultuous overjoyed that publishing clearing house have open the door to my long life dream to become a entrepreneur…this month someone life will forever be change and I am praying it’s my life…I can see myself standing in my on business this not only for me my son college financial security then to be able to pour back into my parents lives as well…elite members I am in Mississippi waiting for your arrival…entrepreneur 2014 AMEN

  23. Emogene Means says:

    WOULD LOVE TO WIN $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Super Prize on April 30th! $1,000.00 April 28th GWY. NO. 4021.

  24. Emogene Means says:

    Hello Danielle,
    Would love to win Danielle’s Sweet Dream Prize! $1,000.00 April 28th GWY. NO.4021. Also dream of winning $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Super Prize. Entering since 1975. In desperate need.
    I would be so thankful to be a winner.

  25. mynor king says:

    I would like to be sent the submission on my e-mail Mynor king

  26. Laura Tangen says:

    To the Prize Patrol Team,I am “THEE” #1 PCH Super fan of yours since March 2012 with out a doubt.what I would do is give to the animal shelter (save our animals)I would help my family and all my loved ones and then yes myself,then pay my debts and obligations I owe,and at last ENJOY THE entire rest of my life with my kids, grandchildren and the LOVE OF MY LIFE Gerald

  27. dante wright says:

    God have open so many doors for me and I am walking right in…I deeply thank publishing clearing house from the bottom of my heart. ..all the sweepstakes are a golden opportunity for for my family and I. ..just pinch me and wake me up from this dream…this is my prayer to GOD to make away for me to become a entrepreneur a long life dream for me…after having the back surgery and seeing how w/c do people I am more determine to started my business…once again I truly thank God for publishing clearing house from the bottom of my heart…I am tickled pink and I have so much mix emotion words can’t express how I want to win this not just for me also my son college security and to pour back into my parents lives. ..they have been my back bone throughout my situation…Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn I can’t wait until you ring my door bell…financial breakthrough for Dante Wright entrepreneur I decree and declare…AMEN

  28. selena charles says:

    April 1,2014 I would love to win $7,000 a week for life no. 3080 plus 1 million super prize no.3577,

  29. dante wright says:

    I am grateful for this amazing golden opportunity…yes I said golden opportunity because that is what it is…words can’t express how I deeply feel that I have a chance to win this sweepstakes…I am tickle pink my year prayer was to God allow me to be able to become a entrepreneur for myself…for the last three years have been hard for me back surgery and losing everything w/c have not done right by me…my life long dream is to work for myself and I have this wonderful amazing and golden opportunity…and also for my son college future to be able to pour back into my parents lives and my church….Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn I waiting here in Mississippi for the elite members…AMEN

  30. Elena tedtaotao says:

    nice to win. and I pray that one ill win the prize. im just doing my best so that can win for my kids need,also for my grandkids and my family. then ill donate money to st.jude childrens hospital. thank you.

  31. dante wright says:

    Yes a golden opportunity for my family and I…let the count down began at the end of this month someone will be a bless person…my prayer for my new resolution is to become a millionaire…yes this will bless my family and I…my son will be set for college I will be able tpour back into my parents lives and my church I am bless them more abundantly…so Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn I can’t wait to meet prizes elite members face to face with balloons in hand…I pray I have the golden ticket in this sweepstakes I am determine each day until it is all over…I will be entering into all of them.thank you publishing clearing house…AMEN

  32. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane President Of Publishers Clearing House Just Put Pch Search & Win $10Million Super Prize And Pch Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Wanna To Win Big Check My Name Look On Facebook Be Looking For You Come To Virginia At Time 4:00Pm Sold Please Please Make me Happy With My Win $10 Million Just Send Me Email Ok Tell Me Ok

  33. dante wright says:

    Yes another day to enter into this golden opportunity of publishing clearing house sweepstakes…I truly thank God for this before the new people was making new years resolution I was praying how can I become a millionaire didn’t know now…but God will Always make a way yes this my way…so Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, and Danielle Larn the Elite Members I can’t wait to see guys in Mississippi…AMEN

  34. Dante Wright says:

    I have been having a a lot of problems with my phone… I can’t miss out on entering all the sweepstakes this is a golden opportunity me do be able to do this…I haven been prayer that God would make away to come a Millionaire when people was making their new year revolution I was praying to become a Millionaire…for the last three years things have been so hard I believe that God always have a way out…yes I have lost my job yes I have lost car had to move back home with my parents….yes my major back surgery have moved me lose a lot but I am grateful to be here… I deeply thank you publishing Clearing house from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity…Amen

  35. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    I wanna wanna win!!! PCH PICK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  36. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Oh yes pls enter me into this sweepstakes, this would be great Blessing winning $7,000.00 A Week For Life PLUS Win $1,000,000.00 yes yes yes pls let me win!!!!!

  37. Jeanne Mitcherling says:

    Frontpage for winners win the Big Super Prize $7,000.a week for life . PCH Prize Patrol Please enter my entry for 4/30/14. Danielle’s! Sweet dream payout -4021 $1,000.000.00 and Gwy no.3727 $15,000,00. Iam really looking forward to having a fair chance to win this entry. Wish to meet Dave,Danielle and Todd.

  38. selena charles says:

    march 25,2014 I could use 1 million for life. I would not have to worry about how I was going to pay my bills. May could send my four grandchildren to college. That would be wonderful.

  39. Debra Minnick says:

    PCH:Search&Win! Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Entry! PCH-Moonlight MILLIONS RISING JACKPOT Win Up To $3,000,000.00″GWY.NO.3148,FROM PCH Prize Patrol} Ty For Continuing To Give Me All The Chances To Become PCH Prize Patrol winner

  40. Debra Minnick says:

    PCH:Frontpage!TODAY:The Homepage For Winners! Win The Big SuperPrize $7,000.00 A-Week-For LIFE! From PCH Prize Patrol:GWY. NO.3080) Plus I Would Like To ADD My ENTRY For A Chance To Win The DANIELLE’S $WEET Dream Payout! $1,000.00 CASH Guaranteed On GWY.NO’S 4128-4021_From PCH{TY PCH Prize Patrol All This Money Sounds Like A Really Sweet Deal. May I Please Win These ENTRIES With Your Blessing

  41. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Pls enter my entry to WIN $1,000,000.00 A YEAR FOR LIFE SUPRRPRIZE, ON APRIL 30TH 2024, I WANNA WANNA WIN!!!!!

  42. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Oh yes I wanna win $1 Million For Life, so choose me, Pauline change my LIFE!!!

  43. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane Senior Vice President I Just Put In Pch Search And Win $10Million Super Prize Make Double For $20Million Super Prize Want You Make me Happy Day Please Come On April 15 On Income Tax Day Sold I Go To Bank Buy My Stepmom New Car And Me New Car And New Home In Virginia That Ok Please Send Me Email Do Not Let Me Down Be Sad

  44. ashley says:

    hey I am wanting to win a 1 million dollars

  45. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes Lord $1 Million A Year PLUS Mega Prize $7,000.00 A Week For Life, gwy no.3080 on April 30th…

  46. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes, yes, yes darling I wanna wanna win $1,000,000.00 A Year For Life PLUS $7,000.00 A Week For Life, you bet I do!!!!!!

  47. Emogene Means says:

    Would like to be a SUPERPRIZE WINNER.

  48. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Oh yes Winning $1Million A Year For Life PLUS $7,000.00 A Week for Life, it would be soooo cool… I can’t wait to be told that im the next winner, yes, yes, yes!!!!!

  49. sharon white says:

    Dear PCH Prize Patrol: I work every day and just barely making ends meat.My family and I struggling from week to week just to pay the bills and still have nothing for myself are them.Please,Please I’m praying for April 30th super Prize #3080 7,000.00 a week for life will come to us.

  50. Win a Million says:

    I read all the comments here, so many people in needs. I consider myself in needs too. I lost my job two years ago for no reason. I went since then on a financial and marital descent into hell. I lost everything my home, my investment and even my wife. Would love to win a big amount. Good luck everyone. Michael B.

  51. Tina (Perry) Thomas says:

    Hi i guess that i will say that i would love to win with PCH just as everyone who comes here to put their comment in your post’s i just want a little of normal in my life back i think i just will wait like every one else Take Care Juliette May Our God watch over you take care .

  52. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I want to win pick my Name pch I love to be a winner Open you heard pch my and my family need the full help for God I been here for many Years I can’t wait to meet the prize patrol welcome knock my Door we here waiting very positive

  53. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I want to win to 1 million Dallor to be able to help my family buy a house pay off my bills buy a new car to pay the loan and more make my dream please let me be a winner

  54. JoEllen Peterson says:

    Please I pray to God and the Goddess and Brother Jesus for luck with PCH. I would make my life and my families lives so much easier not to have to worry about where is the money going to come from every month to take care of the expenses of living. )O(

  55. Abraham Krizin says:

    My Dad and Mom deserve this Blessing! That’s why I’m wishing to win! I also can’t wait to help so many other people with this Honor. I can only say thanks for your Help to make life easier for all the people that I will get to help! All I say if the truth! Honest Abe haha

    Abraham Krizin

  56. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane Senior Vice President Publishers Clearing House I Just Told All I Take Break From All Let Me Down Had Me Feel Sad And Bad Was Happy Did Come To Virginia On Feb 28th With Pch Search And Win $10Million Dollar Super Prize Plus Bonus Cash $50,000.00 I Will Be Back Soon All Broken My Heart Saw Your Pch On My Email

  57. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hello Pch Publishers Clearing House When I Look For All Did Come All When Give Mr. Walker His Pch $1Million On Feb 28th I Saw IT On Facebook Want That BIG Check With $10Million Dollar Super prize If I Do Come Back Put In for $10Million If i Put IT twice want Pch $20Million Saw All Thing On My Email Today I Did Not Sign IT Take Break From Getting Read For Go Back to work Make Money Save Buy Me Car If All Make Me Happy Be Back Very Soon

  58. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr.Todd Sloane And Publishers Clearing House Want Tell You That I Take Break From All Let Me Down And Feel Sad That You Did Come To Virginia On Feb 28th And Win $10Million Super Prize Plus Cash Bonus $50,000.00 That I Put In Jan Sold I Tell You Take Break Be Back Soon All Broken My Heart Feel Bad Let Me Down 13 Time Not Happy

  59. Francisco says:

    Francisco. what happened i can do that to make it is buy a house and using for spending the time to my Formy wife’s

  60. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I love pch for many years I would love to be a winner pch come visit me I have many dream to Do

  61. Debra says:

    my husband and I have had so much illness. he works 2 jobs even though he struggles. now my 28 year old daughter has to have a mascectomy and I would love to be able tohelp her. shes in college and doesnt have much money. we have had so much hardship but I know if its Gods will he will provide this money. and if not He still will provide somehow.

  62. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I want to be blessing to help my family and pay all

  63. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes yes yes Bless me win this $1,000,000.00 A Week For A Year & $1 Million For Life…

  64. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Pch Be Looking On FaceBook

  65. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane And Mr. Dave And Mrs. Danielle When I Put Pch Search And Win $10Million Dollar Super Prize And Plus Bonus $50,000.00 Put That In Start Jan I Look For All Come To Virginia Today On Feb 28th Go To Bank Help My Stepmom PayOff House And Buy Her New Car And Me New Car And New House All Did Come To Virginia All Let Me Down 12 Times Feel Sad Sold Tell Me All Send Big Check Mail Box With My Address Or All Come To Virginia What Time On Monday I Just Wanna IT Wanna IT Win IT Want Be Happy Send Me Email Please Want PayOff Bills Ok Sold Please Make Me Happy Happy

  66. Robert Tustian says:

    Hi Folks
    I am looking forward to receiving a large check so I can help the very poor through my Humanitarian Foundation. I hope we can all help in some way.

  67. William Mills says:

    I’m praying to God that the ”Prize Patrol” will into my driveway, that much money would do sooo many good things for sooo many people, and God would get his share ”FIRST,” until then, I’m staying positive!!!

  68. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    You bet I wanna wanna win $1Million A Year For Life Superprize!!!! Yes yes, yes,….. and $1Million A Week For A Year ALSO….

  69. Jessica Roderick says:

    Fingers are crossed!!

  70. sharon white says:

    yes i want to win i’m in to win it

  71. Mr.Radford Barnes says:

    Hi Mr. Todd Sloane Senior Vice Presient Publishers Clearing House How Are All Day I Want Know What Tme Come To Virginia On Feb 28th With My Big Check For Pch $10 MILLIONAIRE Dollar Super Prize Plus Bonus $50,000.00 I Want Know Please And Please If That Ok Be Looking For The Van From Pch And TV Act I Lost My Father On March 2011 Want This Be Great This march That My Dad Be With Me IT Had Be Hard For Me And My Stepmom And Family That Why Want Be Rich Man Send Me Email When All Come To Virginia On Feb 28th Last Day Have Great Day From Mr. Radford Barnes

  72. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    Come visit me we waiting very positive

  73. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I hope in God meet you on Friday 28th

  74. Denisha Davis says:

    PCH i will say thank you, thank you, thank you, because i known i am your next winner and i am so excited to received a well diserving prize Gift For it is so deserving to our family! Love you Guys!

  75. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    Check please I still waiting I want to win one million Dollar pch I’m super ready

  76. ossie Howard says:

    i’ve played pch for years keep the faith dont give up it could happen dreams really do come true.

  77. Rod says:

    Ty LORD. In the name of JESUS!!!

  78. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Lord please BLESS me with this Blessing, Win $1,000,000.00 For a Life Super prize!!!!

  79. Tina Thomas says:

    Juliette if i was to ever win the Big One it would surely have to be put in Ira’s and every thing else it would be pretty cool to win and throw all the crap bill’s off of my back and when you need to go to Specialists just go that right there my health i would love to stick around long enough to see my Grand Children Graduate you have a Great Day and God Bless You Juliette .

  80. Rhoda Foster says:

    If i won this money i would help our local food bank if it werent for them we wouldnt have had food for the past few weeks.i have been doing pch for about 27years dont know why you all keep saying its only been for a year but thats ok.My family my son and my husband and i are all disabled we live on what the state gives us and here in MO it isnt much.I would be able to help my community and my family and my friends,it would be such a blessing.I enter every day and pray because dreams do come true with gods help and i do beleave that so i dream away and wait to see you knock at my door. thank you Rhoda Foster

  81. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    I wanna, wanna win!!!!? $1,000,000.00 AYear Life Superprise, I can’t wait until Feb. 28th gets here, I pray I’m the Winner.

  82. Debra Mohler says:

    We pray so bad to win but Gods will be done. All people right now are in pretty bad shape. We have lots of illnesses. It would be so nice to help other people and our children.

  83. Stan Antlocer says:

    This would pull myself and my family out of a hole that keeps getting worse.

  84. Tonette hickman says:

    Just notice someone else has the same number as me ****……what does that mean

  85. Nancy Mangiantini says:

    I love being with PCH.Iwould love to win one million dollars from PCH on february 28 I pray to God every night that He would help me to win.I would like to help the children who has cancer at Saint Jude,and i would like to get out of debt.

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