PCH.com – $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize


PCH.com – $1 Million-A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 3080) You could win a million every year – “The PCH $1 Million Every-Year-For-Life SuperPrize”. Win and you’d get recurring payments of $1,000,000.00 A Year for your life, then after that, someone you choose gets $1,000,000.00 A Year for their life, too. Mega Prize. PCH $7000 a Week for Life Sweepstakes has ended. No purchase necessary, so nothing to buy to enter the sweepstakes. To get more information about this MEGA PRIZE from PCH SWEEPSTAKES  visit their official page at pch.com. The drawing will be held on February 28th 2014 – Everyone dreams about winning lottery. PCH $1 Million SuperPrize is one where the lucky winner will leave with an exorbitant price of one million a year for life every year. Imagine how your life would be changed forever. You would live overnight the life of the rich and famous. — $1 Million-A-Year-For-LifeOne of the most luxurious lifestyle you never even dream about. Think of something and this will show up on a silver platter. Yes everyone wants to win the million, but not necessarily living thid kind of luxurious lifestyle, I think we can be rich without living a life of lust.

Million A Year For Life PCH.com   $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize

PCH 1 Million a Year for Life

Many winners of the jackpot lottery take the opportunity that is offered to them to finally realize their dream. Some leave their job, other undertake the project of their dreams, for example returning to school for online business degree or something else, starting their own business, or travelling around the world for a year, maybe on a majestic sailboat.

For my part I think I’ll try not to change too much. But definitely first, I would say bye bye boss and then enjoy the thinking that i would have no financial worries for the rest of my life. I would of course please all my family and all my friends. And do a lot of travel, because travel is my biggest dream! Enough of that! and lets talk about this new SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House. This pch million for life superprize sweepstakes ends on April 30, 2013. See official sweepstakes rules. Now enter pch.com Publishers Clearing House’s $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize Giveaway No. 3080 for your chance to win a million dollars every year. Amazing! Win $1 Million Lump-Sum every year for life Mega Prize

NEW PCH SWEEPSTAKES: PCH 10000 a week For Life Sweepstakes

Current PCH Sweepstakes: “$1,000,000.00 A-Year-”Forever” Prize (Giveaway No. 3080), $100,000.00 from Giveaway No. 3577, and $15,000.00 from Giveaway No. 3727. . To enter these Sweepstakes, complete the entry process. Upon receipt of your timely entry, a SuperPrize Number will be assigned to you at Publishers Clearing House headquarters”

More info here:

PCH 1Million Dollar a Year for Life Sweepstakes has ended

Actual Sweepstakes: PCH 10000 a week For Life Sweepstakes

PCH Games Sweepstakes Prizes: (Current Sweepstakes) – April 30, 2013
$1 Million-A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 1830)
$100,000.00 from Giveaway No. 2764
$15,000.00 from Giveaway No. 2765.

Sweepstakes entry: http://prism.pch.com/

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641 Responses to “PCH.com – $1 Million A-Year-For-Life SuperPrize”

  1. Brenda Wellmaker says:

    1 million a year for life. You can never put a price on a life. All we are asking is to put our entry in so we or I could be a winner.

  2. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH im Claiming my Entries to Win $1 Million A Year Sweepstakes, Win $7,000.00 A Week for Life, gwy no. 3080, & today’s $10,000.00 Cash Prize gwy no. 3727, PCH pls Activate my Entries to Win win win win, thnx Pauline….

  3. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH im Claiming my Entry to Win $1Million A Year “Forever” gwy no.3080,$7,000.00 A Week for Life, Plus Win a $5,000.00 Shopping Spree from gwy no. 3727, im ready to shop until i drop… Pls Activate my Entries so i can win win win win!!!! PCH pls assign me my Superprize No.to Winnnnnnnnnnnn…….

  4. myrticedensonmg says:

    I wanna win $ 1 million a year “forever” and $7,000.00 a week for life , gwy no 3080 p/s make my dream come true for my family and church and me we hope win with help of the Lord thanks.

  5. Elena tedtaotao says:

    yes,i want to win the PCH GWY #3727 plus the GWY #3080. yes, im ready to win for my kids. just want to cliam my ten entries for $15,000.00 cash prize. thank you PCH for this big opportunity to win prizes. ready to win on august 28th.

  6. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i wanna Win $1 Million A Year “Forever” and $7,000.00 A Week For Life, gwy no. 3080…. Pls make my Dreams Come True!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lonneice Badley says:

    I was not able to enter my ACTIVATION CODE: PC*** There was no place to add it, please submit it for me…Thanks….

  8. Lonneice Badley says:

    Yes indeed I would love to win PCH TAKE ALL for it would NOT be for me I would pass it forward and Open up a Christian Safe House for Battered Woman and Children for I too was a victim and my Heart cries out to help put a smile on their faces… I would use portions of the winnings will be to help my daughter who has Lupus and NOT able to pay for my granddaughters college tuitions which will start next year. I’m Blessed to be Alive, from orvarian cancer, diabeties and liver disease…

    I volunteer my time by praying for the sick in the hospital in my area. I love being a volunteer chaplain praying and encouraging as I help put a smile of hope on others faces…

    I’m keeping this in my prayers and it will be a Blessing for someone else… Thank you so very much PCH for passing this gift forward if it’s not me that receive it may God Bless the winner also to pass forward and put a smile on others faces…

  9. Yoland Hambrick says:

    I’m entering 15,000.00cah prize entries why 3727

  10. Ms. GG says:

    Pch please secure my entry to win $ 1,000.000 local winner search In Miami Florida. . Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Pch that’s me.. i want to win big on Aug 28th. . I want to leave my legacy behind. . I want to win big. . I want to be your next big WINNER in Miami Florida. . Pch make me a winner

  11. Peggy Wilson says:

    I would love to win $1,000.000.00 I really have been faithful to PCH this year. GWY3080

  12. Robert White says:

    I waiting to win this change of a lifetime!

  13. James D. Miller says:

    Secure pch Gwy No.3080 on the Winner Selection list so I can become the next biggest winner

  14. Yoland Hambrick says:

    I’m entering to win5,000.00a week for ever August 28th active sw-****

  15. Lois H. Smith says:

    I would love to win so I could go to the Philippines to visit my son and his family and I could pay off my daughters house mortgage, have a new roof and siding put on her house and have a new kitchen and bathrooms put in her house. I could buy a condo or small house for my self rather than rent an apartment. I would also pay off my son’s house mortgage in the Philippines. I would bring my son to the USA to have a special operation on his sinsuses so he doesn’t have infection constantly. I would also give money to my church for missions to spread God’s Word to the people that don’t know God. pch.com/actnow-PCH

  16. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Oh yeah i wanna Win $1,000,000.00 A Year Superprize, this would be a Great Blessing for me and my Family…..

  17. myrtice densonmg says:

    A one million a year for life super prize I would love the opportunity for new star over .to move away to some place on with private lake where I can walk in the country side with my pets and go fishing out the city I would love this dream and the 5,000.00 a week forever prize also great to win .I love this prize too 3 million dollar dream home prize this is heavenly to me .the 7,000 a week for life I can see my family and friends happy with it and 2 million plus 10,000 with a brand new car i’m crazy about it .I just hope with the help of Jesus I be blessed with one nice sweepstakes prize .thank .pch

  18. Barbara Thompson says:

    Not able to enter activation code at www,pch.com/actnow.

  19. Brenda liz martinez says:

    We all want to win

  20. carolinejinks says:

    yes pch I want to win the super prize 1,000,000,00 gwy no 3577

  21. David R Akpan says:

    i want to be the Winner of $5,000.0 per week giveaway for life on August 2014 give away.

  22. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    U bet i wanna Win $1,000,000.00 A Year Superprize, this would be sooooo cool!!!!!!!

  23. karl jarrard says:

    I am trying to activate my code for pch which is PC*** which form is itcan you send it to me per e mail.

  24. Shalonda Bowie says:

    Pch, I will like to win $100,000.00 A WEEK FOR A YEAR!

  25. lisa scott says:

    I would love to claim this #3080 I live in colo

  26. Claudia Fiedler says:

    I dream of wining $5000 week forever this will give me opportunity to have a good quity of like- for I no longer can walk I’d get a scooter disable my bathrooms and kitchen. And get a 02 machine that I may go visit by plane my family and friends. Plus go say good bye to my husband that I didn’t get to go to his funeral in kck cause I couldn’t get 02 machine to fly. Plus I can get the help I need around my house. Iv been playing for over 40 years and this PCH sweepstakes contests have brung me much hope to be fully happy and good life FOREVER!!! Thank you!

  27. michael walczak says:

    hello pch and yes i would like to win the 1 million plus the 5,000.00 a week for life

  28. myrtice denson says:

    #3577-One million dollar superprize is very good prize plus 5,000.00a weektor ever a way a person can live nice i iwanna win this prizes to the 3,million dollar dream home is a avtivities suggestion i put high on my list and the 2- million plus 10,000 and a brand new car .oh boy this would help my family and the chruch very much pch i am lovin’s in keep me on the won list please thank

  29. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH I I could never count the ways of how much I want that money and how many ways I could help others. I need that Sweepstakes and I need to win., I want to win and there are a lot of people I can help but I need to first help my husband that has Parkinson Altimeters and he also has a Bernie tumor He needs care now but i have to help him and I am not able to help much no I broke my rotator cuff and need a operation So we both will need help . I want to win and bad. Thank you for allowing me to participate .Brenda Carlton

  30. carolinejinks says:

    yes I want to win the 1,000,000.00 from PCH GWY NO 3577 MY FAMILY AND I REALLY DO NEED THE MONEY

  31. medardo florez says:

    claim your entry to win $25,000.00 Cash from PCH Gwy. No. 3816. and I accept and secure full eligibility super prize no for the 1 million prize on to he winners selection list pch gwy 3080

  32. katrina mitchell says:


  33. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i wanna Win $1 Million A Year “Forever” gwy no. 3080…. This would be Super Winning….

  34. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i really would luv to Win this Sweepstakes Winniing $1,000,000.00 A Year For Life Superprize,($1 Million A Year Forever)Superprize, plus winning $7,000.00 A Week for Life,gwy no. 3080 and Winning a $15,000.00 vacation of your dreams from gwy no. 3727.. Yes yes yes i want it all….

  35. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    I wanna wanna Win!!!!!! This would make All my Dreams come True…..

  36. Michael says:

    I would take my family and spend a two week time to just have family together

  37. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH I truly want to Win!!!!! $1 Million A Year For Life Superprize….. This would make my Dreams Come True, me and my Family….

  38. Robert Holt says:

    I wood keep it

  39. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes PCH, i wanna Win $1 Million A Year For Life, so pls assign me my Superprize No. Im Claiming my Entry to Winnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

  40. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes u bet i want to Win $1 Million A Year For Life Superprize, i wanna wanna WIN

  41. Dante Wright says:

    See You Soon Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  42. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes i wanna Win It All!!!! Make me ur Winner!!!!!!==

  43. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH u bet I wanna Win $1 Million A Year for Life Superprize….. Make my Dreamsba Reality!!!!!

  44. carol miller says:

    i want to win

  45. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    This would be a Great Blessing, me Paulune Winning this Sweepstakes, wish me luck…

  46. Brenda Carlton says:

    PCH was you hiding the million a year for life from me I just learned about it . WOW WOW WOW I want to win that one and now it might be too late. Is my ship sunk before it ever got moving I hope not, PCH I want to win the million a year for life and leave a legacy for my children. It just goes to show me I know very little about sweepstakes and where to find them. But I would love to have this one . Clamming this one for ME
    One Million a year for life.
    Brenda Carlton

  47. Brenda Carlton says:

    WOW I just red it all and I want that one it has a legacy that I would never in a million years be able to give my children and I want to go for the million a year for life and if I am lucky enough to win that one it will be a real miracle. PCH I want to win the million a years for life . I don’t know how or where to go and try to win that one. BUT I want to try to find out PCH I want to win them million a year for life.
    Brenda Carlton

  48. Leslie Wisher says:

    I would love to win I would help a lot of people with this.

  49. Marge Hull says:


  50. Grace Belcher says:

    I have tried all day to enter my activation code and it will not go thru.Would really love to have a chance to win a million dollars like so many others.What am I doing wrong

  51. Betty Cox says:

    Activation code is SW***

  52. Brenda Carlton says:

    I want to win a million for life how is that done? well I want to win so I will go try to find out how to try to win it PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  53. Brenda Carlton says:

    wow wow wow a million a year for ever did I read that right .WOW I want to win that PCH. Might not get much . My luck in life isn’t doing so good. but I would love to win a million a year for life. Brenda Carlton

  54. carolinejinks says:


  55. carolinejinks says:

    I want to win the 1,000,000.00 gwy no 3577 superprize award by the prize patrol so please come and knock on my door my family and I will be waiting for that knock please make this dream come true


    how much can be put in named account directly for that person or that fund

  57. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i truly want to Win $1 Million A Year Superprize, and $7,000.00 A Week For Life, gwy no. 3080…. Lord pls Bless me with this Blessing….

  58. nicholas lamitola says:


  59. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes yes yes Lord yes!!!!! I want to be the Winner of PCH $1,000,000.00 A Year for Life Superprize.. Winning $7,000.00 A Week For Life, gwy no. 3080….

  60. myrtice denson says:

    Great prizes are here like the 7,000.00 a week for life & 1 million a year for life or 100,000.00 a week for life.oh what about the 50,000.00 cash prize .and my. 3 dream home .i very much l-o-v-e .and dream about i want to hook a big sweepstake like cast for a fish .well which me luck everybody .

  61. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes i would luv being PCH, $1,000,000.00 A Year Superprize……..

  62. Joy Igiewe says:


  63. carolinejinks says:


  64. Terrence Lewis says:

    I pray for a blessing if I were to win this prize.
    The blessing would allow me to help my family as I am retired on medical needs. Have 4 Grandchildren, and 10 grand nephews and nieces. I would like to make it easier on the family. My wish is to help people in need.
    With the Blessing from the Savior.

  65. Fern Graves says:

    WHOSE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR COULD BE THE PRIZE PORTAL IS AT MY DOOR My I WON THE THE $2 Million and $10,000 plus more. My numbers are 3080,3600. I hope to see on June 30th if I’VE WON

  66. Joy Igiewe says:


  67. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH u betcha i wanna wanna Win $1,000,000.00 A Year ‘Forever” Superprize… Yes y
    es yes i do!!!!!

  68. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH u betcha i wanna wanna Win $1,000,000.00 A Year ‘Forever” Superprize… Yes yes yes i do!!!!!

  69. Mary Mendonca says:

    Hoping this time I am lucky, been waiting for a long time. That will be the day.

  70. Lupe Garza says:

    we all want to win

  71. Lupe Garza says:

    we all want to win but its hard to many people
    not to much chance to win.

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