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What is PCHmobile ? – Get the answers here!

Ads – What is PCHmobile ? Finally, there’s an application that rocks the world of iPhone entertainment seekers! Folks… it’s PCHmobile that brings a whole world of luck gaming to iPod and iPhone users. But what is PCHmobile? It lets you touch the fun, FREE and exciting heat of lotto, slots and mobile gambling, right on your iPod or mobile.

Gamers get to play a special slots game absolutely free. And they can also match three of the Free Spins for their chance to zealously spin the legendary PCHWinningWheel. For those who are more into casino-type gameplay, there are lots of reasons to love PCHslots.

And adults can download and register whenever they wish. Downloading PCHslots is awfully simple. The gamer can then get registered to get the eligibility for spinning the PCHWinningWheel. This is, however, the gateway for earning lots of PCH Slots credits. And getting registered doesn’t involve any tough processes as you’ll just need to put in your email ID and a unique password.

Though things sounds shaky at the beginning, it isn’t hard at all to download PCHslots. Every single day, lots of iPhone users are getting registered for their iPhone® and iPod® Touch. And of course, what is PCHmobile without a proper customer support? Anyone can contact their customer service through a dedicated email response-support system.

In fact, PCHmobile is just what most online gambling fans have been waiting for. So the masterminds behind PCHmobile has designed high voltage entertaining application for iPhone® and iPod® Touch users. Every single day at PCHmobile, people are putting their knowledge to the ultimate test! Online gamblers get to choose from as much as 14 categories of trivia! By answering questions in the right way, you will qualify for spinning the PCHWinningWheel!

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11 Responses to “What is PCHmobile ? – Get the answers here!”

  1. rita sue "williams" fuqua says:


  2. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Iv been entry ing PCH for over 40 yrs and have not won any of the sweepstakes. It would be a great joy to win, really unbelievable.

  3. Barbara. Brown says:

    Deer. Publishing Clearing House My name is Barbara brown I would like to be one of your women I have been entering in your sleep stateI wasn’t I was 22 years old Now I am 53Years old I will be 54 this year I believe in youAll the good things you have done it for 20 years You changed a lot of people And that is wonderful I know you are number one in my book You have put a lot of smiles on peoples faces Keep up the good work I give you Thumbs up God bless all of you Thank you PCH. Forgiving All of This opportunity To become winners. Thank You PCH Good luck to all of us. Your friend Barbara. Number 3080

  4. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 feb 28

  5. Mary Phillips says:

    Yes, I have been playing PCH on my phone, yes I`m praying, that these sweepstakes pay off, when I get a chance I will find me a computer to use. Still here, NEVER GIVE UP,,,

  6. jltalbert says:

    Just need to know who won!

  7. Clara Heckstall says:

    If I win Mega Prize I will give 10% to my church, take a trip to South Africa, and make sure my mother is well taken care of.

  8. Pamela Reyna says:

    I have this feeling in my chemo bones,that this is gouing to be the year that I will win & give back to my Poor Family &Friends & Wonderful Community of Katy,whom has been Truly Supportive threw my Toughest years,without them,i would not be hear tiday;-) – PchClearinghouseSweepstakes

  9. Eddie Greeson says:

    If I win the Mega Prize I will continue to purchase from PCH. On November 30, 2012.

  10. Eddie Greeson says:

    If I win the Mega Prize I will continue to purchase from PCH.

  11. Donyea N.Wilson says:

    I have been entering for years. so when will I win??? pchonlinesurveys

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