www.oldnavy.com/RedeemHappy – Old Navy Instant Happy 2017

www.oldnavy.com/RedeemHappy – Old Navy Instant Happy 2017. US and Canada Sweepstakes. Eight $100,000 Grand Prize winners. Plus, a few other surprises in store. Get your Game Piece with your in-store purchase! Two ways to enter The Old Navy Sweepstakes with or without purchase.



How to? Make a Purchase during the Sweepstakes Period, visit an Old Navy store location and make a purchase or request a game piece from the sales associate and scratch the surface to reveal the unique code. Then, visit either www.oldnavy.com/ RedeemHappy (for U.S. entrants) or www.oldnavy.ca/RedeemHappy (for Canadian entrants). Without a Purchase: Alternate Method of Entry: During the Sweepstakes Period, visit www.oldnavy.com/ winhappy (for U.S. entrants) or oldnavy.ca winhappy (for Canadian entrants) and complete and submit the registration form. Once on the official Old Navy promotion website, follow the on-screen instruction to redeem your game piece and enter the Old Navy sweepstakes. This year Old Navy has modified their $1Million Dollar Black Friday Week Popular Sweepstakes. Read More…



www.Oprah.com/12Days – Oprah 12 Day Give-O-Way 2018

www.Oprah.com/12Days – Oprah 12 Day Give-O-Way 2018. This Sweepstakes Giveaway features Oprah’s 2018 favorite things list – Oprah.com/instantwin17 or Oprah.com/instantwin18 – 12 Lucky Readers will win all 102 Favorite Things Chosen by Oprah! Oprah’s Amazing and Fabulous Giveaway! November 28, 2018 12:01 AM (ET) through December 9, 2018 at 11:59 PM (ET) (the “Entry Period”), go to oprah.com/12days Go to oprah.com 12 days on a computer or wireless device and complete and submit the entry form. But first Now this year enter the Instant Win giveaway by Visiting Oprah.com/InstantWin17 between November 14 and November 21 and enter the code InstantWin17Oprah’s Favorite Things list has become a must on Holiday Shopping Season! The Entire 2018 List of Oprah’s Favorite Things

The American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and considered as one of the most rich and influential American women has just unveiled its “favorite things list” for 2017. (www.usmagazine.com) US Weekly Stated That “And this year the O magazine publisher went above and beyond — with the most random items ever, that is.” Oprah Winfrey offers this year again is amazing.



From all sorts of valuable high-tech products, through kitchenware to winter clothes and jewelry, you will certainly suit your needs with this year Oprah Winfrey list. You will be fill with Coupons, great deals, tips and advice for this year Christmas shopping. Oprah’s List has become a must at this time of year. Here’s the list of the one and only personality that has its own shopping list on Amazon. Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2017: The 12-Day Give-O-Way.

Oprah.com 12 Day Giveaway
Read More…

ellentube.com/12days – Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways

ellentube.com/12days – Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways – Holiday Shopping Season has started. Are you already seeking for the best deals on your Christmas Buying and Decorations? Less than 30 days until Christmas. Are you ready for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways 2018? Ellen Contest 2018. This year, the Ellen DeGeneres Show is offering you 14 ways to win at home if you don’t have tickets to the show. All you have to do is register online at Ellentube.com/12Days.. Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways! As usual Ellen will be generous this year! Ellen wrote on her latest blog post this week that she is kicking off her Holidays, 12 Days of Giveaways for Christmas and she stated also that it would be one of kind this year! The biggest one yet, with fantastic gifts. I’m eager to watch EllenTv Show this December, 12 days of giveaways, just love seeing it every year.. The Ellen 12 Days of Christmas will be amazing! If you would like to be apart of this Christmas television moment on Ellen’s Show, well you will be happy to hear that she’s giving away this month a pair of tickets to assist Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways – Ellen Tube.com 12 Days.

Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways


Can’t wait for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways? Neither can we, so we’re starting to take a look a little early! But nothing yet! But you should enter for a chance to win, and stay tune t find out more about all of these awesome prizes. Enter here to win a pair of tickets to one of Ellen’s 12 Days shows! Hurry up! Giveaway ends on December 10. Go ahead, If you want to be in Ellen’s TV Show audience for one of her 12 Days of Giveaways, there’s still time to win tickets! Good Luck and Happy Holidays! Oh! Don’t forget to watch Ellen’s 12-Day Giveaway shows. Stay tune to www.ellentv.com/12Days

Read More…

culversholidaysweeps.com Culver’s Holiday Sweepstakes

culversholidaysweeps.com – Culver’s Holiday Sweepstakes Culver Franchising System, Inc. a Fast food restaurant company is sponsoring this amazing Sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000.00 Cash with Culvers Holiday Sweeps. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Internet access required if entering online. Once and while the Internet comes out with great cash sweepstakes to enter. Our goal is to inform you about these great opportunities.

Win $25,000 with Culver's


Holiday Season is a particular period where one could find some of those “gem” of cash sweepstakes and giveaways to enter and each year Culver’s is one of them. So take your chance and visit the sweepstakes entry at www.culversholidaysweeps.com for a $25,000.00 Dollar Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize will be awarded consisting of $25,000 in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner. Fast food restaurant company Read More…

www.tellculvers.com – Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

www.tellculvers.com or www.culverssurvey.com for the Culver’s Survey. What I Would Mention If I Took the Culver’s Satisfaction Survey? I have only gone to Culver’s three time in my life, when I was on vacation or holiday in another city. The town I live in in, sadly doesn’t have a Culver’s Restaurant Franchise but mu experience, I believe gives me more than enough insight to share my opinions about the restaurant. If I had the opportunity to take a Culver’s survey, here are all the things I would mention. www culverssurvey survey com for more information.

Culver's Survey Sweepstakes

www.tellculvers.com or www.culverssurvey.com


One thing I can say about both Culver’s I went to is the fact that the locations were very clean. In some other restaurant, you will see things all over the floor and uncleaned tables, but not there. In fact, I can safely say that this is one of the cleanest fast food restaurant I have ever visited in my life. Read More…

The First 5 Things You Should Do If You Win The PCH Sweepstakes

A lot of people enter the PCH sweepstakes. If you do you have a chance to win. It is best to have a plan ahead of time. Then you will know what you should do and won’t be as overwhelmed especially if you have a lot of people asking for your money.

1. Figure out taxes. When you win a cash price you need to be aware of taxes and where your money is going to go. You won’t be able to take home everything that you won. Knowing this ahead of time will help.

2. Decide where your money is going to go after you win. Figure out what you want to buy and who you want to give money to. Don’t respond to people who come to see you that you have not heard from for a while. They probably just want money.

PCH Sweepstakes Winners

What Would You Pay First?

3. Invest. Make sure you are investing some of your money. You don’t want to win this price only to become broke down the road. You need a backup plan and you want to invest in your future. This is the best time to work on building up your wealth.

4. Buy something nice. Make sure to buy something nice for yourself that you couldn’t otherwise afford. You don’t want to spend all of your money on it but it would be nice to reward yourself. Enjoy your new toy and have fun with it.

5. Remember to stay humble. You don’t want to change who you are just because you won some money. Try to remember what it was like before you won and let your family know you want to stay who you are. If you find yourself feeling selfish, try to take a step back so you can get back to being the person you once were.

pch $10,000,000.00 sweepstakes

PCH $10,000,000.00

It can be difficult to know how to act when your financial situation changes. A lot of people have trouble with it. Having a plan ahead of time will help you know how to act if you do win the prize. You will have an idea of what you want to do with your money and what you can expect after that happens. It is always good to be prepared for any situation that might come your way.

New Car, New House, a Vacation

What Would You Buy?

Publishers Clearing House – But one thing I think We all want to get done right away are those build up Bills! Those that we have to pay every month, those with high rate interest like rent bills, mortgage bills, loan payment bills, student loan bills, credit cards with high interest and the list goes on and on! STOP! Working to pay to pay to pay are bills…

When it comes to make the right decisions or choices on financial situation, we’re sometime lost in what we should do or pay first. Is it the right thing to do? What should I do with my money? This is the time when you need the advice of a professional. Despite what you might read elsewhere about managing your own finances, it is often a good idea to get some help. While some may call themselves a “financial advisor”, others may be a “financial planner”, “investment advisor” or “financial consultant”, to name just a few. The Financial Planner will help you understand your financial goals and needs, so you can take the right decisions. Good Luck!

Related Post: PCH WIN $2,500 a Week for Life  –  www.pch.com/actnow

Answers on How can avoid spywares while entering sweepstakes online?

Again how can avoid spywares and all those malicious programs while entering sweepstakes online? It is quite simple. Do not enter into sites that are not recommended are authorized to do so. Read the rules carefully and do not pay any advance money for sweepstakes at any cost.

Be vigilant with online sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Scam Warning

How can avoid spywares while entering sweepstakes online? Illustrative answer is discussed down under right from the fundamentals for better understanding. Spyware and malware are malicious material or content that can potentially cause havoc to the whole of the computer machine. These are also called as Trojans or viruses. Malicious people spread this kind of spyware into the internet in order to hack computers and gather information from variety of internet users across the globe. These information and data such as the credit card or the bank details are used by these malicious individuals that hack the systems through remote access. Read More…

Winning From PCH Sweepstakes Could Pay Your Bills And Even More!

(PCH Sweepstakes – Gwy #19500 FOREVER PRIZE or the PCH Lotto Superprize $1Million Dollars Cash Lump Sum Payout –  or PCH Token Redeem Sweepstakes Brand New Ford PickUp – Lightning! Electric Vehicle 2023), Actual PCH Sweepstakes: PCH WIN $5000.00 a WEEK FOREVER Have you ever thought about what Publisher’s Clearing House could do for you if you won their sweepstakes? Here you can get a good idea of what a lot of money could do for you in life. Once you know more it will be clear why working with PCH is such a great idea. You could pay off your home or just save money back that you won that can pay your rent the rest of your life. Could you imagine never having to hustle to get money near the end of the money for rent ever again? The anxiety surrounding your bills can be lessened or vanquished if you with the sweepstakes that pay out a lot of money. It’s something that anyone in the current economy would be very lucky to have since it’s hard to get by even if you work hard these days. Depending on your age, even though you’re never to young to start saving for your old days, have you thought of retirement savings and what are the best retirement savings strategy? Winning could help you boosting those savings! What Would You Do If You Won? By the way, here’s PCH new sweepstakes: $10,000.00 for Retirement Sweepstakes! You have one more week in fact to enter Giveaway 19000 …. So get in as many entries as you can!

PCH Sweepstakes Winners

What Would You Pay First? If You Become a Winner…

Invest into things with a financial advisor like stocks or startup companies and you could end up making that investment worth far more. When you learn how to do this right with your winnings, you could potentially live off of them alone for the rest of your life. Not to mention, if you get a large cash prize, you can put that into a retirement fund so that when you get older you never have to worry about working again. You could just spend your days working on what you enjoy instead of for someone that is rich and treats you poorly.

Pay Debts

Winning PCH Sweepstakes – Pay Debts

How nice would it be to be able to shop anytime you needed something without worrying about going broke? If you need clothing, for instance, if you have a lot of cash that you don’t have allocated to bills or investments you can take yourself out to get what you need on a regular basis. As long as you make sure that some of your winnings are invested into things that are making you money, you can pretty much buy anything you need or want on a regular basis.

PCH Sweepstakes

Winning Could Pay Your Bills

When you work with PCH Sweepstakes you are going to find that there are many prize opportunities that could change your life forever. Don’t let this chance go to waste. Give it a shot whenever you can and you’ll be far more likely to become very wealthy than if you were to ignore it. What Would You Do If You Won?

Winning PCH

Winning PCH Sweepstakes Would Change my Life Because _________

Publishers Clearing House is involved in many online developments. Since 2013, the internet has become the primary method of communication the company has with its consumers. The company plans to continue to use social media platforms and mobile apps to attract a younger audience. Indeed, they often run contests on Facebook and Twitter, and many iPhone apps for trivia games and slots have been developed. The company also manage lots of play-and-win websites including PCHQuiz4Cash and PCH Games.

Get your chance at: pch.com

Sweepstakes and Contests Attitude of a Winner

Would you believe that winning in Sweepstakes and Contests depends on you and not on luck? People participate everyday in sweepstakes and contests without a resounding conviction that they will win. Others totally avoid even the mention of the word sweepstakes, since they believe the odds of ever winning are far too low. In most times, even those who try their hand in them still believe that luck will always be pitted against them. That is not necessarily true however. Winning sweepers has nothing to with chance. One important rule is that there is nothing as predestined wins in Sweepstakes and Contests. Two ingredients will help you home in on the winning chances every time you play. You determine whether you win or don’t, based on these two ingredients.

Sweepstakes and Contests

Sweepstakes and Contests

The first ingredient is your attitude. Unless you attain that attitude of a winner, then a winner you will never be. All those who win in the sweepstakes have a distinct attitude, which propels them to the huge win. This attitude is based on patience and consistency. Sweeping stakes will always be a waiting game. You have to learn how to wait for the big day.

Even if you win, you will have to wait some more before the prizes are processed and awarded. After that, you will go through a period of waiting until you score again. Once you accept that patience is required, and you consist in the pursuit of success, you have attained the winner’s attitude. Remember the more you try, the more your chances of winning. That is the governing rule of sweepstakes and contests. The second vital ingredient is strategy. You must strategize your wins carefully and resolutely in such a way that you amplify your chances of getting out the winner. Regular winners usually adopt a strategy and they do not do it haphazardly. The strategy involves identifying the prizes you want from the listings. Next, you identify the sweepstakes with a certain duration before lapsing such that you enter in as many as possible before their offer period lapses. Avoid the chances of disqualification by proper entries and commitment to the rules. Exceeding the required entries do not amplify your chances of winning, they just get you disqualified.

Remember, you cannot tap into all sweepstakes and contests out there. Cash Sweepstakes, PCH Sweepstakes or Car Sweepstakes, you need to identify several and then prepare yourself in an organized manner such that you amplify your chances of winning Sweepstakes and Contests.

www.powerball.com – Interesting Facts About The Powerball Jackpot

www.powerball.com – The Powerball jackpot was up to 750 Million dollars not too long ago, remember? It’s not the first time the Powerball has hit an amount that had everyone making an extra trip to their corner store gas station. However, it was the first time that the jackpot had been over a billion dollars, and it kept going for awhile. That was the most recent big jackpot, and I’m here to tell you a few things to know about the Powerball jackpot. That was just an interesting piece of history, but I’m going to give you a pointer on playing the Powerball now. Have you ever looked up lottery statistics before? You can get it at www.powerball.com. The following information I’m going to give you isn’t an exact quoted statistic, and it’s indicative of all lottery drawings in general, including Powerball. Can you guess what I’m about to tell you?

www.powerball.com Jackpot


It would be hard to guess, but this is serious news. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t win by letting the computer pick your numbers. Let’s start right there. The best way to pick your numbers is to have set numbers that you play every time. No one usually picks their numbers and plays random numbers. There might be a few out there, but most people fall into two groups when playing thetax lottery. They either let the computer pick random numbers and provide ‘quick picks,’ or they have those set numbers they play every time.

So why would I tell you that playing the same set of numbers every time that you’ve selected yourself is better than getting quick picks? It’s the lottery, so everything is random. There should be no favoritism or trickery by way of quick picks. So what’s the big deal? It’s the human element when it comes to playing the lottery. Somehow, some way, on average, the people picking their own numbers make up approximately 60 percent of all jackpot winners.

If you are going to let the computer pick your numbers, winning the jackpot would put you in the 40 percent of winners who get their numbers that way. It may sound strange, but that’s a good reason to start picking your own numbers. Next time you get a quick pick, you’ll likely think about it and instead play numbers. Now, the only warning I give you is that once you pick numbers, you’ll want to keep playing them. It will be harder to stop because you know the numbers and would recognize them if they were winners when you weren’t playing. Interesting Facts About The Powerball Jackpot.

Visit www.powerball.com winning numbers and more… Good Luck!

What do You search for at PCHSearch&Win?

PCHSearch&Win from Publishers Clearing House as your favorite Search Engine? I’m kind of curious about this! This Week, You Can Get in to Win PCHSearch&Win’s Mystery Prize Mania Event! In fact, I’m a huge fan myself of PCH Search and Win at search.pch.com pchfrontpage.com. I use both of them on a daily basis. Over the time, I found that these two websites offer me better Internet search results than any other Search engine. (New Sweepstakes: PCH Win $5,000 a Week for Life) So, to all Blog readers and Followers, I would like to know what do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win? Do you simply perform a simple search the same way you would using any online search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing? We all know that Searching the Internet using Google and Yahoo is a common procedure. However, performing the action at PCH website will give you a chance to win various prizes. Apart from this, a person might also be eligible to the Big SuperPrize of publishers clearing house. Indeed, using PCHSearch&Win gives more chances to win daily prizes instantly and get you a daily entry for the big SuperPrize! – Mystery Prize Mania Event!

PCH Search and Win


Here’s my daily routine, It starts in the morning by checking the weather for the day and reading the news at pchfrontpage.com. After reading the news, I will often perform a complementary search at PCHSearch&Win website about something that captivated me on the News and this by getting more information on a specific subject.

PCH Mystery Prize Mania

PCH Mystery Prize Mania

When I’m back from work, I will use it for anything that comes to mind. Online Shopping? Well, if I want to buy something Online on website like Amazon.com or BestBuy.com, I will use search.pch.com to find the best deal. I often look for Information about my next travel vacation, my husband and I, love to travel. Moreover I’m a huge fan of Netflix TV Series, so it’s kind of natural for me to get more details about my favorite episodes with PCHSearch&Win. I can all find with a simple search on PCHSearch&Win! I’m so fan of these websites that I made PCHSearch&Win my starting home page on my Laptop and pchfrontpage.com as my desktop starting home page.


PCH Search And Win

Please let me know in the comments section below … What do YOU search for at PCHSearch&Win? search.pch.com pch search and win.

Website: http://search.pch.com/

Live with Kelly at livekelly.com

Live with Kelly  Contests livekelly.com. Live Kelly Contests Anyone Can Take Part In. Related Post: PCH Cash Sweepstakes. Do you watch the Kelly Ripa show? If you haven’t watched it in a while, you might not know about the contests this show organizes. Besides being a lot of fun to watch, the show gives you the opportunity to win stuff by taking part in some fun and easy contests! You can for instance win an amazing trip to the Virgin Islands by simply answering a question. You have to watch the show since the question is based on something that was said during the show and the question you have to answer will be announced during the show. Trivia or Web Trivia – Enter LIVE’s Travel Trivia. Do you enjoy grilling? Kelly is offering a fun contest in association with Bush’s Beans. All you have to do is created a video to show your grilling skills with America’s New Grill Star Contest 2016. You will be featured on the show’s site and social media pages and get a chance to win some prizes.


livekelly.com – Live with Kelly Contests

You can also win prizes by simply sharing a cute photo of your pet. This contest is organized via social media but the best pictures are shown on the Kelly’s website and during the show. All you have to do is upload a cute picture of your pet on social media and share it with the show’s official page.

You can also win stuff by answering trivia questions. This is a great contest if you know a lot of things on a wide range of topics. You can play this game during the show or visit the Kelly’s website to play online with Live with Kelly  – livekelly.com.

These contests are very easy to enter and there are some amazing prizes to win. You should watch the Kelly’s show to learn or simply visit their official website to stay up to date with their latest contests.

Website: http://livekelly.com

wwe.com/universalsweeps – WWE Universal Sweepstakes

wwe.com/universalsweeps the WWE Universal Sweepstakes 2018 – No purchase necessary to Enter the Sweepstakes so you don’t have to buy anything to be eligible for the sweepstakes – Visit official website and enter the WWE “Rev Up Your Vacation” 2018. Fast & Furious Supercharged – Visit WWE.com/UniversalSweepstakes and enter the WWE “Rev Up Your Vacation” Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, theme park tickets with WWE Superstars Naomi and The Usos to Universal Orlando Resort. Plus, experience the new ride “Fast & Furious Superchanged”.Marketing Promotion is Sponsored by World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE Universal Sweepstakes from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc will definitely make a family happy! ( universalsweeps-wwe.com ).

wwe.com Universal Sweepstakes


“Starts: January 15, 2018 @ 12:00am (US/EST) Ends: February 13, 2018 @ 11:59pm (US/EST)  Winners must be age 18 or older.” So much to see and do at Florida’s Universal Studio, they’re always improving their theme parks and building new one. This is the lucky chance for a family to be a part of something new, indeed, some lucky winner and his family will be invited to The Grand Opening of Universal Studio new Theme Park about Volcano and water slides. so much fun ahead this summer. The new Universal theme is called “Volcano Bay Water Theme Park” – WWE Sweepstakes 2018. The Professional Wrestling Association like WWE have always been Popular, in fact they have catapulted in popularity. It is televised in 12 languages in more 132 countries, is viewed by 35 million people in the United States only. Their popularity comes not only from their “Sport”, but also from a great marketing work behind, with films, music, video games, product licensing, and direct marketing product sales. Read More…

Ulta.com – Ulta Sweepstakes 2017

Ulta.com Sweepstakes – Ulta Sweepstakes 2017 and Instant Win Game. The American chain of Beauty Products Stores is offering you the chance to win great prizes during the year. From Ulta Gift Cards to Ulta Coupon Code ( ulta.com/coupons ) Code Giveaway or Ulta Rewards Points you will be amaze by the great prizes that this sponsor offers throughout the year!

ulta.com Sweepstakes

Ulta Sweepstakes 2017

Until the end of this month you have the chance to win 25,000 Ultamate Rewards Points from Ulta Beauty Store by entering the Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. 365 Days of Beauty Sweepstakes at www.ulta.com/365DAYOFPRETTY the official marketing promotion address. You have the chance to win Free Points Every Month for a Year! 15 Lucky Ultamate Rewards Members will win 25,000 Points from Ulta Sweepstakes. The Value of this Ulta Promotion worth $1,500.

What is Ulta? Ulta Beauty company who is listed on NASDAQ (ULTA) website under Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. Read More…

rolluptherimtowin.com – Roll Up The Rim to Win Contest

rolluptherimtowin.com Tim Horton’s RRRoll Up Replay Online Contest and Roll Up The Rim to Win Contest 2017 in-Restaurant. You could win a brand new 2017 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T vehicles (prize – Two doors. One of a kind. The jaw-dropping exterior of the Civic Coupe is incredible.

Tim Horton RRRoll U Roulettep


If you think the Civic Coupe looks like fun, just wait until you get behind the wheel – They have 40 Honda Civic 2017 for drawing), also $5000 Prepaid Cards and Millions of other Prizes available to be WON. Sponsored by The Tim Hortons Advertising and Promotion Fund Inc. You can play the online game or RRRoll Up in Tim Horton’s Restaurant across America. So much prize to win. With the Rockin’ RRRoll Up Replay Online Roulette Contest you can play online at rolluptherimtowin.com or with a mobile phone at m.rolluptherimtowin.com and be the lucky winner of one their Instant Win consisting of great prizes Read More…

www.tylenolsweepstakes.com – Tylenol Instant Win and Sweepstakes

tylenolsweepstakes.com – TYLENOL Rapid Release Gels Instant Win and Sweepstakes. How about a chance to win $10,000.00 sound to your ears! By Watching a short video about the popular analgesic that can can treat minor aches and pains, and reduces fever. Known by the brand name of Tylenol and commercialize by Johnson & Johnson.



Sweepstakes Sponsor: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. (Promotion ends 5/31/17)  Once you’ve watched the short commercial video you will be able to enter the TYLENOL Sweepstakes for your chance to win $10,000. Plus, you will also be able to play their games where you could win 1 of over 1000 instant win prizes! Amazing! One of the most popular sweepstakes on our website are those that offer Cash Instant game.  With this contest you can enter for a chance to win an amount of $10,000 Dollars.

What would you do if you win that amount of money? This is a question that we often ask our readers, what would be their plan if they win a huge sum of cash? And the answers are always similar. Our panelists‘ tendency answers are to pay their mortgage, buy a car, Read More…

www.fordeventsweepstakes.com – The Ford Event Sweepstakes

fordeventsweepstakes.com – Ford SUV Season Sweepstakes. Car Sweepstakes 2016. Enter Fordeventsweepstakes.com – The Ford Event Sweepstakes Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win $30,000 towards a Ford Vehicle! $30,000 voucher good for the purchase of one of the following 2016 Ford vehicles: Fusion, Focus, Escape, Explorer and F-150. In addition, enter for a chance to win $500 Check! Indeed, $500 awarded in the form of a check made payable to the winner. This is your chance to win a brand new car! Ford Motor company offer a wide variety of reliable car that will suit your needs! From cars to SUVs or from their well known Ford’s F-Series truck who has been the best-selling vehicle in America, Ford’s vehicles have always been synonyms to durability and power! Ford is America’s best-selling brand of utility vehicles.**


Ford Event Sweepstakes at www.FordEventSweepstakes.com

And now, through teaming up with Shell and Fuel Rewards®, you can enter for a chance to win a new Ford SUV OR a $500 Check* during the Ford SUV Season Giveaway 2016! www.Fordeventsweepstakes.com. You will be ask to watch a short video first. Note that if you want to increase your chances you may watch additional videos. Indeed, the more you watch the better your chance of winning. (Up to chances per person). www.fordeventsweepstakes.com on your desktop computers or  Mobile devices

You might also be interested by PCH Car Sweepstakes here: Brand New Ford F-150 Platinum (Giveaway No. 6085).

Wondering if you win a car, do I have to pay taxes? Get the answer about taxes here: What If I win a car, do I have to pay the Taxes?


“Simply check out one of their videos and enter for a chance to win. Want to increase your chances? Be unstoppable! Watch additional videos for two extra chances, create a profile for 10 more chances and/or share with your friends for five bonus chances to win. Up to 18 chances in all!”

The Promotion begins September 7, 2016 at 5:00:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (“EDT”) and ends January 3, 2017 at 5:00:00 pm EDT (“Promotion Period”) and is separated into two entry periods (each an “Entry Period”). The first Entry Period runs from September 7, 2016 at 5:00:00 pm EDT until November 1, 2016 at 4:59:59 pm EDT. The second Entry Period runs from on or around November 2, 2016 at 5:00:00 pm EDT until January 3, 2017 at 5:00:00 pm EDT.

Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.

Entry Limit:
Limit ten (10) Personal Page Entries per person/email address.

Sweepstakes Prize(s):

  • One (1) Grand Prize winner will win one (1) $30,000 voucher to be applied towards the purchase of winner’s choice of one of the following vehicles: 2016 Ford Edge, 2016 Explorer or 2015 Edge. Approximate Retail Value of prize (“ARV”): up to $30,000.00.
  • The Bonus Drawing winner will receive $500 awarded in the form of a check made payable to the winner.

To enter, go to www.fordeventgiveaway.com website or m.fordeventgiveaway.com website for Mobile devices during the Promotion Period from your computer or mobile device fordeventsweepstakes 2017.

Additional Notes: Sweepstakes Taxes
Taxes (INCLUDING ANY INCOME TAXES) are the sole responsibility of the winner, regardless of whether prize is used in whole or in part. Sweepstakes Grand Prize and First Prize Winners will be issued an IRS 1099 form for the retail value of the prize. Ford Event Sweepstakes Official Rules and the Promotion are governed by US law and are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Sweepstakes Entry: https://www.fordeventsweepstakes.com/
Sweepstakes Rules: https://www.fordeventsweepstakes.com/rules.aspx

www.abc.com/theview – The View Sweepstakes $5000.00

www.abc.com/theview Sweepstakes. – the view $5000 sweepstakes Enter. for a chance to win.  The View Sweepstakes 2019: Enter The View Holiday Cash Sweepstakes 2019 at abcnews.com/theview or on the View Facebook page for a chance to win $5,000 for a holiday shopping spree. Don’t miss this chance to win a wonderful Holidays Shopping Cash prize. Participate in the ABC The View Holiday Shopping Cash Sweepstakes Contest 2019 at abcnews.com/theview and stand a chance to win $5,000 cash prize in the form of a check. And why not have the chance to win It by entering this amazing sweepstakes online at www.abc.com/theview Sweepstakes. You may think that Disney experience theme parks are squarely aimed at the younger members of the family, think again these parks will also suit the young at heart.

the view $5000 sweepstakes

the view $5000 sweepstakes

Read More…

Helpful Advice When Trying To Catch Those Black Friday Sales

Helpful Advice When Trying To Catch Those Black Friday Sales! First remember that if you don’t know where to go for the best Black Friday deals? You can most certainly use PCHSearch&Win – PCH Search and Win Website. You will find the perfect search tool to find stores near you that have great deals today! Here’s some helpful advice for your BlackFriday Shopping. Every year like clockwork the countdown begins to Black Friday where retailers supposedly offer some of the best sales. For those of you that don’t know Black Friday is what they call the day after Thanksgiving. Nowadays however black Friday should also be called black Thursday because some retailers are actually open on Thanksgiving!

Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2017 Shopping Deals

Black Friday has become so popular that you can in some respects call it a national holiday, since most of us are off anyway, hunting for bargains has now become an American tradition on the day after Thanksgiving. But most people now are starting to get tired of this promotion because we see how it leads to chaos in the stores, with people fighting over television sets and knocking down senior citizens to grab what’s left of any promotional item that is still on the shelves.

For the most part you can avoid all the hassle of going to the store, instead you can do your shopping online where you are probably more likely to find even better sales. The reason being is that there are simply more stores to shop at! Plus you don’t have to stand in line and be herded in like cattle when the stores finally open up and let everyone in. That is dangerous, but for some reason people enjoy the challenge of racing inside stores to grab what can be considered a good deal to some.

Before rushing off to buy the Black Friday sales deals, make sure you are actually getting a good deal. When you look close enough a lot of the items they mark down drastically really aren’t that good and end up being a waste of money. That’s not to say you can’t find a great deal, but in order to do so, you may have to knock someone over to get it.

Do yourself a favor, stay at home and shop online where you don’t have to worry about getting hurt while most likely finding the best deals.

Planning Your Black Friday Best Buy Shopping Trip

Are you looking forward to Black Friday? The key to getting the most out of your shopping trip is to get organized and plan your purchases in advance. Stores are always a hectic on Black Friday and you will not have time to browse for good deals.

Best Buy usually offers deals on electronics, including TVs, laptops, cameras, DVD players and video game systems. This is perfect if you need to buy any of these electronics, for instance for a Christmas gift. You can find out more about the electronics on sale by checking the ad released by Best Buy ahead of Black Friday. Look at the specs of the different products on sale and decide which one would be best for you.

Best Buy also offers great deals on appliances on Black Friday. Purchasing large appliances requires some planning since you will need to either transport the appliance you bought or have it delivered to your home. This could be a great occasion to upgrade your fridge, oven, microwave or dishwasher. You will also find great deals on smaller appliances such as coffee makers, toasters or blenders.

Best Buy is well-known for its doorbuster deals. These deals are usually very interesting because you can get a brand new laptop, TV or another product at an incredible price. These deals are widely advertised, which means a huge number of shoppers will go to Best Buy just for a doorbuster deal. If you are interested in one of these deals, you need to plan your shopping trip to be at Best Buy when Black Friday starts and go straight for this item.

You can save a lot on Black Friday and have a great shopping experience as long as you plan things in advance. Visit your local Best Buy to figure out where everything is located!

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MarthaStewart.com/BlackFridaySweeps – Martha Stewart Black Friday Sweepstakes!

marthastewart.com/ blackfridaysweep – MarthaStewart BlackFriday Sweepstakes! No purchase necessary. Win $10,000 Sweepstakes in the form of a check! The $10,000 Sweepstakes, Pay Off Bills! Take a few minutes to complete the form and enter this Black Friday sweepstakes! “PRIZE (1): A $10,000 check; Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $10,000”. You may be interested in some other: Black Friday Sweepstakes:  Black Friday will occur on Friday November 25, don’t miss it! Great deals just before Christmas 2016. The BlackFriday has become a huge trend for American consumers, this event trend began in 1932, it has been viewed as the starting point of the Christmas Shopping season in the U.S., and in some other places around the world. Most major retailers open very early and even during overnight hours to offer promotional sales that reach incredible prices. So, as a consumer myself, I tend to benefit from those BlackFriday Sales as much as possible to get bang for my bucks, but the problem is, that I’m not the only one and the huge crowd during this day will affect where I’ll be going!

Black Friday Sweepstakes

Martha Stewart $10,000 Black Friday Sweepstakes

Now let’s talk about this new sweepstakes from Martha Stewart website where you could be the winner this Black Friday of a $10,000 cash prize in a form of check to your name. Wouldn’t this be a nice prize to win just before Christmas, imagine all the wonderful gifts you could buy for you in your family. Martha Stewart Black Friday Sweepstakes How to Enter? Many ways to enter, you will see below a list of websites where you could enter the Martha Stewart Black Friday Sweepstakes then once on one of these site, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the sweepstakes.

As stated on Martha Stewart website Official Sweepstakes Rules: “HOW TO ENTER: During the Sweepstakes Period, visit www.bhg.com/blackfridaysweeps, www.parents.com/blackfridaysweeps, www.marthastewart.com/blackfridaysweeps , www.shape.com/blackfridaysweeps, and www.fitnessmagazine.com/blackfridaysweeps (each, a “Website”) and follow the instructions provided to submit a completed online entry form to receive one (1) entry. There is no cost to register or enter. There is no limit to the number of entries each individual can receive throughout the Sweepstakes Period, however you may only use one (1) email address to enter this Sweepstakes each entry form submitted will result in one (1) entry.”

Sweepstakes Entry: www.marthastewart.com/blackfridaysweep

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What Is The PCH SuperFan Program?

pchsuperfan – Publisher’s Clearing House has a program designed to reward people who love entering sweepstakes. PCH Great Rewards Program to Win Big! How Do I Become A PCHSuperFan? If you regularly play PCH games and enter their sweepstakes all the time, you should definitely sign up for the PCH SuperFan program. Being a SuperFan means that PCH will double your prize if you win. If you win anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in a PCH sweepstakes, PCH will double your prize if you are a SuperFan. Signing up for this program is quick and easy and will also provide you with additional ways to win. All you have to do is go to PCH Facebook Page and look for the PCH SuperFan page. Click “like” and you will become a SuperFan! This is very simple and only takes a few seconds of your time. This is also a good way to let your friends know about these sweepstakes! Learning about new Sweepstakes like PCH $10,000 a Week for Life and tips on how to win more. Indeed, liking (Facebook Likes) the SuperFan page means you will receive helpful updates on sweepstakes and never miss an interesting game or sweepstakes again. The page also shares information on new ways to play games and enter sweepstakes, such as the PCH mobile app.

pchsuperfan page


As a SuperFan, you will get access to some fun Facebook games. Playing these PCH games is a great way to relax but will also help you earn more tokens you can redeem for entries in different sweepstakes for gift cards and electronics on the PCH website. If you are a registered PCHsuperfan, you’re eligible to win prizes during the Prize Patrol live event. Want to Win DOUBLE The Money? Become A PCHsuperfan! PCHSuperfan program on PCH Facebook Fan page, they will double any prize you may win between $10000.00 and $1000000.00. Visit today pchsuperfan page Facebook or pchsuperfan registration. Becoming a SuperFan is definitely worth it if you often enter PCH sweepstakes. You will see a lot of valuable information about PCH in your Facebook newsfeed, get access to some games and win double if you win a prize between $10,000 and $1,000,000. Liking the Facebook page is quick and easy and you will regret not doing it if you win a prize but cannot double it because you did not sign up for the PCH SuperFan program. Publishers Clearing House.

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jcp.com/sweepstakes – JCPenney Black Friday $10,000 Sweepstakes

jcp.com/sweepstakes – $10,000 Cash JCPenney Black Friday Sweepstakes 2016. Enter the JCPenney BlackFriday Sweepstakes at jcp.com/sweepstakes by Nov. 30 for a chance to win one of ten $10,000 cash grand prizes. JCPenney Black Friday Ad 2016 – Do you like getting discounts, great shopping deals for different items that you want or even need? If so, Black Friday is probably one of those days when you decide you want to head outside and venture on over to some of your favorite stores. JCPenney is one of those stores that will give you back for your money with great savings and great deals on November 26 for BlackFriday 2016 – Black Friday Deals 2016. Indeed, JCPenney Stores Welcome Shoppers at 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day with Coupon Offers, $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes and Final Disney Snow Globe Giveaway on Black Friday. Note that JCPenney will kick off the holiday shopping season with its annual Black Friday sale, beginning on Thanksgiving Day (November 26) when doors open at 3 p.m. For customers who prefer to get a head start on their shopping, Black Friday prices will be available on jcp.com all day on Thanksgiving. Another amazing promotion from your favorite department stores in America. So there is still a great mystery surrounding this marketing promotion. Starting on BlackFriday November 30, 2016 a great promotion involving envelope containing a coupon worth $10 off $10, $100 off $100 or $500 off a $500 or more purchase, while supplies last, and a chance to win big big $10,000 Cash Prizes. What i’ve read also that customers who spend $100 or more on gift cards from Nov. 26-28 will receive a $25 off $25 coupon and a chance to win big at www.jcp.com/sweepstakes. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

JCPenney Black Friday Sweepstakes 2015

jcp.com/sweepstakes – Black Friday 2016

As stated on their official website; Black Friday Marks the Final Disney Snow Globe Giveaway! An annual Black Friday shopping tradition at JCPenney since 2002, this will be the Company’s final year to offer its collectible Disney snow globe. They mentioned as well that the JCPenney savings will continue Nov. 29-30 during the JCPenney Cyber Monday Sale where shoppers will discover over 50,000 deals online at jcp.com, as well as in stores.

JCPenney Black Friday Ad 2016 – On Black Friday, It is wise to take advantage of the Black Friday advertisements for 2016 so that you can start making a list of what you are going to get. Go ahead and take a look at JCPenney Black Friday Ads 2016 at jcpenney.com/blackfridaydeals

Bonus for my Readers
JCPenny Shopping Tips To Save Money

Do you love shopping at JCPenny? If so, you are going to love the following tips on how to save money each time you shop.

1. Watch for sales. JCPenny is notorious for having amazing sales. Keep an eye out for sales fliers in your local newspaper. Alternatively, you can follow the JCP account on any of the major social media sites to be instantly informed about upcoming sales. Keep in mind that many of their sales feature special discounts for shoppers who are willing to show up early in the day. Consider setting your alarm on sale days so that you can be up in plenty of time to save.

2. Shop clearance. Oftentimes you can find amazing deals on clearance items at the store. When you walk in, keep an eye out for any racks or shelves that are marked as clearance. You may be amazed at the discounts that you can find.

3. Shop with a credit card that gives cash back. If you have a credit card that offers cash back on purchases, you can save even more money by using it. Some cards offer as much as 5% cash back, which is the equivalent of getting 5% off everything in the store. Just be sure to pay your card off quickly each month to avoid interest charges. Otherwise the interest could negate the savings.

4. Download the JCPenney App for great savings.

Saving money when shopping at JCPenny is easy. All you need to do is keep an eye out for sales, shop the clearance racks and take advantage of any cash-back offers on your credit cards. With a little bit of smart shopping, you will be amazed at the amount of money that you can save. You can buy everything you want from the store without having to spend a fortune. Happy Holidays and Good Savings.

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Sweepstakes Entry: jcp.com/sweepstakes – Where Giving Begins

PlayatMcD.com – Game Time Gold at McDonald’s

PlayatMcD.com – Game Time Gold at McDonald’s Sweepstakes. McDonald’s Super Bowl Sweepstakes (Super Bowl 50). I’m not frenetic fan of Football but I like to watch from time to time during the season. However, I’m kind of a SuperFan of the SuperBowl Day. I have to admit it, and a lot will agree with me this is the best show of the year. Everyone becomes “gaga” with the TV Ads from Sponsors like; GoDaddy, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Vizio, Sony or Doritos. The most expensive advertisement sold last year reached the amount of $5.84 million. Wondering, When is the SuperBowL? The 2016 NFL Super Bowl L will be held on Sunday, February 7 at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The Sweepstakes is sponsored by McDonald’s USA, LLC and a grand prize winner will take home a four night trip for two to Super Bowl 50, which will take place in San Francisco, California. The Play At MCD sweepstakes will run from November 3, 2015, and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on December 21, 2015. Good Luck!

Game Time Gold at McDonald’s Sweepstakes

PlayatMcD.com – Game Time Gold at McDonald’s

The grand prize drawing will take place on January 4, 2016 and the winner MUST be able to travel to Super Bowl 50 2016. No purchase is required to enter the Play At MCD Sweepstakes at PlayatMcD.com. Here’s the list of Mcdonald’s other prizes besides the trip to Super Bowl 50, you have the chance to ,win a $50 instant win prize, Xbox One console from Microsoft games & Madden NFL 16 from EA Sports Games, and 2 tickets to 1 NFL team’s 2016 regular home season games.

“The “Game Time Gold at McDonald’s In-Store Game and Sweepstakes” is comprised of: (a) an in-store game (“ In-Store Game”) available on select menu items at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia.”

HOW TO Obtain a Game Piece and Code.

A. With Purchase Of A Select McDonald’s Menu Item: Visit a participating McDonald’s restaurant
B. Without Purchase (Alternate Method Of Entry “AMOE”): A Participant can request a Game Piece (some of which may include a Code) without purchasing a menu item at a participating McDonald’s restaurant by mailing…

Visit PlayatMcD.com (official Mcdonald’s Sweepstakes site) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration. Who will be the Winner? Good Luck Everyone!

Sweepstakes Entry: https://www.playatmcd.com/
Sweepstakes Rules: http://www.playatmcd.com/en-us/Rules

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Mcdonalds Monopoly 2015 Canada
PCH $10,000 A Week For Life Sweepstakes

PCH $10,000 Spooktacular Sweeps Giveaway No. 5328

PCH $10,000 Spooktacular Sweeps Giveaway No. 5328. This time of year always comes with scary and funny Halloween Costumes, treats and spooky stories! Trick or Treat: Halloween is coming! This Sweepstakes has Ended. How does winning $10,000 on Halloween sound to you?! Well hurry up because there’s only 5 days left to enter for your chance to win the $10,000 Spooktacular Sweeps with PCH GWY 5328! Search and Enter PCH Sweepstakes as much as you can! Having fun entering Online Sweepstakes and you know that your chances increase considerably every time you enter! So get to your keyboard guys and visit Publishers Clearing House new Spooky Sweepstakes to win a $10,000 Cash Prize! Amazing! Who knows! If you win you might want to throw your own Halloween costume party, it is actually the kind party where everyone having a great time while disguised into their favorite characters. This combined to a spooky and fantastic decorations! Happy Halloween!

PCH Halloween Sweepstakes

Spooktacular Sweeps Giveaway No. 5328

You can get an entry into the PCH Sweepstakes by doing something you already do…. yes! searching the web! You can search for what you want, but at this time year my little finger tells me that you might be searching for something related to Halloween! Maybe a Halloween costume idea or Halloween Activities for kids. What ever you’re searching for, keep in mind that by using PCH Search and Win! pchsearch.com you are increasing the odd of winning a PCH Prize!

“All entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, 10/25/15 from this Bulletin will be eligible for a $10,000.00 prize (Giveaway No. 5328). You may receive multiple entry opportunities into our ongoing Giveaways. Various presentations of these Giveaways using various prizes/prize values may be presented to the public.”

Enter for free! You don’t have to buy anything to enter. Visit pch.com and Follow the – Instructions to enter this PCH Sweepstakes! Good Luck Everyone and Happy Halloween!

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Visit PCH.com/Redeem to Exchange Your Tokens for Great Rewards

PCH Tokens what are they for? Publisher’s Clearing House offers several sweepstakes, which means you have more than one chance to win money online or other prizes. PCH Tokens Exchange and Win at PCH.com/Redeem. PCH has an official site with information on these sweepstakes as well as games – pch.com – pchgames.com. If you like entering sweepstakes and winning stuff, you should definitely look into PCH tokens. PCH will award you some tokens whenever you complete an action on their website and you can check your token earnings rising with the PCH Token LeaderBoard.  Have you checked out PCHrewards lately? We keep rolling out the prizes! Redeem tokens and get in for chances to win. New Ford Edge 2022 valued at $54,510.00.

PCH Ford Edge 2022

Win PCH Ford Edge 2022

How PCH will award you some tokens? By entering a sweepstakes, playing a game, signing up for a mailing list or completing a survey. You will earn a few tokens for these different actions but there are ways to win even more tokens. Play more than 50 games on the Publishers Clearing House website in a month and you will earn a pro gamer status. You will get access to additional bonus games where you can earn even more tokens, thus becoming a real PCH “Tokenizer“!!!  and access the Pro Gamer Prize Vault. – PCH Tokens Exchange

Tokens Exchange Redeem Prizes

Become a real PCH “Tokenizer”

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You can win PCH tokens by playing Facebook games list. Look for PCH Facebook games and play these games regularly. Your tokens will quickly add up as you play the games and send invites to your friends. The SuperFan Scratch Cards available on Facebook Games are one of the best ways to win tokens.

PCH Tokens Exchange Win

PCH Token Games

You can win tokens without even playing any games by using the PCH Search & Win feature. This is basically a search engine that rewards you with tokens for your first search of the day or when you use it on your birthday or on PCH’s anniversary.

PCHRewards Redeem

PCH Rewards Tokens

The tokens you earn can be redeemed at pch.com/redeem, PCH Redemption Center is the PCH website to enter pch.com sweepstakes to win a number of prizes, including gift cards, electronics and appliances. As I write, I just checked what Publishers Clearing House had to offer on their Token Exchange site: Canon DSLR Camera, a Mophie Mini Powerstation, a Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Tote, a brand new Laptop and many Gift Certificate Cards from some of the most popular American Retail Stores. With Christmas Holiday Shopping already started, winning one of these Shopping Gift Cards would come in handy! You should visit pch.com/redeem the Token Exchange page on the official PCH website to get a better idea of what you can win and see when the next giveaway will take place so that you can work on earning some tokens.

PCH Rewards Ford Edge

PCH Ford Edge Sweepstakes

And Remember to be more active on PCH website to earn more Tokens that can be redeemed for more chances to win any PRIZE of your choice from PCH Redemption Center Website: pch.com/redeem.

Next Article: How do I use my tokens? – Publishers Clearing House

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History of Bingo Games

Ever wondered where bingo came from? Here’s a Quick History of the Bingo Games! Basement church, smoky atmosphere, elderly, admit you have this image in mind! Indeed, we often associate bingo with elderly people – being the favorite pastime of the senior citizens because it is easy to play and fun. PCH Bingo – But the history of bingo is much more older than we think! In fact it begins with the unification of Italy in 1530. The unification also marked the beginning of bingo’s first ancestor called, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. This genesis version is still played today in Italy. But Bingo Game has evolved and embarked into the Internet wave a decade ago, becoming a trendy online game faster than any other online games to win cash. Todays Bingo portals are quite popular! Indeed, online Bingo is one of the most popular types of gambling available today online. It’s played by million of people throughout the world everyday!

play pch instant bingo online

pchbingo.com PCH BINGO Games

Of course bingo is a lot of fun because you can win a lot of money as well. This after all is the reason that most people play. The fact that it is a game that gives you pretty good odds to win some good amount of money and this without leaving your house by playing Bingo Online. Some people say that the social aspect of the game has change with the arrival of online bingo! But Bingo portals owners have rectified the situation by introducing chat rooms so that the social aspects can be maintained and the online game can still be fun to play even online.

Here’s a list of the most popular Bingo Websites:

pch bingo.com

With PCH Bingo at pchbingo.com The faster you call bingo, the more you can win! Payouts are shown on the right windows. Good Luck!

Enter KLG and Hoda’s Weekly Give It Away Sweepstakes!

Enter KLG and Hoda’s Give It Away sweepstakes! You Should Enter The Weekly Kathie Lee & Hoda Giveaway! If you watch Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show – today.com/klgandhoda, then you know about their daily quiz questions, where they give participants prizes for correct answers. If you get the question wrong, they give you a Kathie Lee CD, which is still a gift. But there is a bigger giveaway, a weekly one, and there’s not just one winner! There are five winners each and every week with the Kathie Lee and Hoda weekly giveaway – KLG and Hoda Giveaway. Each week, the contest begins Monday morning, and you have until Thursday at 5 o’clock eastern time to sign up. So, what are you waiting for? Many people look for these types of legitimate weekly giveaways, and if you enter enough of them, you’re bound to win at some point, right? Well, there is only one way for you to find out, and that is by entering the Kathie Lee and Hoda Giveaway.

NBC Morning Show

Kathie Lee and Hoda Giveaway Sweepstakes

It’s easy to find the Today Show celebrities on Facebook – today.com/klgandhoda, so you can keep up with the contest and everything online. Of course entering the giveaway is a piece of cake, and you have to remember that there are five winners! Will you be one of them this next week?

If you don’t take a few minutes to enter the competition, then there is obviously no way you’re going to win. Do it while it’s fresh on the brain, and give yourself a reminder by liking the Hoda and Kathie Lee Facebook page – today.com/klgandhoda Giveaway.

If you’re one of those people always looking for a good giveaway, contest or sweepstakes online, then you’ve just found another good one. If you’re new to the game, then it’s time to get started. And, you should check out the prizes being given away, too. That is five prizes each week, so this is one hefty giveaway.

KLG and Hoda are going to give 5 lucky viewers a special prize each week.

Sweepstakes Entry: today.com/klgandhoda

mcdonalds.ca/monopoly Mcdonalds Monopoly Canada

McDonald’s Monopoly is back! Mcdonalds Monopoly 2016 Canada – www.mcdonalds.ca/monopoly – “COAST TO COAST” 2015 MONOPOLY GAME AT McDONALD’S. iwonatmcd.ca to claim your prize. The Canadian Game is sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited. For our Canadian readers, McDonalds Indeed has just release the countdown of their version of McDonalds Monopoly Game Sweepstakes 2015. This year some lucky winners will get their hands on some Amazing Prizes. Among others fabulous travel prizes, an All-New 2015 Jeep Renegade Sport 4×2, a Polaris Snowmobiles, Family Fishing Equipment Packages or Gift Cards and Cash+ Prizes! More prizes are listed below! How to play? Again there will be rare game pieces for the 2016 Canadian Monopoly game! Rare Monopoly Mcdonalds 2016 – Mcdonalds.ca/Monopoly – To start playing McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2016, simply visit your local store and purchase a meal that gives away Game Stamps/Stickers. Once you have your meal, peel back the game stamps to reveal your prize. If you have received a property sticker, you’ll need to collect the rest of the properties to win a prize. These are called “Collect and Win” prizes. “A ‘“Collect and Win” Game Stamp’ is a Game Stamp which is part of a potential Winning Combination of Game Stamps in the Canadian Game. The combination of “Collect and Win” Game Stamps which must be collected in order to form a potential winning combination for a Prize (a ‘“Collect and Win” Prize’) in the Canadian Game is called a “Winning Combination”.” Game stamps are found on each Game Piece. Look for the “Code” which is a 12-digit unique alphanumeric code on Game Stamps. written on it, you may enter this online to see if you have won an Online Prize. Instant win prizes will be shown on your sticker, so you’ll know if you have instantly won a fabulous prize!

Play Canada Mcdonalds Monopoly 2015

McDonalds Monopoly 2015 Canada

Giveaway Prizes: (more details at mcdonalds.ca/monopoly)

14,404,499* are Food Prizes available to be won

“Instant Win” Non-Food Prizes:

(5) Prizes of $5,000 each
Ten Dollar ($10) McDonald’s® Card.
Ten Dollar ($10) Walmart® Gift Card
Twenty Dollar ($20) Walmart® Gift Card.
Hasbro® MONOPOLY® Board Game.
Snapfish Photo Collage Mug.
Snapfish $15.99 Digital Code for a 20-Page Photo Book.
Snapfish 8”x11” Photo Calendar.
Snapfish 8”x8” Hard Cover Photo Book.
Fifty Dollar ($50) McDonald’s® Card.
Fifty Dollar ($50) Vanilla® Prepaid Card.
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 game for Xbox One™
One Hundred ($100) Dollars.
iON Air Pro® Lite Wi-Fi Camera.
Mongoose® Single-Speed BMX Bike.
Xbox One™ Console and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 game for Xbox One™.
Five Hundred Dollar ($500) Walmart® Gift Card.
Travel Nation Canada™ Three Thousand Dollar ($3,000) “Travel Voucher”
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000).

“Collect and Win” Prizes:

Collect Rideau Canal (#601) and Parliament Hill (#602) to potentially win a Prize of a One Hundred Dollar ($100) cheque.
Collect Lake Louise (#603), Mackenzie River (#604) and Lake Athabasca (#605) to potentially win a Prize of a Family Fishing Equipment Package. Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $3,583.
Collect Percé Rock (#606), Miles Canyon (#607) and Columbia Icefield (#608) to potentially win a Prize of an EA SPORTS™ Soccer Trip for two plus an Xbox One™ console and FIFA 16 game; Twelve (12*) Prizes available, ARV: $4,570***.
Collect Signal Hill (#609), Peggys Cove (#610) and Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#611) to potentially win a Prize of a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Walmart® Gift Card. One (1*) Prize available, ARV: $5,000.
Collect Confederation Bridge (#612), Baffin Island (#613) and Bay of Fundy (#614) to potentially win a Prize of a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Vanilla® Prepaid Card. Four (4*) Prizes available, ARV: $5,000.
Collect Algonquin Provincial Park (#615), Wapusk National Park (#616), and Whistler (#617) to potentially win a Polaris® Snowmobile, a helmet (up to $150) and, where/if applicable, a pair of goggles (up to $90). Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV range: $8,799 – $14,499****.
Collect Robson Street (#618), Sainte-Catherine Street (#619) and Yonge Street (#620) to potentially win a Prize of an all-new 2015 Jeep® Renegade Sport 4×2 Vehicle**. Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $24,780**.
Collect Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#621) and Niagara Falls (#622) to potentially win a Prize of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000). Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $10,000.
Collect Montréal Airport (#623), Toronto Airport (#624), Halifax Airport (#625) and Vancouver Airport (#626) to potentially win a Prize of a Travel Nation Canada “Great Canadian Adventure” Trip…

Five (5) Giveaway Prizes of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) each are available to be won in the Giveaway, one (1) per Region

McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces Canada:

Mcdonald’s Monopoly Halifax Airport –  #603 – #625

Mcdonalds Monopoly Canada 2015 Toronto Airport

www.mcdonalds.ca/monopoly – Good Luck!

Canada Monopoly 2015: http://www.mcdonalds.ca/monopoly – iwonatmcd.ca to claim your prize

About Publishers Clearing House Fan Pages on Facebook!

Multichannel direct-marketing outfit Publishers Clearing House usually brings to mind sweepstakes, its PCH Prize Patrol, and magazine subscriptions. However, Facebook PCH engagement should be added to that list with almost 2 Millions Facebook Likes, which is quite impressive. Facebook is a Social networks and just as the name suggests allow members or individuals to socialize over the internet about common subjects. Publishers Clearing House company understand very well the impact of social networking on their marketing strategies. This is why they have improved over the years their presence on Facebook. The fact that people socialize in the social networks means they interact and communicate with each other over the social net work. This is different from the normal online marketing whereby the target audience response may not be required. In the social networks sites, every business marketing itself there should be an active member meaning that it posts comments, writes articles if possible and blogs regularly and is ‘befriended’ to many members or visitors of that social site. Every PCH Channels and representatives have been paired up with a Facebook Fan Page. Here’s the list:

Facebook Fan Pages PCH

Facebook.com PCH


PCH Facebook Scams:
Beware of Prize Patrol Facebook Imitators! Indeed, some other scammers use social media like Facebook to snare victims into their unlawful schemes. Even though each member of a social network refers the other as a friend, it may not be so in reality and con men and women and fraudsters may find their way in to these sites. Companies marketing themselves over these social networking sites like Publishers Clearing House should keep some of their information like account details and personal information of its employees, managers, suppliers or any other stake holder confidential. And Remember thta PCH Winners Are Never Contacted Through Facebook!

PCH Facebook Sweepstakes:
Sweepstakes and contests are more and more visible into this social network marketing because of the impact and popularity of social media on Internet. By using social media to promote their sponsored sweepstakes then can reach more people.

PCH Facebook Rules
PCH Engage With PCH Fan Pages On Facebook In A Fun & Safe Way! PCH Fan Page Facebook community has become biiger over the years. For Publishers Clearing House this represent a place where fans can share their stories, support each other, and tals about what they love! In order to keep their Fan Page on Facebook a safe place where fans can enjoy visiting every day and interacting with one another, they laid out some ground rules for everyone to follow.

– Any personal information including email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
– Repetitive posts or spamming
– Bullying, harassing, stalking, threatening, abusing or attacking another
– Posting, distributing, or disseminating any fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, obscene, violent or unlawful material or information
– Using derogatory terms, hateful language, or consistently negative comments to target or discriminate another
– Campaigning, promotional postings, or link baiting (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to your own site)
– Any posts with links leading to a property not owned by PCH
– Violating of any intellectual property rights
– Uploading files that contain viruses or programs that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or wireless devices
– Any and all use of profanity and offensive language

See you on Facebook!

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3- $100,000 in tuition – Dr Pepper selects finalists to compete to win the Grand Prize at a college football championship game.

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2015 Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway Promotion & Contest – Good Luck!

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