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www.pchonlinesurveys.com – PCH Online Surveys. A Survey Program with great rewards! I know that some of my readers are huge fan of Publishers Clearing House Online Superprize and Lotto Sweeps. But did you know guys that PCH have their own Survey Program where you can register and earn reward points just by completing some short surveys online. You only have to indicate your preferences and opinions on different types of things. Asking yourself this is great but what can we get with those reward points? Well by completing those surveys you will be rewarded with points that can be redeem into gift cards to popular Internet shopping retailers.

Opinions are important for businesses and getting the feedback of customers is a big part of a efficient marketing strategy. By doing online surveys you, as a customer and a panelist contribute to the improvement of a company in regards of the quality of their product and service. It’s always a win win situation. Where as the panelist you can say what you like and what you don’t. You can be well rewarded just by voicing your opinions. Get started today! Signing up is really easy. Just vist www.pchonlinesurveys.com – PCH Online Surveys and follow the on-screen instruction to register. You can start today earning points that you can redeem for great products.

Website: http://www.pchonlinesurveys.com/ow/index.aspx?

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36 Responses to “PCH Online Surveys”

  1. Mario Echeverria says:

    my friends; would haven the world at my feet, but I have many limitations that prevent me fifteen goals and purposes in life. PCH anline surveys are pleased to register my name on tour website.Mario

  2. christa johns says:

    Will I win on Nov. 25 the giveaway 4900?/

  3. Lawrence says:

    I would like to win $10,000.00 a week for life on Nov.25th

  4. Aaron Cowell says:

    For some unknown reason, my completed entry forms for this contest are not being accepted by PCH, and there seems to be no way to contact them for assistance.

  5. Judith Haynes says:

    Winning the “Forever Prize” on Nov. 25th would mean so much to me and my family. First I would go to Woodstock, VT and help my 99 year old Mother around her home!! I would also help my Sister who became my
    Power Of Attorney when I became so sill over seven years ago! I would also help my PHD Daughter who does so much for me these days. I might also volunteer at my local Hospital that has helped me so much to become so
    much better than I was those seven years ago!! I am now so happy to wake up every morning!!

  6. Devona Hairston says:

    I pray one day I win one for my 3 kids to come out of the struggle we endured also so my son can go, to college and become somebody in life I thank God in advance for this blessing !!!! In the name of Jesus

  7. Carol Rodgers says:

    I had surgery on Jan 9th, they put plates and screws in the cervical (neck), it didn’t heal. In Aug I told my Dr. I know my body and I’m in so much pain that something is wrong. So he decided to do Mylo gram and found out the surgery didn’t take.this is all in 2014. I have to have Disco Gram on my lumber spine, there is so much metal in there. They r not able to see anything, but he’s thinking that he’s going to have to put another rod in the lower part. We r trying to get all this done this year, we may not have insurance next year. So after the Disco Gram, we r doing my neck surgery and then 3 weeks after that, he’s going to do my back! It will have me down longer. If I won I would get out of debt, and my father in law has an eye condition that has made him to go blind. He has always been ind in one eye, but we would have an eye transplant. My mother in law has never drove and he can’t now. We have seen him go down bc he is a man of proud and now, us kids have to do a lot for them. We would pay off the kids houses and give to the Children hospital and there is a church here in r town that we give stuff to and they give to the needy. I would like to find this needy family, they had 3 small kids and I would go to yard sales and buy clothes for the whole family, when Haita’s got hit hard I made 25 tie fleece blankets for the children. I will help people, but we have no retirement so we will have to put money back for us too. I would love to win, so we could help father in law more than anything! Thanks, Carol Rodgers from Gainesboro. Tn. ****** PCH Online Surveys



  9. Gail Wilbanks says:

    Would love to win 10,000.00 a week for lifeGail Wilbanks

  10. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH knw that I wanna wanna Winnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. elga says:

    i have a question every time i want to participate in the surveys it says my account has been terminated why?i have not done anything wrong i just go and play

  12. Tyrone Griffin says:

    I like playing but u always say ur so close to winning and I think I’m doing everything right but no I keep trying bcuz I want a better live for my kids and me and I would like to b above

  13. Carol Yoss says:

    I would pay off my bills and go thr st.judes and the veterans hospital

  14. kim king says:

    Do we have a winner

  15. Irene Rincon says:

    Dear PCH,
    I have been entering since 2009, because I have always had to work. 2 jobs for the last 1 1/2 I have been playing everything you have to offer, I never win the instant games but I continue to play, hoping and with Faith say my day of Favor is coming , confirmed be three pastors that this is my month for favor. I will share my winnings because that is the type of person I am. God Bless and be Safe when you go out on the road!

  16. Edward Fitzgerald says:


  17. Alfreda simmons says:

    Alfreda simmons
    I would like to win it all I would fix up my Farm my Husband
    Died and left pay off all my bills give a generous amount to
    My church and my children then think of myself.

  18. wayne crawford says:

    you guys really made a believer out of me when i first won $100 dollars it was’nt much but you convinced me that people do win i’m ready to win more!

  19. shawntae kelley says:

    Hi pch people… I’m shawntae and i am a mother. of 3 about to b3e 4 i want to win the forever prize so bad it will help my family so much and i am so tired of stressing… pch will you please give me my entry numbers and activate my pchaccount – pch.actnow

  20. Tina Thomas says:

    I do online Survey’s with PCH they do not take very long and they are a change from the rig a more that you could be doing on their everything else don’t get me wrong i love playing all that PCH has to offer i just love a change for awhile if i wanted to to enter Sweep Stakes the best place is here it’s not scammed like the rest of them out there i learned my lesson 2 times and will never happen again have a great day Juliette . – Juliette Giveaway’s

  21. Willie Bonds says:

    Surveys are a reciprocal You provide valuable responses You are rewarded for your effort A win win Nothing can be better than a reward from PCH Try it you will LIKE IT!

  22. Donyea N.Wilson says:

    Well so far I am right but boy will I be so wrong if I should luck up and win the forever prize. – pchonlinesurveys

  23. Kimberly Whitson says:

    DEAR PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, please think of me when your giving away the superprize! It would really make the difference I need more than you could ever know in me and my kids life, it really would help me make up and forgive myself and put the pieces back together but with a different attitude and outlook on a brand new life for me and my kids and all in need that I know and would have the privilege to actually touch someone, that would be a blessing for me, cause I’m usually the one in need thank you for this chance to actually start over and have a good, new, blessed life! Thank everyone who is part of this!!!!! — PublishersClearingHouse

  24. Kimberly Whitson says:

    DEAR PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, I’m not gonna write you a sad story even though I have one like everyone else, I’m just writing to say thank you for giving us this chance, God knows my story and I’m gonna keep trying cause I need this more than you will ever know, and I honestly think I deserve it, but it’s outta my hand’s and I’m leaving it to a higher power! But I know GOD will bless you for all the people you help! So good luck to us all, and I hope if one of you all win, you will do as I would and help those we know need help, our families, and our special friends who are there when we need them the most!and never get above your raising! Good luck and GOD bless!!!!!!!! — PublishersClearingHouse

  25. Willie Bonds says:

    There appears to be two schools off design old school& new school – the familiar the unfamiliar More attention should be given to mobile tablet or smartphone that’s where the response will be rendered increasingly Generic information should be commiserate with the length of the relationship This is applicable to time as well PS Although you might be a senior citizen your lifestyle should be explored There is gold in those hills!

  26. Thersia Woods says:

    I’m trying so hard to win . That I search day and night . I’m disable and I live in a camper, It would be nice to buy a home for me and my dog max.It would be nice to have Christmas at my home with my boys and grand kids.

  27. Thersia Woods says:

    I’m trying so hard to win . That I search day and night . The only prize that matters to me is $7,000.00 a week for life super prize.
    I just hope that I win so I can have a home, car and yes to meet the PRIZE PATROL.

  28. Donyea N.Wilson says:

    I have been playing pch.com sweepstakes since I was younger than I am now, and I hope t win so I may purchase my parents there dream home – pchonlinesurveys


    It sure would be a great surprise if i really do win the $7000 a week for life. then everyone here in the park where i live will then believe in publishers clearing house sweepstakes. only 1 week and 5 days until someone gets that knock on there door. I play everyday. I even pray everyday and night as i go to bed that just maybe i can and will become that winner. i will jump and shout and cry all at the same time. sure do hope to meet Daniele Lam, Todd Sloane, Dave Sayer and most of all there cameraman. have a goodnight – PCH Sweepstakes

  30. Willie Bonds says:

    Keep requesting profile which was completed No new surveys are offered

  31. Donyea N.Wilson says:

    pch.com is great the only trouble I have with them is having them show up with a check – pchonlinesurveys

  32. آنتی ویروس ، Antivirus says:

    I delight in, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  33. foresteen walker says:

    Pch do not pay cash for taking any of there PCH online survey, but what they do do, you can redeem your points and get some great gifts. (smile)

  34. robert e. rogers says:

    some of them are just to long.

  35. Donyea N.Wilson says:

    I have picked up doing this pch.com thing because I do not believeit is very truthful

  36. michelle says:

    Send me cash cash for PCH Online Surveys

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