Myaccount.pch.com – PCH Account and Shopping

Myaccount.pch.com – Did you know you could shop on the Publisher’s Clearance website? And that you can pay your Publishers Clearing House bill online with your PCH Account, a online payment service. PCH.com offers online sweepstakes, coupons, games and even has a shopping section. The merchandise section of the PCH website has a ton of products. You can look up something specific or browse through categories if you are not sure what you want. You will find CDs, DVDs, books, jewelry, toys, collectibles, beauty items as well as food items. New products are added to the selection on a regular basis. If you cannot find the items you want, check the site again in a couple of weeks and you might find what you were looking for. Since all the products offered on PCH.com are available at an interesting price, the number of items you can order might be limited. You might have to wait until  a similar promotion is offered in order to purchase more than one product.

pch account online payment service


You do not have to pay for your PCH.com order right away. You have the possibility to pay for your order in four installments. The first payment due is the smallest one. You will then have to make three other monthly payments. You can pay for your order on the Internet but you will have to pay over the phone or by mail if you choose to go with the four installments payment plan. You will not be charged any processing fees if you decide to pay for your order online. Making payments is very easy and always have the option of contacting the PCH customer service if you. But you need first to create a PCH Account for your PCH Shopping. The task is simple! You need to make a purchase then enter you personal information you will be given a customer ID/Account number.  Then visit www.Myaccount.pch.com to sigh-in to PCH myaccount where you will be able to view your entire pch account, view a history of all pch orders, status and make  bill pay payments of your PCH buyings.

Need help? You should visit Myaccount.pch.com or PCH.com Products and start browsing through the merchandises they offer. You will more than likely find some great deals on products you need. Check out the other sections of the site to enter sweepstakes, print coupons (pchcoupons.com) or play games (pchgames).

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PCH Account: Myaccount.pch.com

Myaccount.pch.com – PCH Account and Shopping
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  7. andrew rodriguez says:

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  28. SARAH B HOGGE says:


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