– PCH Account and Shopping – Did you know you could shop on the Publisher’s Clearance website? And that you can pay your Publishers Clearing House bill online with your PCH Account, a online payment service. offers online sweepstakes, coupons, games and even has a shopping section. The merchandise section of the PCH website has a ton of products. You can look up something specific or browse through categories if you are not sure what you want. You will find CDs, DVDs, books, jewelry, toys, collectibles, beauty items as well as food items. New products are added to the selection on a regular basis. If you cannot find the items you want, check the site again in a couple of weeks and you might find what you were looking for. Since all the products offered on are available at an interesting price, the number of items you can order might be limited. You might have to wait until  a similar promotion is offered in order to purchase more than one product.

pch account online payment service

Need help? You should visit or Products and start browsing through the merchandises they offer. You will more than likely find some great deals on products you need. Check out the other sections of the site to enter sweepstakes, print coupons ( or play games (pchgames).

You do not have to pay for your order right away. You have the possibility to pay for your order in four installments. The first payment due is the smallest one. You will then have to make three other monthly payments. You can pay for your order on the Internet but you will have to pay over the phone or by mail if you choose to go with the four installments payment plan. You will not be charged any processing fees if you decide to pay for your order online. Making payments is very easy and always have the option of contacting the PCH customer service if you. But you need first to create a PCH Account for your PCH Shopping. The task is simple! You need to make a purchase then enter you personal information you will be given a customer ID/Account number.  Then visit to sigh-in to PCH myaccount where you will be able to view your entire pch account, view a history of all pch orders, status and make  bill pay payments of your PCH buyings.


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PCH Account:

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  1. Vanessa Smith says:

    I am entering my code 6900/8800 for my prize winning/ won its would be able to get life on the road again. But the most I would take most help my church get us a new church get me a car and pay those bills that will be a sit-up blessing from God to me I will help the poor and the needy be a blessing to someone else also

  2. floyd holt says:

    any prize

  3. Dean Domson says:

    Right on.

  4. Dean Domson says:



  5. Judy says:

    Hey it’s me again and I really would like to win!!

  6. Fred Haut says:

    My account is missing something it is missing a life-changing event prize help me to rectify this problem I hope to meet you all soon

  7. Giselle Lyons says:

    I want to register to win from PCH.gwy.6900 5.000 a week forever on February 24th please my little family could use it because we lost are apt please pray for us we could use it thanks and good luck everyone

  8. Fred Haut says:

    PCH my account is very active and I would love to sweepstakes or I would love to go shopping I have a thousand things I would love to have please make a dream come true

  9. Jessica L. Campbell says:

    I’m in it to win if only I can figure this all out!

  10. Claudia Adams says:

    Win superprize Gwy No 8800 & 6900. I am activating my codes please notify email. Thank you

  11. Rita Ingham says:

    Contact we if I won

  12. Fred Haut says:

    PCH how would love to go on a nice shopping trip as long as that includes The Car Store and from there we can move to kitchen appliances and home renovations what do you think of my shopping list I hope to see you soon

  13. Fred Haut says:

    PCH with my account and shopping I don’t know what the word shopping means anymore I know what garage sale is I need that life-changing prize hopefully I am diverse enough to catch one I hope to see you soon

  14. Fred Haut says:

    My account and PCH should be a very very busy account because I am in so many different directions at once searching for that ominous prize that is a life-changer more than that I cannot say I hope to see you at my door soon

  15. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please grant me a dream come true any one of the prizes that I have entered I would love to win this is please help me make a dream come true

  16. Fred Haut says:

    PCH grant me A dream come true I’m trying and trying and doing everything I possibly can I need a life-changing event thank you

  17. cheri hartman says:

    please activate my code pc221

  18. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please give me this you happy prize of $1000000 plus $50,000 cash I really want to win a lifetime prizes thank you for noticing please help make a dream come true

  19. Martha Paredes says:

    I just receive today Alert Important Notice from publisher Clearing House they send Code I been try to find the page I Can’t please activate my code ….Activation Code PC282

  20. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please grant me prize number and activation of said number to win $1000000 from PCH and Company PCH want to help me to help myself to make my dreams come true

  21. René Ramirez says:

    I’ve been playing PCH Sweepstakes for quite awhile now. Where do I get my PCH activation code input form?
    I’ve searched and searched for it and can’t seem to find it.
    Your help in the matter is greatly appreciated thanks.
    René Ramirez

  22. Timothy A Tyree says:

    I want to win

  23. Vera Fechner says:

    I want my $ 10k a week. I am play these games every day and i am in the winner list. thank you the Pch Patrol. Namaste to everyone.

  24. Jason Centrone says:

    Hi please activate my code PC362 it would be nice to win the sweepstakes so I can pay my bills off have amazing new credit and help all my family as well as charities.

  25. jacqueline oaks says:

    unable to enter the code! Or must I sign up for tons of advertising in order to enter? If that’s the case, shove it.

  26. Vaughn R. Waters says:

    I would first give GOD all the praise and pay the Tide so that I will have wisdom for that money.

  27. Martin Lopez says:

    Martin Lopez variation in my room number and I’ll let you know I would like to know if I see anything right and I would like to be a winner from Publisher Clearing House I had a lot of tokens or tribe Maryland tokens and do what you’re waiting but I got 69 00

  28. Donna Renda says:

    So Cool if I One of the $7000 a month for dollars a week for The rest of my life ………So come on to Trussville Alabama and see me and Rachel …….Hope to see Y’all soon …

  29. Betty Miller says:

    You make it so hard to enter this. I can never find the correct place to enter my code.

  30. misty slate says:

    I would love to win i kinda need to win so i can get my family back together .i work hard every day i live where i work .and after cleaning yhis motel up so it wouldnt close i deserve to win to get me out of here I’ll still keep my job I just need a place to live and I want to buy a house for me my kids

  31. Gary beltran says:

    I need to enter the contest and don’t know how please help

  32. andy rodriguez says:

    how will I know if I have won onmy 15000from life on pch 7233 vip drawing ten times

  33. andy rodriguez says:

    how will I know that I have won ?????????

  34. Jesus Robledo says:

    I need my # for giveaway _#6900

  35. Travis wharton says:

    I’m in it to win it.

  36. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Waiting for the next step in a blessing to be the one in the first place,

  37. Howard K Wond jr says:

    I just ask to win the $7.000 a week for life entry number 6900 please I’m in need of this for my family and friends thank you

  38. Howard K Wond jr says:

    I’m hoping to win this I really need this for my family and friends to help all of us with future for my family and friends here in Hawaii thank you and God bless…. Howard Kaimana Wond jr Aloha

  39. Fred Haut says:

    I still want the 10 million dollars is it still available can I still try to get it using my other line please reply as soon as possible

  40. Thomas rucker says:

    To day my wife had open heart surgery and she can not. Work. For 3month . And my lights will get cut off some time soon and I need help.god bless you all

  41. Beatriz Garibay says:


  42. Beatriz Garibay says:

    how would i know if i win

  43. markesha cotton says:

    Pch#8637 forever prize winner Golden ticket M.cotton Auburn Alabama

  44. markesha cotton says:

    I want to claim my the Golden ticket prize winner Today M.cotton Alabama Alabama

  45. Md Rahman says:

    How can I respond my giveaways no-6900 can you help me please? I want to sweeps again or I need to claim code don’t publish my email

  46. Darlene Stubblefield says:

    Pch, please enter me for the upcoming drawing on 10/21/2016 in it to Win it! Bless You

  47. Fred Haut says:

    Publishers Clearing House I finally got into my Facebook and one heck of an advertisement isn’t it I will and I am applying for that $7,000 a week for life that is the only contests I want to win so please consider me very deeply when this decision is rendered I thank you very kindly Fred PS $1000000 would be also awesome also

  48. Beatriz Garibay says:

    Hoow do i claim my winnig numbber 6900

  49. Beatriz Garibay says:

    How dp iccticate my code6900

  50. Delores Wilke says:

    yes i would like to activate 8637 for 1,000.00for all my good work in searching andworking with all of you i have throughly enjoyed the challenge.thank you and hope to see you at the wilke house

  51. Samuel Alexander says:

    Why can’t I put in my activation code

  52. jimmy walker says:

    Another of the golden ticket I’m here to claim all thank you PCH

  53. jimmy walker says:

    i the owner of 6900 and the rest of them come here to claim and receive the win from PCH thank you

  54. Sandra McIntyre says:

    How do I activate my prize for life of $7,000.00 #6900 for Sandra McIntyre on Oct.21,16. I really need the money for my children. This is Sandra McIntyre on Sept 15,16. Please Reply. Thank You.

  55. Charlotte Lewis says:

    Pch I love all the game

  56. Charlotte Lewis says:

    I hope I can win I’m in it to win it

  57. Wanda Williams says:

    Here is my activation code # PC103.
    Please send response of received email. Please enter my # for the winning. $7000. aweek for life.
    Thank you
    Wanda Williams
    407 883 5296

  58. HECTOR MARIACA says:

  59. HECTOR MARIACA says:

    Please contact me for my followup reward.

  60. San Juanita Salinas says:

    I lay full claim and owneshop of entry 6900. I earned it, returned and acknowledged emails from Ms. Holland and from others. Yes, Mr.Sloane,I have all the emails way back into June. 5k a week is all I seek as my claim as registered.
    I need an valid ID, IN order to enter on entry registration.
    Thank you for your assistance
    San Juanita Salinas

  61. kelly cook says:

    please dave Danielle and todd for to win 5000 a week for life ive always wanted to win the your contest but was not able to don’t know what I’m doing wrong I search all the time with pch search and win and pchfrontpage but I’m still not able to get my entrys in right

  62. Lisa A. Curtin says:

    I am so grateful to be presented with the 5,000.00 dollars for life on 8/31/16. Thank you pch team and god. PCH#6900

  63. charlie p capece says:

    stop begging people, they draw the winners names randomly, tell them how happy you would be if you won, not to pick your name because you need the money, or have been playing for years that has no bearing on whether you win or not. good luck to all.

  64. Rachel Luna says:

    I want to claim ownership gwy no 6900 $7,000.00 a week for Life gwy no.6884 local TV Area in Des
    Moines $1,000.00

  65. Adriana Weist says:

    PCH $5k wkly, forever 8/31

  66. Adriana Weist says:

    pch SUPERPRIZE 6900 8/31

  67. Adriana Weist says:

    PCH 8/31 Gwy. 6900

  68. Adriana Weist says:

    PCH 8/31 SUPERPRIZE EVENT,givaway No.6900

  69. Fred Haut says:

    Good morning PCH I am inquiring on my personal prize number 4 executive order I would like to find the number and deliver because I want to be the winner out of the prize you offer thank you for your consideration much appreciated Fred

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