What’s YOUR $7,000 A Week For Life Good Luck Charm?

What’s YOUR $7000 A Week For Life Good Luck Charm? Proven Ways to Attract Good Luck – Have you ever wished you could have more good luck? Who hasn’t? The research has been done and it turns out that it is a fact that there are proven ways to attract good luck. Here are just some things you can do to get luckier in life. So what are you doing to rev up your luck for the SuperPrize Event? Do you use a ritual, talisman, or amulet to attract prosperity, favor and success? New PCH Sweepstakes October 31st, 2022: PCH $7000 a Week FOR LIFE

PCH Good Luck Charm

PCH Lucky Charm

I know that some folks choose a rabbit’s foot or carry a four-leaf clover as a good luck charm. Others may wish upon a star or wear a lucky t-shirt. Whether you call upon divine intervention or sleep with a money-magnetizing object under your bed, your good luck gesture is as special as you are!

What Are Your Lucky Charms for Entering Publishers Clearing House?
Horseshoes, rabbit feet, four-leaf clovers, oh my! There are so many charms we think of when we chat about LUCK!

Be More Outgoing

Don’t think that you can think your way to better luck by sitting in your home and entertaining positive thoughts. Positive thinking will not hurt you, but if you don’t get out into the world, mingle, and try new things you decrease your chances of enjoying greater luck.


There can be lots of reasons to feel anxious or nervous in everyday life. You could be tense about forming new relationships or starting a new job. But, if you remain tense you tend to focus inward on your own feelings. You miss opportunities for better relationships or career advancements because you simply are not paying attention in a calm and relaxed manner.

Be Optimistic

Life can throw everyone curve balls from time to time, but if you remain optimistic, you increase your chances of getting past obstacles faster. You increase your chances of getting to enjoy better things by remaining open and positive. Just because you are optimistic doesn’t mean you get to be lucky at all times, though. People who are optimistic tend to look at any setbacks from a positive standpoint and they keep on going. They don’t give up!

Carry a Lucky Charm

Whatever that charm may be, go ahead and take it with you. Research shows that they do work. How do they work? It is because they are symbolic to the lucky person of their inherent luck. These charms reinforce their confidence in good things happening to them. It is this confidence mentally that makes the charms work.

Prepare for Good Luck

Good luck is often more than mere chance. When you have the knowledge to see opportunities that come your way and act on them, you get lucky. Use your knowledge, experience and intuition as your tools to prepare for good luck. They will often work in tandem to get you the end results you hope for.

These proven ways to attract good luck are yours to use to make your life better than ever. They are not based on superstition, either. They are based in actuality, and anyone can be luckier if they try.



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  3. Julie Nakoff says:

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  4. Mario Echeverria says:

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  6. Tim Walker says:

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  8. Shawn Harris says:

    My Good Luck charm is just being my happy go lucky self along with a very positive outlook on Life in general! Your home, surroundings and yourself should always be clean and presentable! Along with the many Angels that I have on my side because I am a good person and one of these days I will receive my blessings! BEST WISHES Everyone! Smile, you could be the next one they come visit!

  9. Brenda Nelson says:

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