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PCH Tokens what are they for? Publisher’s Clearing House offers several sweepstakes, which means you have more than one chance to win money online or other prizes. PCH Tokens Exchange and Win at PCH has an official site with information on these sweepstakes as well as games – – If you like entering sweepstakes and winning stuff, you should definitely look into PCH tokens. PCH will award you some tokens whenever you complete an action on their website and you can check your token earnings rising with the PCH Token LeaderBoard.  Have you checked out PCHrewards lately? We keep rolling out the prizes! Redeem tokens and get in for chances to win. New Ford Edge 2022 valued at $54,510.00.

PCH Ford Edge 2022

Win PCH Ford Edge 2022

How PCH will award you some tokens? By entering a sweepstakes, playing a game, signing up for a mailing list or completing a survey. You will earn a few tokens for these different actions but there are ways to win even more tokens. Play more than 50 games on the Publishers Clearing House website in a month and you will earn a pro gamer status. You will get access to additional bonus games where you can earn even more tokens, thus becoming a real PCH “Tokenizer“!!!  and access the Pro Gamer Prize Vault. – PCH Tokens Exchange

Tokens Exchange Redeem Prizes

Become a real PCH “Tokenizer”

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You can win PCH tokens by playing Facebook games list. Look for PCH Facebook games and play these games regularly. Your tokens will quickly add up as you play the games and send invites to your friends. The SuperFan Scratch Cards available on Facebook Games are one of the best ways to win tokens.

PCH Tokens Exchange Win

PCH Token Games

You can win tokens without even playing any games by using the PCH Search & Win feature. This is basically a search engine that rewards you with tokens for your first search of the day or when you use it on your birthday or on PCH’s anniversary.

PCHRewards Redeem

PCH Rewards Tokens

The tokens you earn can be redeemed at, PCH Redemption Center is the PCH website to enter sweepstakes to win a number of prizes, including gift cards, electronics and appliances. As I write, I just checked what Publishers Clearing House had to offer on their Token Exchange site: Canon DSLR Camera, a Mophie Mini Powerstation, a Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Tote, a brand new Laptop and many Gift Certificate Cards from some of the most popular American Retail Stores. With Christmas Holiday Shopping already started, winning one of these Shopping Gift Cards would come in handy! You should visit the Token Exchange page on the official PCH website to get a better idea of what you can win and see when the next giveaway will take place so that you can work on earning some tokens.

PCH Rewards Ford Edge

PCH Ford Edge Sweepstakes

And Remember to be more active on PCH website to earn more Tokens that can be redeemed for more chances to win any PRIZE of your choice from PCH Redemption Center Website:

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  1. Audrey Thornhill says:

    Pch search and win I would like to to get the maching winner number to upgrade from $7,000,00a week to $8,000.00 a week pch gwy #11000 on the 21 December pch search and win I would love to be the the winner of a week for life thank you so much

  2. cheryl lasart says:


  3. Clint Henderson says:

    Clint Henderson march 13 2018 i Claim entry for search 3 to win gift cards towards vacation getaways.

  4. Debra says:

    Yes Please Deborah Holland and Prize Patrol Elite Team , please Activate All my Number’s I have Entered ,I would love to WIN A Life Changing Prize. Thank you. With Love DP in Tx Happy holidays.

  5. Debra says:

    Yes Deborah Holland and Prize Patrol Elite Team I Debra Patterson Claim Soul Ownership SuperPrize Gwy Numbers for the April 27th 2018 SuperPrize Gwy #6900, #11000 $7,000.00 A Week ForEver , #6085 $50,000.00, #6086 $10,000.00,. ” Guaranteed” $7,000.00 A Week For Life , $1,000,000.00. $25,000.00 A year for 29 years. And also I Claim Soul Ownership for the Ford EXPLORER sport package Value $55,483,247. #9910, $500.00 Walmart Gift card,#1026B, LOTTO SuperPrize Card Promotion VIP $1,000,000.00 ,$50,000.00 #101-11-753,. $2,000,000.00 plus More #3080 TV Area Cash $1,000.00 #3814,. PCHTV183010MM. PCH LOTTO VIP ELITE Exclusive 1.1Million #8055,#10425 Bonus Slotomania $50,000.00 #10074, Ownership SuperPrize :Genies Lamp $800,000.00 ,$50,000.00 ,. Gwy Numbers: #8035, #11002,. $10,000.00 Cash,#10078, $50,000.00 5Entries #10074,. WIN PCH LOTTO VIP $4,978,632.00 March 3rd,2018 #7667,#7600, Gwy 11361 $50,000.00 Bonus. PCH -1, WK-30,. VIP 2Entries Gwy9633. $3,Million Dream Home, and $7,000.00 A Week For Life Gwy 3080. LOTTO Document LO42-02


    After I exchange tokens, how do I know if I won? Will you contact directly?

  7. Mario Echeverria says:

    Dear friends, thanks for the Title of Ownership and prize number in my PCHGWY No.8800 lifetime prize $2 million plus more. It is to much impportant your hel for me. I need to register my Title ID 00101-382. Can you help me in my PCH GOAL. ME

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