What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?

Last Day to enter PCH Win It All Sweepstakes. Get your Sweepstakes Entry for a Chance to WIN $1Million Lump Sum Payment and More. Actual PCH Sweepstakes October 25th: PCH $1000 a Day for Life – And if you win the Dream Life Prize from PCH, Winning PCH Win It All Sweepstakes 2018, what would you do? Money Investments? Quit your job? Take a vacation? As you already know Publishers Clearing House new sweepstakes “Win It All” is quite popular right now. In fact, there is an immeasurable passion for this promotion where the lucky winner gets $1 Million Lump Sum Payout Cash plus $1,000 a Week for Life and a brand new car – Ford Explorer Platinum 2021.

Win It All Sweepstakes

PCH Win It All

  The lucky winner will be known on June 29th. As many of you have already stated in the comment section of this blog, you are ready for that prize! Many of you know what they will do with that huge amount of cash. But let’s take a few minutes to dream a little. On June 29th you are the new multimillionaire! Will you quit your job first?

At first, it is better to think about it. And what better than a short vacation to think. For me it would be a short vacation for sure. Take the time to make thoughtful decisions about all this money. You are multimillionaire now and your choice must be wise.

Often the first question that comes to mind is: What would I do with my job? Bye Bye Boss! I quit! or you will be more like, I will take time to think about it! You know, being realistic, $1Million dollar cash and a guaranteed $1,000.00 a week for life, you don’t need to work anymore. But on the other hand some people are quite passionate by what they do for living and some will probably push it further and invest their money in a new company, in a sector they are passionate about. Some will even create jobs in this hard economy.

What to Buy?

What Would You Buy?

PCH Sweepstakes 2018 – PCH $1 Million Plus $ 1,000 a Week For Life

Investments? Well, I think at first, it must be a simple investment until you have a clearer idea on how your going to invest that $1 Million dollar Cash. Many new millionaires have made quick and really bad investments. So, take you time and seek for a reliable consultant on financial investment and also a good accountant for the IRS.

Now when everything is in place, your money is safe and you’ve team up with professionals. How will you spend this money? Will you realize your wildest dreams? Tell me about it.

Good luck!

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1,358 Responses to “What Would You Do First If You Won PCH “Win It All”?”

  1. Joan lowder says:

    Give to our church, help older seniors, help our children

  2. Angelique Booker says:

    I would take care of my family. Go on a nice vacation or cruise.

  3. Angelique Booker says:

    I would take care of my family. Also would help out those in need. Go on a nice vacation.

  4. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Good morning dear PCH I will love to win this $7,000.00 a week for life GWY no no 11000 on th 12/12 . Thanks PCH

  5. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello dear PCH. Please can you guys send me one of the activation code card at my address please thanks l need one. Thanks please confirm my entry number for now for my chance to win. Thanks dear.

  6. Marco Hernandez says:

    If i win super prize the first think buy my own house and a new truck and by tools for my business i buy a little company and i wants to investing on properties for renting and i give a donation to the hospital san Judas i want to help to the kids with cancer is on my mind God bless you from the bottom of my heart

  7. Douglas Rogers says:

    Yes I would love to win it all the 1million dollar cash prize and the 1000 a week for life price it would be a dream come true for me.

  8. Traci Herzog says:

    I would love to help with donating to orphanages and paying off my home pay off my sons home and help my daughter to get her s home I would also help people

  9. Tina hill says:

    I would help some people in need. I would visit my family and take themselves to visit each other. Buy a boat and go fishing.

  10. Tina hill says:

    I would help some people in need. I would visit my family and take them to visit each other.

  11. Tina hill says:

    Help as many people as I could

  12. Daniel Montes says:

    First of all, I would give my higher power that “I Am” Thanks!
    Secondly ,i eould get an accountant to pay off taxes and all my debts. Then with my personal accountant, plsn a trip for me and myself around the world looking for my wife to be!
    Then hook up all my realitives with a bitcoin account for each and every one of them.( so they cant ask for money) lol!
    Then start a new church called
    ” Healling Gaya “!
    A self healing church!
    Finally help the world with the brilliant ideas we each have to make this eorld a better and safer place to live.

  13. Janice DuBose says:

    I would say thank you and than I would call back home to Texas and tell my family the big dream is coming true for me and the family.and okay even cry and thank god for blessing me on this day..Thank you Janice DuBose and may God bless you all.and have a safe trip back home..Thank you Janice DuBose

  14. Douglas Rogers says:

    Yes I hope to win it all in the win it all prize that the things that dreams are made of and I hope my dream of being a Publishing Clearing House winner come true that would be the $1, 000 a day for life and the $1000000 cash prize well I’m hoping that I still stand a chance.!!!

  15. Moses says:

    Family first//Ties/give some to those that needs help…..really i don’t know what i would do.

  16. Melinda Lea Olinger says:

    I would visit my mom and family make sure my mom gets what ever she wants and my sister and then just keep working and enjoying life
    of course pay all my bills

  17. Braulio Bernal says:

    I would go from rags to riches and would wipe the slate clean to start from scratch for a whole new spectrum if I win big.

  18. Pegg F says:

    Before investing, pay off the debt with the million (after taxes figure 500K), student loans first, then the housing purchase assistance loans and then the mortgage. I dont need the car, so I’d sell that. I have the app so there should be the extra million for that. Invest whatever is left over from the lump sums after making a few important renovations to the house and donations to select organizations. Live off the 52K a year while the investments grow.

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