www.pch.com/urgent – PCH Urgent Activation Code

www.pch.com/urgent – Activation Code. How to Activate PCH Code and Get Chances to Win Big Prizes. There are times when no one likes checking their mail. When it is time for bills to come it, it sometimes makes sense to pick up your mail some other day. Why have that attitude, though, when you never know when a surprise might be waiting in your mailbox? One of the best surprise pieces of mail to get is something from Publishers Clearing House or PCH. Check Your Mail For PCH Postcard! Learn here how to activate PCH code for PCH Urgent so you can take that piece of mail and use it to enter to win some really big prizes. No purchase or special fee necessary (you don’t have to buy products to enter). You will most likely get a postcard from PCH that tells you that you are holding time- sensitive mail. You only get so much time to enter your code so you will want to know how to activate PCH code online even before you get this postcard from Publishers Clearing House.

pch/urgent postcard

pch.com/urgent Activation Code

There are lots of cash prizes available to winners in this Fast-50 sweepstakes. You can recognize the postcard is from PCH because it will have the official logo on it with the address of the company underneath it.

Follow my instructions above and copy www.pch.com/urgent from your Postcard into the URL/address window on your computer page, click ENTER and take it from there.

Usually it is white, and also displays the website (see above picture). You will notice that there is printing on the front and reverse of the car. Check the back of the postcard. That is where you will see the activation code. It is five digits long.

pch/urgent activation code

www.pch.com/urgent How to?

This is all that you need to go online and enter the sweepstakes. Get to your computer and type in pch.com/urgent. You can also find it by visiting the main pch.com website if you want to browse around and see what else is new there. When your are at the Act Now page, you will see a box that indicates for you to enter-code-here. Put the five digits in there and hit the submit button at pch/urgent.

You should have a pop-up come up next. Don’t worry, you just need to fill out a few more details and you are done. If you have questions, you can get them answered from PCH directly. Good luck and remember to only put your five-digit Activation Code in the box on the Act Now page.

So go check your mailbox, grab that Postcard and follow my instructions above. (When you do, something else happens: you’ll also activate an entry for our tremendous WIN $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event!

pch.com/ urgent – If you get your PCH card in the mail do not hold on to it or toss it out. Get to your computer and enter your code in the enter code box fast so you can get a chance to win prizes.

Claim Now – Activation Code

By visiting http://www.pch.com/urgent

51 Responses to “www.pch.com/urgent – PCH Urgent Activation Code”

  1. Vieddia Jackson says:

    Dear PCH, I made several attempts at trying to enter my code of PC378. It saddens me to say I was unable to enter my code. Dose that mean I wont get a chance at being one of the 50 winners?

  2. Mona Russo says:

    I cannot find my activation code for $7,000.00 a week for life. What I see is 12345678901.

    I do not think that is it! Kindly advise,
    Mona RUSSO

  3. Carolyn Williamson says:

    I Claim GWY. No. 8800 8186 8187 8035 6900 4900 9607.

  4. Billy Hunter says:

    I claim ALL4114ALL
    No.112124114124 &WAHALLA
    & Register/claim them on
    PCH $10,000,000 Million SuperPrize Giveaway
    PCH GWY #8800
    Golden Ticket SuperPrize

  5. Kashona says:

    I,Kashona Derrow old Gmail was Kashon****Gmail.com it now and has bee, change to s*********Gmail..com I need all account to attach my, number is 979-***- **** call me my accounts got. Hacked

  6. John Hanes says:

    I will love to win PCH $7,000 a Week for Life

  7. glenda sutch says:

    i have been looking for a place to put the code in but can not find any were to do.

  8. Gilberto Suarez says:

    Hi my lucky number is 8800 i need yuou help to win for my family and friends. Too tank gilberto Suarez

  9. terry robertson says:

    i cliam my pch gwy no.8800, plus my new dream home i alway wanted

  10. Karen Popham says:

    I still don’t have a activation # I have prize #9737 7872 9319 I’D 30 0020 7313, I’D 28 7570 6848 . I don’t know why I haven’t got it

  11. Eric davis says:

    I claim #8305 #079420530. #69428910050. #4463509432

  12. Gail Longstreth says:

    My computer will not permit me to enter the Activation Code. Please advise me what to do next. Thank you.

  13. LaVina Wells says:

    What if people having problems receiving as the post office say second class mail. And you sended the pch activation code and the person neither received it. What happen then? And it’s not the person’s fault that neither received it. Please explain, Thank you☺

  14. Timothy Prenger says:

    WHAT Is My PCH Urgent Activation Code???

  15. Tammy Lemle says:

    I find it funny every time I get a code it never excepts it, and I’ve ordered alot over the years and it seems to me every time they say the winning date is all of a sudden we are on a new date of a winner being annouced,I think we just keep getting pushed and pushed!

  16. Tammy Lemle says:

    It will not take my code so here it is PC383

  17. Donna white says:


  18. Karen Popham says:

    It won’t let me put a activation code . I have a give away number 8800. I have been scammed twice. Been doing this for a very longtime. I’m disabled and could really use the money

  19. Edith Wolters says:

    March 8th–Will not allow me to enter my code PC382

  20. Gisele Loudin says:

    Activation code _C399

  21. mike thompson says:


  22. Newt wakeman says:

    Does not accept my activation code

  23. Jennie Elrod says:

    Could not put my code in!!!!! My code is PC402!!!!!!!! Very upset about this!!!! And I have done what you asked!; thanks

  24. penny says:

    I changed my email and try a few times to request a change but no mail arrives from you,

    Please send all new emails to the above address.

    Please contact me via my new email, as I’m with you since 2003!!!



  25. gERRY GARTMAN says:

    says will not let me enter my activation code ; PC382

  26. richard kilton says:

    will not accept my activation code. please let me know why it wont accept. thank you.

  27. doreen Kartinen says:

    I have tried to put my code in for two days now and it is not taking itPC391 is this for real I sure could use this win as I need knee surgery and still need to work I have answered a lot of your opportunity requested over the years ,and really praying for a final win,

  28. Braden Grayson says:

    I claim gwy #8800

  29. Robert Obrien says:

    It won’t let me enter the code PC383

  30. Vinent Diaz says:


  31. Donna Wagener says:

    PC375 code

  32. Donna Wagener says:

    unable to activate my code Thank You

  33. Samuel Dequis says:

    winning huge money is not a bad idea in fact I will be thrilled and thankful because I could certainly used.

  34. Samuel Dequis says:

    activation code PC:382

  35. joyce sharp says:


  36. joyce sharp says:

    code PC375

  37. Kathy Young says:

    My Activation Code is PC383

  38. ronald kaminski says:

    will not allow me to enter activation code-PC383

  39. Kashona says:

    I change emails from kashona******* @ Gmail.com to the new one above my new number is *******-3280 my name is kashona Derrow

  40. Fredrick Howe says:

    I do not get any mail from pch so I have no activation
    codee. What do I do to get one?

  41. Olivia Young says:

    I am not able to input my activation code

  42. Jo Anne Anderson says:

    I followed the instruction and in this little blue and white box it said to enter the activation code, what a joke, it wouldn’t let me put in my activation code PC383, I received this in a yellow envelope.

    It said I have been a good friend of Publishers Clearing House since November 1992, not true, I have been entering your contests since the middle sixties, that’s over fifty years and won nothing.

    I told you all, not to send me anymore sweepstakes, be it by mail or e-mail, but I thought I would try one more time, what a scam.

  43. Darlene Crocker says:

    could not enter my code PC383

  44. Darlene Crocker says:

    It would not let me enter my code PC383

  45. Tylis Mathies says:

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  46. John Seaborg says:

    unable to activate my code

  47. DOREEN WALKER says:

    Its always worth a try.

  48. Darlene James says:

    will not accept my code of PC382…what do I do?

  49. Mary Phillips says:

    That’s (50) Winners not $50.00.00

  50. Mary Phillips says:

    PCH Search & Win Juliette Tracketto – $50 Winners will be confirmed in just a few days. My failure to respond to this notice and enter in a timely manner for my opportunity to win may result in immediate forfieture of funds from this notice. I will not risk letting this happen! notice. I AM “IN IT TO WIN IT”! #KNOCK KNOCK

  51. Dean Domson says:

    I claim ALL4114ALL
    No.112124114124 &WAHALLA

    & Register/claim them on
    PCH $10,000,000 Million SuperPrize Giveaway
    PCH GWY #8800
    Golden Ticket SuperPrize

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